Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Episode 17

I must admit that even I find the OTP cute in this candy-eating scene, and I couldn’t possibly be more of a MJS shipper.  I like that LSJ can’t help but enjoy himself since he’s with Yoon Hee, even though eating candy in the market isn’t exactly his style.

Similarly, I like that MJS is trying to be in a bad mood and distance himself, but can’t help but turn into a softie when YH grabs him.  It’s too bad that the cuter she acts, the more she crushes his poor little heart into tiny smithereens.

I noticed after scanning that I didn’t paint YH’s lip in the first image…whoops!  She doesn’t really look like herself in that shot anyways (since her face is so scrunched) so I’m just going to leave it for now.  My main goal was to make their stupid translucent horsehair hats actually look translucent, and I think I was successful…woo!

All you LSJ shippers will be happy because I came across another great scene in Episode 16 to draw (when they’re hiding after he discovers she’s a girl).  Of course the matching page will be MJS though :). I don’t know when I’ll actually get around to those pages…probably next week?

And now for my song(s) of the day!  I somehow didn’t know that the lead singer of Loveholic left a couple years ago and made her own fantastic album.  I normally don’t like ballads or overly dramatic songs unless I’ve heard them in a drama (I guess because of the emotional connection?) but everything Jisun sings sounds like it belongs on an OST (which is probably why she contributes to so many of them!).  Unfortunately only a few of the songs from the album are on youtube (literally every song on the album is good) so I just picked a couple at random because I couldn’t choose.


4 responses

  1. love it!!! especially the warm colors and the background. You know you’re the first artist whose work does have background. Most of the artist I’ve seen (including myself) don’t like making the background because it’s tiresome. As for me I prefer a soft color as background but keep my focus on the object. But I haven’t paint a k-drama scene and those have nice backgrounds as I recognize in You’ve fallen for me. ^^ looking forward what you’re going to paint next, when YFFM ep10 is out XD

    • Sometimes I skip the background or make parts of it up, but often the background is what makes the scene so pretty. I do often delete things from the background, such as unnecessary trees, but I try to keep anything contributing to the aesthetic.

      I have to wait until tomorrow to paint YFFM since the episode I downloaded is low quality and I can’t see their faces clear enough (I’ll re-download a better version tomorrow morning). I think that means today is another SKKS day!

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