The Musical – Episode 4 Recap

More cuteness! More auditioning! More unveiling of the past! This episode had everything I was hoping for, and I think that next week will be even better.  The complexity of each character continues to grow, and I love that I don’t know what’s headed our way.  

*Note:  If two of the small screenshots don’t fit side by side, make your browser window wider!

Here is a quick legend of the primary characters and the abbreviations I’ll be using.

Go Eun Bi - EB

Hong Jae Yi - JY

Yu Jin - Jin

Bae Kang Hee - KH

Seo Ra Kyeong - RK

Sa Bok Ja - B

Han Sang Won - SW

Gu Jak - GJ

A note on Hong Jae Yi: The proper romanization of his name is actually “Hong Jae I” in which the “i” sounds like “ee”. Since it looks awkward to have a single vowel sound as a name it is instead romanized as Jae Yi or simply Jay.  I chose JY so I could use a two letter abbreviation, but Jay (or Jae) seems to be more popular elsewhere on the web.  Kang Hee should also be Kang Hoe, but I haven’t seen it that way anywhere (probably because people would pronounce it like “ho” although that actually seems pretty appropriate for her character at this point).

Episode 4

Jin says that he is surprised by JY’s behavior and JY asks if he didn’t expect him to come over? Jin agrees that he didn’t expect him to, so JY asks if he also never thought that he would reject the offer (of composing the musical).   Jin replies that he thought JY would reject it to start, but will make sure that hey works with him to create Gumiho of Cheongdamdong (the musical).

EB is going for a run (and looking pretty frustrated) but B tracks her down and tells her to stop torturing herself.  B complains that she always has her phone off and that just finding her took half the day.  EB asks why B is looking for her instead of sleeping, and B says that GJ wants to meet.  EB asks if JY came and if they made a decision.

GJ is suggesting that they pray (which the group finds ridiculous) and when they ask why he says that they should pray that JY doesn’t reject the proposal. He thinks they should pray that even if JY wants to say no, he opens his mouth and “yes” comes out, or that no sound comes out at all.  The girl Sang Mi (SM) asks if GJ needs to be like this and wonders if they won’t be ok without JY accepting, but B says that in this case she must agree with GJ instead of  JY (earning her an “amen” from GJ).

JY says that it’s a good proposal, but clearly isn’t about to take him up on it.  Jin asks if it’s not good enough (it’s not) and if the problem is that it’s him (Jin) proposing it.  JY sort of half wonders and half says that that’s the case, and Jin asks him why he kept his name a secret.  He wonders if it was to avoid the investment person (Jin) and to instead prove himself with is ability (since Jin looked down on Korean musicals).  Jin says that he saw his ability, which just makes JY laugh.  Jin says he didn’t know about composers like JY and wants to correct his misdeeds and make sure the project moves forward. JY asks if it is so important to get him to compose the music, and Jin says that for someone producing a musical nothing is more important.  He again says he will meet any of JY’s conditions, but JY says he won’t be able to meet them, so there’s no need to talk about cooperating.  As JY leaves, Jin says that it’s a good opportunity for everyone else involved, but that it’s up to JY’s decision (ooh, Jin will even use his friends against him!). JY isn’t swayed, and thanks Jin for the coffee.  After he leaves Jin smiles in disbelief and sarcastically wonders about not being able to meet all of JY’s conditions.

EB meets with JY and says that GJ will be disappointed (due to the offer rejection) but JY says that GJ shouldn’t be since the can go with their original plan of being sponsored through that contest (he makes a joke about being stubborn).  EB asks if part of the problem is KH, and he agrees that she’s part of the reason since he doesn’t want to see her as the gumiho (a nine-tailed fox is the star of the musical).  The other part of the reason is that he wants to see EB as the the gumiho.  He doesn’t see how they would agree to that since surely KH will be the lead actress.  EB stops him and asks if she is then the reason he rejected?

Jin is on the phone with GJ trying to figure out what JY’s problem is, and when GY brings up the issue of the starring role Jin asks if it is EB that he means, and GJ confirms it.  As soon as he hangs up Jin immediately turns on EB’s audition tape (I still can’t figure out what he really thinks of her!).

EB is practicing with JY while B snoops around the kitchen looking at all JY’s expensive stuff (acting disdainful, but clearly jealous).  She talks about how JY is wealthy and wouldn’t empathize with GJ, but JY catches her and asks her about it. Her excuse ends up being that she was out of her mind and wasn’t talking about GJ at all.   EB come into the kitchen and says “let’s go” to B. J tells EB to focus on musicals instead of work, and pets her head (she seems to like it!).  He tells her to go carefully and they leave.

B and EB are outside the house, talking about how JY has become soft and is into EB  (touching her hair) and B mentions that no one ever touches her hair and that she only got smacked so she started wearing hats.  They just about walk into Jin, who B greets (she is delighted that he remembers her name from the audition).  Jin turns to EB and says her name by way of greeting, so she just says “ah yes” and bows (clearly she’s not too thrilled with him).

