You’ve Fallen For Me – Episode 1

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The opening scenes of this show were so pretty that I felt like I was watching a commercial for Fuji Film (such great blues and greens!).

It bothers me that so many people dislike the directing of this show because I can see how much work went into so many of the scenes, and I absolutely love the result.

YFFM is actually what got things rolling and caused me to start this blog.  I only ever mentioned (at Rebel Souls) that I did watercolors of kdramas because I couldn’t help but defend this show’s excellence (Softy convinced me of the rest!).

The second image doesn’t look anything like Park Shin Hye, so just pretend it’s some other pretty girl.  It occurs to me now that she wore a decently attractive dress in this scene for what seems like the first and last time.  The girl needs to go on What Not to Wear.


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  1. I too noticed that YFFM reminded me of a watercolor painting, and OMG, you actually painted it as such!

    I chanced upon your blog, and I love it! Hope you don’t mind me adding your blog to my blogroll?

    • I just read through your YFFM recaps and I absolutely loved your comments on the color palette! I feel like so many people overlook many great aspects of this show, and I’m both happy and relieved to meet someone else who noticed the colors right away. I think the director and costume design team definitely work together, because it often all works together pretty flawlessly.

      Of course you can add me to your blog roll, but I’m adding you too 🙂 If you notice any scenes in YFFM that scream “paint me” please let me now, since sometimes I get too enthralled by the show and miss them.

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