The Musical – Episode 5 Recap

I love this shot of Jin and Jae Yi facing off with Eun Bi between them; it feels like a symbol of what’s to come, and I can’t wait to see one of them loose their cool.  The tension between all of the characters is continuing to grow, and Kang Hee is most certainly following the mantra of keeping her friends close and her enemies closer (it made my skin crawl).  My anticipation and excitement is growing with every episode; isn’t it torture that we have to wait another whole week?

*Note:  If two of the small screenshots don’t fit side by side, make your browser window wider!

Here is a quick legend of the primary characters and the abbreviations I’ll be using.

Go Eun Bi - EB

Hong Jae Yi - JY

Yu Jin - Jin

Bae Kang Hee - KH

Seo Ra Kyeong - RK

Sa Bok Ja - B

Han Sang Won - SW

Gu Jak - GJ

Episode 5

And we’re back!  While the judges deliberate B is in the auditorium with EB, telling her that they still have to worry if she is chosen (for the the part).  The ever-naive EB asks about what, and B explains that Kang Hee still wants to get back together with JY.  EB is dubious, but B insists that she has seen a lot and that even though KH can’t openly show her feelings for JY (because of her marriage to SW) she definitely wants him back.  EB isn’t taking any of it very seriously (she stroke B’s head, who complains that it took her a long time to get her hair right) and B asks if EB thinks KH will leave her alone if she gets chosen?  EB muses that she’s not even JY’s girlfriend, but B just thinks that means that KH has the upper hand, and that KH could kill a person with a look. One of the guys then tells them that the results are out and B runs off with him to go see.

Jin walks in, and passes EB to go talk to the other singer.  He tells her that she worked hard and that they’re grateful, but that they’re sorry and hope to work with her in the future.  EB can’t hear, and assumes that the other girl got the part.  Jin then approaches EB and holds out his hand for her to shake (he doesn’t seem thrilled, although he did smile when he walked into the room).  He tells EB she won, and she asks why he’s telling her, with a look over her shoulder at the other contestant.  Jin doesn’t say anything, and JY watches from the back (aww).

KH is waiting for the other singer (Jeong Eun) with coffee, and they go for a chat.  Since Jeong Eun is a better singer KH starts to explain the situation, but Jeong Eun says she doesn’t need to and that she understands.  She says that EB is similar to KH, and that KH was even worse when she started out (haha, I love the incredulous look on KH’s face).  Jeong Eun goes on to say that even though she sang better, EB immersed herself in the role more. She herself just sang according to the music like a bird so she recognizes that she lost (fairly).  She then goes onto to say that even though her and KH started at the same place, KH has come further, and wonders how far KH thinks she will go.  KH says that she will keep pushing forward until she dies (KH sure is scary when it comes to ambition!).  Jeong Eun laughs and says that they (KH and EB) really are alike.

GJ and the gang are celebrating at his restaurant with impromptu jamming, and GJ making toasts (about this being an important moment in history, and to EB).  He finishes with a “hwaiting” for the musical and they all drink up.

Back at his apartment Jin is watching the interviews that were done by the contestants at the audition. RK wonders why he is watching before the editing is done, and he explains that he needs to make contracts  up, and that they will need to speak with the management companies of girls already under contract.  RK says that Jin must have a manual in his head, and that when he gets input instructions just come out in order (she makes a cute “dee dee dee” sound).  EB shows up on the tape, and RK notes that it’s “that person” EB, who won the audition.  She says that it left a deep impression, and when Jin asks “what did?” she explains that other people talked about the scale of the audition, the Amour fund, and their expectations, but that EB talked about the musical itself.  Jin watches EB’s interview, and EB is saying that it is difficult to express oneself as someone who will even die for love, but that that is part of the charm. She thinks that it would be like a lie if she didn’t fully immerse herself in the character.

Does it drive anyone else crazy that Jin always watches TV with a stretched aspect ratio?  Isn’t that something that only parents do?

GJ and gang are headed home (or out for more drinks) acting rowdy, while JY and EB trail behind.  JY keeps looking at EB, and she wonders why, but he just says that watching her is very interesting.  EB makes a face and complains that no longer how JY says it, it seems like her doesn’t see her as a person.  He asks what he sees her as then, and she says as a toy, or a hamster.  He says that she’s not like those things, but like a Maltese or a Chihuahua.  She complains that neither of those things aren’t people either, so he teases her by asking if she thought she was a person until now.  She makes fake sounds of annoyance, and he pulls her into a hug, saying that she did really well today, and that she looked cool up on stage.  She thanks him, and for once doesn’t seem uncomfortable!

