Ojakkyo Brothers – Episode 10

I know I normally do two images, but I’ve been a bit strapped for time and figured one was better than none!

This OTP hasn’t progressed too much yet, but I think the two of them are great for each other.  Tae Hee is much more stern and responsible than Ja Eun, and I think he’s just what she needs to grow up and get her life in order.  Ja Eun on the other hand has a bright and fiery personality, and I think she’s the perfect person to help TH loosen up and live a little.

Unfortunately this show doesn’t have a subbing team, but Softy started transcapping it over at Cadence, which is basically the same as subs but faster (and usually more accurate!).  I’m helping Softy catch up on recapping past episodes since she didn’t start transcapping until episode 13, and hopefully we’ll be done in a week or two (maybe?).  Meanwhile there are passable Darksmurf subs for episodes 1 through 8, and everything past that has been recapped at Cadence, so you have no reason not to start watching now!  I think this is going to be one of those dramas that just keeps getting better and better, and it has a great cast of characters.

Here’s the link to the episode 9/10 recap for anyone who wants to read more thoughts on the subject (it seems silly to repeat myself here).  I really want to do more drawings of this show, so if anyone out there notices any great scenes please let me know!

Video of the day is a compilation video created by Coukise.  It has a great drama selection, and yay, I’ve seen them all! They include Spy Myung Wol, Scent of a Woman, The Princess’ Man, City Hunter, Baby Faced Beauty, Heartstrings, Protect the Boss, and Playful Kiss.


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  1. This is scary, now I can’t remember if I asked you to draw this scene or if you guessed on your own but either way I really wanted this scene painted. 🙂 You got every detail of their faces down perfectly -including capturing their intensity. I think the fact that they are staring at each other with so much emotion just makes them more sizzling. You just know if they start from here – it can only get more passionate. He is going to keep trying to resist her to stay loyal to his mom, but she is just going to get cuter in his eyes. Love love love. Also how great are her outfits these days cuz being homeless has not diminished her great wardrobe one bit – that little white suitcase seems blessed with kdrama magic cuz I love her ensembles. That jacket looks like it came off a Balmain fashion show. 🙂

    • You told me you wanted a scene of TH and J together and I received the rest telepathically 😛

      Honestly I didn’t have a lot of options for these two. It’s like every time they get together the lighting crew goes for a coffee break. Luckily this scene involved some foliage and a blue shirt, so it brightened things up a bit. Most of the pretty scenes in this drama are on the farm, so now that J is working there I think we’ll get some better shots of them.

      I actually laughed drawing this because I never noticed before that her sleeves are all uneven from being a drunken mess. And yeah, her suitcase definitely has some Marry Poppins magic going on. I usually don’t like illogical stuff in dramas that’s illogical for no reason, but clothing is ever the exception (like in Smile You, the poor household with hundreds of jackets and no closet space…loved it!).

      I sort of like that TH is a bit mysterious and hard to read. Like when she asked him to buy her a caramel macchiato (or whatever it was) and he just looked and her and left. Did he think she was cute? Annoying? Presumptuous? Is he suddenly going to bring her one someday? I really have no idea, and I like that. He’s not unreadable because Joo Won is a bad actor, but because that’s his character. I also like that he’s straight as an arrow when it comes to doing the right thing, but isn’t above exploiting his authority as a police officer to drag J out of the station and give her an ultimatum. I think this weekend is going to be full of OB awesomeness.

  2. hi there!
    love your recaps over there nad you made me giggling in front of my pc just now!
    I really need to catch up with OB soon, I’ve been so left behind nowadays..
    and the video! OMG it was really well-made and took my breath away..
    suddenly I feel like re-watching all the dramas this year 😀
    looking forward to your recaps and drawings, particularly for the musical 😉

    • yay, another person catching up with OB! AND watching the musical! You deserve a cookie or something.

      I swear the directing for theMU keeps getting better. I have a bazillion screenshots for ep 4 and it’s going to be hard picking and choosing for my recap 😦

      What ep of OB are you on btw?

      • me? still catching up very slowly..I’m on ep 4 but have read all the recaps until the recent episodes. 😉

        yes, the musical is one beautiful drama to be watched not only because of the story, the shots are so pretty, even in medium quality! thanks to you, it’s one of my current addictions 😀 I’m pretty bad in Korean, so I’m always relying on your recaps after I watched an episode, then I watched it again, while referring to your recaps.

        lucky me and everyone to have you recapping OB and theMu with awesome screenshots and drawings in between ^^

  3. love this painting fanderay! the first thing I noticed was their clothes especially J’s love it! Also TH’s arm on hip stance then their faces 🙂 funny you mentioned her clothes softy, I thought the same how cute are her clothes with just one white suitcase living in a tent!

    • I felt really weird about drawing a face on clothing for some reason. I thought about skipping it, and then finally settled on just doing a less detailed version. Since the drawings are pretty simple I was worried about taking the focus off the real people or making the scene confusing, so I’m glad it seemed to work ^_^

      Hopefully J doesn’t become TOO much of a farmgirl because I don’t want her to give up the cute clothing. Hopefully the writers will keep us fangirls in mind 😛

  4. hi Fanderay, once again, thanks for the recaps… and the beautiful painting! I can’t wait till I had marathon-ed OB to be able to be in tune with you pipz. And same thoughts here, cute clothes there for J. I like the while hooded shirt she wore when she appeared in front of O’s house right after she asked TH what she will do to get the farm back and his mom’s trust.

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