Return of Iljimae – Episode 16

These scenes take place right after Wol Hi flings herself off a cliff (depressing, but pretty!).  This marks the beginning of my sketchbook, which I actually started after doing a couple pencil sketches on paper.  I figured if I was going to practice drawing, I may as well keep it all together it one cute little book.

These are the Return of Iljimae sketches that got me rolling (along with my dog!):

This show is worth watching for the scenery alone.  It’s full of vivid colors, and I love reoccurring themes such as plum blossoms.  One of my favs!

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  1. I love Return of Iljimae. LOVE LOVE. ^^

    Those sketches are beautiful. Now I have one more reason to love ROI: it inspired your sketchbook and k-drawings!

    • Would you like a banner of it? It’s OK if you don’t feel like it matches your blog, but I’m happy to make you one. Your blog got me to watch Tamna island, so I majorly owe you!

      • Oh, that would be really sweet of you, thank you!! I would love any of your sketches… Oh, except MSOAN (that drama and thundie did not get along, LOL).

  2. When I first saw this, I thought it was from warrior baek dong Soo so I was like “when did he sit on the edge like that” and then I found out it was from ROI 🙂 I never saw this drama either but now I am so curious why the girl threw herself off the cliff. Love the pencil sketches too and your dog is adorable 🙂

    • She throws herself off because of him (he sort of does the kdrama thing where he pretends not to love her for her own good).

      However, I take it as a good sign that you thought it was WBDS. I haven’t started it yet, but does it have lots of pretty scenes? I want to have a Sageuk to draw since it changes things up, and the Princess’s Man…eep, I don’t think I can do it!

      • No it does not – you might want to wait till the two leads show up- WBDS still has the kids and it is a far cry from ROI I bet or even SKKS. PM looks like it would be a better sageuk option.

        What- she throws herself off the cliff for that? Not sure I wanna see it anymore. I didn’t even see it yet, but I already want to swear – ugh that is exactly why I am wary of sageuk dramas. Boy I bet he felt guilty for the rest of his life. I think I will just keep pretending this scene is from WBDS – denial will help me keep having happy thoughts like I used to cuz I happen to love this pic. 🙂

  3. Oops! I probably should’ve mentioned that she lives! He doesn’t know that initially, but don’t worry, it’s not that depressing as far as sageuks go.

    Also, way to encourage me to watch the inevitably depressing PM!! If I end up miserable I’m going to trick you into watching it by telling you how happy and uplifting it is (so that I don’t suffer alone). It DOES look pretty though…sigh…

    • What the- how? Didnt she jump off a cliff? How pray tell do you survive that? never mind – I don’t want to know – if we keep this up you are going to end up recapping the whole drama on these comment posts. 🙂
      As far as PM goes, you can gush all you want but there is no way I can keep a straight face if Park Shi Hoo keeps that girly hair – the odd thing is I saw a few eps of iljimae and thought PSH looked good in it, but this time around – nothing – zilch. Maybe SKKS was so great- all
      other sageuk pales in comparison.

      • haha, it makes sense that she survives, don’t worry. I swear it’s a good show!

        I never watched the other Iljimae b/c I heard it had a sad ending (even though I wanted to watch LJK fight) and I didn’t even know PSH was in it. I’ve only seen him in QoR (that show was soooo long and got sooo boring) and Prosecutor Princess. I really liked PP, but I just feel kinda “meh” about PSH himself (except when he smiles, in which case he temporarily wins me over).

        The costuming in PM looks fantastic though, which is one of my main motivations to watch it. PSH doesn’t have the right face to be a sageuk-man in my opinion, but maybe he’ll own the role and surprise me. I certainly wasn’t expecting Jung Il Woo to be so good in RoI and 49 Days.

  4. Hey, fanderay!

    I recently finished watching Return of Iljimae! It was something I need to watch of Jung Il Woo after FBRS ended and waiting for the slow progress of Moon/Sun! Opps. I say this drama has the best scenery of all! It’s breathtaking! I keep wondering how the hell did they find these places? The first episode, the journey from Qing to Joseon. I heard this drama finished filming first then aired? Such a good quality. I think out of all Jung Il Woo’s characters, this is the best! Jjang!

    • I find myself missing Return of Iljimae Jung Il Woo when I watch Moon/Sun. After 49 Days and FBRS he seems a little prone to over-acting, and it doesn’t always work amazingly well. He does a great job of playing zany characters and that’s what he’s popular for, but I hope he doesn’t forget that he’s good at being serious and normal too! I love his silly facial expressions as much as anyone, but I think he’s in danger of pigeon-holing himself and limiting his future if doesn’t occasionally bring the old JIW back.

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