Protect the Boss – Episode Chibi?

I really did intend to post some PTB watercolors today, but I didn’t even get to watch the new episode until this evening and haven’t downloaded it yet, so I’m sharing this silly drawing instead.  Compared to my last post this is probably a massive disappointment, but I said I would post today, so here I am!  Besides, variety is the spice of life right?  I do swear that my next post will be watercolors though 😛

I’m not sure why I started doodling this in the first place.  I haven’t drawn anything remotely anime-style in more than a decade (as you can see, I’m a bit rusty) but I guess the characters in PTB just seemed like they should be chibi-ized.  They’re all so quirky and endearing!  I tried to include some unique qualities of each character.  One of my favorite things about Mu Won is how he’s always laughing at inappropriate moments, even though he seems like the mature one in the bunch.  I made sure to include ES’s “poop-head” and a dorky bow-tie and backpack on JH.  NY (aka Icecream) is holding ice cream of course, while pouting as usual.

I don’t know if people like this sort of thing as a desktop background, but I thought I would do something different and provide different colors, rather than different sizes.  This image is super easy to crop to any resolution (without any resizing) so MS Paint should do the trick if you so desire 🙂 The ones linked here are 1920 x 1200, because that’s my screen size and I’m selfish 😉




Once again PTB was fantastic this week, although my heart is breaking for poor Mu Won.  Mind you, as soon as ES spends any time with him my heart starts breaking for everyone else, so I guess I’m doomed to unhappiness!

I wish I was able to post screencaps right now, but I loved the “dates” in episode 9.  I thought it was a fantastic twist on a cliche when Eun Seol had her makeover montage with Ji Heon’s dad (who made it perfect with his cutesy antics) and I couldn’t believe that I saw the grandma on the back of a bike with MW.   Every single episode I see something I’ve never quite seen in a drama before, and I’m sure will never see again.

Even though I really like Eun Seol, I think I may enjoy watching Na Yun more.  I missed her a bit in episode 8, but loved all her scenes in 9.  I actually admired how badly she sang at the noraebang (that takes guts) and my favorite moment was when her mother gave her a villa, and she just assumed that Eun Seol and Myung Ran would be moving along with her.  She’s extremely dysfunctional, but her awareness of that fact that just makes me feel sorry for her and like her more.

I’m not sure how I feel about this show possibly getting an extension.  Part of me wants it to go on for eternity, but every episode has baffled me with its perfection, and I will feel fairly let down if even one episode isn’t up to par.  If the writing and production team can pull it off, then I will be thrilled, but I can’t think of any dramas where an extension has done it service.

This isn’t the most exiting video in the world, but someone posted an HD version of this Spring Waltz MV today, so how could I resist?  The song playing is esentially the drama’s theme song, and the Clementine intro plays into the plot.  Credit to kjdrams.

I’m also going to post another new collab video because it’s really well done, and I enjoyed it despite only having seen half the dramas involved.  The Heartstings, PTB, and SKKS sections are my favorite 🙂  Credit to the Secret Dreams Team.


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    • I agree about Na Yoon being such a new kind of second lead. I like that she has that frenemies vibe with Eun Sol and that buddy bit going with Myun Ran-ssi. ^_^

    • Is it ok to modify for a banner? If not I’ll take it down. The theme on my site is kinda dark and I was thinking something like this:

      I also would like to cite you. Is there anyway you prefer to be cited?


      • That looks great! If you could just link me somewhere I would appreciate it, but I’m not picky about how you cite me (Fanderay or Kolorful Palette or whatever).

        Thanks for asking btw 🙂

  1. thanks for this! super cute! /taking all

    I’m relieved to know that it’s not only me who finds Na-Yoon more enchanting in current episodes. Love her all the way round but I feel a little sad for her when Mu-Won scolded her in the car. poor girl 😥

      • The last one -the beige background please if you don’t have a light silver one 🙂 I didn’t know what these cartoon ones were called till now but I loved it since SKKS days. I think they are adorable and you should do more of these for certain funny scenes cuz I think people will love em – like maybe those elevator ones where they are fighting or any of those other funny ones 🙂

  2. btw, thank you everyone for the kind comments! I was nervous when I posted this that everyone would just think it’s lame, so I’m relieved that you all enjoy it. Maybe I’ll have to do more stuff like this in the future ^_^

  3. I LOVE these!!! I want one for work desktop, but I can’t pick which color. I’ve only started watching PTB (still on ep 5), and it’s such a riot. The little details in each chibi characters are great. I knew which drama and who’s who instantly.

    Thank you so much, Fanderay. Your goodies are keepsakes!

    • Ooh, you have lots of catching up to do! I’m kind of jealous that you get to watch lots of episodes back to back though 🙂 Personally I think I like the blue, but if you want a color not posted let me know an I can make one up in a jiffy.

      • How come you’re so awesome?! I am now using your suggestion of the blue. It looks really good. Thank you! i was deciding between the blue and the black, I’m not so sure which one wouldn’t be too hard on the eyes. My workstation is so bright, because my officemates like to let the sunshine in and turn on all the office lights.

        I’m wondering if you can make one with a more soothing green. More like the one in your site background. I previously used a PC default one of green grass. So hopefully, maybe something to that effect?

        Thank you very much!!

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