Protect the Boss – Episode 4

I have to admit,  Jaejoong in a Minnie Mouse bow was the main reason I chose this episode.  Despite the fact that this show has fantastic directing, it doesn’t provide me with a lot of obvious shots to paint, but I enjoy it so much that I felt like I should do a couple drawings anyways (as always, click on the drawings for the full sized versions).

I found every scene at the amusement park to be delightful.  I also enjoyed Mu Won mulling over whether or not he had gone on a date.  Hmmm….lets see…

That doesn’t just seem like a date to me.  That seems like one the date-iest dates in recent K-date history. I’m not sure if Mu Won is trying to woo Eun Seol as part of his sinister scheme to take down Ji Heon, but either way, I think he is starting to genuinely like her (which I’m guessing is going to end up messing with his master plan).  I don’t even care if he’s evil since he’s so infectious and charming while he’s at it.  I thought that Jaejoong was a bit stiff for the first couple episodes, but now that he’s settled into his role I’m loving every second of his screen-time, and I’m actually more of a Ji Sung fan.

That “date” scene employs one of my favorite directing techniques.  It is revealed to us through a flashback, after we have already happily moved on and forgotten about the event.  This makes the new footage a pleasant surprise, and it allows us to see what the characters are thinking without showing the scene twice and resorting to flashbacks of things we have just seen (which is one of my least favorite directing techniques).  This same great technique was used to show us the fetal-position sleepover that JH and ES had, and it’s particularly refreshing because literally every other drama I’m watching right now employs the type of flashback that I hate.

My favorite aspect of this show is definitely the characters.  None of them are stereotypical, even though they may seem like cliches on paper.  I wasn’t super excited about this drama initially since we have a chaebol male lead, and a poor girl who is fiesty and opinionated (been there, done that!).  JH is spoiled, but he is far from fitting the chaebol mold.  His attempts at arrogance are just amusing, and he’s basically a big kid with a lot of emotional issues, a whole lot of quirks, and some hesitant ambition.  Ji Sung has been doing a fantastic job of switching between comic and serious believably, and my heart breaks for him every time he gets up the courage to try something, only to fail time and time again.  The end of this episode came as a massive relief since I couldn’t stand to watch him tell his father one more time that he wasn’t trying, in a sad attempt to protect his pride.

Eun Seul is equally lovable.  In Kdramaland “poor and fiesty”  usually automatically means things like “no fashion sense” and tactless.  I appreciate that ES doesn’t break her ankles the second she puts on a pair of heels and that she understands when to keep quiet, when she can joke around, and when she should ream someone out for acting foolishly.  I don’t have a problem with the typical kdrama tough girl, but ES feels much more real due to the many facets of her character.

Even Na Yun, the meddlesome ex, is providing me with massive entertainment value.  I am pleasantly surprised any time I like a female second lead, but actually loving to see one get screen-time? That’s practically unheard of!  I think what makes NY almost endearing is that she’s so incredibly transparent, on top of being somewhat off her rocker.  Instead of lurking in the shadows and hatching up passive-aggressive schemes, she is ruled by her emotions and ends up acting like a petty idiot that no one takes seriously.  Her character is actually a bit meta since she’s always almost doing things that the typical rich ex would do (like when she very pathetically tries to threaten JH with an engagement announcement).

I’m a bit embarrassed by how much I enjoyed watching her get taken down by a soda can.  What makes the scene so hilarious is the reaction of all the characters.  I love that she has just been beaned in the head, and Moo Won is too busy appreciating Eun Seul’s awesomeness to even care.  I don’t even blame NY for harboring resentment against ES at this point.

I’m even loving how unromantically romantic this drama is.  I feel like ES and JH have built a genuine friendship and reliance on each other that will act as a great foundation for their real romance.  Usually when characters hold each other and sleep next to each other there is all sorts of romantic chemistry bouncing around, and I appreciate that these two have gotten that close so quickly while only seeming to care for each other in a sincere and platonic way.  Of course the platonic part is now changing for JH, and he’s so hot and cold with ES lately that he seems a bit like a twelve year-old boy (which I find endearing, rather than obnoxious). Watching him watch her fall asleep was one of my favorite parts of the episode, and his desperation for her approval is pretty cute too.

