The Musical – Episode 6 Recap

I chose this as the introductory screenshot because it’s the closest I could get to representing all seven characters entrenched in the musical love “triangle”.  Besides the four in the car, JY and KH are both calling EB throughout drive, so only the Director is left out (but he’s probably sadly drinking three coffees alone).  It’s amazing that this drama has established so many relationships in only six episodes, and it works!

I apologize in advance for the screenshots in this recap.  Throughout some scenes every single frame was blurry and I had a hard time getting good images.  In other scenes I took a ton of screenshots because I couldn’t bear to leave anything out.  This episode was all about the emotional connections between our seven (seven!) romantically-involved characters, and I felt that all the little looks and quiet moments were important.  I tried to restrain myself as much as possible, but please bear with me 🙂

Here is a quick legend of the primary characters and the abbreviations I’ll be using.

Go Eun Bi - EB

Hong Jae Yi - JY

Yu Jin - Jin

Bae Kang Hee - KH

Seo Ra Kyeong - RK

Sa Bok Ja - B

Han Sang Won - SW

Gu Jak - GJ

Episode 6

RK is on fire! EB races to the rescue and smothers the flames with Jang a step behind her.  Jang picks her up as a stunned looking Jin arrives (he was further away since he wasn’t part of the circle) and the three of them rush off with RK.  SW tells everyone to calm down and go for now.

EB leads the other three into a room and when RK says she’s fine EB tells her she’s not, and to bear with her.   EB runs RK’s arm under cold water, and RK thanks Jang (aww).  Jin just looks worried and helpless.  EB calls one of her sunbaes and learns the name of a nearby hospital that employs another one of her sunbaes.  Jang runs to get the car, and the other three men arrive (SW/GJ/JY).

SW asks RK if she’s ok, and she says that she is and apologizes (most apologetic rich girl in a drama ever!).  SW tells her that she shouldn’t be sorry, and EB says they need to go quickly so RK doesn’t get a scar.  EB ask SW to get some ointment, and GJ to get a towel and ice.  EB puts RK’s arm under water again (she shouldn’t have stopped!!) and JY smiles while he watches.

EB, Jang, RK and Jin leave for the hospital.  As JY heads back inside KH comments that EB really is a med student, and that she would make a good pediatrician.  She wants to talk for a bit (that stops him in his tracks) and she asks if it’s not natural for a composer and the lead actress to discuss the musical. He says okay and and suggests meeting where they usually do, but she says no and wants to meet in her room.    JY says he’ll get ready and come over, so he leaves.  KH sees that SW had been watching the exchange (along with GJ) but it doesn’t phase her.

The other four are now at the hospital, and RK is receiving further treatment.  The  doctor (EB’s sunbae) praises EB’s treatment, particularly since she has been on a long leave.  He adds that a professor even called him about EB’s leave (EB is polite but doesn’t seem pleased to hear it) and the doctor then asks Jin if EB is doing well in the musical.  He says that if she isn’t great they should kick her out since her sunbaes and professors had high hopes for her (EB is very embarrassed by all this and wants him to stop). The doctor says that the treatment went well due to EB’s pre-treatment, and asks the others to leave since RK is shocked and needs to rest.  Jin says that they’ll leave RK in the doctor’s care then, and he grasps RK’s hand briefly and tells her to rest (she clearly wants him to hold on longer!).  Jang adjusts her hospital bed, and leaves her his cell phone so she can call if she needs anything.  He asks if the height of the bed is alright, and notes her burnt sweater as he leaves (what a sweetie!).

Jang tells Jin that he’s leaving briefly, and EB sits down with drinks for herself and Jin.  She comments that he must’ve been shocked, and he says that she must’ve been an excellent student, at the level of a medical resident.  She awkwardly laughs and admits that she studied well.  I don’t doubt her intelligence, but why is everyone so impressed?  Don’t most people know basic burn treatment? Her calmness throughout was admirable, but everything else involved was so basic!

JY goes to GJ’s room, and says that since KH wanted to talk, he thought GJ should go with him.  GJ is ready and raring to go, but SW stops him and says that he wants to discuss some things with him.  GJ sits back down and JY leaves, but SW just wants to get to know GJ better, so GJ tells him funny military stories (SW clearly just wanted JY to go alone.)

Outside KH’s room JY hesitates and turns to leave, but KH opens the door and asks him what he’s doing, then tells him to come in.

GJ is continuing his funny stories, and SW is laughing, but he laughing a little too hard and looks like he’s at his breaking point.  I’m not really sure what he can do about KH at this point, other than build a time machine and not marry her.

Back at the hospital EB is telling Jin that she wanted to become a doctor to help her grandma.  Jin asks if the grandmother’s condition is still bad, and EB replies that she’s still very strong and energetic, and even drives well.  She tells Jin about the time she was supposed to meet JY at the station (episode 2) and how she wasn’t going to make it, so the grandma drove her and EB had never known she could drive like that.  Jin smiles and asks if it was like she was as fast as a bullet.  EB says yes with a laugh and adds that her grandma is her biggest supporter.  Jin is studying EB quietly, so she asks him why, and he nervously asks if EB’s mother passed away.  EB tells him that her mother disappeared one day (with the big smile that seems to be her go-to defense mechanism) and that her grandma raised her since then.  I soooo didn’t think that EB’s mom was alive.  The plot thickens!

The grandma is meanwhile sitting with Jin’s father, who is deleting a virus off her computer, and telling her how to avoid getting a virus in the future (although he says that if she comes over often he’ll do it for her).  She asks if they are going to stay there permanently (in Dae Gu) and he says that he isn’t sure.  She asks if the girl from before (RK) is his son’s fiance, and if his son doesn’t know yet (about the mother’s illness).  He says that’s the case, so she tells him that parents have limited time with their children and that it would be better to tell Jin the truth to avoid resentment later.  Jin’s father says that he ready to deal with any resentment, and that he doesn’t want to keep Jin from nurturing his ability and talent.  The grandma asks if that would actually happen if the truth was known, and the father says it would.  The grandma tuts over what a bad situation it is, and the dad says that Jin grew up in family where such things happen all the time.

