Protect the Boss – Episode 18

I actually drew this quite a few days ago, but didn’t get a chance to scan and post it until now.  I loved these “photos” and couldn’t help but paint one, even though the colors made this scene a bad choice for a watercolor.  I wish I had a painting I was happy with to commemorate the ending of such a great show, but I’m sure this isn’t the last time I’ll draw PTB.

I have pages of notes on this drama and all its great characters, but I’m short on time and in the midst of recapping TheMU, so I am going to skip any diagnosis and discussion for now (I’m afraid I would go on forever). I do have to say that of all the dramas I’ve watched PTB featured the most enjoyable group dymanic including all four leads that I have ever had the pleasure to watch (except maybe SKKS, but that doesn’t count since their foursome didn’t include a female second lead).  This drama gave us something new and fresh, and I hope that kdramaland has taken note that evil characters aren’t needed to make for a compelling story.

Even though I’m not going to say anymore, here are some of my favorite shots  from the last episode. Other than the first image it’s chronological (no matter how I change the gallery code, that image insists on being on top :S).

I was planning to do a PTB MV for my video of the day, but I can’t find any new ones that I like! I thought for sure there would be some MVs encompassing all four characters and including all the episodes, but I was wrong 😦  Instead I will post a Princess’ Man MV since it just ended too.  I haven’t watched the last few episodes yet, so this is a non-spoilery video.  Credit to Snowcedarplanes!


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