Can You Hear My Heart – Episode 29

Another nostalgia-inducing scene (like the tree) from CYHMH.  I love this shot even more now that we’ve finally seen it in it’s entirety (yay bromance!).  I’ve covered the re-occurring imagery of trees and hands-over-ears so far…what’s next?  Bean bags? Baseball gloves?  Shoe microphones?

Thank goodness the close-up turned out because the landscape-y one just makes me angry at myself.  I accidentally made the waterline extremely crooked, and then I thought the paint was dry and made a black smudge in the sky (in front of CDJ).

Thundie’s post about CDJ’s pasty skin cracked me up because the first time I had to paint his skin-tone I exclaimed to myself, “What the?? He’s Caucasian!”  It really is ridiculous how white his skin is.

I’m going to force myself to take a CYHMH break for at least a couple days so I can get back to some other great shows.  I HAD to do this today though, to commemorate our first CYHMH-less weekend.


5 responses

  1. Hi Fanderay! Wah….I miss KJW so much! Please keep it up, it’s a nice change to see Kdrama drawings. zzzzz….bookmark your blog. ^_^ (Pls don’t be surprised if I didn’t use your drawings cuz I just didn’t know how hehe)

  2. The close up is so nice! You got his skin tone just right and you were able to capture that special innocence that Dong Joon possesses!! You’re so wonderful!

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