Back at the hospital Jin asks EB is going to forgive her mother, even though she suddenly left.  EB says that rather than forgiving, she chose to see her mother differently, and view her as a person who tolerated and dealt with her life as long as she could endure before leaving.  She thinks that she tried her hardest, and that one day she just couldn’t take it anymore.  Jin comments that EB must be a good person (since he is bitter towards his own family) and she asks if he is not on good terms with his own parents.  Jin flashes back to the day of his “abandonment” and omo omo!! Look at how adorkably nerdy he is!!  It cracks me up and I love it.

In the flashback Jin is furiously telling his dad that they should at least wait until he is finished school, and asks to talk to the mother instead.  The dad is about to turn him down, but the mom takes the phone and tells Jin that it’s her.  Jin tells her that she needs to convince the dad, and that if they leave like this, don’t they know what will happen with the grandfather?  His tone has gone from angry to desperate and pleading. The mom tells Jin that she’s sorry and for him to not think of anything until he finishes his studies.  She adds that he is an adult, and begs for his forgiveness before hanging up.  Jin calls out “mom” and tries to call back without any luck.  So sad!!

Back in the present day Jin just tells EB that he recognizes that he has parents who exist in the world (which is a harsh way of saying that their existence is all that he recognizes).

In her hotel room KH is discussing the musical with JY.  She leans over onto his shoulder and asks if he remembers their dreams, and says that she hasn’t forgotten a thing.  He tells her that he remembers her being the one to abandon their dreams, but she says that he is the one who left her.  HJ then stands up and says that she was the one who chose not to leave with him (complicated!) so she replies that he made a choice to go along with her decision, and that his choice didn’t necessarily follow what his heart was feeling.  She gets back in his face (all seductive-like) and adds that her feelings haven’t changed, and that she has never given up on him.

Back at the hospital EB is asking Jin about Dae Gu, and he says that yes, his parents live there.  She tells him she was born in Dae Gu and asks what his parents are doing there.  JY explains how his father always wanted to be a painter, and EB asks if he has never gone to see them.  He says he hasn’t, so she asks why and he says that his grandpa made him promise not to, although he isn’t sure why. Flashback time again!  Looks like it occurs on the same day as other flashback since Jin is wearing the same outfit.

In the flashback the grandpa tells Jin that he won’t see the dad even if he comes back.  Since the father has abandoned him, the grandpa will do the same and disown the father, but that doesn’t mean that he will disown Jin.  He asks Jin if he can promise to stay by his side, but Jin says that his dad will come back, and to please give him time.  The grandpa is scary mad and asks if Jin knows how many employees the dad was responsible for.  Including their families it was over 40,000, and he thinks that running a business should mean committing to those people.  He tells Jin that if he stays he will pay for his education and help him work, with the condition that he never sees his father.  We don’t see Jin answer, but we know what his decision was (I’m guessing it was a hard choice to make, even though he was feeling betrayed that day).

In the present day Jin has just finished telling EB that story, and she is looking at him skeptically, which makes him smile.  He says that she’s probably thinking about what kind of family he has that would act that way, or that he is lying, so she asks if it’s really true.  He confirms it and says that it was the deal he made with his grandfather, and she asks if his family is playing some kind of poker.  Jin half-chokes on his drink and she tells him to go meet his parents secretly and just not tell the grandpa. This makes Jin all smiley, and he asks if she means like lying about taking a leave from school?  EB clasps her hands over her chest and tells him that he’s making her seem like someone with serious moral problems, so he teasingly says “seem like?” They both laugh together, and of course this is just when RK arrives.

The doctor explains to EB that RK can leave now, and gives her some meds (she thanks him).  Jin asks RK if she is alright, but he is immediately one-upped when Jang arrives with a new sweater.  He says that he couldn’t find anything better, and she tells him that he didn’t need to do such a thing.  Jin thanks Jang, and RK follows suit.  Jin smiles at EB who holds up the meds, and poor RK notices their smiley exchange.  Cue sad music!

Back to JY, who once again is doing his best to deal with KH’s inappropriateness.  She is sitting with her hands on his thigh and telling him that he is lying if he says he’s forgotten about her, and that they could never forget each other.  He tells her that she ended such a relationship, but she says that that they can start again and that since she never broke it up, it’s up to him to restart (it’s creepy that even when she chose to marry SW, she wanted to stay together).  She starts to talk about the fact that he came back, but he says he came back because he moved on.  She reminds him that they said they would never forget, and asks if he tells himself in his mind that he’s moved on, if that means it’s true. He pulls his hand away from her and tells her that when she let go of his hand (figuratively, all those years ago) he wondered for several months how she could’ve done such a thing, but that he knows now that it’s possible to move on, and she let go of his hand.  She says his name, but he says hers right back and starts to talk about EB and himself (he pretty much just gets out their names).

As soon as KH hears EB’s name her panic explodes, and she lunges in to kiss to JY.  He manages to lean back and block her with his leg, and tells her that he doesn’t want to push her away (physically) and that she must first…(back off).  She asks him if she thinks he can push her away, and he says he thinks he can, even now.  KH stands up, so JY collects himself and leaves immediately (he looks like he would run if he wasn’t feeling so jittery).  This scene made me want to jump up and cheer for JY.  Even though it was a struggle, he once again didn’t give in to KH’s shallow attempts at seduction.  I guess she has nothing else to win him over with!

KH watches JY go rather sadly (does defeat taste bitter to you KH?) and out in the hallway JY crosses paths with SW.  SW asks if they are done talking and tells him to drink the coffee he brought before he goes, but JY says no thank you and takes the elevator.

