Warrior Baek Dong Su – Episode 6

Could these 3 characters be any different?  I’m loving them as a trio, and I’m already dreading Yeo Un’s departure to the dark side.  His character has been developed the least so far, and I hope we get some quality bromance between him and DS so it really pulls at the heartstrings when it’s time for him to leave.  I like the glasses-boy too, and I’m happy that they didn’t make him into the stereotypical clumsy nerd guy.

DS’s character is completely ridiculous, and it’s fantastic (how can someone be so smart and so stupid at the same time?).  I don’t usually like comic characters since I too easily find them obnoxious, but despite his goofiness DS still manages to be noble, intelligent, willful, and incredibly likable.  He’s definitely in need of a dating coach, but I guess Jin Ju already likes his incorrigible ways, so she must be the girl for him!  Too bad he seems to like every girl except her.

I predict that the trio of older-generation guys will be completely wiped out by the show’s end, and I have a bad feeling that Yeo Un might die some horribly tragic death while redeeming himself.  I hope I’m wrong, and that it turns out to be all puppies and rainbows.

Gwang Taek is a badass, and hoping he trains DS soon so he can finally win a match against YU.  GT’s fight scenes are definitely the best, especially when he doesn’t use a sword 😀

Thanks kcomments for the great scene suggestion! I’m torn on whether or not I should go back and add some layers of paint to make the colors pop, and get more contrast.  The show has a pleasantly muted color palette, and I sort of tried to mimic that, but maybe that’s not the best idea.

Also, I think I’m doomed to watch sageuks for the rest of my life now.  They’re so much fun to draw! I love the faded, tattered and patched-together clothing, and I’m given fun things like horses instead of lame things like cars (I hate drawing anything mechanical).  Maybe SKKS will start a trend and we’ll start getting lots of happy sageuks.  It could happen…right?

I’m taking the weekend off from drawing since my husband and I have lots to do, but I’ll be back in business on Monday.  I don’t know what I’m drawing yet, but I think it’ll be something different since I’m sure to be doing YFFM and WBSD again later in the week!


2 responses

  1. Your first pic had me smile, that’s so ridiculously funny moment and that arrow scene so cool!
    I want Yeo Un to speak more so I can judge his Segeuk cuz so far his didn’t catch my ears LOL.

    • I literally can’t remember him saying ANYTHING (although I’m sure he did) which is probably a sign that he needs more dialogue. All I can picture is his sad eyes, and the deadpan looks he gives DS.

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