And finally, how great was this whole scene?

We get to see JH’s absurd jealousy, ES’s mischievous defiance turned to horror, and Mu Won’s amusement at the both of them (while NY is hilariously invisible, once again).  I feel like I can practically see MW falling in love with ES, and JH is so far gone already that their rivalry has just been kicked up about 100 notches.  I know I have been using the word “love” a lot this post, but I really do love the feud that JH and MW have going.  Their fights are so immature yet so natural that they seem like siblings, and the best part is that they are so equally matched.  Their witty banter is excellent (when they don’t resort to body-checking each other) and so far it’s been about 50/50 in terms of who has come out on top (although MW definitely wins this round by threatening to take out ES twice for every time that JH interrupts them).  One of the reasons this show is so fun is that no one acts completely mature (even JH’s adorable dad) and that they’re all childish in different ways.  NY is petty and irrational, MW laughs at everything, ES resorts to violence, and JH…where do I start?

And that’s it for PTB for now, but I can’t wait until the next episode.  The best part is that I have no idea where this show is going, but I feel confident that it’ll be good.

Now that I have my desktop up and running, I’m considering doing some digital paintings occasionally.  It’s not something I’ve done in years, so I played around and made a sketch on Sunday in order to work out a style.  It’s obviously not a finished drawing, and I just did it off the top of my head, but what do you think?  It’s not something I would do all the time, but it would allow me to take on more complicated scenes (particularly anything with dark lighting).

It’s the last week for YFFM, so I have to post something at least slightly related! This is a live performance of Yong Hwa and Jonghyun singing Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz.  I’m thinking these boys are big Mraz fans, since this is at least the 3rd song of his I’ve seen them cover.  It’s a shame that Yong Hwa is dressed as a bumble bee.


6 responses

  1. I’m hooked up with Scent of a woman right now, still can’t watch PTB. Dammit. Ji Sung is one of my favorite actors. But then I’ve got more episode ahead, if I watch it later. ^^ sorry for not being able to comment on the drama yet.

    But about your posted video, I need to comment (although I told myself not to bother your blog with so much comment’s anymore) Love that cover!!! CN Blue & FT Island are my all time favorite bands *___*
    What about his bumble bee sweater? It looks comfortable. *g*

  2. Oh, nicely put Fan!

    Gosh, makes me want to rewatch all 4 episodes now. Actually, I’m more surprised by the 2nd female lead’s character. It’s SO hard to hate her. Seriously, she just cracks me up.

    You’re right about how immature their interactions are. You made me realized that and makes me love it even more.

    • Haha, yeah, it’s kind of like they all bring out the worst in each other in the funniest way possible. I hope that NY stays ridiculous since I can’t remember ever liking a 2nd female lead so much. Did you rewatch all 4 episodes,or just the last one? I’m tempted myself. Scrubbing through episode 4 for screenshots I noticed lots of little things that I didn’t the first time (like MW still staring at ES when NY gets beaned with the can).

  3. Omg HI!!! i have been on rebelsoul’s blog and knew you had a blog talking about PTB, and i love anything, and anyone willing to talk about this incredible drama!!! my favorite scene was actaully when JH was laying next to ES cardboard cut out in a fetal position that she taught him. right now he is learning more from her than she is from him, but that is okay she is suppose to “protect the Boss”. And even though i like MW, he seems pretty harmless now, but we all know ES and JH will be the OTP. Like Es said she see MW like a God, she doesn’t see any flaws, where as she already know JH’s flaws. Thus, her oppinion and views of JH will have nowhere else to go but UP as the series progress. And even thouh JH see ES as inferior and crass (poopy air) due to her status – he appreciates her. Thus his view and oppinon of her has nowhere else to go but UP.!!

    • omg hi 2 you too! I loved that entire scene with the cardboard cut-out (JH’s dad is adorable). I felt guilty for not talking about it in my post, but every scene is the show is so good!

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