The Musical – Ep 1 and 2 Recap

I feel like this show is filling the void left behind by Heartstrings, and not because the story is focused around music.  Its strength is its simplicity and its commitment to characters that feel real, and I predict that it will surprise us by defying many cliches and leaving its own unique mark on the k-drama landscape.

I love the vibe of this show almost as much as I love to support an underdog, so I couldn’t resist attempting a recap.  This poor little drama is overly neglected and I feel like someone has to give it some attention, particularly because it doesn’t look like it will be lucky enough to get fast subs (big thanks to darksmurf and haru2subs for subbing it at all!).  I do not plan on becoming a regular drama recapper since I want my focus to stay on drawing, but The Musical is a one-episode-per-week orphan so I am making an exception.

I will preface this recap by stating that my knowledge of Korean is very rudimentary, and that I will intentionally be keeping it fairly vague since I feel that vague information is preferable to incorrect information. I am filling in the (many many) gaps in my understanding with a combination of unfinished Darksmurf subs and the translations done on Soompi by cheerkoo.  Cheerkoo’s translations are extremely thorough and can be read on the official Goo Hye Sun thread (pages 807 – 812).  Extra big thanks to Softy for her translation help (as if she doesn’t have enough translation work to do!).

Edit:  Of course right after I finished this recap I saw that DramaFever is now subbing/streaming The Musical.  If their subs take more than a couple of days then I will keep doing the recaps, but otherwise I probably won’t bother.  I’m sort of hoping the subs are slow 😉

Before I get to the recap itself, here are the main characters along with the abbreviations I plan to use:

Go Eun Bi (EB) – A 3rd year medical student who dreams of being in a musical, and drops out of school to pursue that dream, only to fail auditions time and time again. Played by Goo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers, Strongest Chil Woo, The King and I).

Hong Jae Yi (JY) – A gifted and highly sought-after composer who has recently returned from New York.  Played by Choi Daniel (Baby Faced Beauty, High Kick Through the Roof).

Yoo Jin (Jin) – An investor that is funding “the musical”.  He is a chaebol grandson with power over many aspects of the musical and seems only interested in the bottom-line and profitability.  Played by Park Ki Woong (Golden Fish).

Bae Kang Hee (KH) – The second lead and talented musical diva.  She has a history with Jae Yi, both musically and romantically.  Played by Ok Joo Hyun.

Seo Ra Kyung (RK) – The other second lead (eep).  She is Jin’s girlfriend  although she is also involved with the musical in some capacity.  She looks like the long lost sister of Suzy (Miss A/Dream High) to me.  Played by Kim Eun Se.

Sa Bok Ja (B) – A girl that JY meets after an audition.  They soon become roommates/friends.  Played by Park Kyung Rim.

Episode 1


We open on Eun Bi’s apartment where she is thinking about musicals and singing to herself (love her Chicago poster!).  On her transit to school she sings about about what she is studying in her biology textbook (I already love her since I too make up stupid songs about what I’m doing, or about my dog).  Her narrated thoughts are about how musicals are always on her mind.


EB is in class watching a musical on her phone, and soon her imagination gets carried away and the entire class is singing, starting with the professor.  Omo, this is the best intro to a drama EVER.  I’ve always wished that people would spontaneously burst into song like they do in musicals and Disney movies.  Wouldn’t the world be so much more awesome that way?

Unfortunately this fantasy inevitably ends with EB actually singing in class, but she handles it like a pro and answers the teacher’s anatomy question correctly.  Personally I would’ve fled.


Cut to the airport where Jae Yi is arriving from New York and buying a coffee.  His friend Gu Jak (GJ) darts in to take his change and surprises him.   At the taxi GJ says that he has come to personally carry the luggage of Korea’s best musical composer, and JY sarcastically replies that he doesn’t know anything about musicals.  GJ instead compliments him for being a rising star in the field of popular music (making it clear that JY has given up musicals and now composes other music…traumatic musical past me thinks?).  GJ tags along with JY, which is kinda funny since he was supposed to be the one who came to pick JY up.


EB is at a musical where Bae Kang Hee is singing and bringing tears to EB’s eyes.  Jin is also in the audience and seemed to enjoy the performance.  I believe the man next to him is the Chairman of of the company putting on the musical (I will refer to him as “Chairman”).

Backstage the Chairman compliments KH and introduces Jin, who is his grandson.  The chairman is subtly hinting through his pleasantries that he wants her to get closer to Jin, which she picks up on and points out immediately.  I get the impression that Jin is a bit uncomfortable.


