Protect the Boss – Episode 3

It’s funny that both of these images seem incredibly romantic on their own, and yet they’re barely romantic at all within the context of the show.  In the first drawing Eun Seol isn’t even real, and in the memory that Ji Heon flashes back to she is merely taking care of him like a child.  That being said, how cute is that entire scene? And how much do I love that it is revealed to us via flashback, which basically makes it like a surprise present?  Thanks to feima and Softy for suggesting it 🙂






I love how much this show messes with our emotions.  As soon as it starts to get mushy and sweet it throws in some awkward hilarity.  I’m glad that I’m watching this show as it airs rather than marathoning it because I think I would have a heart attack if I was watching all the episodes back to back.

As far as the drawing itself goes, I felt the original shot was a bit busy and I wanted to focus on the OTP, so I deleted a few items and left quite a few bits unpainted.  Part of me just feels like I left it unfinished, so I’ll have to think about it and decide if I want to add anything else.  Also, does anyone know if this is green guy is from a real cartoon?  Poor JH, busted by the presence of his stuffed animals (even though I’m sure he secretly adores the boxers).


Most people probably aren’t thrilled about my second image choice, but that whole scene was gorgeous, and it gave us some extra insight into the minds of Na Yoon and Ji Heon.  It’s clear that Ji Heon is no dating expert, and his “wooing” of Eun Seol is all the sweeter knowing that it’s his first time taking charge in a relationship (not that he’s all that good at it). This scene is also the one that cemented NY in my mind as an endearing and interesting (albeit crazy) character.  Lets be honest.  Other than his wealth, JH isn’t exactly an obvious catch, and it’s sweet that NY genuinely loves him despite the fact that he’s so dorky and child-like.  While I was drawing their faces I realized that they’re creating that classic optical illusion of a vase, like so:

That makes the scene even cooler IMO, not that it needs help being memorable.  Can I please go on a picnic there?  And yes, NY is holding her hands against her cheeks like a Disney princess in love.


I don’t want to talk tooo much about this episode since it’s no longer current, but it certainly revealed to us the immaturity of all the characters.  First we have JH hiding behind ES at work and telling MW that he spent the night with her, not that MW takes him seriously enough to care (which of course causes JH to act even more like a lunatic).  Ji Sung is fantastic at hamming it up, and he reminds me a lot of actors we used to study back when I was doing animation training.  Even in close-ups you can feel every shift of weight, and he adds little details that make his actions unique (like having his hands in his pockets when he shoves through into the elevator).






Later in the episode we have JH screaming at ES over the phone, followed by her virtually beating him up (love her dad’s location btw, so pretty!).  ES has one good stank-eye.



We also have MW and JH fighting over ES’s resignation letter, MW showing off his phone accessory, and ES stapling her hem together (with NY looking horrified).




As if that’s not enough, MW and JH body check each other in the halls, JH plays with his straw like a toddler, and NY is secretly a weepy mess.



I realize at this point that I’m pretty much just posting screencaps for the sake of it, but how can I resist when the characters are all so ridiculous?  I think this was the episode when I realized that PTB is not your average kdrama, and started to get hooked.  I also really liked the final scene where JH is valiantly trying to be grumpy, but can’t help but enjoy watching ES.  I think it’s hilarious that she first set him up with a “buddy” because she’s scared to leave him a alone.  The colors are great too, and I’m sure the person in charge of JH’s wardrobe got some sadistic pleasure out of dressing him in a pink suit with a Mickey Mouse t-shirt.




Lastly I will post my favorite images from this episode, even though I didn’t choose to draw them for various reasons.

Just so everyone knows, my fall schedule is probably going to be a new post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – in the evening (PST).  I’m sure there will be some variance, but that should at least roughly be the norm.

I’m not a crazy Jang Geun Seuk fan, but I outright disliked him when I first saw him, and he gradually won me over with his charisma and warmth (other than his sneering in YaB, he seems like a very natural actor).  I am super excited about his next drama (Love Rides the Rain) because it is directed by the same man who did Spring Waltz (my favorite color palette ever).   I hope the drama itself isn’t terrible, since I’ll be sticking it out no matter what!

Anyways, I thought that in honor of this future drama the videos of the day should be JGS related. Both videos are by queencofbrooklyn on youtube, who happened to also make my favorite Spring Waltz MV 🙂


5 responses

  1. I love that fetal position scene and you made the wait worthwhile 🙂 thank you so much. So glad you finished it in time for tm’s recap. You’ll see why tm. That picnic scene is gorgeous too – I love the colors on it. I think while I was watching it, I liked that she leaned in but there was no kiss. That cartoon character is called Dooley or something I believe. Out of your 3 fav images – I love the bottom two so much. That road sure is scenic.
    The second JGS video wouldn’t play on my iPad, but the first one brings back a lot of memories. I loved that drama so much I spent days tracking down their outfits. I only managed to buy MN’s gray and white striped muffler – the one she wore on his bday and a few other mufflers, the bow ribbon hair pin and a few of the headbands, and sleep mask. the blue marc jacobs cape coat that Uee wore sold out too fast, that blue jacket at the airport parking lot scene cost almost $3,000 cuz it’s from Italy so I passed, and JGS’s black crystal ring was too huge even though it’s for men and women – but it’s cheap -less than $200. To this day I am kicking myself for not going to that last concert. I was so bummed cuz it would have been so cool. I guess I really have to watch spring waltz soon to prepare for the new drama. The story seems strange tho based on what I read on DB. I hope they don’t actually go there cuz that is bizarre.

    • Oooh, ooh, speaking of YaB, I have a suggestion (for myself I guess?). What do you think of this image?

      I forgot that I’d been saving it until you starting talking about how obsessed you were with that drama. I sort of love those colorful pillows, but let me know what you think.

      I’m jealous that you are even able to buy the stuff you see in dramas. I don’t care about wearing the same thing as a celebrity, but some of the stuff they wear is so cute! Particularly the scarves. Pretty much all my knitting this year was inspired by kdramas (I don’t know why, but scarf-style seems so much better in Korea; there’s hardly any cool cowls or anything interesting here!).

      I’m not too crazy about the fact that we’re going to be following two timelines in that new drama, but I’m hoping it will be less weird than it seems once we get a better description. At least JGS is bound to have a good haircut as at least one of the guys he’s playing 😛

  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful drawing – it is now on my laptop. You are so so so talented. Oh will definitely wait for the YAB picture that you shown ~ it will of course be as beautiful as always. My thanks again! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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