Scent of a Woman – Episode 3

OK yes, I’m supposed to still be on vacation, but due to epic car failure we had to cancel this weekend’s camping trip.  Apparently now that I’ve been blogging for a while I feel terribly guilty if I watch a bunch of drama episodes without drawing anything, so I compromised and did some extra quick and lazy SOAW paintings.  I’m actually hitting two birds with one stone since I was also feeling guilty about the fact that I hadn’t done any SOAW watercolors yet.

I’m going to keep this short since I was going to try not to post until Monday, but I want to quote Softy at Rebel Souls because I originally just saw that first scene as a beautiful image, and she gave it a whole new meaning:

The second I saw this scene, it felt like a metaphor for their impending relationship. They are trying to make it work, but there is a dark mass that keeps weighing down on them and is ready to engulf them.

Even though those two images don’t match visually, I feel like they match thematically. The second scene represents the “light” side of the their relationship, and how they are freeing each other to explore whole new worlds and try new things while giving their lives meaning.  It’s almost like the second image should fit inside the first one, and be encompassed along with the OTP in that little square of light surrounded by darkness.

I have to confess, I’m shipping Eun Seok more and more with every episode.  His reactions often seem much more mature than JW’s, even though he’s always so awkward on the surface.  He really amped it up in ep 11, and I have to keep reminding myself that Yeon Jae wants Ji Wook and that I need to root for him.  It’s not helping that ES’s acting is the best (IMO) and that he just keeps on getting braver and sweeter.  Ah well…second-lead shipping is my lot in life.

I may be biased because I’ve always wanted to go to Okinawa, but I feel like this was the prettiest episode we’ve seen:








That’s all for now!  Video of the day is PTB, which is currently competing with CYHMH to become my favorite drama of the year.  Has any show ever done wacky so well? This particular MV highlights the immaturity of all our oh-so-lovable characters, and credit goes to bulletproofcouch.  I love that the very last clip is of Ji Heon trying to punch someone and missing in the most ridiculous way ever.  When I first saw him do that in Episode 1 watched it like 10 times.  Has no one made an animated gif of it yet?  I certainly don’t think anyone will ever be questioning Ji Sung’s commitment.








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  1. For “quick and lazy drawings” – they sure are stunning. Even if I had months, I couldnt ever paint like this. Episode 3 made me want to go to Okinawa too -just to see if it’s really this pretty. SInce it’s closer to me than for you, maybe I should go and send you pics. 🙂 But since winter is coming I should probably wait till the spring to enjoy the weather. I love this episode so much I must have watched it a million times.
    That PTB video made me realize there is a lot of violence in this drama 🙂 the song lyrics fit perfectly and it’s so fun to watch. So this is about to tie for first place for best drama this year for you? hmmm let’s see how you feel by the end of the drama.

    • Oooh, yes, you should go to Okinawa this spring and I can live vicariously through you! I actually used to have an Okinawa cook book and I loved it, so let me know if the food is good!

      I’m not sure how, but PTB manages to make everything fun and enjoyable. Characters that I would normally find obnoxious are charming instead, and the violence doesn’t even feel violent! Normally I’m pretty anti-violence, but nothing in PTB ever feels malicious and it always seems like the characters are somehow getting closer through their fights. It helps that everyone but ES is comically bad at fighting. It’s like watching a bunch of dysfunctional kids at recess, and I can’t get enough of stuff like the secretaries in the elevators.

      I’m not crossing my fingers that PTB will be a favorite by the end of its run, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt such sheer enjoyment through the entirety of every episode. The pacing has been pretty fast and unpredictable, so hopefully the writers don’t paint themselves into a corner with nothing left to do.

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