Back to GJ and JY who are arguing about musicals as an art form versus a way to make money and become famous.  GY speaks like an artistic purist, but JY calls him out on secretly wanting to make it big, and basically tells him to be realistic and stop being judgmental.  GY accidental brings up KH as the type of person he would be judging, and puts a hand over his mouth (she’s obviously a subject to be avoideded).  He then aks if KH is the reason he stopped doing musicals and only does pop music.  Is he afraid to run into her? JY just jokingly threatens not to buy him anymore alcohol (which I think we can interpret as a resounding “yes”).  I like that we have the contrast of a starving artist and a successful musical genius with these two.

Apparently EB’s head is always in the clouds because she has another fantasy while looking at a store window, in which she is the star of the musical instead of KH.  She’s not bad!  Her voice isn’t that impressive, but there’s something sweet and honest about it.  In reality her voice cracks, and we cut back to the boys.

A drunk GY is lecturing JY for forgetting about love and passion since he’s been jilted.  He wants him to go back to doing musicals, but JY refuses.  GY insists that he should do just one more, and GY gets up to leave.  GY mentions that JY’s love from 6 years ago should’ve expired, and yells that he loves him (hee).  JY leaves him with the bill out of friendly spite.

EB is singing (terribly) and a drunken/sleepy JY sits up and laughingly berates her for her bad singing.  He continues to correct her and tell her how it should be done, so she asks the “Ajeossi” who he is.  When he answers that he composed the song, she sarcastically replies that he must be Hong Jae Yi (which of course, he actually is).  She says that he can be Hong Jae Yi, and she will be Bae Kang Hee then.  As she leaves, he tells her that she shouldn’t try out for musicals with no talent.


Reverse psychology works!  To prove him wrong she packs away her books and takes a year’s leave from medical school, pleading with her grandmother over the phone to keep it a secret from her dad.  She promises to give it up if she is unsuccessful after a year.


Skip to one year later.  EB now has terrible hair and is telling Kang Hee’s poster that she won’t give up.

KH and Jin are at a congratulatory party for a musical premiere.  Jin talks about a tour and toasts KH. KH and the other man (Director Han Sang Won) compliment Jin.  A man thanks Jin for his investment, and they talk about business-y stuff (contracts, profit, etc).  Jin is basically a book of statistics (excessively so) but says that’s how he knows how to make money.


Back to EB who is practicing her flexibility while working at the movie theatre (this girl is bold!).  She sees an add for an audition, but it is for males only.  She compares herself to a magazine and tells herself that she could be considered a man.  She settles on the name Go Eun Heo for her male alias.


EB is in the hallway outside the audition uncomfortably listening to a couple guys talk about girls. Jin asks her to get out of the way and she covers her chest (subtle).  She runs into Bok Ja at the female restroom and gets redirected, but can’t bear to go in the men’s.

During the dance audition she is asked to come to the front to be better seen, but Jin interrupts and says that a female is not eligible.  How much do I love that this drama went the typical cross-dressing route for all of two minutes before crashing back to reality?  EB insists she’s a man so Jin tells her to take off her shirt (KH and Sang Won are meanwhile very amused). Jin starts to escort her out, but she insists that she can perform as well as the boys (KH and SW are even more amused…I like that they’re not mad).  EB then pleads with Jin, saying that she’ll have to go back to school if she doesn’t pass the audition, and he wonders if her student status is also fake.


After dragging her out he sees her student ID and tells her that he is the person funding the musical.  She asks if she can go on stage if the the producers agree, but he says his opinion will override theirs and that it won’t happen.  She complains that her situation is complicated and that she was trying out of desperation, but he immediately busts her on hiding from her parents, and not wanting to be discovered and having to return to school.  She begs for another chance, and he asks how many times she has auditioned.  When she answers with “80” he tells her that she obviously has no talent, and that it’s a crime that one of the best medical students in Korea is there to waste time.  Bok Ja has been watching the whole exchange.


Bok Ja approaches EB in the restroom and complains of jet lag.  She introduces herself as Christine (hah) and asks if EB has had lessons.

Back at the auditons we see a boy desperately trying to prove himself, and KH puts him to shame with her great voice.  Sang Won seems smitten (they are married or dating and live together btw).


Over hot dogs B casually mentions that she spent time in NY, and makes herself seem like a musical expert.  EB never knew that she needed to take lessons, and later in the day (over more food) B is still babbling on about the basics of being in a musical.  EB wants her to get to the point, and B offers to personally teach her for free (EB is thrilled and orders more food).

Jin’s cousin comes to meet him, and when Jin mentions him studying wine, he says that he has switched to philosophy.  The older cousin complains that he misses investment days where he got to go to places with pretty girls singing and dancing.  He thinks that Jin should invite him to such places when he goes, since he has no other talent.  Jin says that he must not have any skill since he hasn’t been to such a place.  The older cousin asks if Jin is trying to get on the board, but Jin says there will never be space for him when they are keeping people like his cousin who are losing money.  As he leaves, the cousin says that he just hates things that he hates, like Ice Wine (it’s pretty safe to interpret this as “I can’t help but despise you” ) and Jin says that his grandpa (the chairman) likes Ice Wine.  There’s obviously some major rivalry going on here.

