Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Episode 9 Wallpapers

The image above links to a 1024×768 wallpaper.  Here are more resolutions, with the size written below each one:





And that last one is just the original scan (feel free to make up your own wallpaper with it!).

I think it’s fair to say that this group of “boys” is soooo much better than F4.  Literally every frame of this scene is fantastic, and I was hard-pressed to choose.  I’ll definitely be returning to this episode since it’s full of great shots.  I also want to draw Yoon Hee as a girl.  I suppose she’s technically always a girl, but she’s extra pretty when she’s a girl pretending to be a guy pretending to be a gisaeng.

I’m keeping this short since it’s drama-watching time, but I’ll still do a video of the day.

It’s the finale of So You Think You Can Dance today, so in honor of that I am posting who I believe to be the best kpop group when it comes to overall dancing.  I don’t really know much about Shinee’s music since I’ve never listened to an album, and I don’t know how they dance individually, but as a unit they are incredibly cohesive and perfectly in sync.  My eyes tend to get drawn to the guy in stripes, and I think he might be incrementally more fluid, but it’s possible I’m just being hypnotized by those stripes.  Also, I love that groups make an effort to post practice videos so that fans can learn their dances.




4 responses

  1. On this painting I like particularly that the outlines are so clean and simple without confused sketching beforehand. *g* It looks like you’ve got a calligraphic hand. He.
    And after that only the colors are filling the planar with life. ^___^

    I think I need to watch SKKS, too. I came to like Min-young a lot due to City Hunter and the storyline of SKKS sounds interesting. ^^

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