SW goes back to the room and mentions aloud (assuming that KH is listening) that they finished faster than he expected, and that he brought coffee.  While he stands there he imagines JY and KH making out on the couch.  It’s interesting that he thought JY would stay longer and that he also imagined them kissing.  Was he trying to catch them? KH comes in from the balcony, which makes him brighten slightly (so sad) and he asks if she wants to drink coffee.  She says no and rudely brushes past, clomping out the door.  SW’s face darkens again, and he immediately calls up Frank.  He tells Frank that his conditions for Count Monty (pretty sure they’re talking about the Count of Monte Cristo) are too good to refuse.

KH and JY both call EB at the same time, but KH wins (she never stops, does she?).  EB tells her that they’re on the way back, and they agree to meet as soon as she arrives.   EB tells KH that RK didn’t need to be hospitalized (I guess KH is pretending to care) and while EB acts all fangirly and giddy, Jin smiles at her antics from the backseat.  Meanwhile JY is calling repeatedly, but getting forwarded to voicemail (KH sees his silhouette pacing through his curtains, and smirks a little since she knows she is foiling him).  Once EB hangs up Jang tells her (nicely) that it’s rude to make long phone calls in the car, and she apologies and says it’s hard to hang up when talking to KH.

Jin comments that EB must not be scared of KH anymore since she talks with her so easily, and RK turns to study his face, probably noting how easily he talks with EB.  EB explains that KH has been so nice to her at the workshop that her fear has gotten better, and one of JY’s calls finally gets through. She tells him that she’ll call him back later and hangs up.  In the back RK reaches out and places her hand on top of Jin’s (this feels like a test of he feelings) but he flips his hand around and intertwines their fingers with a smile (so cute!).  EB gets a text from JY saying that they should talk when she gets back, and she looks a little bit conflicted.  Stay away from the dark side EB! KH will ensnare you with her voodoo mind tricks!

KH isn’t the only schemer, and Jin’s cousin JJ is entertaining  a couple investors while trying to casually discredit Jin.  He asks them how Jin can invest so much while using a new actress, but one of them says he heard that KH is the lead.  The other investor chimes in that if Jin made the decision, there must’ve been a good reason for it, and that he’s done well until now (I guess Jin has been successfully proving himself!).  JJ is at least smart enough to see that he’s floundering, so he changes the subject and has them drink up.

The four in the car have arrived back at the workshop, so EB says bye to Jang (who is still in the car) and tells RK and Jin that she will leave first.  Once EB is gone RK mentions that Jin is talking more easily with EB (he smiles and ask if that’s so) and she adds that she’s relieved since she was worried about him not liking her (that is not the face of a relieved person RK!).  Jin admits that he misunderstood her, and suggests that they go.

EB is on the phone with KH (telling her that she’s on her way) and she gets a call from JY, which she declines (hmm…how come before he got forwarded to voicemail, but now she has call waiting?).  JY is in his room looking very depressed, but I don’t even mind because the lighting is so pretty!

EB awkwardly sits with KH, and KH immediately makes it more awkward by asking if EB sat here the previous night with JY.  EB stammers that they were talking about the production and then other things, so KH blatantly asks, “Because of me?”  EB says yes without thinking and then quickly shuts her mouth and looks away, but KH just laughs and says that EB must not be the type who can lie well.  KH turns serious and says EB’s name,  and EB says “yes?”  Scene cut!

Elsewhere on the property people are setting up a big shindig, while GJ samples some food.  Jang approaches GJ and tells him that he’ll go buy 100 bottles of soju, and when GJ says, “a hundred bottles?” he replies that of course they need that many.  GJ tells him to buy two hundred and Jang agrees with a smile.

GJ spots KH and after he comments that she must’ve been out walking he invites her to come play games (she agrees).

EB is still back on the bench, and declines another call from JY.  She plays with the piano app on her phone (like she did with JY before) and remembers back to her conversation with KH.  KH tells her that she’s in love with JY, and that even when she was engaged with a wedding date, JY was like a hurricane, and that when he feels love he doesn’t care about anything else (EB flashes back to how JY acted around her).  KH continues about he said he loved only her, and only her voice, and that he would only compose for her and was inspired by her.  She couldn’t get her head straight and wanted to grasp JY’s hand, but SW stopped her.  EB interjects that KH doesn’t need to be telling her this, but KH says that she does because EB is the person that JY is going to, and KH is still in love with him but JY keeps using EB as an excuse.  KH adds that she doesn’t want to hate EB (ewww, major emotional black mail) and since she and EB are getting along as teacher and student, and EB and JY are getting along well as composer and actress, can’t EB just leave KH and JY alone?  End flashback!  EB is understandably stressed, but B calls her and asks where she is, so she says that she’s coming.

Cousin JJ is still meeting with the investors, and his influence seems to be increasing along with their blood alcohol content.  JJ is telling them how Jin has no respect or etiquette (he doesn’t take them to places like this) and one of the investors says it’s true that Jin is a cold person.  JJ says that even more than that, he’s like ice, and talks about how much money they’ve invested, and that Jin isn’t up to the task of making the right decisions.  The scale of the show doesn’t guarantee success. 

Back at the workshop it’s game time again (no campfire this time!).  B asks if it’s ok for EB to drink so much, and she says of course, so they drink up.  Meanwhile JY is grumpily watching her, and EB is avoiding eye contact with him while KH watches them both.  SW is up on his balcony discussing the new musical over the phone, saying that he is very interested with such conditions and that KH probably will be too.   He is watching the proceedings below (not the game, but the looks being exchanged between our characters) and doesn’t seem happy.

GJ wonders aloud how they came up with such a dirty game, and says that he can change it if they (Jin and RK) want, but RK says that it looks fun.  GJ explains how it works (something to do with gum) but Jin isn’t listening, and is instead watching EB’s avoidance of JY.  JY tries to sit next to her, but she immediately moves to a different table (drinking all the while).  RK asks Jin what he’s looking at, and he implies that he wasn’t looking at anything in particular.

