You’ve Fallen For Me – Episode 9 Wallpaper

So, I was drawing this scene today (because I love it!!) and I decided not to draw the background because it’s a white wall and a brown floor (not exactly inspiring). Then I scanned it (which makes it way bigger than actual size) and thought, “Hey, this looks like a Wallpaper!” And so, I made it a wallpaper. Is this something people would like me to continue doing? If so, what resolutions? Currently if you click on the image you will get 1680 x 1050, which is the resolution of my husband’s monitor. I can easily and quickly move the title around and crop it to make anything, whether it’s for a computer, a tablet, or a phone.

I’m waiting for a higher resolution version of Episode 8 to download so I can do a matching image with similar colors. Expect that tomorrow!

Btw, how cute were these last two episodes? We’re always given time to appreciate every moment in this show, and I love how real and vulnerable the characters seem (without becoming emo or obnoxious). I particularly like the scene above because it’s the second time in the episode that Shin acts like he has to sit next to her, and then pretends to rest to help ease the awkwardness. Both actors are nailing the tension inherent to a new relationship, as well as the little involuntary reactions that always happen when you’re around the person you like (which can be anything from small smiles to visible panic).

Anyways, if anyone is reading this, please let me know what you think about the whole wallpaper idea! I never would’ve thought of it if people hadn’t mentioned that they’re already using some of my images as desktop backgrounds 🙂

Oh, and here’s the regular scan, just for the sake of thoroughness:


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      • Yep, I love requests! Do you have a specific scene you can recommend though? I have pretty much zero mental library of SJ because MJS blinded me.

        Btw, what resolution is your monitor? I want to make sure the wallpaper fits! I also want to know what the common resolutions are so I can just have the different sizes ready to go next time.

        • I mostly use my laptop, which is 1280×800. But the resolution you had for the wallpaper posted here worked really well too.

          Ahh, there are so many scenes I liked in SKKS, and my head is spinning right now trying to decide which one I liked the best in order to make the best out of your offer. Don’t want to be bothering you with too many requests. 😀

          Am I correct that daytime scene works better with watercolor? There’s a scene around the 51 min mark in episode 17 where SJ and YS are out enjoying a date. SJ and YS grab a toffee on a stick and smile as they eat it together. I really love that scene. Do you think that scene would work well in watercolor?

          Thanks so much, fanderay! I love your blog, btw. There are many kdrama blogs, but yours is such a unique offering.

          • ooh, ok, your resolution is exactly half, so it should be fine then. I think most computers resize images pretty well these days 🙂

            And yes, daytime is so much better! I regret every time I try a night scene. They’re more doable with proper watercolor technique, but these quick sketches with just a couple washes and color-mixing on the page are definitely not up to the task.

            I just checked out that SKKS scene, and I think it would work great (it’s after they leave the stand and are looking at each other laughing right?). It even has nice watercolor-y colors.

            Oh and btw, don’t worry about making too many requests. If you give me a bunch of scenes that just means I have more scenes to choose from 🙂 Just don’t ever be offended if I decide not to do one, and there’s no harm in suggesting as many as you’d like!

        • Your team may have “won” kcomments, but I still think Team MJS is better! I think LSJ has a face like a brick, and his character seems borderline catatonic at times. I’m 100% the type of person that is a sucker for the smartypants, and I STILL fell for MJS.

          It’s ok though. I don’t judge (much) and I will still draw your LSJ. Even though he can’t protect a girl nearly as well as MJS. And even though he’s not as good looking. And even though MJS is smart too and just doesn’t show off the fact.

          It must be nice not to fall for second leads all the time. I cried for the last 3 episodes of freaking BoF because I realized KHJ wasn’t going to get the girl. That was back when I was new to dramas, and I genuinely thought he had a chance.

  1. I love the idea of the wallpaper for my desktop too =). Too bad the swing scene in episode 9 were not our OTPs, i love the long shot of it. I can’t remember if you painted already the bike scene, where KW is leaning on S’s back and then they flew to the moon (i will check ur back episodes paintings). Since u said we can request, can i request that to be a desktop too. Or better yet, i’m gonna get all your paintings of YFFM and make it my screensaver, love it!!!

    • I know! That swing scene was the prettiest of the episode, and of course it had to be HJ! I don’t mind doing non-OTP shots, but I don’t want to draw her because she’s so skinny that I feel like it’ll look wrong.

      I have a picture of the two of them on the bike, but not that one specifically. I was actually going to draw it one day, but I didn’t know how to go about it since the background is already a drawing!

      I’m so torn as to what I should make the second wallpaper today. The two of them standing awkwardly by the bus is really aesthetically pleasing (I love awkwardness in drawings) but it’s up against the two of them on the stairs with K’s head on S’s shoulder, which I’m sure is what most people would prefer!

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