Even though he was smiling, Jin goes on to callously say that in order to get what she wants, EB doesn’t care what tricks she uses.  She stops him and says that she knows her first impression wasn’t good, but asks how he can say something so extreme.  He basically says that she is using her relationship with JY to get a lead part even though she’s not good enough, so how can he be wrong? JY sees them talking and wants to know what’s going on, so Jin says that he knew where he lived and came over to talk.  JY instead asks the girls what’s the matter, but B just says that they were greeting each other and that they’re leaving (she drags EB away, who says goodbye angrily).  Jin suggests coffee to JY, while EB stomps down the street cursing the type of person that Jin is.

Jin tells JY that he can resolve the issue (EB starring in the musical) and JY asks if he can convince KH.  Jin says yes, but JY wonders if KH will listen to an investment person, so Jin explains that after working with her for a year he feels she is reasonable and will agree.   This doesn’t seem to sit right with JY and he starts to ask why Jin is doing things to this degree (it’s weird that he’s being so accommodating) but Jin interrupts him (Jin addresses him formally with a title, but JY says to just use him name since that’s what he does).  JY once again starts to ask about why Jin is doing this, and Jin cuts in that it’s because he likes JY’s music and feels it has investment value.  He adds that he thinks that KH will consent, but wonders if EB will do the same.  JY says that EB will become a musical actress they couldn’t even have imagined.

Jin meets with SW and tells him that the main actors will be KH and EB.  SW is surprised that it’s a double casting, and with someone new like EB, but Jin says that he will take care of the marketing.  SW doesn’t think that’s the problem, but is instead worried about KH’s reaction.  Jin says that KH must certainly do the musical, and explains what a big deal it is for KH and JY to be working together again. He feels that if KH rejects the drama it is not because of the double casting, but because of JY, and no one would believe otherwise.  Everyone wants to star in JY’s musicals, so if KH were to turn it down it would be a confirmation of their scandal (it almost sounds like a threat, and SW is pretty unhappy). Jin goes on to say that KH must definitely do the musical as proof that she and SY aren’t lovers but excellent partners.  He even adds that it will help ease any discomfort SW still has about JY and his wife.  SW comments that Jin is cruel (he seems more frustrated than angry) and Jin says that KH is the best and wants SW’s help convincing her.

Back home SW sits and remembers his proposal to KH.  They are in the practice room, and KH is singing “Once Upon a Dream” from Jekyll and Hyde.  Once she finishes she comes over and says it’s weird that he wants her to sing when she just dumped him, but he replies that she needs some time, so she takes off the engagement ring and says sorry.  Before she can explain herself he stands up and says that she loves JY, sure, but that it won’t cause a future problem. Since she is an actress she falls in love on stage many times, and he will accept her and love her even if she loves somebody else (she tries to explain that it’s not the same, but he explains how it is, and says it’s a lie that she doesn’t love those actors in those moments).   He reiterates that he loves all of her, and that he will continue to in the future, but adds that this is a marriage she needs.  He asks her to trust him, and hugs her.


KH looked pretty helpless in that scene, and even though I still don’t sympathize very much with her, I definitely sympathize less with SW (they’ve both got some pretty messed up ideas regarding relationships).  Back in the present time SW is looking at photos rather sadly (I think).  I get the impression that having KH work with JY again worries him a lot more than it puts him at ease.

EB delivers milk again, and we were right! The carton that she writes on goes to KH (what does she write though I wonder? You da bomb?).  Inside KH is playing with her fluffy white cat, and when SW comes into the room she says that she consents to working with EB.  She says that she will show EB what it’s really like to work with her, and that if EB can take on the responsibility and make it to stage the audience will admire her for it.

EB is at home in front of the TV, practicing along to “Roxie” from Chicago (I find that song incredibly addictive and impossible not to dance to).  Her phone rings, and she asks who it is.

We next see her outside Jin’s building, on the way to meet him.  JY calls her just then, and asks if she has time for tea or needs to work.  She says she’s not working and can meet him in a hour, but that she has to deal with someone distasteful first.  When he hears that she’s meeting Jin he asks where she is, and she she tells him, but the elevator comes so she says goodbye and hangs up.  He’s freaking out and saying “wait a second, wait a second, hello, hello?” but after thinking for a second he gets up and leaves the house.

Inside his office Jin is commenting on how she must be thinking that his office is boring and arrogant like him, and she agrees that she was.  He likes that she’s straight-forward and thinks they will work together well.  She asks in disbelief if he just mentioned them working together? Meanwhile JY is in his car heading over.