JJ is with his sinister father (Jin’s uncle) and insisting that he’s doing things that are useful.  He explains that there will be trouble and that Jin will become powerful if the musical is a success, so he is trying to make it fail.  The uncle thinks that if Jin fails he’ll just find another project, but JJ thinks it will be difficult since the investors are unlikely to look upon Jin favorably a second time.  Jin will probably try to stick it out until the end, but if they are sure to ruin the production, JJ can basically step in and say that he knew it would turn out that way (making him look like the smart one).  The uncle and JJ laugh about it, and JJ punches the air and says he has the confidence to knock Jin down. They continue to laugh, and JJ comments that he’s suddenly in a good mood, and asks if his father is too.

Back at the workshop everyone is dancing with choreography, and it looks super fun (I want to be there!!).  The partners rotate, and when JY and EB are paired up, he says that he wants to tell her something, but never gets a chance because she isn’t acknowledging him at all (so rude!).  He grasps her hand, and she asks what’s up with him, but he asks what’s up with her (fair question!).  KH and Jin are both fixated on the scene, and EB marches away to a table, where she remembers back to KH telling her that she wants JY’s heart to be hers alone.

EB starts to chug alcohol out of the bottle, and JY knocks it away, telling her to listen to him.  She says she’s won’t listen if it’s not about the musical, so he just says “Eun Bi” and she drinks some more.  She tells him to do whatever he wants regarding the love (she means to go back to KH I think) and drinks more before heading to another table (to drink some more).

JY follows her again, and is trying to get her to stop drinking.  B notices what’s happening, and Jin rushes over and catches EB as she’s falling (she was jerking away from JY).  B runs up and Jin asks if EB is alright.  EB asks if he would mind taking her back to her room, so he agrees and tells her to lean on him.  He asks if B is staying in the same room, and since she is they leave together.  JY watches EB tearfully; KH watches JY, Jin and EB smugly; RK watches Jin forlornly; Jang watches RK with concern. Oh what a tangled web this drama weaves! By this point the rest of the workshop has realized that something is amiss, but GJ take control of the situation and gets the fun going again while looking over his shoulder to see what’s going on.

Jin guides EB to her bed (where she faceplants) and B pulls a blanket over her with Jin’s help.  EB screeches into the blankets for JY to go away, and B comments that EB must have pent up anger from when she trained with JY. Jin asks B to go get some water and meds from some guy named Chan Mo, and she leaves to get it (I guess Jin wants some time alone!).

Jin tells EB that if she’s dizzy it’s better to sit up, and he helps lifts her up to lean against the headboard.  He sits down on the bed next to her and asks if she’s having a hard time (his discomfort in this role is so cute, especially because he’s making such an effort to be understanding).  He agrees that it is hard, and he asks what is? She explains that she just wants to do the musical, but that focusing on just the musical is difficult.  No matter how hard she tries it gets more difficult, and when she tries even harder there are problems that can’t be solved.  She adds that she doesn’t understand why it’s happening, and a tear rolls down her nose.

Jin looks very concerned, and he puts an arm around her shoulder and tells her that it’s okay and to be strong.  He pats her shoulder, but we then see that he is actually sitting with his hands clasped over his knee, and only comforted her in his mind.  B arrives with the medicine and water, so he tells her to give it to EB and put her to bed.  After he leaves B gets EB to drink, and then looks back over her shoulder suddenly, wondering what’s up with Jin.

Jin runs into JY outside and tells him the EB fell asleep and is too drunk.  JY starts to head inside anyways, so Jin stops again and tells him that EB said she just wants to do the musical, but is having a hard time. He adds that it’s difficult for her when there are problems that can’t be solved no matter how hard she tries, and that JY might not know this.

JY turns to face Jin and asks if he knows such things, and Jin says yes.  Jin continues to say that if someone like EB says she is having a hard time, it must really be difficult, and that those born with a lot of talent (implying JY) may not understand.  JY comments that suddenly Jin seems like someone who knows EB really well, so Jin replies that JY was right, and that even more than he realized, EB can become a great actress.  He adds that even when EB is drunk she only cares about the musical, and that she said she doesn’t want JY to come near her.  JY dryly says that usually when people talk for a long time they are more likely to be lying, but that the opposite seems to be true in Jin’s case.  Jin is confused, and JY explains that he gets that Jin doesn’t want him to go near EB’s room.  JY leaves, and Jin still looks a bit confused (maybe he himself didn’t even realize his own intentions).

RK is outside waiting and looking very forlorn.  She looks hopeful when she sees JY approaching, but of course he’s not the man she was waiting for.  Jang sees her sadly looking at her phone, so he nervously approaches and asks if her arm is ok.  She just says yes, bows, and leaves.   Jang looks happy to have seen her, even that briefly.

KH runs into SW in the lobby, and he asks her if the party is over already.  She says yes, and asks where he is going.  He says to go meet Jin, and comments that she looks good.   She agrees that she feels good, and that the air is good too.  She says that she’ll go up first, and they part ways.  This is probably the happiest we’ve seen KH, and I’m guessing that it’s because JY and EB seem to be fighting.

JY is up on stage alone, plunking away at keys on the piano.  Poor puppy is depressed!

B is passed out and caring for EB in her dream. EB is awake thinking.

And now for more awkward English! Jin is video-chatting with Frank, and thanking him for all his kind help.  He says that he will consider the offer carefully, and that he hopes they will continue to “make this partnership.”  Frank says that he will definitely contact Jin again, and that he looks forward to it. Bye-Byes are exhanged, and Jin takes his headset off with a sigh.

SW is there too, and they discuss the musical.  Jin needs a lot more money to put on a new project, and they can’t do two musicals at the same time, particularly because KH is also wanted as the lead for the Count of Monte Cristo (they may want SW to direct it too).  “Count Monty” is a very successful show on Broadway, and they want the first foreign version to be in Korea, which is a pretty big deal.  SW tells Jin to think about it all carefully, and takes his leave.

EB goes and finds JY, but she turns to leave without talking to him (lapse in courage perhaps?).  JY sees her just in time and calls out to her, so she sits to talk.  She says she was drunk, and he asks if she remembers (what happened) so she says she vaguely does.  He gets up and comes to sit next to her on the edge of the stage.

