You’ve Fallen For Me – Episode 10 Wallpapers

The image above links to a 1280 x 800 Wallpaper.  Her are some more resolutions (the size is written below each image):

1680 x 1050

1920 x 1200 version 1

1920 x 1200 version 2

1024 x 768

1024 x 640

That last one is just the original scan.  If anyone wants a different wallpaper resolution, let me know!

For me, scenes like this are a lot cuter than any kiss.  I love KW’s expression, and would practically draw this just for the sake of getting to sketch a different hairstyle, but I love their poses too.  Shin is actually giving off a bit of a Cha Dong Joo vibe with his laugh-y leaning, and that’s a good thing.

This episode was full of awkward adorableness, although I do miss some of the side-plots from earlier episodes.  Also, I don’t watch kdramas for the skinship, but aren’t Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hee old and mature enough to have graduated to real kisses by now?  Or at least realistic pecks?  I’ve seen more realistic kisses between barbie dolls!

Back when I studied computer animation we talked a lot about “suspension of disbelief” which is a phrase used to describe the feeling viewers have when they are  immersed in what they are watching and feel like it’s real.  A good example would be Pixar’s Up.  The entire premise is based on an old cartoon man performing the scientifically impossible and flying around in a balloon-powered house.  Instead of sitting there disbelieving, I suspend my disbelief and go on a journey with that old man, mourning and laughing alongside him.

When I see one of those fake frozen-lipped “kisses” it completely destroys my suspension of disbelief, and the actors may as well flash neon lights saying “We are just actors!  We have no actual feelings for each other and this is all a complete farce!”  It pulls me out of the moment so quickly that I would rather just not see any kissing at all.  At least in CYHMH they made the first lame kiss worth it by adding all sorts of other elements.  Yes, Woo Ri had that lame deer-in-headlights look, but Dong Joo kissed her twice with his hands in his pockets, we got a gorgeous long-shot of them on the stairs, and he then berated her saying it was punishment for lying.  The kiss wasn’t even close to the most interesting part of the scene, so it didn’t let me down as much.  This isn’t meant as a criticism of YFFM specifically, but of kdramaland in general.

Anyways, I love this show to pieces, but I’m worried that it’s starting to become a bit cliche.  I feel like the things that made YFFM fantastic and unique are falling back into the shadows, and I really hope it doesn’t get an episode cut so it has room to breathe and finish well. I think that episode 12 will be the best indicator of whether or not this drama has preserved its heart and soul since it could go in a lot of different directions.  On a more shallow level, I really hope we get a duet from our OTP!

I apologize for only doing one image today, but that stupid guitar took forever (not that you can tell by looking at it).  Since strings and frets are both basically white, I had to draw all the negative space, which is just a million tiny rectangles (I almost went blind).  I need to give my doggy a haircut and I have some dresses I want to sew, so I probably won’t be drawing again until Monday.  Have a nice weekend 🙂

Oops, almost forgot my song/video of the day!  I don’t have a song, so I’m posting a random Spy Myung Wol MV.  SMW doesn’t supply me with many scenes I want to draw, and  it suffers from some very clunky directing, but I absolutely love watching it.  It’s so wacky that I never have any expectations, and I watch every episode with a smile on my face.

11 responses

  1. kyaaaa-CUUUUUTE! XD The hairstyle was cool, too, but the explanation?!
    I also felt like Yong-hwa wanted to be a real boyfriend and not just acting like one but I bet his company is eyeing him like hawl that I doesn’t do something stupid…
    After rewatching City Hunter’s kiss for 5 times when I was recapping it yesterday I can’t be swayed by this kiss at the end, but well, that’s not why I like YFFM anyway. The characters are so cute and it’s about working hard for your dream so it’s kind of surprising for ME that so much romance is involved…
    Anyway the chemistry of the two has gone up another leven *ggg* What was You’re Beautiful again? Nada! XD
    Thanks a lot for the wallpapers!
    Beautiful posture and colors. I like how you draw the hands of the figures. And the logo Heart-strings is an awesome idea. ^^

  2. Found you through DB 🙂

    I haven’t even caught any episode of Heartstrings as yet but I love your work.

    And yes, I think Park Shin Hye is gorgeous.

    Keep up the good work

    • Thanks! I have no idea how dramabeans discovered me or when they added me to their blogroll, but I feel honored and thankful, especially since they’ve giving me a ton of hits! Their blog was indispensable to me when I first started watching kdramas last year, so I’m happy that they must enjoy my blog to some extent.

      Heartstrings is definitely not for everyone, but it seems like those of us who like it really like it a lot. If you spend an embarrassing amount of time watching dramas like me, then it’s also just a nice change of pace. You should give it a shot!

      Thanks for commenting btw; it makes my day!

      • Congrats Fanderay – you have made it to the big times if you get on DB’s blog roll – that is quite an honor. You are up there with TP and EG now. I am so happy for you – so glad your work will be seen by so many more ppl. They have an eye for talent just like the rest of us 🙂

      • I’m gonna start watching Heartstrings bcoz of you and PSH
        This girl is super cute
        She somehow reminds me of YEH

        As for your blog, I hate it that it’s so good coz I seriously don’t need another blog which I have to visit every single day! Ya, dramabeans is so addictive and I’ve gained a lot from everybody there, esp. JB and GF. It has inspired me so much that I’m thinking about doing further studies concerning Korea!

        Thanx for your lovely lovely art works.

          • Fact is, I don’t really like Jang Geun Suk…please don’t ban me from ur blog! I know it’s super popular but I didn’t really care about it. Then, I saw PSH in Gumiho and I thought that maybe I should give it a try. Well, last year being my final year in college and all, I was super busy so, after Iljimae, may be I’ll start watching it.

  3. Hi there ^^ I’m back from my weekend trip and when I was strolling around Germany’s capital Berlin and sketching the word “city” crossed my view many times. OF COURSE I had to think of City Hunter which characters I want to draw but for heaven’s sake CAN’T… But a question has popped up in my mind, isn’t City Hunter your cup of tea that you haven’t drawn any picture yet or didn’t you just have no time to watch it, yet? I was just wondering. ^^

    • Of course I watched it!! Sadly, there is not much I DONT watch. For some reason I just never saw any scenes that I was compelled to draw. Does anything stand out to you as a good scene? I would be happy to paint it if I had some good shots to use 🙂

    • I usually use a brush pen, which makes it harder and easier to control the water in different ways. The worst thing about watercolour is no undo!

      -sent from Android phone

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