EB is holding her head (desperately trying to assess the situation I’m sure) and Jin asks if she really never thought that this would happen or that KH would accept the proposal?  She laughs and asks how she could think something crazy like that.  She asks about JY’s involvement, and then says that it’s not important, but he explains that JY wouldn’t do it without EB, and that when he told KH about it she agreed (obviously JY wouldn’t want EB to hear all this, and Jin is trying to make her feel guilty).  Jin adds that it’s just up to EB now (which is a backhanded way of pointing out that she can turn the offer down) and says that they can start the project immediately.   EB asks if she has to work with KY, and he asks if she doesn’t think it’s possible, so she asks if he thinks it is.  Jin says that he just chose JY’s music, and that JY chose EB, so he can only trust JY’s foresight.  EB is clearly frustrated and says that she doesn’t have a personal reason to turn it down, and Jin asks what the problem is then.  She asks if he hopes that she rejects the proposal (he seems pleased that she read between the lines so well) and he says something about how she should be objective regarding her ability.  She understands his words to mean that if she doesn’t have the confidence to be on stage with KH she should have a conscience about it and give up.  He compliments her on her understanding, but before she can say anything JY bursts in.

JY wants to know if Jin couldn’t discuss things with him first (he gives EB a worried glance) but Jin just says he’s happy they can now meet without an appointment and tells JY to sit since he’s explaining things to EB.  EB says that she’s already heard clearly, and wonders if she should just follow up with Jin’s desired answer.  JY tries to get her to wait a moment, but she goes on to say how she would do anything to stand on stage in a musical, but now has to work with KH.  She has always dreamed about this sort of opportunity, but she still knows that this sort of thing cannot be, and has enough conscience and common sense to understand that.  She apologizes for disturbing Jin and takes her leave.  JY asks Jin if this is the reaction he wanted, and Jin says that he proposed a double casting and tells him not to misunderstand.  JY says that would be fine, but that Jin didn’t mean it (the double casting proposal).  Jin asks JY if he didn’t hear EB (basically blaming it on her for having an inferiority complex) and JY leaves to chase after her.

JY drives next to EB and asks if she’s not going get in, but she says that she first needs to vent for a moment.  She goes to one of those games where you have to punch as hard as you can, and then to batting cage.  JY seems borderline scared of her (his expression is pretty funny) and when he thinks she’s done she just asks for more money to bat with.

They go to a park and he buys her iced coffee.  He talks about how it’s his first time seeing a girl batting like that, and that they’re usually outside screaming things like “oppa is cool!” It’s also his first time seeing a girl get a bonus round on the punching machine and she laughs when he adds “yo” to the end of one of his sentences (which makes it polite).  He doesn’t know why he did it, and just suddenly said it, but I guess he must be a little intimidated by her now!  She laughs more and playfully punches him, so he asks if she feels better now.  She says that she can’t keep feeling down and that what Jin said was correct, and JY says that Jin says things in a way that makes it difficult to listen (to which she agrees). He starts to talk about the role, but she interjects that she won’t do it.   He wonders if it’s because of self esteem and if she won’t regret it.  He wants to know if she’s can’t just sing his song and watch him, proceeding simply like that.   She asks if he’s asking her as an actress or…(she leaves the rest implied). He says he doesn’t separate the two and that he likes her both way, and doesn’t see why he should treat her as two different people.   She comments that he thinks simply, and he goes on to say that she’s being silly, and that it doesn’t make sense to give up on her future for the sake of others (because who really wins then?).  Incidentally, how pretty is this final shot of the scene?

GJ is meeting with RK and Jin, enjoying wine and music.  GJ comments that even though he expected Jin to have a girlfriend, he never expected her to be so beautiful.  GJ says that he’s been working for 10 years, and that he could never have imagined himself working with such excellent people and making such good progress.  Jin warns him that there are difficulties ahead, but GJ says not to worry and that he’s an expert at obstacles.   He calls down to the singing group for a song about obstacles, but they don’t know any so they sing a dog song instead, with beat-box barking and everything!  It is seriously awesome.

RK and Jin are walking on the sidewalk, and they are so cute together!  They address each other using formal titles in a joking way, and he comments about how happy she looks while she teases him for being stingy with dates.  She takes him to one of those little singing rooms and pretends like it’s an audition.  I love seeing Jin like this (he’s usually stuck in cold-negotiation mode) and I hope that his interest with EB remains platonic since RK seems so great for him.

RK is having dinner with her dad and telling him it’s delicious while thanking him.  He says that this is the only way to see her face since she never comes home, and she says that it’s because he travels too much (all of this is very friendly and they’re obviously quite close).  He asks if she’s getting along with Jin, and she says yes, although they’re both busy.  The dad wants to know when they’ll get married, and wants to meet Jin’s parents, but RK says how Jin’s relationship with his parents isn’t good.  The father thinks he should step forward to solve the problem then, so she suggests going herself.