JY asks EB if he made her angry (she shakes her head no) and if she is avoiding him.  She agrees that she is and says that it would be better if they got along as actress and composer.  JY teases that until now they were more than that then, and she gives him a dirty look (I love how he always twists her rejections around).  He points at her and says that he saw her face, so now she should laugh like “this” (he does one of his EB imitations).  Despite her best efforts to scowl, she finally smiles.

Meanwhile poor little Jinny Winny is fretting over what to do about the musical.  I sort of think he already would’ve dropped their current project for the broadway one if he hadn’t become closer to EB.

EB is still sitting on stage with JY and telling him that she really likes KH sunbaenim.  She wants to become like KH and do everything that she asks, but KH wants to be the only one in JY’s heart, like it was in the past (thank you for finally talking about it EB! Isn’t this much easier?).  JY tells her that neither KH or her can decide who is in his heart, and that it’s up to him to decide.  EB says that she just wants to the production to go well, so he asks if he would stop her from achieving that, or if he would turn her into a bad person (she shakes her head no).  He continues that the problem with KH has nothing to do with EB, and that it’s in the past.  EB starts to interject with what KH said, but he interrupts back that if KH and him were that close, then why is she talking to EB about all this? He asks if he’s not right, and if she just wants to wants to focus on the musical.  She says she does, so he tells her to do so, but that if she keeps singing his song she will soon fall for him (his optimism is so cute and refreshing).

SY is looking at the sweater bought for her by Jang.  She texts Jin and tells him that he must have a lot of work to do, but to not overdo it and sleep well.  It’s sweet and sad that the sweater seems to make her think of Jin, rather than Jang.

EB and JY are sitting at the stage piano, and JY asks her if she is really going to stay longer (she says yes) and if she wants to have a drink with him, but she says no with a pout (is it because she’s already had too much to drink, or because he’s hassling her to hang out?).  She whines out “Teeacheer” and he says that he knows she can drink well (this one likes to tease).  He tells her that texts are not for digesting/contemplating and next time she has to respond (she agrees).  EB starts to play as JY leaves, but she only gets about two notes in before he turns around and asks if they should talk some more. She asks if he’s going to stay or if she should leave, so he says that he’ll leave and that she can stay.  He adds that he just needed his jacket (yeah right) and tells her not to go around drinking.  She tells him to sleep well, and he says that since he saw her smiling he can. Finally, he leaves, and EB plays JY’s song on the piano.  It’s cute than even though EB is the immature one, JY is the one who acts like an obsessive highschooler with his first crush.

SW is working on his laptop and KH asks if he still has work to do.  He says he is emailing Frank, and when she asks if it’s “that” Frank he confirms it, and says that Frank wants her to work with him on the Count of Monte Cristo.  She seems flattered, and asks what Jin thinks, and SW replies that of course he is hesitating because of the Cheongdamdong Gumiho musical.  SW asks KH what she wants to do, and she says that she should do whatever Jin wants.  She tells him that she’s going to sleep, and they part amicably, but the stress shows on both their faces as soon as they separate.  KH isn’t one to do what others want, and I’m sure that “doing what Jin wants” is the same as “manipulating Jin into wanting what she wants”.  I doubt that she actually wants to do the broadway show instead of the Gumiho musical since that would mean separating from JY.

EB heads back to her room and sees Jin sitting on a bench thinking.  He sees her, and she bows. Meanwhile KH, RK and JY are looking off their balconies, but only JY seems happy (they can’t see Jin and EB btw).

JY asks EB if he should greet her with Good Morning or Good Night, and she apologies for earlier.  He smiles and asks if she would then go for a walk with him by way of apology, and she awkwardly agrees and bows.  He asks if it (the bow) is an apology and she says that it is a thank you.  He asks why, and she says for letting her come so  far, so he comments that he was mean and hard on her.  She agrees (very confidently) which makes him laugh, so she apologizes and says that she doesn’t lie well.  He teasingly asks her if that is really so, with a knowing look, and she remembers back to when he caught her pretending to be a boy at an audition.  She is embarrassed and denies that it counts, but they’re both laughing and he says “lets go”, so they walk off.  That whole scene was so cute! Jin seems borderline bashful when he’s happy, and even the way his face crinkles when he smiles emphasizes how different the two sides of his personality are.

The three balcony goers are still outside, and RK sadly looks at her phone, which still has no replies from Jin (bad bad boyfriend!).  She finally gives up and goes inside, and so does JY, although he does it with a smile (obviously the fact that EB wants to focus on the musical doesn’t deter him at all).  KH is still on her balcony and sees Jin and EB walking up. Of course she seems happy about them being together because she’s all about ulterior motives, and then she goes inside too.

As they stroll along Jin casually asks about “what if” Cheongdamdong Gumiho was dropped.   She seems surprised and like she doesn’t know what he means, so he explains that the musical business has many variables.  She asks if a problem came up, and then stops and looks at him nervously.  She finishes with “No, right?” and that is the end!


Of course we all know that there is a problem, and we also know that the musical will end up being produced.  What makes all of this so interesting is the behavior of the people involved.  SW innocently asks KH questions while secretly trying to gauge her reactions, and KH herself is always plotting towards her own selfish goals, no matter what that may entail.  RK seems left out of the loop so far (which is sad) and it’s sweet yet borderline inappropriate that Jin is breaching the issue with EB. This dilemma may end up marking a big turning point for Jin since it could reveal a change in his methodologies.  He is a bottom-line kind of guy, and investment-wise it seems like the Broadway show is the safer and more obvious choice.  No matter how he justifies it, I think that if he chooses Cheongdamdong Gumiho he is ultimately following his heart and not his head.