Alone in the dark Jin throws little Spidermen at the glass (I want those) and vaguely mentions that a slow decline doesn’t mean not falling.  Oooh, the plot is thickening!  Is Jin supposed to seem evil? Despite his seriousness and focus on money, I really like him so far, and feel bad that people seem to look down on him for being calculating.  He seems like he’s trying hard to prove himself (possibly because of the rivalry with his cousin?)


EB is making the final decision to drop out of school (even though her year is up) and imagines B telling her that she needs lessons to audition.  She tries to submit the drop-out form but gets caught by her…brother? friend? cousin? She never calls him by name so I’m not sure of the relation, but he phones her grandma so she quickly snatches the phone and lies that she’s returning to school.


B arrives at EBs place and moves herself in, stating that EB needs 24-hour coaching.  They do musical drills and EB is awful, though B doesn’t seem to notice (bad sign).  She says that EB needs a high-protein diet for the sake of her stamina (but I get the impression that B just wants to eat meat).  She even suggests Korean beef (shameless!) and makes EB sing about it as she leaves.

Jin visits Director Han (SW) and they discuss the musical.  Jin wants to buy the rights to a foreign musical off broadway and just pay the royalties.  SW wants to to create a Korean musical, and argues that they won’t have to pay royalties that way.  Jin believes a local musical to be too much work and unlikely of success.  It would start out too small scale and wouldn’t grow fast enough for the size of the investment.


A poster is put up to advertise a writing contest for the musical.  I believe the prize is about 28k USD.  This is essentially a publicity stunt since Jin wants to source a foreign musical anyways.  GJ is on it, and wants JY’s help.  I don’t know who the girl is, but she says “teacher” to JY in such a whiny voice that I practically hear “Opppaaa”.  JY refuses so GJ lays on the compliments and says that he just wants two songs.  JY leaves and GJ calls out that he knows he’ll still buy him drinks (which is always JY’s threat).


EB is delivering milk (and that great song with the snapping fingers is playing).  We next see her tutoring while B lays around at home watching TV and eating.  She acts like she’s exercising when EB walks in and after EB washes up they get back to singing drills.  B lectures her on using her stomach, and starts making comparisons to bowel movements.  She shows EB how to sing high notes, and my ears start to bleed.  EB brings up the diaphragm (thank you!) and a confused B just says “die?”  I can’t believe EB hasn’t figured out B’s scam yet 😛

B answers the phone (as Christine) and takes EB for training out in public as Sailor Moon (which is probably a job that B herself was hired to do).  B explains that almost everyone in NY does this because it is good for self-development in addition to making money.


GJ is joined by that girl from before who wonders where everyone else is (they’re late).  She says they need 3 girls and two guys, and since they only have two girls GJ phones B.  I don’t know if the girl is dating GJ or not, but they seem fairly close and talk to each other in banmal.  When B answers the phone (after being woken up) she refers to GJ as Teacher Gu Jak.


EB has amassed an audience and is confidently dancing.  B leaves her to go meet GJ and company.  B thinks that now that she’s met JY her musical life can now really begin, but JY is just there to drink and won’t be involved.  She whines about how sad she is and that she wanted to sing his song.  Another girl asks what she’s been in, and B tries to sound impressive, but GJ corrects all her “facts” revealing that they’re not impressive at all (eg.  She was only in NY for a week).  He even corrects her name (yes!!!).


Jin, Kang Hee, Ra Kyung, and Sang Won all meet.  KH makes a joke to break the ice, and they discuss the musical.  I believe Jin and RK want to make a reality show out of the audition process (or maybe for the writing contest) and Jin wants to know if there is an expert musical composer to be had (maybe as a judge?).  KH knows of one (and of course it will be JY!).


B is drunkenly clinging to JY (who is abandoned by GJ) and he asks for her phone, which she is overjoyed to give since she thinks he wants her number (yeah right).  He calls EB who comes to the rescue but B won’t wake up (EB hilariously tries English since B is “from New York”).  JY is amused at the idea of B being a teacher (aren’t we all) and thinks maybe he’s met EB before.



JY gets her to sing a song and she has to read the music and make up lyrics at the same time (talk about putting a girl on the spot!).  She sings about her many failures, auditioning as a man, then meeting her teacher, and he asks her to sing again.  This time she sings about the man who insulted her, claimed to be JY, and motivated her to leave school.  Lightbulb!!  They now realize that they met at the Han River.

