Warrior Baek Dong Su – Episode 7

This show is so beautiful!  I was planning on drawing YFFM, but I was so enamored with YFFM that I didn’t notice that much of the scenery, and WBSD was so in-my-face pretty that I couldn’t help myself.  Besides that, today’s episode of YFFM looks like it’s going to have some great scenes, so I wanted to wait.

Unfortunately most of my favorite scenes from WBSD are beyond my skill or patience level.  Cheon sitting on a wall in the moonlight with fog swirling around is pretty badass, but way too hard.  WBSD inside the temple is great too, but in every drama as soon as we go inside a temple there are waaaay too many detailed little things to draw, and I’m not willing to sacrifice my sanity just yet.

So, I went with my favorite scene in terms of content.  I love that our quiet little Yeo Un chases after Dong Su so he can be his wingman (he does love him!). If anyone needs a wingman, it is Dong Su.  All he has going for him is his unwillingness to accept defeat, and I have a hard time telling if he is making any progress with this girl at all, or if she is just amused by his antics.  Personally, I am very amused by his antics, though they are sometimes hard to watch (has there ever been a more goofy hero?).

I’m really happy that this drama isn’t dragging out the inevitable too long.  Ju Ji already found out who Dong Su is, and Gwang Taek found out he was alive.  I was genuinely worried that they would make us wait an eternity for these things, which is a bit of a drama pet peeve of mine.  I can’t wait for GT to start training Dong Su, which had better happen!  I’m a bit worried GT will die, and that DS will have to learn from all the drawings GT has been making.  Those drawings must be in the show for a reason, and it makes me nervous!

I had to rush the paint-job on these since I was going out for dinner, but I may do another pass over them later.  For now, I am off to watch YFFM.  Woo!

6 responses

  1. when I saw that top scene, I thought that would look great if Fanderay painted it and voila it’s staring at me today. Telepathy must be kicking in between our thoughts now cuz we find the same scenes beautiful and want to see it painted. wish I could paint like you but i have the artistic instinct of a monkey – all i end up doing is splattering paint everywhere every five years or so when the mood strikes.
    Which scene of YFFM did you like most between E8 and E9. I love how he leaned against the wall of her home while waiting on her. Nikesma did a screencap for me of it. I dont know why -like the bike scene you painted – I love how S looks with certain backgrounds. Like when he stood at the lighthouse on the first episode. wish I had my regular internet back so I can download and watch these new ones again. In the states it would take my sister like 20 mins to download an ep when it takes 2 mins here in Korea. I really miss my super duper fast internet speed. waaaahhhhh. I know I should count myself lucky since my home isnt underwater or homeless, but not having something familiar like access to my toshiba makes me feel so helpless. imagine not being able to get to your paints and brushes. My thoughts don’t flow as well on this mac. the keys feel different and this wordpress edit box is odd. If the rain stopped, there is some chance of normalcy but it’s going to continue they said -aigoo 🙂

  2. Yeo Un is currently my favorite person to paint, out of any drama. I have no idea why…maybe it’s his flowing locks? Maybe it’s your telepathy? I don’t find him particularly attractive, but I guess he’s paint-ogenic? It’s nice that I’m not just obsessed with an OTP for once!

    I’m about to start scrubbing through episode 9 for scenes, which is not going to be easy! I liked the scene where S and K are leaning against the wall (after he tells her to move over) and he’s wearing his orange sweater and she’s got a light blue jacket on.

    I also really love the final scene. The entire room is a cool blue-green-grey color, and then they both have bright warm-colored sweaters that pop like crazy. I just don’t know if I can pull it off decently, but it may be worth a shot! The scene with HJ and SH by the swings was great too, but I can’t draw her because she’s too skinny and I think it will just look like I drew her wrong.

    Is the leaning scene in episode 8? I kind of have a thing for leaning, so I need to check it out.

    I hate typing on Mac keyboards, but I guess it’s better than typing on a phone! When we had a mac laptop we put Windows on it too since a lot of the software and interfaces were so much more pleasant that way.

    Off I go to scene hunt. Keep the telepathic thoughts flowing!

    • There is a screencap of it with E8 post – I put it in there for you to see. I have this thing for leaves – crazy about leaves – everything I own is leaf patterned from necklaces to rings – all around my home – leaf shaped dishes-bookmakers etc so that scene with S and leaves – it was a keeper in my book.

      • Oooh, I’m so glad you mentioned that scene!! Besides it being a nice shot, it also reminded me that K is wearing orange and S is wearing light blue, which is the exact opposite of the scene I already drew from episode 9! Now I can have two scenes that are all matchy matchy, even though they’re from different episodes. Unfortunately the scenes I want to use are all too blurry in the baros xvid verison, so I’m waiting for a 720p one to download (my internet is lighting fast, but megaupload is slow!). I’m probably going to do that leaning shot at some point too, but today both pages will be of the two of them. You’ve probably noticed, but I’ll paint pretty much anything with foliage in that lime-y green color!

  3. Since I’ve been doing screen caps a lot lately, the problem for me of Yeo Un is that he did look good in stills, it’s like he totally filled the screen. However as a live character, I somehow connected to DS more, when Cheon said Yeo Un had killer eyes, I went whaaat! cuz I didn’t see it , just his sad eyes only , LOL. Well, looks like MJS vs LSJ all over again, only this time not sure anyone will ever get the girl ^_^

    • I’m not attracted to either actor really, even though I love both characters. They’re both still so naive (in their own ways) that I actually feel slightly maternal towards them (though that could change).

      I never expected to like drawing Yeo Un so much, but I guess I’m experiencing something similar to what you found with your stills (the boy has presence!). I mostly notice his sad eyes too (which just reminds me of Ma Roo and makes me even sadder). Since Yeo Un broke his face we probably won’t be seeing as many good stills this week. Luckily we have DS to fill the void with his absurdities!

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