I like that Jin’s feelings are still somewhat of a mystery to us since I think they are even somewhat of a mystery to himself.  The more I watch him the more I think that he loves RK, but that he tries to push her away because he is afraid to commit and have to face his family.  She understands him too well and I think that makes him uncomfortable.  Even though I feel chemistry burgeoning between Jin and EB, I think part of the reason he opens up to her is that she is a third party, and he can talk to her freely without feeling any pressure or judgment.  EB also reminds him of both his father and himself, which makes the conversation all the more comfortable.  It’s too bad that softening up to EB involves breaking poor sweet RK’s heart.

And speaking of RK, how about that Assistant Director Jang?  I didn’t talk much about him much last week because we barely got to know him, and even though we still don’t know much, my heart melts for him every time he gives RK one of those yearning looks.  He seems like that sweet kind of guy who knows nothing about women, and whose kindness goes mostly unappreciated.  I hope that his character is developed more, and that he isn’t simply “the guy who makes RK feel bad about Jin”. Because he’s so ridiculously nice and seems a little bit hopeless, I almost wish happiness for him more than anyone else (I’m always way too sympathetic when it comes to the underdogs).

I have to say that I was a bit annoyed with EB’s behavior this episode.  I can handle her naivety and inexperience, but I felt that she dealt with her frustration very immaturely.  Her whole avoidance game made her seem like a temperamental 13 year-old, and the binge drinking just made it even worse.  She should definitely be smarter than that (it seems obvious that she would just make her problems worse, as well as more public) and on top of that I think she should be feeling a little more grateful for her situation.  Yes, she is caught between an insistent puppy-dog-like composer and a selfish manipulative diva, but that composer is the best in the country, and that diva is her idol. Regardless of the conflict her dreams are coming true, and the fact that she threw a big hissy fit was disappointing.  I was relieved that the situation got mostly resolved this episode, and I hope that she has grown up a little as a result.   Of course I still really like EB regardless, and the fact that I can even be disappointed must mean that I care.  I love a show that gets me invested in the characters!


Huzzah! SBS posted more BTS vids!

As per usual, here is an episode 6 playlist for the official SBS youtube videos (HD!).  SBS is comically bad at uploading videos and they usually end up with 3 versions of every clip (labelled about 10 different ways).  I don’t understand why they haven’t gotten the whole procedure streamlined by now :S

Thanks again to Cheerkoo in the GHS soompi thread for her most excellent translations.

And now for the cheesiest and least relevant video of the day I’ve ever posted! Youtube seems to be experiencing some sort of kdrama MV dry spell, so I’m instead posting a clip from Tangled (the Disney movie!).  The lanterns and the colors are sooooo pretty, especially towards the end.  In a fit of guilt I decided to at least post the Korean dub of this song, even though it kills me to cut out Zachary Levi.

21 responses

  1. Thank you for this!!! I love your recaps of this drama. I’m not usually one for commenting but I really laughed out loud at the line — “bye byes are exchanged”. The English in these dramas always makes me laugh, but it’s still fun to hear once in a while.

    I was also annoyed with EB. Her treatment of JY (this guy is the sole reason she is where she is!), because of her unquestionable worship of KH, was hard to watch, but I’m choosing to believe that she reacted like such an idiot because of her unrealized feelings for him and the hopelessness of the situation. I like your take on Jin and EB’s new closeness. I really don’t see them as a couple but watching them laugh together gives me the warm and fuzzies. That said, If utterly adorable JY doesn’t end up with EB I think I’ll lose my faith in rainbows, kitty cats, and unicorns.

    And…totally unrelated, but the mere mention of Zachary Levi has me freaking out about the return of Chuck in a few weeks. Plus, that lantern scene in Tangled was awesome in 3D (yes, I saw it in the theater). Nothing wrong with a little cheese now and then.

    This is such a unique blog, thanks for sharing your talent and insight!

    • “That said, If utterly adorable JY doesn’t end up with EB I think I’ll lose my faith in rainbows, kitty cats, and unicorns.” —- I second the motion! 🙂 They’re the most adorable couple on screen ever! I get so giddy just watching their playful banter and cute exchanges. I’m also getting use to EB’s mannerisms around him as well. They’re both carefree and childish. Fanderay is right. It’s like highschool crushes or first loves!

    • I wondered if anyone reading my blog would even know who Zachary Levi is, so I’m happy to find another Chuck fan! I don’t watch many US shows, but Chuck is one of the few that I watch religiously. I love all the nerd jokes, even though it’s a little sad that I understand all the references. It’s unfortunate that it’s the last season and that it’s only 13 episodes long, but I think every episode will be awesome and that the show will go out with a bang. I’m going to be out of town when it starts airing again, and I think I’ll be in trouble if I watch it without my husband so I’m going to have to wait a month to see it!

      Oh and btw, I love that you saw Tangled in theatres. I reeeeeally want to go see Lion King now that it’s re-showing, but haven’t had time (it’s killing me because that movie is amazingly epic on the big screen!).

      As you can see, I love the unrelated comments 🙂

      • Ah! Nerd Herders unite! I was hoping you’d be a Chuck fan, otherwise my comment would have been really irrelevant, but I figured that nobody really knows Zachary Levi’s name unless they know Chuck, because he just IS Chuck! I’m preparing myself for the beginning of the end, and I hope like you do that the shortness of episodes makes for tighter writing and an awesome last season. I love the nerd references too, and more than anything I’m going to miss the Buy More…and Jeffster (sob). It’s too bad you have to wait a month, but on the upside, you won’t have to suffer the torture of waiting week to week once you do start watching!

        I also love the Lion King! I must be out of it because I had no idea that they re-released it, and, GAH, it’s in 3D! “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts… deed le dee…” (buying tickets)

        • I know a lot of actors take on a phony persona when they’re in public, but I really do feel like Zachary Levi’s niceness is 100% genuine. Maybe I’m just a sucker, but he seems like one the dorkiest and sweetest guys in hollywood. I actually watched a video about that little side convention, and it seemed like a great idea (whenever I go to conventions with my hubby we always wish we could just pay for more tickets and not wait in line-ups for hours). How was his convention thing? Was it worth it?