EB is delivering milk once again, and we finally get to see what she writes!  She addresses it “seonbaenim” (senior/mentor) and basically says that she hopes today too will become a happy day.  Since SW’s heart isn’t frozen over he seems to think the message is cute, but KH doesn’t even smile. She gives the milk to her fluffy cat, and drinks organic herself (even though a singer should know not to drink dairy!!).  EB is either way nicer or way more naive than the majority of the population because I think most people would just be writing “I hope you get laryngitis” by this point.

SW starts to tell KH that he’ll be gone for a few days for a workshop, but she says that she’s going too. He seems surprised, and she just adds that she won’t go by bus.

We next see the musical team on said bus, headed to the workshop for the musical.  Almost everyone is singing, but JY only has eyes for EB (although we don’t get to see what they actually converse about).  B is sitting with Sang Mi wondering why KH is coming, and Sang Mi says that everyone goes, so why wouldn’t she.   Sang Mi thinks she wants to go for the singing practice and team building, but B informs her that she should just sleep since she doesn’t understand, because stars like KH would usually just show up in a pretty dress for the final party, after the work was all done.  Sang Mi asks if it’s really like that, and B just says “Mmm!” with a know-it-all smile on her face.

KH is in a car with RK, SW, and Jin.  RK has packed snacks for everyone (so cute!) and KH says RK is making her look bad (which poor RK almost takes seriously) and then says that she too has a mouth, but RK has prepared food for her too.  KH teases RK for acting self-conscious around her, when RK herself will be the wife of a big corporation. SW says that people are scared scared of KH’s arrival because she usually doesn’t go, but KH says that she has gone to these things hundreds of times before (When? 20 years ago?).  Jin thinks it’s good that KH is going because it will cause tension, which will have a positive effect.

We now meet assistant director Jang Ju Hyeok (hereafter “Jang”) who is introducing himself to the group and assigning room numbers.  JY asks GJ who Jang is, and GJ says that he is a third generation only son who insisted on joining the marines and now lives on next to nothing (I’m pretty sure that the amount is less than $100 usd a year…can that be right?) because he loves musical work.  Jang assigns B and EB room 304, which JY takes note of with a smile.

KH and and SW arrive in their room, and SW comments that he would never have gotten that kind of room if he came by himself.  They go out onto the balcony and watch the group playing on the grass below.  KH asks if she used to laugh like that, but SW says no, and that from a young age she laughed like a premadonna, elegant and high class.  She doesn’t think so, and he says that it was like she had a bubble around her head with writing that said no one could look down on her.  SW’s words seemed to have a cheering effect on KH, but then she sees JY and EB getting skinshippy while they play, and she walks inside with a sigh.

Jang is walking down the hall announcing that everyone has to meet in 30 minutes for practice, and that no practice means no meat at the barbecue later.  RK is walking past with a bag, and he stops her, worried that she’s carrying it, but she says that she’s fine and that she’s a worker too (it’s so cute that such a tough guy is worried about a little bag).  RK offers him a drink, and says that since he always has to talk loudly he must be thirsty.  He thanks her, and is clearly twitterpated (Why wouldn’t he be? RK is a total sweetie).

JY is lurking outside EB’s door, and nervously watches Jang walk past (who is announcing the same stuff as before).  He whisper-shouts for EB to open the door, and has brought coffee, but KH answers the door instead, and calls back to EB, asking if she too can drink together with them.  EB yells hello to JY from her headstand, and KH explains to JY that she told them about that yoga pose and they wanted to try it right away.  She invites JY in, and he looks extremely unhappy (not that we can blame him).

