You’ve Fallen For Me – Episode 7

I wanted to do some more matchy-matchy pages today, and I just can’t resist this campus (anyone know where this is filmed?).  I’m a sucker in general for colorful trees.  If I ever have a massive yard where I can do lots of landscaping, I probably won’t have any trees of the regular green variety.  They’ll all be red, or purple, or chartreuse, or at least have bright plum or cherry blossoms for part of the year.

There’s something weird about these two leads.  Even though I’ve painted them the most, I still find them by far the hardest to draw.  Even though they’re both very attractive, they have unusual faces, and my brain doesn’t like that.

I  learn all sorts of fun facts as part of the process though.  For example, Yong Hwa has a thicker-than-average neck, but his legs are skinnier than Shin Hee’s.

I’m extremely disappointed that episode 8 is delayed, although I agree they did the right thing by bringing PSH to the hospital, rather than making her work.  Is it just me, or do a lot of famous people get into car accidents in Seoul?  I’ve never been there, but I’m getting the impression that the traffic is terrifying!

I’m posting the same song as yesterday, but this time it’s the studio version so it sounds much better (you just don’t get to watch JH’s pretty face sing it).

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  1. Hey Fanderay, I just called my friend to ask and she said the campus is Seoul Art (not sure if it’s art college or university cuz I can’t read Korean) she said the area name but I already forgot it.
    She got a call an hour after the car accident and was told about PSH’s condition along with the staff. My friend knows PSH’s staff too so that is why she was told. PSH and the driver were the only two relatively unharmed except for shock and some bruising for PSH. The major injuries were the stylists sitting in the back – broken teeth, two of them broke their legs, and here is the scariest part- PSH was sleeping with her legs tucked under her chin at the time of the accident – if she had left her legs down, she would have broken one of them too like the stylists. can you imagine if that happened – production would have halted completely. The accident was the driver’s fault cuz he only got an hour of sleep. The celebrities get to sleep here and there in the vans or wherever but the driver/manager doesn’t get to so driving on an hour of sleep is what caused him to get in an accident. PSH’s agency is in total chaos now and told her to rest till Friday (which is today) – they are monitoring her health right now. When my sister got into a major accident, she was ok on the day of the crash, but days later bruises showed up everywhere on her body so I bet PSH is going thru the same thing as well.
    I was supposed to go visit the set on august 3rd or 4th but now that’s up in the air till things settle down and go back to normal. I am a bad friend- instead of a normal gift – I asked for a set visit for my bday present 🙂 since my bday is on the 9th, still hoping to email you a photo gift around that time. if it takes a little longer then I guess we have to be more patient given the circumstances. Don’t worry tho – I keep my promises and so do my friends 🙂

  2. So what you’re saying is that I get a present for YOUR birthday? I like your style! Don’t worry about making me wait though, and don’t feel bad if you can’t get a picture at all. I already appreciate so much that you even thought of it!

    PSH having her knees up makes me cringe almost as much as thinking about broken teeth. It turned out for the better in this situation, but I think in a higher velocity crash it can really damage your knees or collapse your airway. Sleeping with her knees under her chin is such a cute PSHish thing to do though!

    On top of the bruises, I think whiplash is one of the main things most people feel a few days later, and I imagine it’s next to impossible to do a decent acting job with a stiff neck, even if it’s not super painful. I feel like it’s pretty irresponsible for someone so sleep-deprived to be driving though! It’s lucky no one was killed or more seriously injured.

    Thanks for all the info! I feel extra involved with this drama now. Also, I want to go to Seoul Art school. Looks like the official English name is Seoul Institute of the Arts, so I don’t know if that makes it college, university, or something different.

