You’ve Fallen For Me – Episode 7

I’m not happy with either of these images, but I sure do love this show!  Not a single one of the characters in one-dimensional, and even when I can’t tell what makes certain characters tick, I still feel like there is something that makes them tick, and that alone sets this show apart from many others.

Every character has motivations and reactions to situations that feel true to their established personalities, and I never feel like character consistency is sacrificed for the sake of a more dramatic plot.  This is probably a big reason why so many of us love this show, even though it is less exciting than a lot of dramas.

A funny thing that I can’t believe I noticed is that the title of this episode is actually the title of a CN Blue song, and that same song is the one Kyu Won sings at the audition!  The lyrics are applicable to both leads since it’s about forgetting someone, and there’s an English version of the song that is called “Teardrops in the Rain”, which is exactly what we are watching when the episode starts.  I also get some vindictive pleasure out of the fact that Kyu Won chose a CN Blue song that Yong Hwa doesn’t sing (muahahah).

This is an “unplugged” video of the song, since there’s no actual MV.  Unfortunately that means that Yong Hwa isn’t present to sing his part near the end, and Jong Hyun’s voice cracks a bit when he attempts it.  On the bright side, you get to look at Jong Hyun’s face!  I certainly wouldn’t complain if he decided to star in a drama or two.

I may go back and try to fix these paintings, though they’re probably beyond help.  I think maybe I’ll take a day or two off this weekend since I’ve been rushing too much lately!

Edit:  I DID go back and fiddle with the first one, and I’m definitely happier with it now.  It’s still far from being a favorite, but I’m glad I didn’t make things worse 🙂


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  1. PSH sang this song way better than this guy – they sound like two different songs – I wonder if most of the OST is going to be CN blue’s songs – do you know?
    I really think you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself – you have quite a gift and we are just lucky you are sharing it with the rest of the world. I assumed you would paint something new maybe once a month at best, but when I saw how often you were posting new ones, I was pleasantly surprised. keep in mind that you have to feel inspired and don’t feel any pressure to post so frequently. The last thing we want is for you to burn yourself out. It’s kinda like how I used to rewatch my fav dramas and eps before I started blogging, but these days after watching each scene a million times, I have no desire to rewatch a single ep of anything I translated. Sometimes that makes me sad. Months from now, I would hate for you to look at your paints with any sense of dread or reluctance – like that feeling you get when you don’t want to go to school, but you feel like you should. If you ever reach that point, step back and take a break and find your inspiration again. Your passion for your muse is what’s making each and every painting amazing. We need you to keep doing this for all the dramas cuz now we have been spoiled and these paintings add to our enjoyment of the show – our drama experience would not be complete without them 🙂

    • I think most of the OST will be the songs that all the different characters sing, since they seem to also make up a big part of the background soundtrack. We’ve had a song sung by JYH and a song sung by PSH since the first episode, but since then we’ve had another one from each of them, a song from drummerboy, two songs from KY, two songs from HJ, etc etc. I dont think they’ll even be able to fit them all on an OST, although I do know that there are 3 or 4 versions of “kuriwaseo” on the album (2 instrumental versions). I agree that PSH sings better than this guy live (not his strong suit, although I forgive him because he has a nice face). I think my favorite version is the official CN Blue studio recording.

      Don’t worry about me being hard on myself; it’s just my way! It certainly doesn’t mean that I’m down on myself though, and I’m perfectly happy to not have everything turn out how I want (although I do sincerely appreciate your thoughts and concerns). I started these sketches as a skill-building exercise, with the goal of doing them every day (although I have no qualms about taking days off). Since my US visa doesn’t allow me to work, it’s actually nice to give myself daily tasks so that I don’t go crazy or just watch dramas all day (although I sort of end up doing that anyways). I try to study some Korean every day too (if I’m going to sit at home every day, I may as well learn something!).

      Once the summer is over my husband won’t be gone most of the day, so I’ll probably switch to 3 times a week. One good thing about daily sketches though is that I try to paint scenes that I wouldn’t otherwise. If I only draw occasionally I really want to get a good result, so I only attempt things I know will turn out. That’s obviously not a very good way to learn, but this way when a daily sketch doesn’t turn out I basically just shrug my shoulders and say “oh well, there’s always tomorrow!”

