Can You Hear My Heart – Episode 2

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It’s CYHMH Episode 2 again!  I feel like this show has more good scenes in one episode than most have in an entire season.

I think  if you’ve watched the show it’s pretty much impossible to look at that tree and not feel some sort of nostalgia (I’ve had that piano song stuck in my head all week and I’m starting to drive people crazy with my repetitive humming).

I was really lazy with the second image, and as a result it didn’t turn out very well (big surprise eh?).  I really regret rushing it so much since it’s such an iconic scene.  Don’t worry, I plan to paint adult DJ in the same pose!


4 responses

      • Yayyyy~~ i look forward to seeing it~~ your drawings are absolutely amazing~ especially the one with little Bong Woori pressed against the wall =]

        I’m happy to have something so beautiful for my CYHMH nostalgia~~ =D

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