    • My friend looked up the name but told me in Korean – she said “school” but I just assumed she meant college cuz I thought it was for older kids – school sounds like a High School doesn’t it? Did you see pics of it? Is it the same campus?
      Famous ppl get in car accidents all the time and it’s always managers who didn’t get enough sleep. Ppl are just used to it – it’s kinda like how a medical intern doesn’t get enough sleep and end up in car accidents driving home. The worst it’s ever been was for that drama BOF – they were plagued with a head injury, car accidents, and a suicide. Ppl said that drama was cursed.
      If you want to see colorful trees – Korea is the right place. The first time I ever went outside of Seoul was when I realized just how beautiful this country is – if you want to vicariously see how much then you should watch a variety show called 1N2D. link is over at TP. These 6 men travel around Korea and show you parts of it that just takes your breath away. have you ever watched it? There are English subbed ep you can watch online or download. Even tho I hate to watch Korean TV (esp comedy cuz I don’t get Korean humor -it’s just not that funny to me) that show cracks me up. I think my fav ep was when lee seung gi fell in the ice water and sort of lost his cool demeanor. I know I am weird but aside from when I have to watch a drama to recap it, my tv is not on. When it is, it’s always on a cable channel where some American show or movie is on the background.I just can’t seem to surround myself in Korean stuff all that much despite living in Seoul. even the food I eat is American or Italian. My least fav food is rice and I hate kimchi. I am like the worst Korean ever. 🙂 Aside from my face, the rest of me is American thru and thru.

  3. Wouldn’t hiring an extra driver in those situations be a lot cheaper than the wasted production money, medical bills, and insurance costs? I think if I was one of those actors I’d just be a diva and refuse to get in the car with someone that tired (it’s like getting in the car of a drunk driver).

    I’ve never actually watched a single Korean show that isn’t a drama, but I think I may have to check that out, since I’m often quite captivated by the settings when I’m watching dramas. Despite my drama obsession, I’m not a TV watcher either. The only show I watch consistently is So You Think You Can Dance, and otherwise I just have movies on (usually as background noise). The storylines in American TV drag on for an eternity, which is probably why I like movies and Kdramas a heck of a lot more.

    I have to agree, you ARE like the worst korean person ever. That’s hilarious that you hate kimchi and rice. Isn’t a love of those foods supposed to be in your genetics or something? You must be broken.

    I like rice (especially brown) but anything spicy is my weakness. Here in Arizona people tend to like fairly hot foods, but I am the whitest person ever when it comes to spice tolerance. I’ve learned that when people here say, “it’s not spicy, it’s just got a bit of kick” that means that it’s too spicy for me.

    • I have been saying that every time this sort of thing happens but those actors don’t think like us – they aren’t sensible and just trust their managers.
      Hey we have another thing in common – I put on background noise too. Don’t know why but it’s comforting – also I kinda hate dead silence. But I love American dramas – if I couldnt watch them I could not live here. It’s the only time I feel normal if that makes sense. it’s like comfort food to me – I love pancakes, waffles, cupcakes, muffins, cakes etc. As for why I am such a crappy Korean, I blame my parents. They spoiled me and let me eat however I want so I grew up with a distaste for vegetables and picked them off my plates – mainly green onions, garlic, onion, and ginger which are like in EVERY Korean dish – hence the dislike for Korean food – unless it’s meat. I grew up eating pot roast, ribs, steaks, “3 layers of meat lasagna”, pork chops, and chicken with the two vegetables I could tolerate the most – potatoes and corn. I am 100% a southern gal so I am living proof that genetics isn’t foolproof. 🙂

  4. *gasp* You don’t like GARLIC? The Italian in me just died a little (but I’m only one quarter Italian, so I’ll live). The two “vegetables” you like made me laugh since they’re pretty much the least vegetable-like veggies in existence. I wish you hadn’t listed all those yummy foods though. I may have to go make cupcakes now, and I’m definitely making ribs tomorrow.

    And yeah, even if I’m just cleaning, I have to have music or TV on in the background or I feel like I’ll go insane (usually music, so I can dance while I clean). Even when I was kid, if I was studying or doing homework I would put a movie on in the background. It makes me sound like some crazed TV-addict, but I never really watched that much TV. For some reason having the noise in the background helps me focus.

  5. Hi Softy and Fanderay, i enjoyed reading your exchanges =)

    PSH is now a walking miracle. I never thought the accident is so severe. I prayed that she’s ok now. I hope there will be a preview for ep. 8, gosh i don’t know why but i’m such an addict now. I think it’s because of Softy’s recaps =)

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