  2. Thank you so much for your recap…eversince HeartStrings ended i couldn’t find myself to hang around and watch other kseries…it’s like the ‘sparks’ no longer there….
    but since Musical is shown once a week, i decided to give it a try….
    it’s actually a pretty good series and i like the pace of the story…
    the ‘staring’ thing kind of reminded me of that one scene in HS when Kyuwon looked at Shin who was looking at the ballerina and who was then looking at the director and the director was looking at Kyuwon….aigo….too many love angles and angst…
    and it’s certainly not lacking here….
    anyways, why can’t Jin do both of the musical and have EB just be the main lead in gumiho and let the ‘diva’ do the other safer musical…
    sounded easier said than done, right?

    thanks again!!!

    • This drama is definitely the closest I’ve seen to having the same vibe as Heartstrings, although it isn’t nearly so innocent!

      I think that just having KH and SW leave to do the other musical IS an option, but that would put the Gumiho musical in jeopardy since KH’s name is partially what everyone is banking on for it to succeed. County Monty also needs funding, and I think that’s a problem if both dramas are going to happen at the same time. All that being said, I would be more than happy to see KH to hit the road! Not that she would ever leave JY willingly 😦

  3. Yey Yey! I’ve been refreshing your page since yesterday awaiting your recap. Ive recommended this site in the other forums I frequent as well. (I’m also Eunhye05 btw) 😛

    Good choice for the intro screenshot! 🙂
    “JY watches EB tearfully; KH watches JY, Jin and EB smugly; RK watches Jin forlornly; Jang watches RK with concern. Oh what a tangled web this drama weaves!” –>
    And yes indeed!!!! I haven’t seen a drama with 7 romantically involved characters that isn’t forced!

    “I’m not really sure what he can do about KH at this point, other than build a time machine and not marry her” — > With regards to SW and KH. I wonder how they’ve managed to stay together seeing that there’s just nothing in that relationship. It was doomed from the start. But then again, it got KH to where she is I guess. I pity him for having his love unrequited and yet still trying to make it work.

    “I soooo didn’t think that EB’s mom was alive. The plot thickens” —> Right after I found out about this I’ve been conjuring up so many possible scenarios on how this plot will unfold. Could be it like Glee where Rachel meets her Mom who gave her up for adoption and they have a Musical Diva Showdown? Could her mom be rich and well off by now and if something goes wrong with the Gumiho investment she’s just imerge and save the day? Could her mom be related to any of the other supporting characters? I love how unpredictable all of this is.

    “Count Monty (pretty sure they’re talking about the Count of Monte Cristo)” —> Ok Joo Hyun actually starred in this in real life so I wonder if we’ll get some footage from this – like through a flashforward or someone’s imagination at least.

    “Back at the workshop everyone is dancing with choreography, and it looks super fun (I want to be there!!).” —> Count me in! I bet the cast had so much fun filming that. And the song is so catchy I decided to download it. 😀 Must have been a fun shoot.

    “He pats her shoulder, but we then see that he is actually sitting with his hands clasped over his knee, and only comforted her in his mind.” —> You know I have a feeling we’ll be getting more moments like this. Jin’s not one who is open about his feelings so I’m thinking the closey scenes he may have with EB would be mostly through his mind again. I don’t think he’ll do anything openly since he also has RK’s feelings to consider plus his reputation as a cold hard boss!

    “And now for more awkward English!” —> seriously I didn’t even notice it was English until I saw the subtitles while SangWon was speaking to Frank. LOL!

    “She wants to become like KH and do everything that she asks, but KH wants to be the only one in JY’s heart, like it was in the past (thank you for finally talking about it EB! Isn’t this much easier?)….She says she does, so he tells her to do so, but that if she keeps singing his song she will soon fall for him (his optimism is so cute and refreshing).”—> I wonder how long KH will play like this and when JY can finally have EB freely and EB fall for him. I remember him just being entranced by her singing his theme song in Episode 3 and how he pulls her hand to him. I’m hoping with get another moment like that but this time with EB reciprocating and falling for him halfway through the song. haha. I’m seriously making up my own plots now. lol.

    KH isn’t one to do what others want, and I’m sure that “doing what Jin wants” is the same as “manipulating Jin into wanting what she wants” —> I think Ep7 will be focusing more on this based on the previews 🙂

    RK sadly looks at her phone, which still has no replies from Jin (bad bad boyfriend!). —> I really like that they gave her DirJung for the time being. She deserves to be treated like a princess. Sad that she has to be ignored for the timebeing. 😦

    “No matter how he justifies it, I think that if he chooses Cheongdamdong Gumiho he is ultimately following his heart and not his head” —> Yes! Even if Count Monty is the obvious choice for the former Jin. I think perhaps JJ will use this against him in the future for bypassing a really good opportunity. Hmm…

    “Of course I still really like EB regardless, and the fact that I can even be disappointed must mean that I care. I love a show that gets me invested in the characters!” —> Even I had to cringe to some extent during the EB’s excessive drinking and avoidance of JY. I guess it does makes sense as she didn’t know what else to do being in the middle of that mess. But like you I also really like her regardless and hope they make her more mature in handling the situations in future.

    Sorry this is really long! I love that through these recaps and forums we get a venue to voice our thoughts as well 😀 Thanks once again! Now my only frustation is getting this show to increase it’s ratings. It’s one of the better dramas out there that people SHOULD be watching! I want more LOVE for TheMu…in Korea and the rest of the World! 😀

    • Don’t apologize for length; I love reading your comments! I’ve been mulling over how the story with EB’s mom is going to unfold too. Usually in these types of dramas there is more to the story, and the unseen character ends up being tied to some other character, or is someone we already know. The only person the right age to be EB’s mom is Jin’s mom, but that wouldn’t make sense! This drama has so much going on already (with so many characters!) that I’m even considering the possibility that we won’t learn anything else about EB’s mom, but I hope we do. Maybe she is a singer now too!

