Dream High – Episode 13

“Dream High!”  Please imagine that just how it’s said a few seconds into the Dream High song (so catchy!).

Anyways, I love Dream High, but I was too lazy to look through everything and find a good watercolor scene, so I just did one of my favorite scenes instead!  This is when Sam Dong performs Dreaming and his hearing cuts out, so Hye Mi directs him and corrects his pitch (*tear*).  Kim Soo Hyun nails this scene, and Suzy does a surprisingly good job too.  If this scene doesn’t make you emotional, you have no heart!

I still suck at drawing these “dark” scenes, but I am gradually learning from my mistakes, so one of these days I will paint an amazing night shot.  Meanwhile just put up with me 🙂  Also, I learned a fun fact!  Apparently when you paint near a fan, the paint dries as if you’ve sprinkled salt on it.  Whoops!

And here for your viewing pleasure is the song itself 🙂 :

Here for your further viewing pleasure (and a bit of a pick-me-up), the Dream High theme:

And now an awesome FMV that isn’t even finished, but gets me all psyched to watch the show again:

Now excuse me while I go dance around the house and pretend I am in a flash–mob.

2 responses

  1. I aded your blog to my notificationlist of thunderbird and can keep tracks of your entries everyday. Hehehe.
    Beautiful – Beautiful pictures. ^^ It’s difficult to draw with dark colors but still maintain the agility of the motive. You’re always in danger of making a death line as my portrait teacher tends to childe me. *g*
    Maybe if you’d add some yellow or orange (or a warm color you like) there atmosphere wouldn’t be too cold, because it’s a warm scene judging from their expressions.
    I started Dream High a while ago, too. He. But got unfaithful because of You’ve fallen for me and Autumn’s Concerto. *g*
    By the way, I followed your example and really made a sketchbook blog. 😀 I’m very excited but don’t know what to upload… Need to practice more. But just the thought of having a sketchbook is nice. ^^ I always wanted to make fanarts of korean dramas. *g*

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