You’ve Fallen For Me – Episode 6

Oh Coffee, I love how you supply us with so many cute plot devices.  And Campus, how are you so pretty??

If you look at the first image, you will see a very epic smudge coming off the bottom of Kyu Won’s gayageum.  I have no idea how or when I did it, but at least it’s sort of a funky smudge.  I have lots of little things I’m not happy about with these images, but they’re better than yesterday’s so I’m going to take the glass-half-full perspective.

I already saw LOTS of potential paint-worthy scenes in the preview for next week, so I’m going to try to sketch something different for the next couple days.  SKKS maybe? Tamna Island?  I haven’t watched either in a long time, so if anyone knows some great scenes, please let me know!

Speaking of next episode, it looks like Shin gets the necklace back (noooo!).  I really hope there’s no more angst over the professor and we just get two couples trying to sort things out separately (similar to Coffee Prince).  This IS a kdrama however, so I’m not going to cross my fingers 😛

14 responses

  1. I like background of your first image ^^ But I noticed it’s not straight up, giving more depth, or dimension, what’s that call?

    • I don’t mind at all 🙂

      And here’s the video!

      K: Who said I would console you! Lee Shin, you’re such an fool!
      K: I found your necklace. I won’t (make it my business) who you like or not from now on. I’m saying I don’t like you.
      SH: Tomorrow, there will be an audition for a heroine.
      Boy: K didn’t come to school today. She got caught by her grandpa.
      K: Uh?
      Shin: Hi – just thought I should take the bus once in a while

      (thanks Softy for the fixed translation :))

  2. It doesn’t look like a smudge at all, but it looks like you did that purposely to show a shadow. Love how the red contrasts with the green in the second painting. Both look awesome, as always!

    • Thank you for all your kind comments! I’m a total sucker for those chartreuse colors, and as a result I think the greens and yellows will be the first to run out on my little travel watercolor kit. Luckily they can be replaced individually, b/c there’s no way I could go without those colors for long!

  3. thank God I found your site…your drawing just make me want to watch heartstrings like, right now! unfortunately I’m having exams right now 🙂

    I adore your painting but at same time, I’m jealous of your talent. *sigh* why I don’t get my daddy’s talents? btw, looking at your painting, especially in this post with kyu-won really reminds me of my daddy’s paintings 😀

    btw, keep painting and posting, looking at your site helps to reduce my stress nowadays 😉

    • Do you mean watch Heartstrings again, or for the first time? You should definitely see it when you get the chance!

      I just checked out your blog, and I love it. I even like the name! You include all my favorite shots, and I feel like I could scroll through your posts all day.
      (btw, Softy, if you are reading this, she has a Song Joong Ki magazine spread up :P)

      Thanks for the kind comments btw. You seem to have an eye for great scenes, so definitely make a suggestion if you see something that would make a great painting 🙂

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