KH tells them that JY makes good coffee, and EB says that she doesn’t know about coffee but that it seems that way (which causes JY’s face to light up…adorable!).  KH says it’s good if EB doesn’t know since she doesn’t want to develop a coffee drinking habit.  She says that it’s bad for an actress to start anything addictive like alcohol, coffee, or cigarettes because they are bad for the body and also hard to quit.  B agrees with her, and says it’s just like those actresses who get stuck on one man (haha, B is awesome).  KH disagrees with B and thinks that sort of thing is good for an actress, and is even her special right.  She smiles (rather evilly imo) into her coffee cup and invites EB along to go warm-up their voices.  EB thanks JY for the coffee and happily follows KH out.  As soon as they leave B starts in with the maniacal laughter, and JY wants to know why.  She describes a certain Go-Stop scenario and asks if JY knows who will lose.  He asks who, and she says the person in the middle, and that the person on the sidelines will laugh like she is (her ridiculous laughter continues). She seems to be implying that JY is the one in the middle, stuck between two women.

JY is in the auditorium leading singing drills.  He asks everyone to partner up, and EB is about to partner up with B, but KH calls out and asks EB to join her (it catches literally everyone’s attention). KH tells EB to do the high part, and EB thinks she can’t do it, but KH says that’s why she needs to practice.  She adds that she’ll help her, and lines up her ears and chin properly.

They start singing, and Sang Mi elbows B, telling her that everyone has been misunderstanding KH, and that if  she had a teacher like KH guiding her she too would be able to succeed.  B says that if that’s the case, and that is the real KH, then why is her husband’s expression like that? She asks if his expression doesn’t make him look like someone waiting in his underpants for something to explode, but Sang Mi is just confused.   Meanwhile EB is struggling with the final high note of the harmony.

KH corrects EB’s posture some more, telling her to imagine someone pulling up on her hair, and they try again, followed by more instruction.  EB finally succeeds, and everyone applauds, although B, JY, and SW are not happy about the scenario.  Sang Mi takes the opportunity to basically say “I told you so” to B since KH wouldn’t go this far if she didn’t have good intentions.  B says that they don’t know KH’s true intentions, which makes her even scarier (I agree!  Her smiles are the creepiest).  Jin comments that things seems to be proceeding smoothly, and that KH is worthy of being a pro.  SW sighs agrees that she is a pro (but we viewers know that he means she is a pro manipulator).

Out at the barbecue KH is fussing over EB and feeding her (blech…goosebumps!) and JY sits grumpily while RK walks around taking photos.  KH asks RK to eat too, inviting her to sit, and tells Jin (teasingly) that he’s too cheap with the budget since he’s having RK take photos personally.  RK says she that likes to, and SW adds that he heard she used to work as a professional photographer.  RK denies that it was professional, but Jin brags that she has strong ability and had her own photo exhibit.  KH pets EB some more and tells her to eat up (Stop it!! Only JY gets to pet her!).  She asks what they’re doing after dinner, and GJ says that the actors will practice, but that he also wants to meet with SW (who wants Jin to meet with them too).  It sounds like they are going to make final budget decisions regarding the musical.  JY has had enough, and chugs half a glass of wine before leaving alone.

At practice EB is singing that gumiho song, and everyone seems to be enjoying the performance (note that they’ve officially added EB’s dramatic pause from the audition).  When she finishes everyone applauds, but KH tells her to wait a moment.  She asks if EB is feeling sad and desolate when she sings it, and suggests a different method, which she then exemplifies.  Her version is much more powerful and finishes on a high note (JY looks like he wants to punch something).

Rather than being annoyed, EB is full of admiration for KH, and thought she was great.  It’s JY’s turn to ask EB to wait a moment, and he reminds her of her analysis of the character, and how she came up with the idea to hesitate before confessing.  EB thinks that compared to her interpretation, KH’s way of thinking is much better (her naivety kills me) and KH adds that EB will be ok with practice and that she’ll help her.  She sort of makes it seem like JY is the bad guy here, and that he’s unfairly biased without having confidence in EB’s ability.

EB is trying to sleep, but she gets a text from JY calling her a dummy and asking how she can so easily give up on her interpretation as an actress.  EB asks what is wrong with learning from her teacher, and tells him to go sleep.  His next text addresses her as “you” and tells her to come out.  As EB gets up B lurches upright and sleep murmurs something about not being able to eat and bread.

EB opens the door, and they only manage to act grumpy towards each other for about two seconds before smiling.