Episode 2


B wakes up and wonders about the atmosphere between JY and EB.  EB apologizes for wrongly calling a composer that she likes a drunken beggar, but he insists that he really was acting like that on that day and won’t hold a grudge (meanwhile B is jealous and thinks EB is in her spot).  JY asks if she memorized the music after looking at it once, and she confirms it, so he says she has a good mind (I agree!).  I can’t help but wonder how a person who has never considered music lessons can read music so well, but I digress.


EB likes his music and wants to know if he is going to do another musical, but he wants to know why she likes musicals.  She isn’t really sure, but it’s like she gets possessed by musical ghosts (this is similar to her narration at the start of episode 1) and that she first felt it at “Billy” (aka Billy Elliot).  She compares herself to Billy and how when she dances and sings it’s like having electricity running through her body (I saw Billy Elliot in London several years ago and highly recommend it btw!).  She asks if the feeling is not the same for him?  It seems that way when she hears his songs and like he must love musicals.  He doesn’t respond, and asks if she wants to be a performer in musicals.  She says yes, like her “teacher” Bae Kang Hee.  He says that she shouldn’t become like KH, and that KH should become like her.  Oooh, I’m feeling chemistry from him already!

Once he’s alone, JY thinks back to how EB talked about feeling like she’s struck by lightning when she sings and dances.   My guess is that he used to feel the same way, and that part of him wants to compose a musical so he can experience that feeling again.

He goes to visit Director Han Sang Won (SW) who is surprised to see him and mentions that he hears his latest pop song everywhere.  JY came to recommend someone for the musical, and SW says that they will expect something in return.  JY implies that something good might happen (he’ll compose?) and SW says that he will give the actor an audition in 3 days.


EB hears the news from JY, disbelieving, and he says it’s just because it’s something fun/interesting after a long time.  She thanks him profusely, but he says there is no time for that because she has no chance with her current ability.  EB starts to leave to go practice with B, but he says to practice with him instead.  She replies that she has no money for fees and that Christine is good too.  He looks at her for a moment, and we cut to EB’s apartment.


EB is calling out B for lying while packing up her things, and B is desperately defending herself, saying that she never truly lied and that EB assumed too much and chose to interpret her words incorrectly (to sum it up EB was deceived  by B about KH being her  sunbae, working in New York, and her age).  EB is so frustrated with herself and with B that she just gives up.  Meanwhile JY is passionately playing piano.


SW tries to massage KH’s legs, but she pulls away and tells him to go in (awkward!).   After kissing her head and turning to leave he asks about JY and wonders if he is the type to fall in love, since he recommended a person who had already failed their auditions (previously he thought he wasn’t the type).  They both agree that it’s interesting, although KH is clearly not happy.


EB is blow-drying her hair the next morning (aww, she wants to look good for JY!) and denies that it’s for a job or a date, but B just wants her to hurry up and leave so she can sleep.  EB arrives at JY’s house adorably chipper, and he answers the door adorably sleepy. He invited her early but wonders if she can sing this early, and she confirms that she’s been up for 3 hours already.



Ra Kyung (RK) is on the phone in the car with some company representative (that she is supposed to meet in an hour).  Jin calls and she immediately pulls over so she can give him her full attention, and lies that she’s not busy (this girl is in luuurve).  When the first man calls back she pushes back the meeting so she can have coffee with Jin.  Jin clearly isn’t the chatty type.  He asks if she’s not busy but she lies again, thankful for the chance to relax.  Jin answers a business call, but has the courtesy to look sorry about it and smiles at her while he talks.

JY is instructing EB on how to breathe and sing the higher pitches.  He offers her a drink and she offers to go  get it.  Back home (late) B is looking for EB, who comes home and goes straight to bed.  EB is usually the one harassing B about not washing up before sleeping, and B finds the whole scene mighty suspicious. The next day B follows EB on foot to see what she’s up to.


RK welcomes her father who has brought her a lavish lunch.  Meanwhile EB is getting ready to eat and B claims to have been out exercising.  EB says she has to go out until the next day and isn’t interested in a part-time job that B suggests (in an attempt to figure out what she’s been doing).  We then see B standing outside JY’s house, staggered that EB is getting lessons from him.  She is frustrated that EB is getting the chance that she herself wanted.

We now meet EB’s grandma (who she previously talked on the phone with).  She is bringing the neighbors a gift  (some sort of beverage maybe?) and it seems to be a regular thing that she does.  The wife requests more of a side dish, and the grandma happily agrees despite the man’s objections.  They talk about EB’s blog, and the man says that she can get more out of it if she posts as her friend, but the grandma just wants to leave it for now and let EB enjoy herself.


