Can You Hear My Heart – Episode 2

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More of  DJ and WR as children!  I feel like they epitomize how kids should be.  They make me wish I was little again so I could hide under tables and use a shoe as a microphone while playing dress-up.  I suppose I could still do those things…

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  1. I used the bottom one as my screencap during the live recap cuz I remember thinking how adorable they looked peeking out so I am soooo glad you decided to draw them. I guess we all fell in love with this drama pretty early. Some dramas it takes a few eps to figure out if you want to stick around or not like when you go to the museum. When I went to the Louvre, certain rooms you walk quickly thru without barely looking cuz you know you won’t like anything there already but then you turn a corner and just fall instantly in love with the next room and never want to leave – that’s CYHMH in a nutshell – where everything is so great you want to live there 🙂

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