Can You Hear My Heart – Episode 2

I’m not crazy about either of these images, but at least I managed to draw something non-OTPish!

The first image is just one of those market scenes, and the second is of Young Kyu outside Dong Joo’s house (while WR party-crashes and hides under the table).   It looks nothing likes Young Kyu unfortunately, and provides another prime example of pen gone wrong.  Oh Ink, why must you be so permanent?


2 responses

  1. I always meant to ask why these two scenes stood out for you 🙂 when I translate an episode, I have to love it to be more thorough. If the ep is great, I don’t feel any fatigue and can ride a wave of exhilaration as I type. Isn’t it the same for you when you paint? Something about these two must have spoken to you. I personally think they are great, but I am biased. You can do no wrong in my book. It just amazes me how you can get them to look just like the actual actors.

  2. Well, I liked that whole part of the show where WR “crashes” DJ’s party. WR and DJ are of course adorable, but we also see MR meet his mom, and Young Kyu is so loyal and sweet that it’s hard not to be touched (while amused by his antics). Plus he was wearing great (if ridiculous) colors! The market scene was mostly just chosen because I wanted to draw something different and it fit the bill, but I also do love the wacky group dynamic they all have, and some of those scenes were pretty funny. I also like that WR and YK are holding hands…so cute!

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