Can You Hear My Heart – Episode 15

I lied.  I said I wasn’t going to do any sketches yesterday, but by the time evening hit I could no longer resist (which is something that genuinely surprises me).  Since I started late I just mostly did a quick single wash of color, but neither of the shots have very dynamic lighting so it kinda works.

Anyways, how adorable is Cha Dong Joo?  I forgot how much cute is in this episode (both these scenes are in the first few minutes!).  I love how in the first shot CDJ is basically explaining that he just “punished” her for lying (after cutely studying her face and kissing her twice I might add).  If I was Woo Ri, I would work on becoming a pathological liar immediately!  I also love how we’re first given the cliche post-kiss clutching-of-the-chest response, and then CDJ is like “wait a second!” and chases after her, which leads to the second scene.

I’m using the word “love” in this post a lot, but I can’t help it.  I love the friendship between CDJ and Young Kyu.  I also love that CDJ isn’t above using that friendship to get invited over for dinner, and make a hug with WR seem natural.  His giddiness and joy in this whole scene is totally infectious, and he even makes the scene extra cute by explaining that he likes her, and running off holding her hand (he seems so boyish!).

Woo Ri’s response throughout all this is pretty funny too.  In both scenes it looks like she’s just thinking, “What is going on?”  They’re perfect for each other though, and it cracks me up that she’s just as bold as he is in later episodes (and he is equally bewildered!).

Anyways, my YFFM Episode 8 download is seconds from finishing, so off I go!  I will be shocked if I don’t end up drawing YFFM today.


8 responses

  1. I love these scenes too – what you said about this show is so accurate. I bet you anything you are going to draw lots of yffm cuz of all the great scenes of S being a total puppy. My finger hurts like crazy and is showing the first signs of carpal tunnel but I risked pain to tell you how much I enjoy coming here daily to chat and leave comments. Can’t wait to see what your next gem will be 🙂

    • I still can’t believe you typed all that on a phone! You are clearly crazy, but it’s a crazy I understand. I feel bad for your finger, but it kind of cracks me up too. The lengths that we kdrama people go to for the sake of our obsession! It wasn’t that long ago that you were telling your taxi driver to hurry so you could recap on time 🙂

      And I’m happy you made the effort to come and comment, because I love it when you do. It always makes me day when I see a new comment notification in my email, and I pretty much always have a tab open with your KDH page so I can refresh it all day long.

      I’m not sure what to do now, because YFFM was amazing, but I also just watched WBSD ep 7, and it’s soooo pretty! Have you watched it yet? I seriously can’t handle how ridiculous Dong Soo is, and I love it. That actor is so perfect for the role.

      Anyways, it looks like tomorrow’s episode of YFFM will have lots of OTP stuff too, but with some more interesting settings, so I think maybe I should wait. Plus, Shin wears a bright orange sweater with bright blue pants! How an I resist that?

  2. yes, you did capture CDJ when you drew the lone drawing of him close-up with him closing his ears. One look without fail that is CDJ – i love that drawing and the one above (the 1st one) infact they are my wallpaper for my lappie and handphone – you made my day! Thanks so much and keep drawing 🙂

  3. After seeing all the CYHMH postings and all i can say is WOW!!!….this is making me want to go back and rewatch all these scenes…your drawrings are simply gorgeous

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