The husband is in his art room looking at a photo of Jin! Eek! Jin was already the most mysterious character, and now his backstory is even more curious.  I get the impression that I am going to feel extremely sorry for him in the future. The wife wonders who Jin is, and hubby says that he is someone that they should feel sorry to, and that that he fights a war for money in their place every day.  The wife thinks that they should apologize and all live together, but he says that they have to wait for him because he is now focused on winning that war.  If he needs somewhere to rest, they will be there for him.  I feel like the woman is part of the reason they should feel sorry to Jin since she seems so odd.  Does she maybe have memory loss or brain damage or something?  Maybe she’s his bio mom?  It all feels strange.


The next morning B has prepared EB breakfast and talks about how they need to practice, so EB confesses about practicing with JY (although we don’t actually see that part of the conversation).  Outside JY’s house B is preparing to lecture JY on how he picked EB over her (B is wearing yet another wig).  She tells EB how famous JY is, and that he fools around with lots of girls and  is trying to prey on EB’s innocence, but luckily she has “Christine” on her side (meanwhile JY has walked up behind B and is listening).  B says that today is D-Day (the last lesson before the audition) so she is here to interpret the situation and JY finishes B’s sentence about her  impeding his operation (to which she agrees).   Instead of doing a double-take when she discovers his presence, she compliments herself on masterfully staying calm in the situation (she SHOULD compliment herself; I am seriously impressed).  Poor mortified EB apologizes to JY, but he cutely says it’s fine.


Inside B is already asleep while JY and EB practice (don’t they know any other drills?).  While JY gets them coffee, EB transitions to an actual song and JY runs out to congratulate her and tells her she’s succeeded (she was having a hard time hitting high notes).  JY instructs her to rest lots and not talk or sing until the audition.  She leaves, telling him that she will contact him after the audition. B uses EB’s elation as an excuse for more food, and convinces her to practice more since one success doesn’t mean she will be successful again.

The next day EB has an over-strained voice and is unable to go through with the audition. Sang Won gets up to leave and she asks for another chance, but he mentions her auditioning as a man and wonders if she thinks she is unlucky when she even got a second opportunity after cheating.  He thinks she should’ve taken care or herself from the beginning, and once he leaves we see that KH was watching all this from another room (probably because she was curious about who JY recommended).  She gets up to leave immediately, and EB cries on the bus home.


KH shows up at JY’s house, who answers the door expecting EB.  She kisses him and lets herself in (I want to slap her for her presumptuousness) but he doesn’t seem too thrilled. He knows that she came as a result of the audition so they talk about EB, and he says that she reminds him of a lot of things, such as KH when they first met (it’s like they have the same energy in a different color).  The presumptuousness continues and she gets right in his face, but he lifts a coffee cup to her mouth.  It doesn’t seem like he’s completely over her, but wishes he was.


KH thinks JY should return to musicals through her (since she thinks she is responsible for his departure) and wants to introduce him to Jin (who has been investing for the last year). EB arrives and sees that the parked car belongs to KH.  Once they come outside KH tells JY that he has to come tonight (to meet Jin) and he says that of course he will, since it’s her invitation (barf).  Even so, he doesn’t want her to expect anything, and she kisses him on the cheek while EB watches.  She seems to genuinely adore him, but because of SW I have a hard time empathizing with her.  JY looks down the street for EB (did he hear or see her?) but she is gone.

B is anxiously waiting for EB, but EB is too exhausted and depressed to say much.  She snaps to attention at a call from her father.  JY meets KH who is all dolled up, and EB gets on the subway to head home.

KH introduces Jin and JY (who seriously needs to rethink his sweater because he looks like a homeless man in a sageuk).

As EB heads home we hear what her father said on the phone:  that she should come home if she isn’t going to attend school in Seoul.

KH laughs about JY coming up with the feelings to write Love Love (the pop song) and says that if he hadn’t gone to NY Jin would’ve invested in him instead of her.  Jin responds that in Korea performers have more appeal than composers, and she says she hopes they will get along well (toast!).  JY looks like he can’t wait to get out of there.


EB’s dad is lecturing her about musicals and how the women involved chaotically sing and dance on stage half-naked.   He wants to know why she went to medical school and she says to become a doctor (meanwhile the grandma is trying to ease the tension with fruit). He then wants to know why she wanted to become a doctor, but she instead talks about how musicals are not about running around with no clothes on.


JY and Jin are having a tense conversation about the musical, and Jin makes it clear that native Koreans are more interested in foreign musicals and that a Korean musical can’t compete.  He admits that the writing contest  is for the sake of others, and JY calls him out on spending money on the contest when he doesn’t plan to use the winning entry.  JY makes his disappointment clear, but KH finds it all interesting.