They sit outside on well-placed bench, and JY plays notes on his piano app while telling EB not to act like a fool and become uncertain just because of something KH says.  EB takes the phone and sings that it’s not like that and to please believe her.  That makes JY laugh, and EB goes on to say that the day she entered colleg (March 4th) she saw her first musical, and the star was KH.  JY understands where she’s going with the conversation, and says that KH has awoken fire in the hearts of women all over the country.  EB agrees, and says that because of that fire she is here now, and that she has always wanted to learn from KH, sing with her, or even just stand on stage with her.  If she could just work with her once she would die with no complaints.  In the four years since she started feeling that way, she has been moved by every single one of KH’s performances just watching her on stage, and KH pretty much is musicals to her. Now KH is even teaching her and singing the same song after her.  JY interjects with “Go Eun Bi” but she continues that she hasn’t forgotten that she gotten this far because of him.  He grasps her hand, and tells her that he’s not sure how to explain it, but that her and KH are not at all the same.  EB agrees that of course they’re not, and that she’s like this… (she doesn’t get a chance to say much) but JY is frustrated and shouts that that’s not what he means (I think he’s annoyed that EB always assumes that she is inferior).  EB pulls her hand away, says good night, and literally runs away (personally I think she’s overreacting).

Jin sees EB running, as well as JY following behind her.  KH is watching as well, and both Jin and JY see her.  Jin hasn’t seemed tuned into all this drama previously, so hopefully he gets it now!

The next morning Jang is running the group as if they’re in the military while SW, GJ and Jin meet together (about the stage background and the budget, which has increased).  GJ is suprised by the dollar amount (~5.5 million) and Jin asks if he doesn’t have confidence. GJ says that although he feels pressure they don’t need to worry, and SW says something about the Amour Fund’s investment and how their musical could change how musicals are perceived in the future (regarding capital).   GJ agrees and says that if he had five lives he would bet them all on the musical.

Jin’s cousin Jae Joon (JJ) is meeting with a musical producer and asking him about an actress who can’t sing but dances well.  The producer doesn’t seem in the mood to play around, and JJ asks him what’s wrong.  The guy complains that even if he has a great plan he needs money to implement it, but JJ sarcastically says that he always has a great plan.  The man wonders if the Amour fund investors are able to stay calm with a newcomer in a lead role (JJ says that Jin is a smooth talker) and tells JJ that he will lose his status if Jin is successful.  To avoid putting them in a bad position, the producer thinks JJ should do something to mess with the musical (which shouldn’t be hard since the investors are already nervous).  Since other than Jin,only JJ has run a musical investment fund before, the implication is that if they oust Jin, JJ is in.  They smile, and JJ chatters away, saying that he should call that actress, the food is delicious, etc.

In the music hall everyone is listening to the score that JY wrote for the musical, and he explains that this is just a simple version, and that it will be performed by an orchestra (along with singing).  Everyone claps, and he heads backstage.

Jin is waiting for JY, and tells him how GJ said he would give up five lives for the musical.  JY says not to worry since GJ has nothing else to offer, and Jin asks JY what he would bet, if not his life?  This is the moment that Jin steps away from the wall, and we see them standing with EB between them in the background (my opening screenshot).  It feels like the drama’s way of asking whether JY would give up EB.  JY asks Jin what he’s saying, and whether he should be expected to give up his life.  Jin explains that he himself is responsible for investment and results,  and that to meet his objectives he could throw away his pride, humanity and status, but that there are people who want something without wanting to lose any of those things.   JY laughs humorously and asks if Jin won’t just say what his problem is.  Jin replies that he has bet everything on JY’s talent, and that there is no way to guarantee or predict success.  As such, he hopes that JY will increase his focus on working, instead of showing special interest in one person (Jin has a point, but didn’t he expect this, given that JY only joined the production because of EB?).

KH is being interviewed/recorded by RK, and is talking about how actors must bring their character to life, etc.  She says that it’s a bit sad that even the most talented actors still have to depend on who is choen(this seems like a dig at EB, who of course just looks enamored with KH as usual).  RK compliments her last sentence, and KH says that interviews are also a part of an actor’s work, and that EB needs to be careful because an interviewer will often say that the recording is finished, but it is the stuff that’s said after that gets publicized.  She adds that her marriage was reported in that manner.  RK asks if she should do EB’s interview there, but KH says that her first interview should have a better atmosphere, and that EB needs to prepare first.

Our four main men are meeting again, and discussing the music and effects for a certain scene (where the gumiho protagonist Do Hwa feels love and turns into a fox). Just then EB walks in, done up in heels and a dress.   Everyone is going crazy, and GJ joins in, shouting that she really is Do Hwa.

