You’re Beautiful – Episode 2 Wallpapers







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Is there anyone out there who didn’t love this drama? It’s the only drama I’ve ever marathoned twice from beginning to end.  I didn’t even mean to the second time, but I put it on as “background noise” and ended up glued to the screen for two days.

Only the Hong Sisters would think to take the cliche of a falling damsel, add it to the cliche of an accidental kiss, and top it off with vomiting.  Into someone else’s mouth. To this day it’s one of the most hilariously horrifying scenarios I’ve ever seen in a drama, although you’ll have to excuse me for not painting the puke on her shirt.  Of course since this is the Hong Sisters, spewing on someone else’s face isn’t enough, so it’s followed up by this lovely scene (how cool is it that SBS uploads HD episodes to youtube?):

I always just stream this show so I don’t have screencaps, but I’m sure no one needs the visual reminder of how many moments in this drama are pure gold.  The only weird thing about watching YaB now is that the actors all seem so young!  It’s not that they technically look much different, but they’ve all grown as actors by leaps and bounds since this aired.  It’s funny that JGS’s hair and wardrobe in MSOAL were a big step up from this.  My main criticism of this show is literally the guyliner (no wonder I shipped Jung Yong Hwa the first time I watched it).

I’m not going to talk about this episode anymore since it’s not that fresh in my mind (and I’m sure that it’s already been discussed to death all over the internet) but how great was PTB 7 today?  Tomorrow’s episode looks fan-freaking-tastic, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be drawing it on Friday since the date with MW looks mighty picturesque.

And since I have PTB on the mind, the video of the day is once again a PTB MV.  I love videos like this because they cater to my 50/50 ship of JH and MW.  Credit to StupidApples on youtube.


5 responses

  1. Yay! After watching this drama, all I could think could I not watch it?
    Super funny with heart plus nice music.
    I simply love it
    oh! Thank you

    • I actually almost feel like I need to watch it AGAIN just so I can find more scenes to draw. This drama deserves to be drawn, but I have too many dramas on my plate to watch it right now ><

  2. YAB is one of my favorite dramas.. I’m one of those late viewers. I just watched when the whole drama finished airing. Well, it saves me from the agony of waiting every week. ^^

    I love ROM COMS, its healthy, relieves stress. ^^ This is one of my favorite rom coms and I won’t get tired watching it again and again.. unless there are good dramas that I have to watch.

    I’ve also watched PTB (Protect The Boss), umm… I don’t regret watching it and I haven’t forgotten about it yet but its a drama that I won’t be babbling to my friends. But, I’ve talked about it with those who have watched the drama again. It’s funny but the storyline is not intriguing much? am not sure..

    It’s me Lyna again, hoping you’d contact me. Will be waiting for your mail ^^

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