While looking for the parents’ house, RK runs into EB’s grandma and asks her about the address, but the parents are walking down the street at that very moment.  She says hello, asking if they are surprised, and then goes to greet Jin’s mom.  She calls her “omani” (mother) and says how pretty she is.  The mom jerks away and hides behind the dad, who says that they will go inside first.  The mom says that she doesn’t like that girl (RK) and asks who she is.  When he says that it’s Ra Kyung the mom starts screaming and the grandma tells the dad to take her inside, and for RK to quickly follow her.

EB’s grandma’s says that she hadn’t heard of the neighbors having a daughter, and asks if RK is the future daughter-in-law.  She says that since even the son doesn’t know, that RK must not know either (about Jin’s mom).  RK asks if the illness is serious, so the grandma explains that the mom is slowly losing her memory, and that they came here to hide it from the family so that they could stay together (implying that the mom would be hospitalized or institutionalized otherwise).

The dad comes downstairs and asks if RK would like something to drink, but she replies that she just had something next door.  He apologizes, and she asks if he came here to hide the illness from Jin.  The father explains that at the time Jin was going to school, and they didn’t want to have him watch his mother forget who he is.  RK starts to say “but even so..” and the father finishes her sentence, saying that it is indeed too much but that the illness can’t become known since the mom will be stuck in hospitals and he won’t be able to protect her.  He adds that it’s best if Jin doesn’t know (poor RK…this is not going to be an easy secret to keep).

EB is going for a run again, and I’m sure it’s extra horrific (I despise running) since she’s wearing skinny jeans.  She thinks about JY’s words in the park, when he talked about the silliness of sacrificing her future for the sake of others.  She then remembers Jin’s speech about having a conscience regarding her ability, and looks understandably frustrated.  She sends Jin a text asking to meet tomorrow.

EB and Jin meet for breakfast, and I really want those pancakes right now.  He asks why she’s not eating, and she asks if not eating isn’t okay.  He comments on how easily she gets angry (with a smile) and she retorts that he makes people angry.  He wants her to get to the point since he’s only meeting with her to hear her decision.  She says that either option won’t do (accepting the offer or not) and his interest seems piqued.

Jin meets with SW and tells him about EB’s idea to hold an audition for the part.  She wants to be compared with others fairly to decide whether she belongs on stage with KH.  SW says that JY can’t force her in then, and Jin says that EB also wants it that way.  They both agree that she’s not one to do as others wish.  Jin says that if they go ahead with the audition it will cause a big stir, since many will want to work with KH, and SW wonders how EB will do.

JY is on the phone (it seems like he’s just hearing about the audition) and when the doorbell rings (he figures it’s EB) he smiles with something that looks like a mix of restrained pride and happiness.  He answers the door, and EB chuckles awkwardly (since she knows he knows about the situation).  He asks if she can still laugh (I’m so not falling for his tough-guy act) and she cheerily replies that she won’t be accepted if she acts fierce and doesn’t laugh.  He tells her to come in, but, she asks him to come out.  She says that since he’s on the panel of judges she can’t come over until the audition process is over, and although he doesn’t seem happy about it he lets himself be guided out.

For some reason I looked at this next scene and thought, “Hey, that looks fun to draw!” What is wrong with me?  About 20 seconds in I realized that I might’ve gone insane.  I usually avoid scenes with complicated backgrounds since I find them grueling to draw with very little pay-off, and this is a prime example of that!  Oh well, lesson learned…maybe.

They go to a playground and JY asks her if passing the audition is her way of getting a part in the musical.  EB says she would feel ashamed up on stage if she heard others say that she got the part through a relationship, so he says that she won’t even have time to thing about such things since just being up on stage her legs will be shaking from nervousness.  She says “Teacher” (seonsengnim) to interrupt him, but he grasps her hand and says he knows she’s acting like this to send him off (if she doesn’t get the part he could still compose guilt-free since she suggested the audition).  She starts to say “If I fail the audition…” but he quickly interjects that she won’t fail.  She tells him that he has to judge her fairly, and he says that he will be true to his heart because he considers that being objective. This makes EB angry, so she stands up and complains about this being why artists are stereotyped negatively.   He stands up too, and asks her if Rock or ballads are right.  He explains that one isn’t better than the other, and that they’re just different.  They shouldn’t be the same, and the issue isn’t who is good and who is bad, but who is most appropriate for the role.  She begrudgingly admits that he is convincing, and he can’t resist kissing her (after calling her little/cute).  She tells him to pretend he doesn’t know her until after the audition, and he reminds her to practice breathing as she leaves.