Upstairs SW tells EB that she looks much different with makeup, and EB explains that KH told her to always be ready for the camera (KH did it all herself).  RK adds that KH suggested the location, and GJ says how wonderful and considerate KH is, and that EB must be sucking out all her love.  RK asks if they should start, and EB happily agrees while JY watches unhappily from below.

We next see JY with KH (looks like he tracked her down immediately).  KH is repeating his question back to him, of why she is truly being so good to EB.  She answers that her first objective was met when he came here to look for her.  She adds that EB wants to become a musical actress, and follows JY in order to pursue that dream.  JY asks if KH wants to replace him, and she says that the more time EB spends with her the more she will understand how KH feels about JY and the past time they’ve spend together.  JY adds that EB’s time with him will also be shortened, so she asks if he just wanted to spend time with EB, and not see her become an actress.  She says that she KH (the woman EB wanted to meet so badly) will help her, and that if JY takes such an opportunity away from EB, it must mean that he didn’t see her as someone with real potential, and instead wanted to use his status as a composer to win her over (oh you wily women; you know that isn’t the case but you’re making him feel guilty so he’ll play right into your hands) .

Back at the interview RK is asking EB if there is a specific reason she attended medical school.  EB explains that her grandmother is like a mom to her, but has bad lungs, so she wanted to become a doctor to cure her.  RK asks if the grandma knows that EB is here, and EB gets rather emotional while telling RK that when her father called her back home, her grandma took her to the station and told her that by the time she graduates and finds a cure, she will be over 80.  She told EB that if she dies before then that it was just her destiny, and that she would prefer to see EB become a musical actress (and live for herself).  EB says she is there now because of her Grandma’s support, and Jin suddenly interjects to RK that they should have enough now(RK is surprised, but agrees).  Jin watched that whole part of the interview rather cynically, although it also seems like he was slightly moved by it, and was starting to have a hard time listening.   He asks RK to go drink coffee, and she tells him to go ahead while she cleans up.

EB chases after Jin and he tells her she has a workshop soon.  She says he has a reason to hate (her), and when he asks who, she says “me”.  She says that now that she thinks of it, she probably looked stupid and unqualified to him.  He laughs and asks if that’s so, and she explains that she suggested the audition to convince herself as well as people like him.  He agrees that what she did was great, so she asks why he still hates her.  He in turns asks why she thinks he does (hate her) and says that he doesn’t. He cleverly turns the situation around and asks if she has an issue where she needs everyone around her to like her or something.   She denies it, and reiterates that she just had a feeling that he hated her. He asks if he seems like the type of person to show love or hate for someone at work (clever clever…it’s true that she’s an exception) and they agree that it was just EB’s incorrect assumption.  RK was listening in on the conversation, and seems more concerned than anything.

Back in their room RK sits down and tells Jin that EB is like his father, and that’s why he’s angry.  RK tells him that she was always reminded of someone when she saw EB, and realized who when she kept seeing Jin act vulnerable like that.  He asks if he acted like that, and she says that like he said (to EB) he’s not the type to show that side of him, even to her.    She thinks that even Jin himself is surprised by it, which causes him to act even colder or friendlier.  Jin muses that EB really is strange, and that she even made KH change course and got RK confused.  RK asks if she is confused, and he says (rather firmly) that she is, and to not be (confused) since it’s not worth it.  RK says that EB smiles easily and attracts those around her, while not caring what anyone thinks once she has decided upon something. Jin says that EB is a pest to those around her and pretends to be diligent and honest while only caring about what she wants to do.  He adds that in that way, “they” are alike (EB and his dad).  RK asks if that’s why he’s angry, and he asks if he has ever gotten angry over his father before.  He again tells RK not to be confused and that it’s not worth it.  I think it’s pretty clear that RK nailed it, and I bet he’s venting his anger on EB because he’s never openly acted angry about his father.

The group is outside playing on a trampoline, and Jin watches, although he is actually remembering his childhood (oh my goodness, so heart-wrenching when the sad music cues up and the flashback begins).  In the flashback little Jin is happily waving waving to his dad, who is approaching on a jet ski. The mother is saying that they have to get back since Father (who we know as Jin’s grandpa) is waiting. The dad wants to give Jin a ride, but the mom thinks he’s played enough.  It’s the dad’s last day of vacation after working for 3 months straight, but the mom just reiterates that his father is waiting.  The dad tells Jin to come with him, and doesn’t listen to the mom, telling her that he’ll come back tomorrow.  He asks Jin what he wants to do, and Jin wants to go with the dad.

