Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Episode 14

Oh how I love this episode.  Couldn’t ALL of the episodes have been about these two?  I usually try to pick scenes based on the fact that they would translate well into a quick watercolor (which usually means some bright colors, and certain types of lighting) but  I completely threw out all rationale when I chose these ones.  For some reason I’ve always remembered both these shots very clearly, partially because they’re well composed, and partially because of the emotional content. I don’t care if they were bad choices; sometimes I just can’t resist!

For those that can’t remember, this is the episode where Jong Ha and Yoon Hee are trying to protect an injured Jae Shin from being discovered as the Red Messenger (Jong Ha is adorable in this episode!).  I love that Yoon Hee and Jae Shin are hiding in the cupboard behind a curtain behind a pile of risque literature behind a screen behind a smooth-talking Jong Ha (phew).  Later in the episode everyone at school starts thinking that JS and YH are a gay couple, and the way JS handles it is perfect in every way (as is everything he does).  I particularly found it amusing he started hugging other guys to make the point that guys can hug.

It wasn’t really planned, but I feel like these images actually complement each other quite well because one has YH protecting JS, and the other has JS protecting YH (in his own way).  The first picture (which comes second in the episode) is right before he takes her up in his tree. I really want to build a time machine so I can go back and force the writers to let JS get the girl.

Anyways…now I’m heartbroken.  At least YFFM should be happy this week!


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  1. So another MJS’s ship? I was with LSJ all the way, and he got the girl *cough Softy cough*
    Your first pic, it’s MJS alright!

    • Kcomments – you had to remind me didn’t you 🙂 if you were such a LSJ fan did you watch Ripley? Is he good in it?

      This was one of my favorite scenes and I also love when MJS is lying down on the table thing while Yonghwa was sitting by him telling him about where SJ and YH were. The look on jaeshin’s face in that soft moonlight was so perfect – how can he look so good lying down like that.

      • Ouch! Ripley, one episode only, too many LDH’s crying scenes for my liking, as for Micky, gotta say he had both G & NG scenes imo ^^

  2. Of course I ship MJS!! I’m a chronic sufferer of Second Lead Syndrom, but but this was probably the worst case ever. Geol Oh is perfect!! This is the only show where I don’t understand how anyone could NOT ship the second lead, but I congratulate you on your happiness over the LSJ OTP 😦

  3. Oops I forgot to say which scene – the top one. You totally captured that moment between them – so glad you are doing more past dramas as well as recent ones. Did you like secret garden? There is a scene where JW sits in his yard and has an imaginary conversation with RI that’s one of my favs too.

    • Yes, I loved SG! Admittedly, I wish I was more attracted to Hyun Bin, but I still thought he was fantastic in it and perfect for the role.

      Do you happen to know what episode that SG scene is in? Finding scenes to draw often takes longer than the actual drawing, so I love recommendations ^______^

      I can’t believe how ridiculously twitterpated I was just scrubbing through this episode of SKKS to find the shots I wanted. I think you’re right about YAI having some mysterious quality that just draws people in. I know I said that I don’t think I could ever like him as much in a different role, but now I’m not so sure. I think I may just not like him in modern photos. I realized yesterday that the reason I like him is not so much because of his face, but because of the way he uses it. He does subtle things like little jaw articulations, or touching his teeth with his tongue, and I don’t know why I like those things, but I DO. I think you love him even more than I do, so hopefully you understand.

      Btw, not doing a drawing today! Since I was sick on the weekend I didn’t get any of the chores or errands done that I wanted to, so I’m trying to be somewhat productive this afternoon. I did find some scenes for a rainy day though (CYHMH and Spy Myeong Wol).

  4. OH my god. I never seen such a blog before. This painting style of yours, and the colors. Awesome. Gorgeous. I like water color painting myself but never thought of chosing K-dramas as motive. And jugding from the anatomy you’re skilled.
    Very beautiful. It looks so professionel in its simpliness that it could bee an artbook.

