Warrior Baek Dong Su – Episode 12

That “fight” scene between Gwang Take and Ji is gorgeous!  Just look at all these shots I had to choose from! This is only some of them (oh how I adore off-kilter horizon lines) and I love how the whole scene felt more like a dance than a sword-fight.

I have to say, it’s nice to be watching a show where I like so many of the characters.  I’m not sure what Ji’s history is, but I feel like something tragic is going to happen to her eventually.  Maybe I’m just missing something, but I don’t fully understand why she’s never made the choice to leave with GT.

Gwang Taek is one of my favorite characters, and I never get tired of watching him effortlessly take on all contenders, whether they be friend, foe, or frenemy.  That being said, I was a bit disappointed that he was so easily poisoned this episode.  The guy typically has better spidey-senses than Peter Parker, and I don’t really buy that he would fall for something so obviously suspicious.

Dong Su on the other hand…yep, I totally buy that he would drink drugged tea.  Is Cho Rip seriously going to die?  He’s too sweet to die!  From the moment that DS offered to sacrifice himself I was choked up because I could see where it was all headed, but the scenes to follow didn’t make it any easier.  The part with DS in the hallway was definitely watched through blurred vision!

Also, I don’t know the name of this girl but I’m happy every time I see her on screen.  I thought she would stay as a cutesy background character, so I was delighted to see that she’s plotting revenge and practicing with throwing stars while she pouts (not something I was ever expecting to see). How badass would it be if she was the one to take down Cheon?

I feel bad for saying that, because I don’t actually want Cheon to die.  Yes, he’s always killing people and is usually drunk, but I can’t help but like him.  He and GT are like opposite sides of the same coin, and both follow codes of honor that make me respect them.  I nervously anticipate the day that they have a real showdown with each other.  Also, what is with Cheon always having the most epically lit scenes?

Maybe I’m giving Cheon more credit that he’s due because I like liking him, but it seems that he genuinely cares for Yeo Un.  I wasn’t happy about Soong (almost) dying at the end of the episode, but I found it sort of touching that Cheon defended YU so instinctively.  What really broke me up was that YU just stood there, waiting to die.

I think that at this point YU is pretty lost and feels like he deserves death.  I’m still not sure of whether or not he has clear intentions regarding what he’s doing within the assassin’s guild.  Is he purposely working as a double agent, or is it just turning out that way because he can’t bear to do malicious things?

Either way, I think he’s pretty internally conflicted, and I can’t blame him.  When he learned that he had killed his father, I think he basically gave up on himself.  He was raised being told that he was a natural killer, and I don’t think he even realizes that he is equally gifted in healing.  I think he feels that he doesn’t deserve friends like DS, and that it pains him when DS is willing to die for him since he’s been lying to him from the beginning.  Cheon was the first person to ever accept him and provide him with a proper father figure, so I think YU is going to have a hard time letting him go and realizing that Sa Mo and DS are his real family.

If it gets to the point where DS and YU outright hate each other, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to watch anymore.  Conflict is good, particularly if it’s internal, but I don’t know if I can handle them trying to kill each other.  I loved that DS stood up for YU this episode and helped him cover up the injury on his arm, even though he had no idea what had happened.  Poor DS is going to be so heartbroken when he learns the truth about YU, and I bet he’s so loyal that he won’t even believe it at first.

I love the forest with the crazy trees at the end.  Just look at them!  Does anyone know where that scene was filmed?  I wonder why Soong hasn’t officially died yet.  Surely he’s done for?  Maybe he’ll talk to the prince about YU before he dies?  I feel like there must be a reason since his death isn’t much of a cliffhanger.

I’m going to go full-tilt and even make my video of the day a WBDS video.  If Dong Su is this drama’s heart, then Yeo Un is surely its soul, and I find his character the most compelling.  Credit goes to youtuber Chloille23, and it’s playable in HD.

If you want a laugh, check out this impressive DS/YU bromance video.  Credit goes to XnerjaveikaX, who I think likes the bromance a little too much.