Jin and RK are picking out a poster for the audition, and the lady meeting with them compliments their taste.  RK says that TBK (a tv network) is interested in filming the audition, and when the lady gets up to leave first RK says they should leave together, but the lady insists that they can both stay and talk (I guess the RK/Jin relationship is publicly known?).  RK says she heard that EB suggested the audition, and Jin just says “mmm” with a smile (it looks like alarm bells are going off inside RK’s head). Jin notices her expression and asks why/what, but she says it’s nothing and that he seems to be in a good mood.  RK then suggests that Jin phones his parents, but he turns the conversation back to EB and making sure the audition doesn’t seem suspicious, but RK again brings up going to see his parents. He just says “Ra Kyung,” making it clear that he doesn’t want to talk about it, and asks what she wants to eat tonight.  The poor girl just wants him to know the truth!

GJ is working on the musical and Sang Mi walk in, offering to help, although she clearly just wants to use her womanly charms against him.  He comments on her chest right away (as in, “you should cover up”) and she looks a bit embarrassed so he says it’s alright (yeah I bet it’s alright buddy…I can see you sneaking glances!).  They talk about a certain scene in the musical and they laugh together while she implies that she wants the lead part (he’s one of the judges). He is onto her scheme and after playing along for a bit asks if she has an empty skull, and wonders how she could dare to take part in the audition.  He wants her to support EB (it’s not too surprising, since he wants  to keep JY happy) and they argue back and forth while EB listens.

The music boys (I don’t know what to call them) are jamming, and when they see EB they ask if she wants to join.  She is hesitant, but they say she is good and that they just want to hear her sing once. They also mention that they’ve all failed many auditions, and they understand how she is feeling. While she sings she remembers the advice that JY had previously given her (and her singing gets much better imo).  GJ and Sang Mi are watching, so he asks if she still wants to audition, and she says that she’s become interested in a different role (yeah that’s right lady, you don’t have a chance!).  After Sang Mi leaves GJ smiles to himself and comments about how KH will have to retreat when she see EB.

The audition is packed. Various girls are being interviewed about why they’re right for the role while EB stretches alone. The auditions commence, and EB and a few others make it to the finalist round. Another girl named Jeong Won is quite well known, and EB shows up first on their list since it’s based on their applicant order.  JY walks in and suggests having them audition in reverse order since if EB goes first and does too well then the people after her wouldn’t have fun.  KH asks JY if he’s sure EB will do better than everyone else, and JY says the role will suit EB the most.  SW agrees with JY to do the auditions in reverse, and KH leaves with GJ chasing after her.  SW tells Jin and JY to come out when they’re ready to start the selection, and Jin asks JY is he knows that he’s showing favoritism too noticeably.  Jin continues that if JY always says that EB is doing well and that she’s the actor he wants, then isn’t it obvious that others (KH) will want to oppose that, and that JY will make enemies for EB? JY says that if he talks like that it sounds like an excuse for amateurs with no talent, is that not it?  Jin blames him for being an immature child, and JY blames Jin for being an aging guy (bachelor who still hasn’t married) that only invests.  Jin says that he doesn’t want to become naive like JY, and JY says he already has.  JY leaves, and Jin laughs to himself.  How cute are those two when the fight?  Also, could that conversation mean that EB is also Jin’s favorite, but he’s playing it cool to better manipulate KH into accepting her?

The auditions continue, and everyone is pretty good.  Regarding one girl JY writes “eliminated – sings too prettily…bleargh!” and the look Jin give him is hilarious (thanks to sparkskey for the translation).  The Jeong Wong  girl sings and she’s really good, although she’s a bit vanilla.  JY applauds her and says that it’s not easy to sing so well and that she deserves encouragement.  It is now EB’s turn! Everyone looks at her with great anticipation, and JY pulls his feet up onto the chair and hugs his clipboard like a little kid.  If his expression doesn’t melt you into a pile of goo then you need to go see the Wizard of Oz. Your heart is missing!

EB pauses partway through the song, but then continues.  Jin looks confused, JY looks enamored, and KH looks disdainfully amused.  She finishes the song, but as she turns to leave KH tells her to wait a moment and asks why she stopped mid-song.  KH explains that the way she understands it, the gumiho has been living for 999 years without love, and that with one year left (I guess nine-tailed foxes only live to 1000 in this particular myth) she has finally found love.  After so long, it would not be easy to confess that love, and EB feels that the gumiho would need to stop and take a breath before continuing.  Jin asks if EB came to this understanding herself, and she confirms that she hasn’t met with anyone since the audition was announced.  KH tells her she can leave, and JY murmurs, “Bravo, Go Eun Bi.”

The judges meet, but since EB and the other girl are tied for points, so the final decision is up to KH.  She tears up a paper (I’m guessing it’s her score sheet?) and says, “My choice is…..”

And that’s where the episode ends!  She better say EB’s name.  It looks like EB will be getting the role based on the preview, but hopefully she doesn’t win by default because the other girl suddenly can’t do it or something.  It’s time for KH to recognize her talent, even if it involves an ulterior motive.