EB’s dad is telling her that her year is up but she insists that she still really wants to do the musical.  He doesn’t think he has a reason to understand her, and she says that her mother would’ve understood (grandma rushes out to sit by her).  She remembers how her mom used to sing and dance with her when they weren’t around (aww) but her father interrupts and brings up her failed auditions, her bad appearance, and the fact that she acted exactly the same way when she was 15 and wanted to become a doctor.  After he leaves her grandma scolds her for being caught and comforts her.  The dad may be harsh, but I can sort of see where he’s coming from.  She has already met a lot of failure, and who wants to see their kid keep failing?  Particularly when it means giving up another dream that she has worked so hard on?


JY is being asked to be a composer for a girl group, and although he doesn’t seem keen on the idea the man insists that all his conditions will be met and that the girls will be trained for 3 years.  He agrees to listen to a demo, but I think the prospect of working with them is almost enough to scare him into writing for musicals again.

GJ tries to make JY feel embarrassed about writing pop songs like Love Love but JY says he’ll still be enjoying royalties 10 years from now.  Incidentally, is it just me, or does JY never make coffee with the same method twice? GJ says he needs to save JY and tries to convince him to help create the musical, and JY agrees with the caveat that they can not use his name at all (I get the impression that he partially wants to write something great just to prove Jin wrong about native musicals).  Since they are short people JY also has someone to recommend (EB I’m sure) and after JY leaves GJ wonders what made him change his mind.



JY is on the subway and remembers his conversation with B, where she told him about EB returning home and failing the audition.  He meets her at the station, and it’s kinda cute how happy they are to see each other.  While they walk he asks her if her throat hurts (she’s fine) and she apologizes about over-practicing, but he says he knew it would happen and understands how passion can override logic. EB agrees because she becomes stupid when a musical is involved, and he asks if she wants to be a fool together with him.  He thinks that her voice is a gift (the rest will come with training) and wants to write her a song to suit her because his heart and mind haven’t felt this way in a long time (passionate/illogical) until she came along.  He mentions that he heard about her father, and that it’s up to her to choose between her heart and her head.

While she thinks she hears his voice saying that if she does the musical, he will do the musical, and that if she wants to get hit by lightning he will help her (aww, she’s his like his muse).  He waits for her at the station.


Ra Kyung and Jin are discussing something budget-related after she confirms that she’s not too tired to talk about work.  She seems irritable, but Jin seems more concerned than annoyed.

EB is packing and her father tells her to just do what she wants to and not expect him to forgive or understand.  She says that she’s not throwing everything away, but he says not to come home until she has given up musicals and returned to school.

RK and Jin are still having the same conversation, but she acts a little tired and dizzy.  I wonder if she might have diabetes since we’ve also seen that her dad regularly brings her lunch.  Jin gets her to stand up so he can take her out for dinner (love this shot!).


He feeds her, and I am enamored with their cuteness as a couple.


A disappointed JY gets on the last train, thinking that EB isn’t coming, but EB enters through another door and they smile at each other. Meanwhile the RK/Jin couple is walking home while continuing to be adorable, and RK apologizes for her harshness.


EB is telling JY how her grandma wanted her to go and not live with regret. She continues to talk about her grandma, but JY interrupts her with a sudden kiss on the cheek (was not expecting this!!!). Apparently there’s some sort of cuteness competition going on because we return to the other couple where RK kisses Jin’s forehead, prompting him to properly kiss her (her acting here is impressive; watch her when he pauses!).


Back to our OTP, where EB is blocking JY’s next attempt, but the cuteness contest continues and he just kisses her hands (twice!).  Kawaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii  (yeah I know this show isn’t Japanese, but that’s the word that popped in my head).

And unfortunately, that is the end!!  Has the second episode of a drama ever finished this way before?  I’m actually a bit sad that there are going to be love triangles (rectangles, pentagons?) in this drama because both of these couples are already so great.  I also appreciate that this drama puts a more realistic slant on things, and doesn’t treat any sort of skinskip as the grand culmination of everything else that has happened.  It seems like “realness” will be one of the main focuses in this drama.  We’ve seen all these character types before, but I feel like the subtle writing and acting is making them seem like unique personalities that would actually exist in the real world.  I love that EB and JY’s discovery of their meeting at the Han River didn’t result in the typical hateful rivalry that would gradually turn to love.  Instead it brought them closer together and kicked off their relationship.

I hope that more people start to watch this show since I think it will be a worthwhile ride.  SBS is even posting HD episodes on youtube!  I made ordered playlists of the episode part for those that are interested (otherwise you need to dig through SBS’s unorganized uploads).  Here is episode 1 and here is episode 2.

