You’ve Fallen For Me – Episode 8 and 9 Wallpaper

I wasn’t super happy with how the drawing from episode 8 came out, so I made a wallpaper out of both images together.  I bumped the contrast on the first image to get a pure white background, but it may be blinding as a desktop.

The shoulder-lean scene was cute, but a bit annoying to draw since I had to base it on two shots (KW was making a weird face in one of them) and make up what was behind the railing.  All that, and I still like yesterday’s way better, but I guess I can’t love everything!

I’m taking the next two days off since I have lots to do this weekend, but I should back in business Monday (possibly with some more SKKS?).  I’m also maybe going to check out Princess’ Man, even though I think I’ll hate the story, and doubt that anyone is actually watching it.

Oh, and here’s the plain scan:

Have a good weekend everyone!


3 responses

  1. Your stuff is amazing! I love that you’re taking these lovely scenes and turning them into paintings/sketches, and just further revealing how pretty they are to look at. I’m thinking about dramas in a different way now (visually at least).

  2. Amazing painting as always.. I can’t find any artist better than you. I really like your style.. so I hope you contact me soon. T__T Please..

    Have you finished watching the Princess Man? I really like the story.. just that somehow I hate the ending. LOL. I hate that justice wasn’t served. oh well.. at least they ended up together. -.-

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