Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Episode 16

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting to draw this today.  Of course I was initially planning on YFFM, but the episode I downloaded was too low quality, and since I’ve reached my bandwidth limit for the month (too many dramas!) I have to download a better version between midnight and 8am.

So then I was all set on doing a shot of the SKKS OTP hiding after Sun Joon discovers that YH is a girl, but when I looked at the scene more closely I decided I didn’t like the angle of their bodies.  However, who’s going to complain about scenes of our adorable SKKS bromance?  I’ve been wanting to draw these two for a long time.

The first image is right after one of those little boys tells them the answers Yoon Hee and Sun Joon gave on the final round of that big competitive test at school.  Of course because MJS is secretly a smarty-pants (meaning that SJ has absolutely nothing over him) he already knows who won.  The two are then confronted by the evil school gang, whose leader suspects MJS (of being the red messenger that is).  Mostly I just like all the blues, and that it’s a good shot of the two.

The second scene…hoo boy, here I go.  This is right after YH freaking abandons JS to go run off with SJ, and thinks it’s ok not to tell him (meanwhile he’s been working his butt off to protect her).  So he runs around the forest in a panic, and Yong Ha breaks the news to him in his typically mischievous way (that boy gets waaay too much enjoyment out of his fan).  I almost didn’t draw this shot because JS never makes eye contact with YH.  I then realized that I like that about the scene.  He’s so despondent and heartbroken that he’s just staring at one spot (meanwhile my heart is breaking right along with his).

The most heartbreaking scene in this episode is a scene that night, when Yong Ha gives JS a pep talk about the whole situation.  The dialogue goes as follows (credit to the soompi subbing team):

“Don’t waste your energy trying to act cool, Geol Oh.  Pretending not to want…pretending not to be jealous…and pretending to be strong and not be affected by such petty things.  If I were you, I wouldn’t waste useless energy, but devote my all into making her mine.  As of now, you still have the advantage over Lee Sun Joon.  Since Lee Sun Joon couldn’t possibly imagine Daemul’s secret.”

Of course, LSJ has just learned YH’s secret, and it’s like the drama is giving us a massive slap in the face saying “Sorry MJS shippers, he’s too late.”

There has been a fair bit of controversy about this episode regarding LSJ’s reaction to the secret, and inevitably Coffee Prince comparisons are made.  Personally, I feel those comparisons are completely invalid.  In Coffee Prince, all that was at stake was a job and a boyfriend, and the female lead was largely acting out of selfishness.  In SKKS YH is risking the death penalty for her and her family, and tried her best to avoid the situation in the first place.  Furthermore, LSJ is the one responsible for her entering the school and risking her life, so he would be quite the jerk if he got angry about it.  He’s also the introverted and introspective type, so the exterior calmness of his reaction suits him perfectly.  If you want someone with a more expressive personality…ship MJS!

I’m also randomly sharing this image because I found it quite touching.  It’s right after YH meets with Cho Sun, and MJS waits for her so he can be a “jerk” and tell her not to meet CS anymore (once again, playing the role of secret protector).  I love how he quietly takes her parcel, particularly because he earlier reached for her parcel right when Cho Sun meets them in the market (it’s easy to miss).  Ack, just looking at this and I’m tearing up.

And now for my song/video of the day!  Since I betrayed all of you LSJ shippers, I feel I should make it up to you.  Also, because Protect the Boss premiers today I thought it would be appropriate to post a Jaejoong song (luckily he sings for the SKKS OST!).

Here you go 🙂

3 responses

  1. Wow this is a major coincidence, but after blue requested her scene, I was going to ask you to draw MJS during that exact scene where Yonghwa tells JS to make YH his. maybe it was that moment and the soft light, but JS never looked so vulnerable as he listened to his friend’s words. That shot of him lying there looking straight up – omg so dreamy. Then after the conversation, he goes off to the back to lie down again. But the way he looked as he was lying down while Yonghwa talked was the BEST.
    I noticed when MJS took the parcel from YH-and the one before – I noticed EVERYTHING about MJS. Even when Yonghwa patted JS’s butt and JS gave him that warning look. My eyes were like a hawks and I didn’t miss a yawn, a scratch, a sneeze, a lingering longing gaze, a broken heart – when JS finally said he was letting her go as she went to go visit SJ in jail, OMG I bawled for his character.
    After falling in love with so many dramas just from watching the first ep, I have to say SKKS was brilliant for using that scene where YH and SJ are hiding together behind a rock – that was gold – whoever came up with that, the show owes him a debt of gratitude. It put SKKS on the map as THE drama to watch that year. I keep thinking we were part of kdrama history by watching this live. One day, someone is going to try to make another version of this with another young cast. Hope we are still around to watch it together to compare 🙂

    • I found the video that has a great lying down shot – it’s on RS – go to rebellious team and watch the video CK posted for me – it’s my fav MS vid cuz they took real shots and made them look like sketches. I have so many screenshots of that 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, like four seconds into that video and I had to restrain myself from getting all weepy. I root for the second lead a LOT in dramas, but JS is the worst case ever. I can’t even quickly scrub through an episode of SKKS without my heart breaking. It makes me want to beat YH over the head.

      I’m glad you’re even more eagle-eyed than I am and noticed all those little things! It makes me feel like less of a crazy person 🙂 I was within a hairs-breath of drawing that scene where YH is talking to JS, but I wussed out because it has nighttime lighting. One of these days when I’m feeling ambitious I’ll definitely go for it. I just like it so much that I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t turn out (whereas I usually don’t care).

      I definitely look forward to the day we get to watch the equivalent of SKKS together (it better happen!). The level of obsessiveness is sure to be embarrassing, but I’m ok with that.

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