Mary Stayed Out All Night – Episode 5

It’s the Geun Geun couple!  Mary is reading a note from Jung In, making Moo Kyul all sorts of jealous (despite his “dislike” of her).  Mary’s Dad is watching so she gets cuddly fast.  I can’t think of many scenarios where a father watching encourages skinship, so I guess this show’s ridiculous premise serves a good cause.

The second picture doesn’t look anything like Jang Geun Seuk, but such are the perils of permanent ink.  Incidentally, making these drawings made me realize that JGS has a MASSIVE head.


2 responses

  1. He really does have a big head, but I think it’s cuz his frame is too lanky so it just emphasizes the size of his head more- doesn’t help that he has so much hair either. This drama was such a winner till the end – then the plot just went plain nuts and lost me – I jumped off this ride so fast I was spinning for months after 🙂 but I love the rain kiss so much. Under the umbrella with – I forgot the character’s name -J? it was one of my all time fav besides when she stood over the bed and cried and gave that speech thanking him. man that scene was so good.

  2. Oooh, were you a second lead shipper in MSOAL? Or you just liked both? I like that actor in everything else he’s in, but for some reason I always felt like he looked like a vampire in MSOAL.

    It’s pretty impressive that Mary was the queen of bushy hair in that show, and JGS’s head still dwarfed hers. I’ve noticed that Jung Yong Hwa has a high head-to-body ratio too. Sometimes he looks completely normal, and then other times I don’t draw a certain scene because he looks disproportionate.

    I didn’t know about the writer change when I was watching MSOAL, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and watched until the end, but even when I just put it on as background noise a few weeks ago I turned it off towards the end.

    I hope that Moon Geun Young gets cast in something soon. I think she’s a great actress and she’s one of my favs.

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