Meanwhile RK has been trying to get Jin’s attention in the present, and asks him what he was thinking about once he snaps out of it.  He just says it was nothing and walks past her.

Jin’s grandpa is meeting with the uncle and and some other people (investors I’m guessing).  They are discussing the uncle’s investment suggestions, and after hearing what he has to say, the grandpa asks if the uncle wants to invest in China based on his relationship with just one man (the man could die, get sick, or be thrown out by a superior).  The grandpa says that the uncle is ignoring research and the economy, and asks if that makes sense.  He thinks that the uncle has been too heavily influenced by one employee, and that he’s not acting like a CEO.  The grandpa gives him two days to come up with a new investment plan,  but the uncle complains that he can’t think like a CEO when he’s not treated like one.  The grandpa is always just testing him, and the uncle feels like he’s a doctor that needs to do surgery, but isn’t allowed in the operating room.  The grandpa points out that surgery can kill someone if precautions aren’t taken, but the uncle asks if the grandfather is just stalling for time and says that Jin’s father isn’t coming back.  The conversation turns to JJ, and the grandpa says that JJ hasn’t been raised properly and that he’s been coddled, but the uncle argues that job experience makes the person.  The grandpa then accuses the uncle of overlooking things because JJ is his child, but he uncle then retorts that it is the grandpa who overlooking his child (referring to himself).

Jin, SW and GJ are wrapping things up, and commenting on all the changes they’ve made as a result of the workshop (they seem very satisfied).  Jang comes in and tells them that a fun game is going on, and that they’re wanted outside, so they say that they’ll go.

The group is playing a game where one person is stuck on the outside of a circle, and has to break through to the inside (as explained by Jang).  The three men are watching along with a fourth guy (the one who organized it perhaps?) and he explains that though it looks simple it helps with teamwork and group dynamics.  He gives an example of a class president in middle school who couldn’t get in for 3 days because she was resented for being smart and pretty, but eventually she cried and everyone forgave her and let her in.

Back at the circle KH volunteers to go, and no one lets her in (I love that she tries JY first and gets shot down).  The guy tells the other men not to worry because people that are respected get let in quickly, but SW looks a bit worried.  Of course EB lets KH through, and then it’s her turn.

B is yelling for no one to let EB through (the atmosphere seems more fun now) and when EB tries to get past KH she gets shoved back to the ground rather roughly.  EB takes it with a smile, although KH looks a little bit self conscious (I don’t think she was intending to be so transparent).  EB gets through via B, and the guy is still talking to the three men, telling them that actions speak louder than words and that actions don’t lie.  Meanwhile the game gets pretty rowdy, and…what? RK gets knocked into the fire??? Jin looks stunned, and EB rushes forward to help.  The end!

I’m not going to translate, but doesn’t the preview look epic?


SW was spot on when he called KH a pro.  Not many second leads are so masterful at manipulation, and her “kindness” is so much creepier than any outright confrontation.  She is completely abusing EB’s love for her, and is accomplishing many things at once.  Under the guise of being helpful she is actually setting EB up to fail, and I’m sure she’s hoping that her high standards will eventually cause EB to quit.  She is also replacing JY with herself while gradually turning EB against JY by making it seem like he has no faith in EB.  On top of that, she is trying to mold EB into a person that JY wouldn’t love.  KH knows that JY loved the old KH (who we know was a lot like EB).  If she can make EB more like her current self (it starts with hair and makeup!) then EB will no longer have an advantage over KH.  Meanwhile EB is unable to compete with KH or stand up to her because her naive-fangirliness has completely blinded her.  Even JY can’t do much because he will just be accused of not caring about EB or the musical’s welfare.  Bravo KH!  I can’t wait to see you fail.