      I hadn’t thought about it before, but I think you’re right about JJ. If Jin passes up Count Monty it is just the ammo JJ needs to discredit him! Especially if anything goes wrong with Cheongdamdong Gumiho, and that seems likely based on all KH’s meddling and SW’s desperation to save his marriage.

      Btw, I’m going to treat you like a character in a recap and give you an abbreviation because your name is long and I am too lazy to type the whole thing. I hear-by dub you “DW”! From the “DWorld” part of your name, and because it sounds like a proper name to me (rather than just an abbreviation) because there is a character called DW in that cartoon Arthur (for little kids).

      • Hahaha! Actually I when i first commented here I didnt know i was signed into my old wordpress account. I wouldve just used eunhye05 which is what i use in soompi. But since I’ve now been dubbed “DW” feel free to call me that here. LOL. XD

        I agree…i was thinking maybe the reference to her mom was just in passing so Jin can relate to her but then again it would be nice to know what happened to her as well. More drama for EB to deal with though.

  4. aww i love how crinkly jin’s face is when he’s genuinely smiling. and i loved how dorky he looked back in his flashback, but his nerdy character in Love and Marriage was even beyond that. haha. when i first saw the preview of jin with his arm around EB and talking so sweetly, i was like eh? he couldn’t have progressed that fast already. and it turned out to be just in his head after all. but their scenes laughing together are really sweet and i’m so excited for more but at the same time my heart hurts for RK. director jang is developing into a much bigger character than i had imagined but he’s such cutie that i hope he keeps getting screen time. thank you for your wonderful recaps Fanderay!

    • It’s making me crazy that I still haven’t seen PKW in anything but theMU! It seems like he always plays such interesting characters, even when they’re minor roles. Hopefully he gets a starring role next 🙂

      Did you watch ep 7 yet? Jang is sooo cute when he calls up RK.

  5. I do see your point when you said that Eun Bi didn’t need to throw a hissy fit in such a public manner, it doesn’t seem Eun Bi-like. This inconsistency showed us one thing – her humanity. She never fully acknowledged her feelings for Jae-Yi until now. It is now plain for us to see that she likes Jae-Yi.

    I love the fact that we cannot put the characters in one niche, they continually surprise us. That’s the appeal of great story telling. It has the ability to hook us in and to keep us fully invested. I always look forward to your recaps Fanderay. I enjoy reading them, just as much as I enjoy watching TM. Thanks!

  6. Annyeong! OMG! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

    I’ve been refreshing this site So Many Times since Sunday, and finally at noon on Wednesday, I saw the subject “The Musical Episode 6 Recap”. I shouted in glee all alone in the car (coz I was picking up my kids @ school) and I greedily lapped up the words, all the while grinning to myself and nodding in agreement on many points.

    I must confess this is the first time ever I’ve felt so compelled to share my thoughts on a KDrama. Ok, the OTP of LTM nearly pushed me to join in the global bandwagon of “I Can’t Believe They’re Just Acting” dialogue, but after watching episode 6 Raw (especially after absorbing the malice beaming out of KH) I just HAD to write Something!!

    OJH is doing a swell job portraying KH the Bee-yotch Diva, and there were many times I wished I could stomp on her/ pull her hair/ smack her good! Yes, it’s only a drama – calm down – but this is one of the reasons why the once-a-week-aired-drama is such a magnet. As you’ve noted, the chemistry in this ensemble cast is something to behold. The story moves along at a wonderful pace (without dragging too much angst… well maybe that’ll happen later) and I find myself rooting for EB & JY when they had their first chat about musicals in general. There’s something genuine and organic in EB & JY’s evolving relationship and I can’t help but smile like a little girl whenever they share a scene.

    The mysterious introduction of EB’s mum & the possible thwart of Gumiho musical brews an engrossing percolation of things to come. Two more days to Friday: Episode 7 (Raw). Am waiting with bated breath 😉

    Keep up the AWESOME job! LOVE your artwork too!

    • Thank you for being compelled to comment! I agree that OJH is doing a fantastic job at playing KH. Usually when it comes to manipulative females in dramas, I wish that they would just leave and not take up anymore screen time. Not so with KH! Even though I want to shake her, I still love watching her and enjoy all her scenes. She just so dang GOOD at being bad, and she’s anything but one-dimensional.

  7. I’m thinking YJ is finding EB a good excuse for an escape from facing the reality of his family problems but then it will also prove to be his downfall because his developing feelings for EB will cause him to be indecisive regarding running his family’s business. I am looking forward to all the upcoming episodes…sigh, even up to Christmas time, to prove my so-called theory.

    I hate how GHS can develop good chemistries with whomever she is paired with that it becomes harder to choose which pair to root for but of course, we are at the mercy of the writer’s whim.

    I also like Zachary Levi. At first, he was just adorkable but after seeing him perform with Mandy Moore at the Oscar’s for the Tangled OST, I was dumbfounded with how gorgeous he was outside his role of Chuck. I wish I could see him in other projects.

    • I agree with your take on Jin!

      But more importantly, I didn’t know that they performed at the Oscars! I usually only ever watch the red carpet to look at the dresses. Excuse me while I go google the video 😛

  8. Can I just add if you love Zach’s voice, listen to him sing “terrified” with Kath McPhee – I believe that came out before the movie 🙂 But Zach will always be “chuck” to me – besides him my fav character is “awesome” 🙂

    • I didn’t know that you watch Chuck! How did I miss that? I guess I should’ve just ASSUMED you watch it since we’ve got the whole telepathy thing going on. Oddly enough I saw that duet in the theatre, before the previews when there’s trivia and stuff up on the screen. At the time I only knew him as Chuck, and I’m pretty sure I literally gasped when I realized it was him singing because I had no idea that he could sing. He was dating KM at the time right? Since Disney movies are the only thing I collect (and are what got me started drawing as a kid) he pretty much became my favorite actor ever when I heard he was doing Tangled.

      I agree that Awesome is awesome, although I also love Adam Baldwin (moreso because of his role in Firefly). Really though, all the characters are great. It’s one of the few shows that always has me smiling.

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