Can You Hear My Heart – Episode 1

Could this show possibly have picked two cuter kids?  I love that WR is wearing her mom’s dress, and I think this is the first drama where I’ve enjoyed the “childhood episodes” as much as the rest of the drama.

The first image looks like WR listening at a door, but she’s actually leaning against the desk on which her beloved bean bag rests.  The second image is of DJ trying to stop her.

This show just ended and I already miss it.  I don’t think I’ll ever find a family drama I like nearly as much.


3 responses

  1. I have neglected to comment on this for too long. That first one with young W is so precise – it looks like a photo. That second one would have been another fav if I could have seen young D’s face. I have to hand it to these two talented actors for keeping me glued to my set – if it wasn’t for their great job, I would not have stuck around all the way I think. My two other fav scene is when they are face to face in that classroom right before she shoves him out of surprise. The other one is when Young D throws the hackysack against the wall and after he picks it up, grown D is sitting there. Right before that when young D cries, that’s the scene that got to me the most. And then I saw KJW for the first time in my life, and I fell in love. Come to think of it, this drama was the first time I ever saw N. min too. Both leads are a first for me so now they will forever be my fav bromance. 🙂

  2. I always wanted to do side by side drawings of young DJ and adult DJ in that transition scene you’re talking about, but it’s not that great for a watercolor. Maybe some day when I feel like just doing a pencil drawing I’ll give it a go, because it’s begging to be drawn!

    It’s nice that any time I don’t have anything to draw, I always have those kids (seriously, pretty much ever shot of them is fantastic). The other scene that really got to me is when little W falls down on the street when MR is leaving, after gives her the watch. Even while my heart was breaking watching her cry, I couldn’t help but thing how adorable she is!

    And yeah, I hadn’t seen any of the lead actors in anything before. I can’t believe I almost didn’t watch CYHMH, what a gold mine of talent and awesomeness it turned out to be!

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