You’ve Fallen For Me – Episode 5

Well, not happy with either of these, although it’s all part of the learning experience.  I usually avoid night-scenes since they tend to end up dark and murky, but I thought I’d give it a go anyways since I like the scene.  I’m happy with how I drew it, but it’s very very grey.  I love that the note on her forehead is Shin’s way of starting to apologize (followed by cofee!).  They’ve got one of the best frenemy relationships to-date.

As for the second image; I rushed the paint-job to to leave for a barbeque, and Shin’s face…eep!  I’m hoping I can go back with a few more layers of paint, and somehow magically fix it.

Tomorrow I have no close-ups on the menu, so it should be a much more successful day.  The problem with using really basic methods in a small sketchbook is that it’s very hard to do shadows and light properly, which is especially important to get faces right.  I’m also trying to switch to ink completely (since it doesn’t smudge on the opposite page when the book is closed) but it’s always been my least favorite medium, and it’s very frustrating!  I may have to do the next closeup in pencil just to make myself feel better.

Now that there’s no CYHMH it feels like an especially long wait until the next YFFM episode.  At least I have the soundtrack to keep me company 🙂

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