As per usual, I found Jin’s character very interesting this episode.  RK confirmed what many of us were thinking (despite his denial) and I thought the flashback added a bit of color to his past.  I think it’s noteworthy that his memory was about his dad wanting to have fun and play, and Jin wanting to go with him.  Even though Jin is resentful of EB’s similarities to his father, I think he also yearns to be like her, and “choose fun” again, like when he was little.  Back when he was a kid his father wanted to skip work to play with him, and now his father is seemingly skipping work to play without him.  Isn’t that heartbreaking?  I wish Jin knew about his mother’s illness so that he could at least understand his abandonment, and I certainly don’t blame him for having major issues with his parents.  I hope he finds out the truth soon, although I’m sure that will make the situation worse before it gets better.

My hope for future episodes is that EB clues into something soon, whether it’s KH’s true intentions, JY’s feelings, or her own self worth.  It looks like Jin is going to come to terms with EB next episode, so maybe he will help her along on the path to enlightenment 😛


I’ve made the official HD SBS youtube videos into a playlist here.  

Thanks again to Cheerkoo in the GHS soompi thread for her most excellent translations.

Part 2 of the OST was released this week: My Man by Beige.  Beige?  Why would you ever choose Beige as a name?

Video of the day is a Heaven’s Postman MV.  It’s not the greatest movie, but it’s soooooo pretty (the colors in this vid are unfortunately a bit muted, but at least the whole thing hasn’t been filtered to death).  Credit to ChiaKairi (good song choice!)

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  1. Thank you for posting this much earlier than I expected. I agree, EB better come to her senses soon (oh well, we are at the mercy of the scriptwriter…sigh).
    I was just stalking PKW via YT and found a younger and funny PKW in My Tutor Friend 2 movie with Lee Chung Ah. He is a really good actor be it in dramas or comedies.

    • Oooh, so is that movie decent? Or is PKW the only good part? I discovered that movie a few days ago when I was trying to find more of his drawings, but I was worried it might be terrible since it’s a sequel. Not that it really matters since I’ll watch it anyways 😛

      • I watched it a few years back when I only knew of LCA but found PKW so cute and funny and a very convincing actor. His part was really challenging so you will like it. It’s not a “flat” character but a “round” one and he nailed it, IMO.

        Enjoy watching it. They even made an MV where they role-played the Winter Sonata actors and PKW was really gorgeous.

  2. You made my day posting this. Thanks so much! I really love your reviews and your recaps are highly anticipated just as much as the subtitle releases. haha. I hope despite your busy schedules to come you still won’t give up on recapping the Musical even if they’re a bit delayed I really don’t mind. 😀 😀 😀

    “Kang Hee is most certainly following the mantra of keeping her friends close and her enemies closer (it made my skin crawl)” — OMG!This was exactly what I was thinking during the ENTIRE episode. You took the words right out of my mind. 😀

    “EB is either way nicer or way more naive than the majority of the population because I think most people would just be writing “I hope you get laryngitis” by this point.” — You are really funny! I burst out laughing at this! hahahaha.

    Ok that’s all the comments I can post for now as I have to get back to work but couldn’t resist not posting right away. 😀 I’ll continue to read the rest at home. Thanks again for your hardwork and dedication!

    • Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep posting the recaps, although I can’t promise that they’ll always be as thorough or have as many screencaps. I’ll be doing some of them on a tiny netbook, which I’m sure will drive me crazy, but it would drive me MORE crazy not to post anything 😛

      Thanks for taking the time out to comment btw!

  3. Thanks for the recap. I’m regularly checking in because your recaps are awesome. I’m loving TM. IMO, it’s one of the better Kdramas I’ve seen in 2011. Thanks again! 🙂

  4. thank you soo much for recapping takes me three tries just to understand whats being said when theres no subs.even though even with no subs kang hee manages to creep me out with her kiindness.

  5. I enjoyed reading your recaps and insight especially into Kang Hee’s actions. Thank you.This drama is cleverly written.I like how each episode add more to the plot and at the same time we see more how musical productions are set up. It continue to be entertaining as well. Does anyone here also enjoy listening to the background music and also the little additions of music at the camp? Love this drama!

