You’ve Fallen For Me – Episode 2

Well, I learned the hard way that this sort of scene is way too ambitious for a little sketchbook.  The volume of water and paint causes the paper to buckle like crazy (since I can’t pre-stretch or tape the paper) which means the color gathers in little pools and turns into an uncontrollable mess.

However, even though I dislike the result, I STILL made a banner out of these images because I love the scene so much.  I literally listened to Shin’s song on repeat the entire time I painted these (which yes, makes me a very sappy person).  This drama definitely delivers when it comes to the music (more-so than any other show I’ve seen).  I also like that this ballad is used as a father/son song, rather than the typical romantic serenade.

Even if Yong Hwa was as bad at acting as he was in YaB, it wouldn’t deter me from the show at all because I enjoy his music and voice so much.  It’s pretty much just an added bonus that he’s improved so much in the acting department.  He’s still a long shot from being the best actor in the world, but I can’t think of anyone else in kdramaland who has improved so dramatically and suddenly.  YH and PSH had great chemistry in YaB to begin with, but their relationship in YFFM is even better.  Even though they are “frenemies” they never get over-the top-mean, and they seem like they’re actually getting to know each other like real life people would.  Their dry remarks and sarcastic eyes are fantastic.  I’m not sure I even knew eyes COULD be sarcastic before this show.

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  1. I am so going to show these to YH and PSH when I meet them. You just watch, before the drama ends, you are either getting a photo uploaded on your site or emailed to you. If I can, I am going to get it signed as well. I’ll make them sign it in Korean since you can read it. I plan to save these on my iPad and have them sign directly over the painting and then take a pic of them holding it up to their face so you know for sure it is them. I am 100% sure I can get PSH to do it cuz her manager likes me, but she just has to convince YH to do it. I’ll leave that up to my friend since she already met him twice and went to a singing room with them. Just in case you get your hopes up, I can guarantee PSH for sure but don’t jump up and down for YH just yet. Maybe if I can get both of them to hold up my iPad between them then I can take just one pic – I am going with this new painting of YH.since his face will show up better than the bike one cuz he is too tiny in that.
    I know you love CYHMH more, but I am afraid I don’t know any of their managers at all. PSH’s manger knew how much I loved YAI so she tried to help me to get to meet him twice and the third time it worked cuz I got to see him for 2 hrs at some gathering. She really is good about keeping her promises and said I could visit the filming site – I already missed the press conference so this time when she calls, I will make sure to go armed with camera and iPad 🙂

  2. Umm…oh my goodness…is this some sort of elaborate hoax? That would be fantastic!! You’re not just making this up right?

    Even though I like CYHMH more, it’s not by much, and that’s just because the show has so much heart. I’m actually a bigger fan of YH and PSH than I am of KJW.

    I feel like I definitely need to paint something better though!! Do any good scenes of the two of them together come to mind? That would be better if they end up doing a picture together.

    I’m NOT getting my hopes up, but eep! It’s actually kinda scary…I never thought the actors might end up seeing my little sketches o_O

    • Nope not a hoax at all – not only will they see it, I will translate word for word what they said. I am telling you PSH is a done deal – it’s just YH I am not so confident about cuz he has his own manager. But if they are both on set when I go, it’s totally possible to get them to hold up my iPad with your painting between them and take a quick pic. Otherwise it will just be PSH. I already have a poloroid of her and she signed my name on it, but to be honest, I don’t know what to do with autographs. I don’t get starstruck so normally I wouldn’t even ask for one, but my friend got it signed for me so I couldn’t exactly say no thank you. She also got PSH to give me a pig rabbit cuz she knows I love YAB and that thing is just collecting dust right now – I am so not into stuffed animals 🙂 If this had been a year ago, none of this would be possible but I went on a trip to the Maldives and met my friend there. I helped her translate a few times around the resort and we became friends. Then she told me about her friend who is PSH’s manager and here we are – all entangled in a six degrees of separation deal. So you can count on your work being viewed by at least one or both of the two leads. 🙂

  3. Haha, we really are like twins! I don’t really get the whole autograph thing either, since it’s just a name on a piece of paper that a million other people have. Even though I love certain actors within the context of their shows, I still just see them as regular people with a job that happens to put them in the public eye.

    However, I think the idea of actors signing something that I painted is pretty dang cool, since it’s sort of a back and forth cohesive kind of thing (clearly I don’t know how to describe my thoughts very well, but you probably know what I mean).

    The prospect of a picture is what excites me the most, but I’ll take what I can get! Thank you for doing this; I really appreciate it 🙂

    I was wondering how you knew these people, so it all makes sense now! How awesome for a KD blogger like yourself, and how awesome for me!

    • I wanted to reply here since this is where I even brought up this topic – looks like it took a little over a month to keep my promise but today I got your autographs. turns out the korean word for poster is actually postcards – YFFM postcards to be exact so you can hang it on your fridge or something. can I just add – your two looks better than mine so I am a little bummed. Yonghwa signed one and PSH signed another one so you got two but I only got one from yonghwa. PSY wrote something in korean for yours (no clue what it says) and I am proud to say neither one of them spelled your name wrong which is like a miracle cuz they even mess up my name which is so much easier than yours. I know autographs arent all that great but it’s still cute to have around as a conversation piece – like when a guest comes over and asks why your name is on a korean drama postcard – you can say – “oh that-that’s a funny story – I got it from a blogging buddy who was so determined to get my artwork signed by those actors that she practically terrorized her friends with repeated requests but had to compromise with these for the sake of her sanity. she is on a mission still and probably wont rest till it gets done but I was told to just settle for these for the time being.” So they are on their way to you and will be in your hands before the end of the week. 🙂

      • Woo! For some reason I’m so much happier to be getting postcards. I’m also really happy that I’m getting one from PSH, although I feel bad for being so happy about it since you don’t get one 😛 I’m also looking forward to another round of tag-team translating (hopefully you’re up for it). Thank you so much for being so crazy and terrorizing your friends for me 🙂

        Also, I am equally shocked that they spelled my name correctly. No one even gets it right here! It’s gotten to the point where I just wave my hand and say “close enough” although I guess it helps that PSH and YH don’t probably know the regular spelling.

        Unfortunately no one will be asking about the “korean drama postcard”. I’m more likely to hear “Why is there a Chinese person on your fridge?” It’s going to be a looooong story 🙂

  4. can i say i’m a fan of you both and i love you both =). I enjoy reading your comments to each other. I will surely forever follow you guys =)

  5. Anyung! first and foremost, allow me to express my (initial) thoughts on your blog: WOW! i actually said that out loud to myself as i continue to browse all of your posts while admiring your artwork. i have never came across such a unique combination where passion meets true talent. being a born again kdrama enthusiast (life got too busy somehow), i had recently watched Heartstrings and needless to say, it is an adorable drama despite its obvious flaws. i love the characters, the lack of ‘drama’ ( it) and the simplicity of the story as a whole. i’m biased towards Jung YongHwa’s portrayal of Lee Shin simply because, well they’re both awesome! i love how realistic Lee Shin’s sense of fashion is in this drama. He must have had an impressive collection of sneakers, coupled with cardis, jackets and jeans; he was really working the whole i’m-the-hottest+coolest-college-stud look. also, your drawing of LS/JYH captured my attention almost immediately as it felt so ‘intimate’ to me and i reflexively tuned in to my favourite song from the drama’s ost; ‘You’ve fallen for me”! instant gratification!
    thanks for this x

  6. My mom and I are fangirling right now over your drawings! I definitely loved your portrayals of PSH and JYH! It really makes me want to draw because I used to draw before, but only anime faces. I wish I could really draw like you!

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