A fair number of people complain about this drama being slow, but I never personally feel that way since I spend so much time contemplating what the characters are really thinking.  I love it when characters feel real but aren’t too obvious about their intentions, and wondering about motivations is what really makes me tick when I’m watching or reading something.

So far I find the boys the most interesting.  JY is adorable with EB, but what does she really mean to him?  Does he just find her cute and entertaining?  Inspiring?  Does he see her as a kid or a woman?  Is he placing extra significance on their relationship because he’s desperate to forget KH?  He’s clearly fond of EB, but it’s hard to know how deep it goes and I’m not sure he knows himself.  It’s also pretty clear that he still has some residual feelings for KH.

Jin is the ultimate enigma.  When he’s with RK he shows a whole new side to his personality, but then there are brief moments where it doesn’t feel sincere and I’m not sure why.  His treatment of EB is also pretty complex. The fact that he watches her audition tape repeatedly makes it clear that he’s fascinated by her, and yet he also seems disdainful of her.  I think she has a special something that he doesn’t understand on an intellectual level, and that he has been trying to convince himself that he’s not moved by her.  He’s also probably confused  since his first impression of her was that she’s a talentless med-school dropout trying to cheat her way through auditions (but now she is suddenly acting moral and upright).  I don’t think he truly hoped that EB would reject the offer when he suggested the double casting and that a part of him wanted to test her.  In truth, it’s a pretty good test. If she lacks the confidence to be on stage with KH then she doesn’t deserve to be there, but if she’s willing to work hard and try, then maybe she really does have something worth investing in.

I also have no idea what Jin thinks about his parents.  He probably feels abandoned, and I wonder if his relationship with them is affecting his hesitance towards RK?  He’s a smart guy, and it’s possible that he even knows about his mom’s illness, but feels too betrayed to even confront them about it.

It could just be that I’m becoming more biased as my affection for this drama grows, but I think that the directing is getting better and better with each episode.  The extra effort that goes into providing us with a variety of interesting camera angles makes a big difference, although it’s the type of difference that is more felt than acutely noticed.

I’m exited for training and production of the musical to start next week, and can’t wait to see all the new character interactions.  Lets hope that KH keeps her claws retracted!


Thanks again to Cheerkoo on the GHS Soompi thread for translating all things related to The Musical. And thanks to Softy for helping me when I’m at a complete loss!

The SBS playlist for episode 4 can be found here.

I also found this fun behind-the-scene video of “the piano scene”:

Also, yay!! Svetik is watching TheMU!! Here’s her latest MV 🙂

Video of the day is a CYHMH MV.  Credit goes to Ayachan, and the video only encompasses episodes 1 through 20 (it’s a 30 episode drama) so you don’t have to worry about having the ending spoiled.  If you haven’t watched this drama, do so immediately!

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  1. yayyyyyyyy! thank you. i’ve been rewatching parts of ep 1-3 while waiting for this. jin is so interesting. i assume his parents left him when he was a young boy, hence his mother only remembering the young jin. but i can’t imagine that jin hasn’t seen his parents for 10+ years if RK was abled to find them so easily. like you, i also really really hope that jin and EB will form a bond in a completely platonic relationship. i don’t want to see RK hurting bc she seems like such a nice girl and she and jin are so cute together. although i do feel like he is just putting on an act sometimes but can’t pinpoint why. btw, i really liked how you got a screen capture of KH and JY’s reactions during the audition and put them side by side to form the complete picture.

    • I wonder if he doesn’t want to get married because that would mean that he has to go see his parents first? Maybe he feels like he’s leading RK on, so he feels bad sometimes? I’m grasping at straws, but there has to be a reason!

      I’m glad you like those screenshots btw. I was a bit worried that I went a bit too crazy and took too many 😛 I can’t really help myself.

  2. wow! the recap is finally here! 🙂 i don’t know how to thank you enough (I watched the raw videos of this episode – *i can’t speak korean, but i’ve never been THIS excited since My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho days!* – so your recap definitely saved my day ^^)

    one reason why i love reading your recaps about The Musical is because… i feel that you’re loving the show as much as we do. So despite the *gasp* ratings about The Musical, its really nice to know that someone is sharing the same admiration about such an inspiring show (and if your drawings aren’t enough to prove this love, i don’t know what is).

    ummm, one question: are all the songs from The Musical original? because these songs did the trick for me. apart from the songs that EB practiced with JY (which were soooo amazing, i couldn’t help but create a playlist in my iPod that’s solely dedicated to the show), a particular song caught my attention. Its from the auditions in episode 3… the girl sang this sweet song about how her “friend” met somebody else — so they write letters to each other instead. the song melts my heart, and i’m wondering if you know the title, hehehehe.

    kolorfulpalette FTW!

    • Hmm, I’m pretty sure that song is from a musical, but I’m not sure which one! If I figure it out I’ll let you know, but it’s unlikely they would make an original song just for that short little clip. It’s a pretty song though! I love all the music in this show.

