Secret Garden – Episode 2

I’m pretty sure it’s a certain blogger’s birthday today, and I think that certain blogger really likes this scene, so this is my tip of the hat to that certain blogger. Happy Birthday!  If it’s not your birthday, then a very merry Un-Birthday to you (That’s an Alice in Wonderland reference, which seems most appropriate since this is about Secret Garden after all.  Now I just need to work in a Little Mermaid reference!).

I didn’t paint the background of the second image because I wanted to play around with layering the two images together since these shots always layer together in my mind, but it didn’t really work as well as I had hoped.  I have zero photoshop ability, so that could have something to do with it!

Doing these images had me thinking about SG, and now Ihave some more drawings I want to do.  I’m thinking the bench scene after they transform would be great, particularly because their body language is so funny.  Any other suggestions?

I may not understand why Hyun Bin is considered so good looking, but I do think he is absolutely perfect for this role.  Is there anyone else who can be so charmingly neurotic?  I like how he mutters that tongue twister to himself to combat the crazies.  Nothing says “sane” quite like muttering nonsensical gibberish to yourself.

I love how this drama has everything.  I can’t think of many shows that are so hilarious and heart-wrenching while remaining cohesive and compelling.  The writer (Kim Eun Sook) has written a drama every single year for the past 8 years (including City Hall!) so hopefully we can expect another amazing story from her later this year.

And now for an SG MV!  Which reminds me, I love HB’s leg-block that he does.  I was tempted to draw it even though it’s mostly just white space.






11 responses

  1. Omg Fanderay this is the sweetest thing EVER – thank you so much for doing this – had no idea you would remember. You just made my day – wow I feel so special – BEST GIFT so far this bday hands down – nothing can top this 🙂 I saw the secret garden title and thought “hmmm wonder what made her draw this drama” then I read the post – I am grinning like crazy. Thank you so much – hope to return the favor soon. 🙂

    • yay, Operation Make Softy Smile is a success! I was relieved that I remembered at the very last second to do it on the 8th so it would be the 9th in Seoul 🙂

      Glad you like it, and hope you’re having a fun day!

      • The two overlapping images turned out great – it’s beautifully done trust me. if it’s not too much trouble, could you turn it into a header for me so I can insert and stare at it more often please?
        I love that video – lyrics are perfect to describe JW. I didn’t realize how much I missed this drama, but it’s great to relive those moments. There sure was a lot of kissing in that drama 🙂 If you want suggestions for scenes, how about all the great day time scenes like the push ups, the foam kiss, when he checks to see if her wound is ok, and where they practice or play in the snow. I have tons more but I had to take into account all the difficulties you would encounter with the excess details like that bike scene when JW says he would carry/hug her as they go cuz he has to stare at her face. The spokes on the bikes would be ten times worse than the guitar strings you had to do for YFFM 🙂 looking forward to more. Thanks again for making my bday so special.

        • Oooh, thanks for the suggestions. I just realized that they’re wearing great colors when she has foam on her lip, so that scene is perfect. The background is boring, but I don’t mind since that just means it’s a wallpaper!

          Speaking of which, today I’m planning to do wallpaper of SKKS! It’s the shot of all four of them in episode 9, where they’re staring into the camera while drawing on someone’s face. I’ve had the screenshot sitting on my computer for ages, and I I completely forgot about it.

          Of course I am more than happy to make you a banner. The only reason I didn’t make you one already is that I didn’t want you to feel obligated to use it if you secretly DIDN’T want one (since it’s no longer airing and you might’ve hated the images).

          Which version do you want made into a banner? It might actually work best if I put both images side by side, and then extend the colored background so it becomes one big long image. What do you think?

          • Not sure what you mean by that description, but it sounds great. You know best so whatever you like, I will too. I put up skks headers so I don’t have a hard and fast rule about old or new drama preferences – as long as I liked the drama. If you gave me a Midas header, I can promise it will never see the light of day even if it was just a shot of min woo – the guy who came out a total of 50 mins for the whole series and died at the end. I dont want any reminders of that drama – the only reason why I even kept those rcaps is cuz I worked so hard on them and it would be a waste to throw them out – plus it’s there to remind me never ever to recap a drama I did not even like. It’s the only drama where I scowled nonstop thru each ep. 🙂

  2. You know your blog has become my favorite within 2 weeks *___* It’s just so inspirating and refreshing seeing your paintings. I’ve got no idea why. *___*
    Luv Secret Garden!!! Looking forward more! ^___^

  3. I love all these. Layering looked really good. In SG, I loved the walking scenes. There was one in episode 13 where they walked on fallen leaves, and they would start walking with the same foot, stop at the same time.

    Also the scene in the finale where he carried her in his arms away from their children. So cute. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

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