Out with the old, in with the new.

This probably isn’t post-worthy, but yesterday’s CYHMH drawings officially marked the end of my first Kdrama sketchbook (it looks so bloated and sad next to the new one).  I’ve started many many journals and sketchbooks in my time, but I have never before completed one, so I’m feeling a bit like a kid showing off her first report card (although I at least have the good sense to feel ridiculous).

I also want to thank everyone who has visited my blog since I am the quintessential procrastinator and every single view encourages me to keep drawing.

Tomorrow this blog will be a month old, and if anyone out there is actually reading this I would love some feedback.  What are your favorite paintings?  What would you like to see more of?  What would you like to see less of?  Is there anything new you would like me to try (not just drama-wise, but also stylistically)?  I want to keep improving, and I especially want people to enjoy this blog since that’s what makes it enjoyable for me.

And finally, why is it that every time I take a picture of anything, my dog inserts himself in the background?  Particularly when it’s borderline impossible to take a picture of him on purpose?


It seems appropriate that my video of the day is a Spring Waltz MV, which features my favorite kdrama color palette of all time.  I feel incredibly guilty for not having painted it yet.  The girl who made this MV (Queen of Brooklyn) is really talented, and it’s worth checking out some of her other videos too.






8 responses

  1. Congratulations Fanderay for completing your sketchbook 🙂 Something tells me you’ve been holding out on us cuz that looks pretty thick and I counted how many you posted on the gallery – guess the others were just pencil sketches or something huh? Or maybe you did some more of Enzo. Am I the only one who appreciates how cute he is and loves it when you mention him? I think he sensed this was a pivotal moment and wanted to be memorialized on the blog with that sketchbook and stepped into the picture just in time – how adorable is that?
    Now to answer some of your questions, picking a fav is going to be hard cuz there are too many. Even tho I didn’t leave any comments for some, it wasn’t cuz I didn’t like it- it was more of I lost my timing to comment. Like when you and I started a chat on some of these, I bet it was weird for others to leave a remark like “I love your blog” right smack dab in the middle of our “talks.” that is sort of why I decided to restrict our talks to the open discussion page. Speaking of which – that is one suggestion I have. I think you should make a page where we can drop off “suggestions” cuz we all love a certain scene and want you to paint it for us to use as our background and stuff but sometimes it’s hard to explain so maybe if you make a page like that we feel less guilty about dropping off videos or screencaps of the scenes we would love for you to draw. That way you know exactly what everyone wanted and can go look at it when you are out of ideas. Just a little warning but there is a very good chance I might monopolize that page now that i know how to screencap.
    More importantly, I think you should add more info to each new post. They are too short – we get a little bit of info about how you painted and what the scene means to you and a video or two but I would love more thoughts or at least longer ones cuz some of these were brief. I thought maybe you were tired from painting and didn’t want to bug you about it,but I would love lengthier reactions please. It’s fun to read and see what made you choose a certain scene or even what you love about a drama or a scene you didn’t paint but wanted to – those sort of things. But mostly I just want to read more of your thoughts on each post. 🙂
    You are killing me with the guilt here – I still didn’t see spring waltz or someday yet cuz I am trying to watch PTB this weekend to see what the hype is but omg that hair – why did they have to give him that perm – it is such an eye sore. At least LMH’s perm was tolerable cuz I just fixated on his voice and face during BOF, but with this guy, omg it is so hard. 🙂 I am barely hanging in there tho and only reason why I decided to even watch this for real instead of fast forwarding thru it was cuz of you. If I am not raving about this drama by the end of E4, it’s safe to assume the hair was too much for me and I just couldn’t finish.

    • I certainly HOPE you’re not the only one who appreciates Enzo, because he’s freaking adorable!

      Anyways, I will make an official suggestion page tonight. I’ve been thinking about that for a while since no one puts requests on the Open Discussion page, and I think you’re right that people are more likely to make requests if there’s a specific spot for them. And please, monopolize away 🙂

      I’m actually happy to write longer posts, and I’m glad you brought that up. As you may have figured out by now, I have the propensity to be long winded, and I thought that if I wrote too much people might lose interest. There are occasions where I keep it short because I want to get a post up before leaving the house, but in general I’m just trying to edit myself. I’ve actually had posts that were longer, and I cut them back because I thought I was babbling on too much. From now on I shall babble all I like, and blame it on you if necessary 😛

      And don’t feel bad. I haven’t started watching Smile You yet either! I will though. Soon. When I have bandwidth again.

      Also, I actually prefer that you check out PtB first, so we can watch it at the same time (if you like it). I too despised JH’s hair initially, but it’s started to seem endearing since I think the style was chosen to match his personality. He also wears a backpack and dorky running shoes with his suits, and I think his haircut is just one more element meant to enhance his childlike manner. If you don’t find him at all endearing after watching him watch his secretary fall asleep in episode 4, then I think it’s a lost cause. I even like the female second lead now too. Even though she’s the typical beeyotch character, she’s hilariously upfront about it, and all the rivalries are turning out be super amusing. I’m a bit obsessive about good character development, and all the characters are really well rounded.

      Oh and yes, you totally busted me with your crafty counting 😛 The start of my sketchbook is a color bible I made since I do all my color mixing on the page, and I wanted to be able to predict what I would get. I don’t really use it anymore, but it was really helpful in the beginning! This is what each page looks like:

      Thanks for all the feedback! It’s genuinely very very helpful.

  2. Finish a sketchbook is always worth a post, if not also a celebration! ^___^
    As for me I also just finished my new sketchbook and I feel like celebrating coz it means for me to have finished something. And after that the best feeling for me is starting a brand new one *___*
    I like the comparison of the old and the new sketchbook.

    You managed to paint that many picture only in one month?! That’s admirable!

    About your questions, it’s difficult to name a favorite painting, but I could say that I like the bright ones the most. Yesterday I finally started reading about SKK Scandal and know the story of the drama. Also saw some screencaps of the scenes you have draw and was once more amazed how accurate you managed to draw them. ^_^ And I do understand why this drama inspires you coz of it’s beautiful screenplay.

  3. wowwww the inside of ur sketchbook looks so cool~~ haha your such a pro~~ =] look forward to many more of your beautiful pieces! =D

  4. I love your sketches, and drawings. I think they are amazing. Have you thought about opening up and etsy shop and selling them? I love them! I’m just now watching Can You Hear My heart (along with protect the boss, heartstrings, scent of a woman, and spy mYung wol), and loved seeing your CYHMH drawings.
    Keep it up-you really are talented!

    P.S. And a super huge congrat on finishing up the first sketchbook!

  5. U just may be someone I have yet to meet but I wonder what will happen if we do, because our tastes are a little too similiar it scares me.

    The Spring Waltz fetish, the Scent of a Woman scenes you drew happens to be my favourite scenes and the way you comment on the dramas such as TBDAW and Musical. I absolutely LOVE The Musical! And your drawings are amazing, the use of pastel palletes and water brushed paintings really makes me feel so inferior of not honing up my own skills since the day I gave up 😦 Anyways I know where Imma stalk soon :))

    • Yay, a TBDAW fan! No one ever talks about that show 😦 Also, you must be excited that the Spring Waltz director is back after a 5 year break. I bet his new drama is going to be gorgeous.

      Have you watched Someday? Since our tastes are similar and you seem interested in art, I bet you’d love it 🙂

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