      • “I love all the music in this show.” amen! the original songs from The Musical got me hooked. 🙂 i fell in love with the “make your own lyrics” sequence of the first episode–and the budding love affair has been more exciting ever since… ^^

        thanks for all the recaps! *wishes that everyday is Friday* i can’t get enough of this show…

  3. Awww…. I see there’s a CYHMH video (sorry it makes me feel nostalgia even though it’s just a few months ago when I watched it)

    My affection for this drama grows by each episode! I believe there’s no real bad person in this drama (at least among the 5 leads) and that’s one reason I like it. And I now simply love this Jin guy because I found out that the actor draws (haha it’s nothing to do with the drama; erh no, actually there is. It shows that he really has a clear image on how he interprets this character 🙂 )! I think the Jin character is written a bit differently from the typical rich guy in kdrama and I like that. Not really going for the extremes (e.g. a certain Kim JW… *cough cough*) nor easily guessable in terms of what he thinks.

    Golden moment for this episode was definitely when JY showed that puppy expression during the auction. I was like, how can this cuteness be possible?? LOL First time watching Daniel Choi’s drama (tried to start Baby-faced Beauty but I couldn’t continue…) – good god I’m having a great year discovering all these male kdrama actors this year (probably because I haven’t been so passionate about kdrama until recently =P )

    Now I’m waiting for the OST… definitely am gonna get it~

    • Oooh, he draws? What does he draw?? How can you dangle a carrot like that and not tell me more??

      I feel like I’d discovering all sorts of new actors this years too. I had never really watched KJW or NGM before CYHMH, and I didn’t finish Baby Faced Beauty either (I couldn’t take the girl’s mopey face anymore). I didn’t really care for Daniel Choi in BFB, but I immediately loved him in TheMU (weird). I’ve discovered a million others like Ji Sung and Im Ju Hwan too, but I don’t want to go on forever 😛

      I’m glad you seem hooked! And I agree with you that there’s no real bad person, even though I usually want to strangle KH. They did a good job of not making her the typical one-dimensional evil second-lead, and even though I don’t like her I still find her interesting and enjoy her scenes. I wish more dramas would focus on character like this, instead of manipulating characters in unrealistic ways for the sake of plot.

      • daniel choi’s character was an annoying baby in the beginning of BFB but if you stick with it, he ends up being even more adorable than his JY character.

        here’s a link to park ki woong’s drawing

        i know i liked him even more after learning that he likes to draw. and for extras, here’s an interview he did in the past

        • Ok he’s officially my new favorite actor. That drawing is fantastic and I love his style. I already really liked his portrayal of Jin, but now he’s attained a whole new level of awesomeness (at least in my mind). Thank you for sharing!

          • haha I left the link in an earlier post so I thought you know which drawing I was referring to =P but now you know. How can I not like him? Simply impossible right? This guy is so talented; I hope he will progress to be the leading man in the future!!

            About his drawing… i was so impressed by it. I mean, yes it’s kinda like self-portrait but it shows how creative he can be. He’s so meant to be in the artistic field (well i do consider some talents can be called “artists” =P)

            • Apparently I’m bad at managing my comments because I completely missed the link (which horrifies me…that was an important link to miss!!). That drawing reminds me of what he would look like if he was a character in a Charles Dickens novel (I’m not sure why really). I really wish that he had a website with all his artwork. He shouldn’t keep it to himself!

      • okay this is my last spazz about him but he used to play in a band too! i know i was really surprised when watching an award show performance to see him popped up in the background playing the drums.

  4. kee up the good work with your recaps! how awesome is it that on that judging sheet jaeyi wrote “eliminated – sings too prettily bleargh” 😀 danchoi is so cute in this squee

    • oooh, thank you!! I was going to translate that and include it, but I couldn’t read some of his writing and only knew that he said eliminated. Hopefully you don’t mind if I edit that into my recap 🙂

      • sure, include that in.. it was that screencap on your recap that prompted me to watch the ep on youtube just to properly read what he wrote and now I’m a fan. I never once found danchoi very charming in his previous projects but he really is in his element here (:

  5. Thanks for the recap.. I am waiting for more episode before I marathon it.
    Love the CYHMY MV.. it was such a great drama.. felt like crying just watching the mv… i might have to go back and watch it again…

    • It’s going to be a long wait since it’s only one episode per week! It’s probably a good idea though, since only watching one episode per week is tough too 😛

      Pretty much every time I se a CYHMH MV I want to watch it again. I haven’t yet since I’ll end up marathoning it and won’t do anything else for days, but it’s very hard to resist!