    • Ironically, ink and watercolor were always two of my least favorite mediums, but they’re perfect for quick sketches since I don’t even need a jar of water while using a waterbrush. At least figure drawing was always my favorite, so it all balances out and I enjoy myself 🙂 Ask me to draw something technical like a spaceship and my eyes glaze over.

      • I hope I understand the term of glaze over right – you mean, you’re not good with technichal drawing yet, right?

        Well, everything needs its time to learn and PRACTICE. This year I’m practising portrays. Every year on the first I choose a new topic to learn like a new year’s resolution and I keep it till half a year is gone till I choose the next one.
        Last year I had my water color half year now try to manage at least 3 portrays a week. But unfortunately my drama love has arisen and I’m writing more about it than drawing. LOL.
        Anyway your blog really gives me INSPIRATION to combine my loves – for drama and drawing. I already combined my work writing with drama, I could do this, too…
        Fanart has always been my favorite subject. I’m actually drawing my favorite characters as practice like Supernatural or Transformers. But drawing korean actors proved away too difficult for me because of the different face structure. But more than B

        • hm? is there a word limit for coments? Suddenly the box stopped showing the letters…
          Anyway – more than portays (just need to take that challenge I delaid for years) I like drawing landscape and seeing your beautiful background I really want to try out. ^_^ And You’ve fallen for me is really a great inspiration to draw, all the bright colors and the lightning – reminds me of paintings of expressionism and impressionism all the time.

          But I’m serious you could think about sending in your works for an artwork. There might be a publisher interested. I know in Europe there would and in France. ^_^
          May I ask where are you from?

          • I’m from Canada, but I live in the US right now 🙂

            I don’t think I could publish anything since all the kdramas I paint are copyrighted. It’s just a fun hobby, so I’m happy with just blogging ^_^

            When you say “portrays” do you mean “portraits”?

            I’m glad I have inspired you! Please feel free to share any of your paintings; I would love to see them!

            • Ah, Canada *___* My dream travel goal ^^
              yes, I messed up the letters, I meant portrait ^^;; Sorry for my bad english.
              I usually post my sketches on my livejournal. My sketches aren’t always that good to post them on an extra blog although I’d love to. ^^
              I used to upload my sketches on my blog, but now changed the subject of the blog so I deleted everything. ^_^
              Not sure if you’d like them. *lol* I got good days and bad days of sketches. That’s why I’m drawing, I recently found out. They keep tracks of my moods and emotions that’s also why I started posting them on my livejournal. ^^ tag sketch is open, if you’re curious:
              But it’s not much. ^^;; I only started to post them recently.
              I usually use sketchbooks and blank notebooks as such. I didn’t even scanned half of my sketches coz it’s too much. ^^ I love writing and making sketchbook. Would love to see your water color sketchbook for real. Based on the scans it looks like it’s a book you use. ^^

              One of the reason I like watercolor, too! It’s easy to capture a picture fast. I always have one pencil and color pencils with me when I’m travelling. ^^ But when I’m a big city I can’t resit the urge to visit an art work shop to buy new sketchbooks and pencils. *LOL*

              • I love your dragon!! Dragons are very hard to draw,so I’m impressed 🙂
                I just use a little sketchbook that’s filled with watercolor paper (each page is a little bigger than my hand). If you click on “about this blog” up top you can see a picture of what I use.

                I love art stores too, although I always buy more supplies than I use! I have to bring my husband so he can stop me from buying too much.

                Don’t be shy about posting your artwork! I decided just to post everything I draw, because if I only posted what I was happy with I would never end up posting anything at all 🙂

  5. Thanks for your praise (although totally unearned). ^^;; And I’m really not falsely shy about getting praised as always, but my lover is an illustrator/game artist and half of my friends are illustrators or want to become one, so I get to feel everyday that there’s always someone better and that there’s so much to learn and practise in art. One of the reasons why I didn’t study art althought every teacher told me so, but I wasn’t sure if I could handle the pressure in the game industrie. I’m better off practising for fun and whenever I feel like it.
    I’d feel less unsecure to post sketches or fanarts if I’d had a blog to share because I won’t feel too alone on a blog. ^^;;

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