  6. 5 thoughts from a silly fan:

    1. The Musical is like a bunch of happy pills, and your recap makes us even happier campers… 🙂

    2. Kdrama gods are big fans of love triangles (it gets me every single time! ^^), and i can’t wait to see how the show will put a spin on this emotional tug o’ war…

    3. the preview for episode 6 is one of the reasons why a time machine is on my Christmas wish list. *Friday, come quick!*

    4. i know (in my not-so-discreet korean drama addict’s heart) that JY will end up with EB… but i’m pretty sure that Jin’s gonna put up a satisfying fight–enough to give me a run for my money. 🙂

    5. the anticipation is killing me. *giddy*

    • The anticipation is driving me crazy too! I find this drama less predictable than usual, which makes me more impatient. I keep going back and forth on whether I think Jin will pursue EB or not. I wonder if it will be like Coffee Prince where he wavers slightly, but it’s not too serious?

      Poor Jin already has so much going on that it’s hard to believe that he has time for a love life! I think his cousin is going to make things even more complicated soon 😦

  7. Ahaha! I was thinking of finding a time machine too back when it was still Episode #2 ’cause the waiting was killing me. Glad to know I’m not alone and here’s hoping that someone will really make one so our Christmas will be one of the best. Lol.

    • this show makes time travelling a MUST 🙂
      (or better yet, we can ask Santa to give us 2 [maybe 3? 4? 5?] servings of The Musical each week! ^^)

      wanderingkutsara, you are not alone *wink*… somewhere in the islands of the Philippines, a certain discreet_addict is (1) watching raw episodes, (2) waiting for the recaps, and (3) downloading the latest subs, haha!

      the remaining 11 episodes will be a roller coaster ride. c”,)

      • OMO! I came back to this page to check for new recaps and read your reply…what was so extraordinary about your reply was that yesterday right after watching epi #6 RAW, I posted at TheMu soompi thread that I had an hour of a roller-coaster ride emotionally and that I was anticipating, patiently ofc, for the recaps, reviews, and Eng subs. OMO! I could have have taken your words and reposted them under my username…lol.
        Must be an invisible Filipino vibe or more likely a k-addict vibe…lol.

          • “Must be an invisible Filipino vibe or more likely a k-addict vibe” 🙂 — an addicting combination of both. ^^

            wanderingkutsara | hyesun4lyf, lets enjoy the ride! *prays for a faster Friday*

  8. Wonderful recap! It’s amazing how each episode just keeps getting better and better. Watching this episode with KH being sooo nice to EB made my skin crawls too…I couldn’t help imagining KH evil laughs behind the fake smile!

  9. Freeeeee, nice to know your blog here sist. can’t wait for episode 6 for THE MUSICAL, hope RK will be okay , i’m currious bout Yoo Jin intention for Eun Bi could be he using her for his ambitious and i hate Kang Hee so badly , he always seduce Hong Jae whenever she can,ckckckckkkkkkk

  10. I’m so happy someone is recapping this. I’m dying waiting for subs. I watched the raw video not knowing any korean because I was just too excited to watch this drama. =)

    The episodes are just getting better and better. So much tension… also its pretty unpredictable. My mind is going in a million different directions. I like how every character’s story is moving forward. It doesn’t feel stagnant or like there’s filler or fluff. I’m soooooo excited for Friday. I hope this drama gets some good ratings. I think it deserves it. I think having the drama air only 1 episode a week increases the anticipation. It makes me more excited for each week. It makes me want more.

    I seriously just want KH to stop. Its scary, creepy, and frustrating. I know its important for the story and I admit she’s playing the character wonderfully, but the evilness freaks me out. I get the shivers just thinking about it. Also, I don’t feel like I’ve had enough cute moments with KY and EB yet. The cute moments make me smile so much. I want to watch more of those before the creepy lady tries more evil tricks to split them up. =S ….and I totally agree that I want EB to wake up a little. And either one of those choices you said would be nice.

    I just wanted to write a simple thanks for recapping this drama but my mind exploded and it turned into something else. Anyways, THANKS!! YOU’RE AWESOME!! =)

  11. I’m happy to find your blog also. I am currently reading both Dramabean and Kolorfulpalette recaps for this drama. I like both of the recaps, more insight :D. But I wonder why do you did not mention the assistant director in the recap because his feeling and actions toward RK is part of the whole thing of “actions speak louder than words” and contrast to Jin’s. I also noticed that you didn’t elaborate the ending scene which is about the idea of how actions of each character can speak of what is truly inside their hearts better than their words. Already watched ep. 06 without translation and I even like it more than ep. 05. The drama is attractive because of the depth of these characters and their layers are slowly taking out through each episode. 🙂 Thank you for your recaps. Enjoy reading them!

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