Can You Hear My Heart – Episode 30

Other than being terrified by the fact that Dong Ju and Ma Ru are playing catch right on the edge of a cliff, I love that whole opening sequence overlooking the ocean.  We had already seen that scene at the end of countless episodes (with DJ’s hands over his ears) and I was so glad that a happy MR was what completed the moment.  It really made the drama feel like it had come full circle.

Oddly enough, the most common search that leads people to my blog is “nam goong min”.  I have never drawn him before, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never mentioned his name.  I guess it’s one of those internet phenomenons, like how a Google image search for any Korean actor will include Kim Hyun Joong in the results.  At least now I actually have a Nam Goong Min drawing, so I don’t have to feel bad about disappointing all those misdirected searchers.

I admittedly rushed the second image, and I regret it since the result doesn’t actually look like them (and it’s such a great scene!).  It’s so cute that the guy who can’t hear is the one learning sign language for his girlfriend, and not the other way around.  Of course I had to choose “db” as the sign to draw 🙂

Every time I draw this show I am once again staggered by its perfection.  I wish I could erase my memory and experience it all over again.

The video of the day is a short and sweet MV.  Just because I haven’t drawn a show doesn’t mean I don’t love it!

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  1. I found your blog last night (lead by a link posted on Heartstrings – See You Smile video on YT) and really enjoyed your watercolor paintings.

    Scent of a Woman,among others, is my favorite drama at the moment. It’s funny and hopelessly romantic. It’d be wonderful to see an artwork of it from you. ^^

    Keep it up! I’ll be a faithful follower of this blog from now on.

    • I’ve been keeping my eyes open for an SoaW scene, and I may go back to the Okinawa trip since there were some really pretty spots there.

      I’m glad that even though my YT video got taken down, it led you here 🙂

  2. Oh my finally a new close-up portray!!! I wish for coz you can draw the features so beautiful!!! This painting is totally smashing with his brightness, the wonderful happy expression and the warm background!

  3. yayyy~~~ I’m happy to see CYHMH still around~~ sigh i miss it so much, not to mention to find you drawing a picture of NGM~~ =D made my day ^___^ thanks!

  4. I’ve been lurking on your website and I have to delurk myself since your artworks are just inspiring to me – it’s like telling me the best way to appreciate art is to create art yourself!! Wow!

    Simply love all your drawings and am actually thinking if I can draw an oil painting from the dramas I love… (texture is an issue because it’ll be totally different from watercolor but hmm… I’ll let myself brainstorm while continue to appreciate your fascinating works!)

    I love CYHMH! And yes it has millions of scenes that will be great for drawing. Plan to rewatch the whole series once I’m done with Scent of a Woman, which I think has all the elements to become another classic in my book.

    • No, texture is AWESOME. You should most definitely do an oil painting! To be perfectly honest, watercolor is my least favorite painting medium, and I just started doing watercolor sketches because I can carry everything I need in my purse. Texture is literally my favorite thing when it comes to paintings, and if anything you should exaggerate it! I’m glad you delurked, and I reeeeally hope you do the oil painting. I’m actually jealous since I’m too fume-sensitive to paint with oils 😦

      • How about you counter-propose a scene for me to draw then – just that it’ll take me months to complete haha (coz I just started another painting and I foresee I need another 10+ hours to finish it, and I can mostly spend 3 hours per week on that at the studio)

        I haven’t tried watercolor before. My painting teacher said it’s the hardest to control as a medium (much like ink) so I dare not try that yet 🙂

        Now that you mentioned watercolor is your least favorite then it makes perfect sense why you said you’re a fan of vivid colors, because if there’s one thing about the characteristic of watercolor, it will be the lack of vividity due to its transparency haha BUT I really really like your paintings – they are just great!

        • Hahah, actually, watercolor is my least favorite because it’s so hard to control! I dislike that it’s so permanent (unlike oil and acrylic where you can keep painting over your work) and that I always have to work from light to dark. It’s actually good for me though, because watercolor is one of those mediums where you pretty much have to stop, and I otherwise tend to go back and forth on tiny details for an eternity.

          Since your oil painting is such a big project, I need more info before I propose anything! What type of scene do your prefer? Closeup portraits, landscapes, or something in between? Also, what are your favorite dramas, favorite characters, and do you have a preferred type of lighting or color palette? You don’t have to answer ALL of those, but at least a couple would be helpful 🙂

          • I know what you mean! My painting teacher actually told me “u know what, it’s good to leave some flaws on your paintings and it will record how you improve when you look back” XD

            hmm I’m thinking about something in between a portrait and landscape (does it sound too obvious that I’m greedy that i want to include both? haha. My only concern is how the layout will fit within the frame). Favorite k dramas – City Hall, MNIKSS, CYHMH. I don’t want to paint something too dark, but I believe these dramas have a lot of brighter-colored scenes to choose from? Or I should put it this way – a scene that gives you a feeling of warmth?

            hehe this is getting fun~

            • Ooh, my vote goes to to CYHMH because it’s the most scenic of the 3 shows.

              Would you want to do the OTP, or are you a Ma Roo shipper? Or do you like the kids?

              Another nice thing about that show is that there are so many iconic elements that immediately bring to mind numerous scenes and give a sense of nostalgia (like the bean bag, the tree, the watch, and singing with shoes). Color-wise it may not be the most interesting scene, but I love when Dong Joo and Woo Ri are by the tree as adults (when they blow bubbles and stuff). There are also lots of great colorful scenes in ep 13, which is when she realizes that he can’t hear. You could also do a full scale painting of Cha Dong Joo on the cliff with his ears covered, since the water and everything would be really pretty in oil.

              • As you mentioned iconic elements suddenly the scene of Dong Joo talking to the fishes came to my mind – but too bad, I think it’ll be too tricky for me coz the glass part would be difficult to handle…
                Is the scene of Dong Joo and Woo Ri by the trees also in episode 13? If so let me go through that episode again to get some idea 🙂
                I agree there can be so many scenes to draw from CYHMH – also loving the kids in the show. I will also consider the scene when little DJ and WR playing the piano (dunno what that’s called… haha) under the tree. I hope I can draw the trees well… it’s weird that I find the more abstract part of the painting harder to handle 😛
                Thanks so much for the ideas! It motivates me to go finish my current painting first! haha

                • I just looked at some screenshots of adult WR and DJ by the tree, and it’s pretty bland color-wise.

                  The scene of the kids under the tree is gorgeous though, and there’s lots of good angles. Otherwise, there are lots of great shots in various of episodes of DJ and WR walking down tree lined paths (like in 13). I think episode 15 has some colorful stuff too, which is the episode where they first kiss.

                  • Thanks so much 🙂
                    So it’s gonna be ep 13, 15 or the kids under the tree!
                    Come to think of it, thanks to the guy who picked clothes for WR and DJ, even in the blandest scene (color wise) we usually have some bright colors in =P

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