      All that being said, I think I should probably take a day off every week just to refresh my brain. I’m sure everyone has written something or made something they thought was great, and then gone back a week later and noticed a million things they would change. Bad habits form just as easily as good ones, and I want to make sure I keep looking at things with a fresh eye.

      I actually feel really lucky to have this blog because it makes the whole experience much more fun, and I think (and hope) it will help prevent me from getting burnt out since the paintings become more of a kdrama community thing this way. It’s much more motivating to draw things when I can share them with people who enjoy the dramas as much as I do.

      • I’m so surprised you didn’t already think of having a blog to display your work before you showed us some of your drawings – anyone can see you have a great eye and talent. These days, I can’t watch a scene without thinking “I wonder if Fanderay is going to paint this” – it’s like I am watching thru your eyes taking in the details and seeing if it’s “paintworthy.” I’m still sort of semi new to blogging too – I started nov 7th after SKKS ended and right in time to start the first ep of MSOAN. At first, the 3 of us agreed that the blog would be about Korean dramas and culture so I was going to write about shopping in Korea, Korean celebrities, news, etc and then do some recaps on the side. Crazynyt came up with the name rebel souls cuz of “Seoul” I think – it’s been a while so I can’t remember. She asked me to join her and her friend on RS as I was wrapping up SKKS on TP so I didn’t start blogging on my own either. needless to say recapping sapped all my energy so I didn’t have any left to do any other reporting or writing. 🙂 I don’t think there has been a day since I started where I didn’t go online to just check or work on the blog to edit. Just recently I learned to add stuff like screencaps and headers. If you want to keep busy – you found the right outlet. Balancing work and blogging has been hard, but the biggest toll is on my body- posture, eyesight, fatigue etc. When a drama wraps up and I have to move on, it’s like the saddest thing cuz I don’t want to leave it behind – the better the drama the harder it is. One thing I’ve learned to appreciate are the friends I made from blogging – it’s been a great experience just to be able to
        “meet” so many ppl from all over the world. I hope you sense just how much you are valued in this KD community when you see your work or your name mentioned on other blogs – just imagine that each new comment is a collective hug to welcome you – you are part of us now and I hope you continue to have fun with your blog. This sort of came out sounding more “cult- ish” than I would have liked but rest assure, you won’t need to shave your head or sing in public or anything 🙂

        • Haha, well it is a LITTLE like a cult; we are quite crazed and fanatical after all. I’ve never met anyone in real life who has even heard of kdramas, so it’s definitely nice to be a part of the online community, particularly because I’m sitting home alone so much of the time!

          I imagine that finishing CYHMH must’ve been horrible for you! No offense to MSOAL, but CYHMH carries a whole lot more emotional resonance. I have the luxury of being able to draw whatever drama I want whenever I want, and I usually switch from the floor to the couch to the table, so it’s not that hard on my back and neck. I even get 8 hours of sleep almost every night! The upkeep on my blog is going to seem quite heavenly now that you’ve mentioned all that ^_____^

          If you see anything you do think is “paintworthy” please let me know! Self-motivation is my greatest weakness in life, and I really do prefer to be given “assignments” even if they’re quite vague. I also think it’s really interesting to see what scenes standout to other people. Don’t ever worry about making me feel pressured to do a certain drawing; I’m honest to a fault and won’t do it if I don’t like it!

          Btw, the Seoul/Soul thing never even occurred to me! Apparently I’m not as clever as I’d like to think I am. I like the name even more now though 🙂

          Often when I see the word “rebel” I actually think “reberu” in a Japanese accent. I was playing a Japanese video game about a year ago, and “reberu” kept cropping up everywhere, much to my confusion. I knew it was a word borrowed from English, but all I could think of was “rebel”. I finally looked it up and it turned out to be “level”, which of course made me feel like an idiot since it was so obvious within the context. Those L’s, R’s, B’s and V’s are tricksy!

          Oh and PS: I’m super impressed that you know when you started your blog! I don’t even know when I started mine, and it was like a week ago.

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