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  1. Now this is more like it – explanations and a mini analysis of what the characters are going thru to boot – loving every word. 🙂 Can I just say you did justice to these scenes – man they look like actual screencaps. When I showed my friends your gallery – they were like “wow” and then they were even more shocked that you weren’t asian and still knew how to read and write Korean so well. They said what we’ve been saying all along – that maybe we were switched in another life. 🙂
    As far as those trees – I bet anywhere outside of Seoul could have been the location for that shoot. Every time I go outside of seoul, I am always shocked at how beautiful this country really is – there are some places that time just stopped and you can feel the whispers of ghosts from the past all around you. It really does haunt you cuz it feels like they are saying – “dont forget us-don’t forget who you are” – ok I have to stop cuz I just scared myself silly picturing Korean ghosts.
    I have to admit, this ep is where I stopped and called it quits. I thought that guy at the end DID die, but he just didnt fall over yet. The man was stabbed like how many times? And that last shot of the prince running away looking so serious made me wonder – where is he going? He can’t be going after the assassins cuz how many ppl had to die for him so far? and now he is running TOWARDS danger? I don’t know why but it really bothers me when characters do stuff they wouldnt normally do – like GT getting poisoned or YU becoming evil overnight – just for the sake of the story to move along. plus I can’t stand how YU is still in the middle ground – be good or be evil but dont stand there looking conflicted each time cuz we know what you will choose to do in the end. You are going to blindly follow the guild and that is going to break DS’s heart later.

    • If you’re a banana, what does that make me? A banana cream pie? I find our team translations of korean writing pretty amusing. Maybe we were SPLIT at birth. It’s like with our powers combined we make up one proper asian person.

      You sure are lucky if you have forests like that everywhere! I love how clean it is. usually forests are full of a variety of plants, and I think it’s looks really striking with the bare ground and wavy trees everywhere. I want to go camping right in the midst of that swordfight.

      For some reason bringing up the haunting aspect of the forest made me think that it looks like the setting for a Miyazaki film. It feels like there should be little totoros running everywhere!

      I 100% agree with you about GT and the prince (I kind of wish the prince could just die) but I feel practically the opposite about YU. I don’t see him as evil at all currently, since he hasn’t actually done anything the assassin’s guild has wanted him to (at least not properly). I also don’t think he can just leave the guild if he feels like it (Ji’s been stuck there for decades).

      I think that with his past it would be impossible not to be full of internal turmoil, and the day he stops feeling conflicted I will be extremely disappointed. One of my many pet peeves is when a character is just evil for the sake of being evil, without any motivation or reason, and I enjoy watching his struggle because I feel like it’s what would actually happen. I really hope you’re wrong and that he doesn’t blindly follow the guild! I think he will end up doing something he regrets eventually, and give up on himself even more (becoming more evil and involved with the guild) but I don’t think his heart will ever be in it, and that he’ll eventually redeem himself.

      Even though I want him to stay conflicted, I do hope that YU starts to seem like he’s thinking about the future more and actually has a plan, since right now he just seems to be drifting back and forth (which is partially what you were talking about I think). I really don’t know if I can stand to watch DS with a broken heart though. I’m ok with them being enemies if they both secretly care for each other, but if it goes into full-on hatred mode I’m not going to swallow it and on top of that I’m just going to be miserable.

  2. Haven’t started Warrior BDS yet, coz I’m abotu to watch Best Love. But seeing those beautiful shots I’m tempted to watch WBSD next. *___* Really love the first painting coz of the open atmosphere. I totally dig the open sky shots. Feel the freedom~ ^.~

    I like the older actor in white a lot. He’s got so much charisma. I hope he isn’t the one you mentioned getting poisoned.
    I’m easy win by martial art movies, too, but thought about painting shots of my all-time-favorite movie House of Flying Daggers first. ^_^

    Another bromance here? Is this maybe characteristic for joseon era theme? *g* I was really surprise about all the yaoi vibes in SKK Scandal between Yong-ha and Jae-shin. *g* Not that I mind, but the lines were sometimes provocative and sounded MORE than just bromance. LOL. I couldn’t stop giggling while (only!) reading about it. *ggg* And all the while the screenshots of Yong-ha, how he’s leaning in to Jae-shin as if he wants to eat him up… *ggg* Oh, please, stop it. I’M NO yaoi-fan, why can’t I stop talking about it?!!! Help!!!
    Got my new water color k-drama artwork up. Have a look at ksetchblog, if you like. ^^ Would be curious about your comment. ^^

    • P.S.: Fan, I set a new goal for us: We’ll be creating a new art section called K-Drama Art. *ggg* Coz I was told by my game artist friends that first we need a name, then we can start challenging the other artist. No name, no fame. *g* Are you in? LOL.