I’m pretty sure some of my recap was inaccurate, and I’m not completely sure what’s going on with the business stuff or the technical aspects of the musical (particularly regarding the contest/TV show).  If anyone has any corrections or additions to make, please do!

The video of the day is another Svetik video, this time for Princess’ Man (good song choice!).


26 responses

  1. Welcome to my world – now you know what it’s like to recap. I am hoping that subs for this are slow too just so you can continue 🙂 Great job on your first two episodes. I love that you are so detailed with your character list with pics and everything – pretty clever. Btw – what is up with that last woman’s hair -was that a wig? Those bangs were doing something that defies gravity.
    I hope there are more pple interested in this drama now that you are recapping it. As long as you are happy doing it, I think you should continue no matter what. Looking forward to more Fanderay 🙂

    • She has like a billion wigs. I think she’s worn at least 4 already, and she doesn’t even wear them all the time. Her character is kind of crazy, so I guess it suits her.

      The next recap will hopefully be a bit more well rounded since I’ll only have to do one, whereas I tried to churn out these two as fast possible and didn’t offer up much discussion. The biggest annoyance is that my blog theme puts big gaps around every image, and I have to go through ever single one and edit the vertical space (it makes me crazy!). Surely there must be a way to do them all at once O__O

      And yes, I officially know what it’s like to recap, but I only had two episodes to catch up on 😛 How’s O Brothers going? (neener neener)

  2. Thank you for your great recaps. I like your take on the drama,as it is the same as mine. I like its simplicity and realness with the shots of humour which is never over the top. Very natural acting from the leads, although I like the producer/investor to be colder,and more ruthless about making money. I hope this drama get more viewers as it is one of its kind and very entertaining.

    • Oooh, we think the opposite about Jin! I’m actually hoping that he doesn’t get more evil. I find that chaebol kids in dramas are always snobby and ruthless or kind but lazy, so I find it refreshing that he’s not automatically cruel just because he’s trying to maximize profit. I feel like some stuff from his past might come up to haunt him though, so you may get your wish!

  3. Wow. I really enjoyed reading your recaps. I hope you continue and don’t get tired of doing so. 🙂 I was also perusing through your blog, very impressive work. You’re really talented.
    Being a musical lover, this show had me the moment the entire class burst into song. 😀 Haha. Anyways, like you, I also feel that this drama deserves much much more love!Honestly I was a bit afraid for it since it got off to a shaky start filming-wise, then got lost somewhere in between and for a while was in pre-produced drama limbo since no was willing to give it a time slot. Thank God for SBS. I also thought perhaps there was something wrong with the quality of the show for it to not be supported or marketed much BUT….oh was I wrong! It exceeded my expectations left and right and I’m loving every bit of it. I agree with you, it’s simple and more realistic than most dramas. I think each character is also well casted. I really can’t wait to see how The Musical unfolds. 😀

    • The interesting thing about this show is that even though it took a while to get picked up in Korea, it actually got purchased in Japan before it even started airing. I figure that’s a good sign since they must’ve picked it up for a reason 🙂 I also like that the show has been pre-filmed, since I dislike it when the plot in a drama suddenly changes for the sake of fan-service.

      I’m glad to meet a fellow musical lover! I used to dance when I was younger, but doing musical theatre was always my favorite. I was happy about EB’s Chicago poster because it has one of my favorite musical soundtracks 🙂

      • Yeah let’s hope it’ll get bigger in time! 😀 Lets just keep spreading the news and putting it out there. 😀 Sucks that since we’re not in Korea we can’t really contribute to the ratings game. Anyways, yes I love musicals and hope that the future episodes will showcase songs from other musicals. We’ve seen Jekyll and Hyde’s This is the Moment and the title song for Maria Maria so one of the things I’m hoping for is that we get a taste of other songs. I’m not sure if songs from Chicago, Cats, MamaMia etc can fit into the plot line but who knows. hehehe. Ok Joo Hyun is a musical actress so maybe she’ll whip up some of her old performances. 😛 I wouldn’t want it to come out like Glee or HighSchoolMusical though. :S I can’t wait to see EunBi transform into a Musical Actress and the final production of “The (actual) Musical”

        • So far the show’s pretty serious and I don’t think we have to worry about it ending up like Glee (not that I dislike Glee, but it’s definitely more on the silly side). So far they’ve been doing a good job of making Eun Bi’s improvement gradual, and I think the musical we’re given at the end is going to be pretty good (fingers crossed!). Ok Joo Hyun is a great singer but her character is such a beeyotch in episode 3 that I can’t even stand to look at her face right now.

          Even though I can’t contribute to ratings I try to wake up early enough to stream the episode on SBS’s official player, since good networks always monitor that stuff too when it comes to popularity. It’s called Gorilla (고릴라) and the the phone app version works particularly well.

