Warrior Baek Dong Su – Episode 3

Congratulations to me for drawing a new show!  It’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll be doing YFFM tomorrow, so I figured I had to change it up.

I’m not totally sold on the directing of this drama (too much jerky slow-mo, and some poor lighting and camera-work that makes some shots feel flat) but it does have a lot of epic scenery and some great colors (as so many sageuks do).

I really like Jin Ju, and enjoy the fact that even though she’s technically a badass tomboy, she still acts girly, and hilariously asks Dong Su to marry her.  That whole scene in the courtyard is extremely pretty, and I had lots of shots to choose from.

I’m not going to lie.  I pretty much just chose the second scene because of the horse.  I was one of those little girls who was always drawing horses, although back then I was actually good at it and could do it from my imagination (now I can’t draw ANYTHING from my imagination).  I predict that there are many great horse scenes in WBDS’s future.

I’m still experimenting with different approaches to doing these sketches.  Some are “sketchier” than others, and sometimes I do multiple washes, or just go over the picture with one layer of paint.  I purposely kept the first image of DS and JJ simple and light because I thought a more washed-out look would match with the scene better, but I’m not sure if it was successful or not.

One mistake I tend to make is that if one painting is successful, I feel like I should use the same method for all future paintings.  I’m trying to remember that I should approach each scene with a totally open mind, since I think it will give me much better results.

I’m eagerly waiting for the episode 5 subs (I’m not quite ambitious enough to watch this show sub-less) so I can see the adult cast.  I hope they don’t let me down!

My dog has recently become afraid of the laundry machine (worst fear ever) so I’m going to go sit in bed with him and read Dance with Dragons.  You win a prize if you know what book I’m talking about without Googling!

5 responses

  1. Yo! good job with both pics because they do remind me of the episode. Can I suggest you one shot in ep5 or 6 ? it’s when the adult YU (the long hair) is on the horse and he arches the arrow with DS further behind in the background. That shot is beautiful. Also I put your pic on the blog with your blog name on it, I hope you like it. Can I change it from time to time? Credit you of course. I’m not sure why the framing is not perfect, sitll work on it tho. Thanks.
    Oh, I love Jin Ju too, the adult is pretty.

  2. Of course! Use as many pictures as you like 🙂

    I haven’t watched 5 and 6 yet (subs should be done soon!) but that shot sounds fantastic and I’ll definitely add it to my list. I should be drawing WBSD at least once a week, so you should see it soon 🙂

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