Scent of a Woman – Episode 8 Wallpapers


The image above is the original size, and although I don’t think it’s the same resolution as anyone’s monitor I thought I should include it for anybody who wants to crop it down to a size I haven’t linked below.  Some of you may also prefer to make a wallpaper that’s just cropped, rather than resized (as I have done).  Sorry for all the scrolling; comments about the drama are at the bottom!








320x480 - Low Res iPhone

640x960 - High Res iPhone

For those that are wondering, I have not abandoned watercolor!  I’ve just decided to do digital paintings for scenes like this with darker lighting (that don’t lend themselves well to watercolor, at least at my skill level).  I did the original drawing on a piece of computer paper (which I scanned) and then figured it out as I went along.  The added benefit of using the computer is that I can show you some “in progress” images 🙂

I’m not going to say too much about the scene itself since it’s pretty…ah…self-explanatory?  On top of that it’s borderline uncomfortable to talk about, but I will say that I admire the commitment of the actors. It has to be a bit awkward to finish filming a scene like that, and they still gave 110%.   Kudos to the director as well for creating such a fantastic atmosphere.

I also want to mention how great the mechanics of the dance itself were.  In almost every movie when the actors do a ballroom dance it is obvious that they both just learned the choreography.  It is very clear throughout this tango that Kim Sun Ah is actually following Lee Dong Wook, and that he is actually leading her (which is a big part of why this scene is so powerful).  For anyone who hasn’t taken ballroom lessons, please do!  And make sure to get an instructor who emphasizes partnership and working together as a 4-legged creature.  Dancing around a room perfectly in sync without knowing what is coming next is the most magical feeling in the world.  It really is true that if you know how to follow, you need to know very little else.  It’s a bit like being a twirly puppet (the men have to do all the thinking).

I’m not sure how I ended up watching SoaW, but I’m glad I did (I think I should blame Softy@Rebel Souls).   I’m not a huge fan of any of the lead actors, and I don’t like sad endings, but this show is actually more uplifting than sad (much like CYHMH).  Rather than focusing on the depressing aspects of dying, SoaW focuses on how to live a meaningful and rewarding life.  Yeon Jae has certainly inspired me to live each day to the fullest and not care what others think, and I enjoy watching her bring Ji Wook and Eun Suk to life as she herself loses her own.

And speaking of ES, he is absolutely killing me with his dorky awkwardness.  I found it heartbreaking that he jumped to defend YJ against JW, only to be told 1 minute later that she in fact likes JW.  He’s clearly romantically-challenged, and watching him do things like carefully measure ingredients and take in a dog he’s allergic to has actually made me ship him a little.  His quiet acceptance of his failures makes me sympathize with him even more.  I think he considers his cruelness as a doctor to be tough love, but he hasn’t tried to change and lives a lonely life.  When YJ said she shouldn’t be his tango partner, he dropped the subject immediately.  When she told him she likes JW, he once again just accepted the fact.  Then when he snapped at her the following day it was clearly just a defense mechanism, and meanwhile he’s negating any progress he’s made by getting up the courage to hang out with her.

Now that JW and YJ have admitted their feelings for one another, I am hoping that she tells him about her cancer.  I understand completely why she hasn’t until now, but I have a problem with the idea of her dating someone who doesn’t know she’s dying, particularly when he’s given up so much for her.  The only downside to them revealing their feelings is that we no longer get to see jealous JW.  I seriously cracked up when he mimicked ES’s eyes to see if he was the doctor she took to dance class.

I’m sorry to keep this short, but I want to get this post up and the episode is no longer fresh in my mind.  Now that it’s Wednesday my brain is filled with all things Heartstrings!

My “video” of the day isn’t Korean, but I think of this song whenever I see the word “heartstrings”. The musician is Gary Go, and this song was created to help benefit the British Heart Association.  He was inspired to write it by a heart-shaped balloon stuck in a tree outside his house, and fans contributed to the lyrics via twitter.  Neat!


15 responses

  1. I love it!!! Even though there are’t much details of JW’s eyes in the drawing I can still feel the intensity of his stare!

    And I love the contrast between the emptiness of the background versus the couple. It highlights that this is a moment of them having a conversation without words and it’s such a “private” moment *wink wink*

    • I’m glad you’re happy with the eyes because I went back and forth several times. I tried making them clearer and more detailed, but it just didn’t match with the lighting of the shot. I’m glad the background worked out too, since I reeeally didn’t want to draw all those tables 😛

      • Yep, I like how you dealt with the eyes. It definitely matches with the mood of this drawing.

        I’m looking again at the painting and I started to imagine all those strokes as oil painting… you sure have great talents in catching all the lights and colors! This digital painting actually helps me visualize how an oil painting may be like (without the texture of course) for a drawing with darker tone. (I just realized I have a tendency to draw brighter stuff)

        And then I start to imagine, if I draw this dancing couple I’ll change the background and make it as some starry night (the mood will be changed to a romantic one and not so intense 🙂 ) … Isn’t it great that when you leave out the background imagination just starts to kick in? 😉

  2. crazyyyyyyy =O Fanderay, you just got another “Fanderay’s just friggin amazing!!!’ out of me O__O lol i’m envious~~ hehe I can only draw shapes cuz i just never got/picked up the concept behind arranging colors lol

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