  6. Wow, the “piano scene” in EP 3 is … amazing. So much passion in 1 kiss between Daniel Choi & Ok Joo Hyun! I feel sorry for KSH, from seeing her kiss scenes in previous dramas she’ll never be able to live up to that. I wonder if she now feels enormous pressure. (LOL)

  7. I completely agree with discreet_addict. I love how you recap and think yours are the best ones I’ve read of the Musical. I keep coming to this site in anticipation of your next recap. You made my day when you posted this yesterday. 😀

    Your drawing is amazing. Seriously. How did you manage to do that in such a short amount of time. You picked the most complicated screenshot to draw! hahaha. But it’s still good. 😀 I envy how talented you are. I took a few classes in watercolor painting and can’t even get a simple scenery right. lol

    I watched the raw file again after reading your recap and it made so much more sense and I appreciated each scene more. So that’s what was happening!!! Since this episode had a lot of crucial plot details in their conversations it was kinda hard to decipher what was exactly happening even if the actors were good with expressing their emotions.

    2 more know musical numbers were present in this episode – Once Upon a Dream and Roxie! How exciting was that!!! 😀 I like how they don’t just blatantly place these songs in the scenes where they won’t fit. The writers have really done well in including bits and pieces of Musicals in The Musical. I found that scene where she was practicing Roxie extra Cute! GHS really does endearing/charming well. 😀

    I also loved how this show keeps us guessing and how even minor details that we tried to solve earlier like the Milk delivery at KH house or the Memory Loss of Jin’s real mother were correct! High Five fellow fans! We did good! haha. Btw your “You da Bomb!” comment was hilarious! haha.

    I loved the whole progression of this episode. I especially love JY in all his cute splendor. Everything he says to EB and the way he looks at her makes my heart flutter. Im looking forward to more of these precious moments. I also really want RK and YJ together but it’s still interesting to see how YJ and EB will play out. He’s just so intense.

    Even though I hate KH too OKJ does a fab job in playing her. I loved the last bit when she tears that sheet of paper. Now that’s what I call a true DIVA! I loved it!

    I agree GHS is really getting better and better as we progress. Even if they keep repeating the Gumiho song you can’t get tired of it. She has such a sweetness to her voice too thats soothing compared to the professionals. I can’t wait for the finale and really hope that they show the actual musical. I’m gonna go crazy if they don’t.

    Despite the ratings this show is da bomb! 😀 See you next week! Can’t wait for Ep5! Thanks for the recap.

    • Wow, thanks for all the compliments! And don’t be too discouraged by your watercolor class; watercolor is horrible to work with. That’s why I only do these quick sketches and don’t do any proper paintings with color mixing and lots of layers. The real deal requires way too much patience, and since mistakes are permanent I just end up mad 😛

      And yes! That was such a perfect diva moment when KH ripped the paper that it put a smile on my face. She’s a really fun actor to watch and I think it would be awesome to watch her in an actual musical.

      I think it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ll get to see a lot of the actual musical since this drama doesn’t skimp when it comes to singing scenes. I hope we get more original music for the OST too.

      The extended preview for ep 5 is great; you should check it out if you haven’t already.

    • aaaawwww…. 🙂 the musical drives me nuts! (i know its a long shot… but i keep wishing that they sprinkle a pinch of “Rent” or “Wicked” in a scene or two, haha!)

      links of the extended preview for episode 5, anyone? *blushes* ^^

      • oops, sorry, I missed the chance to link it in time :S Turns out the extended preview included episode 6 footage, so it was deceiving anyways. I think ep 6 will be epic though!

        • no biggie. 🙂
          “ep 6 will be epic” – i saw the preview… and my jaw dropped. the love triangles are officially on! ^^ epic indeed.
          when do they show extended previews? i’ll do anything for a quick fix of The Musical cravings *naughty grin* (the one-episode-per-week setup makes it even more addicting, haha!)
          thanks for everything, Fanderay! 🙂

          • It seems like the extended previews are not the norm. I keep stalking all the Koreans SBS channels, but they haven’t posted any new previews or BTS stuff. I really liked that BTS video of the piano scene, so hopefully we get more stuff like that!

  8. I like the picture. With such an interesting background I wonder about giving the figures even less definition even wash them out white to make them stand out against the background.

  9. Thank you for your recaps, and your thoughtful comments. I also love your drawings.This drama is so undervalued. At face value this drama seems light and entertaining, but it is so cleverly done and written. There are so many comtemplative moments and the dialogue is packed with subtle meanings. Being non-korean, I had to watch it a few times to catch them. All the music in it is great.

    • Agreed! I find all those quiet moments just as captivating as all the fast-paced moments in other dramas. I hardly ever feel like my emotions are being manipulated when I watch TheMU, but rather like I’m watching real people.

  10. Thanks for the recaps! Totally love this episode. I am confused about YJ’s feelings toward EB too…it seems he is still in love with his ex. Love your drawing and thanks for bring those mv over. I love the flow of this drama so far.

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