    • I really like House of Flying Daggers too; it’s a great movie.

      Also, in SKKS Yong Ha actually admits that he had a crush on Jae Shin and wondered for a while if he liked guys. That’s what makes it so funny! Yong Ha is always all over JS, and JS is always slapping him away and being adorably grouchy about it.

      I’m not really sure what you mean by a new art sections or challenges, but I think the term k-drama art has been around for a while.

  3. wow ^_^ thank you for the goodies! I love WBDS. I still have to wait to watch epis 12 (probably because if I do now, I don’t know what to do next!).

    I’ve been losing interest in K-drama recently and couldn’t finish any of them until I started watching WBDS. I love the characters.

    I feel very bad for YU because his father pretty much wanted him death the moment he was born. But what wrong did the child do? Nothing really and ended up growing up with no love from anyone (had his mother still alive, would he turn out differently?).

    His character is so tragic. I feel that in the end he will probably sacrifice himself for the good of others.

    Thanks for the drawing! they are beautiful! 🙂

    • Thanks!

      And yes, I feel like YU will sacrifice himself in a moment of redemption too 😦 It almost makes me not want to watch, since I just want to see him live happily ever after.

      I’m glad that you’ve found a drama you like again. Have you checked out Can You Hear My Heart? It has great characters too.

      • I’ve just finished watching episode 12. I think it’s a turning point for YU. It pains him and as Cheon said it’s the life of an assassin. It is their duty to feel the pain.
        Maybe it’s just me but the editing in episode 12 was not as great as the others although the fighting scenes were just awesome. This drama should win at least in cinematography!

        I’ve started watching Can you hear my heart? I love the children’s section and for some reasons kind of stop then they were transitioned to adulthood. Maybe I should restart it. 🙂

        • You saw Kim Jae Won and Nam Goong Min and stopped? Wow! Those kids are the best kids in any kdrama ever, but CYHMH is definitely worth trying again. It’s pretty much a perfect drama, and it stays awesome until the very end. Very few dramas keep up such an excellent pace and are so satisfying (in my opinion anyways). 🙂

  4. Annyeong.I haven’t been for awhile.Been busy with work and viki.Not watching this drama but wanted to say love the top painting.
    I am scrolling through looking for a new phone photo but still absolutely stuck on your SSKS dock I really really liked the water and the trees.

    However the 2 of them in the grass…it’s just such a striking picture.Enjoying all your visitors?

    • Hey Ck! What are you working on at viki currently? Have you checked out Can’t Lose? I really do wish there were more scenes like that one from SKKS (let me know if you spot any!). I should probably re-scan that image at some point. It’s covered in pencil marks from the opposite page (which is why I stopped using pencil).

      And yes, I love my visitors 🙂

  5. Haha Fanderay.Can’t Lose is giving me nightmares.I am about to PM for more help AGAIN,I am i/c of the Korean subbing team and we don’t have enough subbers.I am on the last week of Scent as one of the managers.Then Can’t Lose.I might take up subbing for the TW Office Girls-I sometime am a Mandarin or Malay subber.In October I have to start for Man of Honor.Then I am sorting out staffing for Padam Padam which starts in Dec but seem to have a lot of ppl interested.That’s the one with Kim Bum.

    I like scenery photos you see.CL doesn’t have it as it’s in the city.I can’t think of any drama with nice shots to paint/draw.Will get back if I think of one.

      • Give it a few more episodes before watching unless your Korean is strong enough.Subs are slow.I might come back soon…it’s so bad that even I think I might have to help in subbing.I usually edit not sub.

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