  4. thanks for your recap! I know, I know! recapping is no easy job =.=’ at first I didn’t even dare to watch this because of my hectic schedule, but now that I’m free for four months (yeay!), I think I ought to give this a try! thanks to your recaps, this show strongly reminds me of Nodame Cantabile 😀 but nodame is way too crazy along with her chiaki. heheh.

    I’m downloading this right now, hopefully this show will entice me into loving classical songs and musicals. hurm..I think I’ll love every part where it involve any usage of music! 😉

    again, I truly hope that you’ll continue recapping this! please? :3

    • Yay, one more person is watching!!

      At this point I’m about 99% certain that I’ll recap this the entire way through. It’s a fun change of pace if nothing else, and since I don’t like to disappoint anyone I’m a total pushover when it comes to such things.

      I hope you like it! It’s the perfect drama for people with busy schedules since it’s only once a week 🙂

  5. You did an awesome job capping THMU! I was nodding my head and squealing when I saw those pics you cap especially the ending with our two awesome couples! Can’t wait for episode 3! Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the recaps. I enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed the show itself. I agree that despite its potential there seems to be little attention on the show. GHS is great here and so is Choi. I hope it will slowly gain attention as it deserves to be. Please continue to recap while we wait for kind souls to sub the series.

  7. yay! double yay! i enjoyed your recap and am really glad you are doing it. Both you and softy are my life-savers in Kdramas. You do have talent in expressing certain scenes through your drawings and now recaps. Way to go! 😀

    • Psh, Softy actually does real work and can actually translate a whole episode by herself (not to mention that she does it as it’s airing). I’m just lucky this show doesn’t have fast completed subs or a proper recap elsewhere 😛 It’s fun though! I’m sort of glad THMU has started out neglected although I hope it gets more attention in the future. I probably won’t have the ep 3 recap out for another couple days.

  8. I actually like the actor who plays Jin in this drama. He used to play the little brother of KSA in WIAN and I found his acting very natural. So I am actually intrigued when I know he’s in this drama.

    I didn’t read the recap above to avoid spoiler; but I skimmed through the screen cap and surely this looks interesting to me. Think I’m gonna start watching it 🙂

    Great details in the watercolor work above 😉

    • You’ll be happy to know that Jin gets even more interesting in episode 3 🙂 So far I find his character the most captivating and I think a large part of that is the actor playing him. I could definitely see him as a leading man some day.

  9. I’m loving this drama its my new adiction, daniel choi it so fun and cute to wach and jan di (sorry i don know her nama) its pretty impresive here, thanks sooo much for this recap^_^

  10. yay!!!! i’m so glad you’re recapping this. much thanks to your hard work. although the one episode a week is probably good for a recapper, it’s killing me as a viewer, being so used to the 2 episodes a week. i’m dying to find out what happens next. like you, i’m really liking jin’s character. PKW is doing a fabulous job. he’s grown a lot through his various acting choices and i’ll be really happy when he finally gets to be the drama leading man someday. i think there’s a bit of overacting from GHS every now and then but i still find her character refreshing and i’m loving her chemistry with daniel choi. btw, i don’t know if i’ve commented before, but i adore your drawings. i haven’t touched my pen in a while but seeing your work inspired me to start doodling again and i’ve recently purchased my first moleskin. =]

    • What else have you seen PKW in? I don’t think I’ve seen him before, but I think he’s awesome.

      GHS is definitely overacting a bit, but I think it’s partially because her character is supposed to be a bit awkward and immature, so hopefully it’ll stop as she grows up and becomes more comfortable with musicals (and dating!).

      I’m extremely happy that you bought a moleskin and have started drawing again! I didn’t draw for about 10 years myself, and it was just something I felt guilty about rather than something I did anything about. I never thought that anyone would care about my drawings, never mind be inspired by them, so I always love comments like yours because they’re the best motivation for me to keep drawing more. 🙂

      • i’ve seen PKW in my tutor friend 2, chuno, love and marriage, & when it’s at night. but his best role to date was as an autistic genius in story of a man/the slingshot. i’m actually rewatching it right now. although it’s one of my favorite dramas, it’s pretty painful to watch bc i keep being reminded of park yong ha’s death.
        however, i do hope you’ll continue to spoil us with your wonderful art. fighting!

          • his appearance was a big surprise for me and i initially thought it was just a cameo, but his storyline continually grew. however, i don’t think it’s big enough of a role for you take on chuno and all its angst hah.

  11. I really want to watch “The Musicals” now!
    Honestly am not a fan of Goo Hye Sun esp. on Boys Over Flowers, maybe because of her role there. I like dramas that involves music so I really wanted to watch this…

    Thanks for the recap Fanderay..

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