The Musical – Episode 7 Recap

Oh revelers, you know naught what is coming your way! It’s been one non-stop party at Gu Jak’s since the musical got started, and I can hardly wait to watch the changes to come.  I find the details of this show incredibly hard to predict, but that’s half the fun!  I really liked Episode 7, particularly because of all the Jinny goodness.  I love me some internal conflict!

My busy finale to 2011 has begun, so this recap is a little less detailed than usual.  I except that next week’s recap will be even less detailed, but I’ll try my best to at least get something posted.  Also, I haven’t actually read this over, so I apologize for any typos!
Here is a quick legend of the primary characters and the abbreviations I’ll be using.  I haven’t made a thumbnail yet, but Assistant Director Jang Jun Hyeok = Jang.

Go Eun Bi - EB

Hong Jae Yi - JY

Yu Jin - Jin

Bae Kang Hee - KH

Seo Ra Kyeong - RK

Sa Bok Ja - B

Han Sang Won - SW

Gu Jak - GJ

Episode 7

We’re back where we left off, with Jin asking EB  “what if” they couldn’t do the musical.  He tells her that nothing happened, so she gives him a hard time for acting that way and tells him not to smile (he seems pretty amused).  She tells him that she could die if the musical was cancelled, and to not joke about such things.  He asks her if she’ll really die, and she laughs and says that she really might.   When EB says that she still can’t believe it and that it’s like a dream, he asks if she means being a lead, but she says it’s just being on stage and working with people to make musicals and improving with them every day.  Jin comments that she seems to be enjoying the progression, and she tells him that he’s enjoying it too, and that even if he’s not now, he definitely will in the future.

Gah…I wish those two really were siblings.  Their camaraderie is so cute, and I love all the teasing!

The next day everyone is headed home from the workshop, and KH is on the phone with Frank while they drive.  She goes through all the formalities, and very politely tells him that his offer is fantastic, but that she has a few things to consider first.  Once she’s off the phone she tells the others in the car that someone in Japan wants the musical too, and that Frank said he can’t wait too long for their decision.  SW isn’t surprised since the the musical (Monte Cristo) has had such a great reaction, but up front Jin still looks very conflicted.

In the bus everyone is singing and laughing and having a good time time.  The poor innocent souls have no idea that their musical is in danger!

Jin’s father is feeding the mother, and acting very kind (he suggests a walk and talks about the weather).  She thanks him formally, and then calls him Ajushhi while asking where her mom is.  Jin’s dad is devastated, and she has no idea why, but she tells him not to cry and offers to share her food (so sad!)

Jin drops RK at home, and she invites him in for tea, but he says he needs to get to work.  It’s hard to know if his excuse is completely legit or not, but she’s clearly worried.  

JY is practicing with the band (for the musical’s score and accompaniment I am guessing).  EB comes in and sits down to watch.  JY stops briefly to give some some instruction, and as he continues to play EB seems to be enjoying herself more and more.  This is a pretty minor scene, but I think the significant detail is that JY is borderline ignoring EB, while EB sits with her eyes glued to JY. Usually it’s the complete opposite, and it’s nice to see him playing it cool while she watches in admiration.  JY is very much in his element here, and I’m sure that EB can’t help but find that attractive.

At the hospital Jin’s dad is talking to the doctor while EB’s grandma sits with the mother.  The doctor basically says that the bad stuff is really going to start now, and that the rate of her deterioration isn’t what’s most important.  The mom will have to be watched at all times now, and could even experience paralysis.   The doctor thinks it’s time for her to go to a facility, but the father is of course against it.  The doctor thinks Jin’s dad is being tol rash and can’t deal with the problem alone, and that he looks worse since he quit drinking and smoking.   The father insists that he can do it alone, and the doctor admits that he doesn’t really know what’s best either.  He is going to change the mother’s medication, and asks if Jin knows yet.  He gives the father a hard time about not telling him, and the dad looks to be more conflicted know than when he discussed it with RK.

Jin talks to his grandpa on the phone and apologizes for not calling since he was at a workshop (their conversations seems very stiff and formal).  Jin tells him that he’ll come to meet him soon, and once he’s off the phone he asks his secretary for information on Park Jae Hyeon of the Amour fund (am I supposed to know who that is?).

EB and JY are out on a non-date with a plethora of deliciousness between them.  Is it possible to look at that image and not want waffles with ice cream?  Incidentally, other “breakfast” foods (such as pancakes and french toast) are equally delicious with ice cream.

Anyways, while they ignore their yummy food, JY is quizzing EB about how musicals make her fee, and whether they make her lose sleep, give her a racing heart and cause her to save up money for good seats.  She happily admits to all those things, and he comments on how her face shines like that when she talks about musicals.  Of course all those questions were just the lead-up, and he now asks EB if she has ever looked forward to seeing a person as much as a musical. or felt as much concern and expectation for a person (no response!).  JY then comments that she can memorize lyrics after seeing them once, but guesses that she can’t remember what people look like.  She asks him how he knew that, and he goes on to say that love isn’t always like a musical, and isn’t just full of happiness, so it has more meaning.  It can cause a million times more pain, but it’s not just a fantasy and makes you feel alive.  EB wonders if it’s worth the pain, and says that other things can make her feel alive, like cleaning dead bodies.  JY is a bit frustrated, but he pushes forward and says that though he understands that her most passionate love is for musicals, she needs to know what it’s like to love a person if she wants to be an actress (and feel what it’s like to have someone mean the world, or to feel like she could die because of love).  EB just simply agrees with him (which is probably almost as frustrating as if she had argued with him) and they finally start to eat (EB, why??? Why would you eat the waffle with no strawberries or ice cream?).

JY is now with GJ who is printing off music while comparing JY’s approach (of teaching EB to love) to getting a kid to enter an arcade using candy.  JY defensively explains that he was just pointing out a potential weakness.

GJ finds JY’s explanation pretty amusing, and says that even though JY may be the greatest musician, he can’t fool GJ when it comes to human affairs.  He tells JY not to lie to himself, and says that he has been (lying) ever since he followed EB to Dae Gu (episode 2).  JY is completely non-responsive, which just confirms GJ’s suspicions, so GJ asks if it’s really serious, and brings up that ever since KH, JY would just date anyone and not care when they left.   GJ asks if it’s really love or if JY is preparing for love, so JY incredulously asks if he means JY and EB.  GJ sarcastically asks if he meant himself and B then, so JY laughs (even more incredulous) and again insists that he was just trying to help an actress. GJ knows exactly how to push JY’s buttons, and says supposing that JY wasn’t serious (about EB) then it would be a good thing for her acting if she fell in love with Jin and formed a love triangle with RK.  This gets JY’s attention, so GJ explains that at the workshop the two of them were “this way” and “that way” and asks if JY didn’t feel it.  He also mentions that B told him how Jin paid special attention to EB.

JY looked worried for most of this conversation, but was is that expression at the end?  He looked like he was almost smiling!  Does he relish in competition? Does he realize his feelings are genuine?  Is he happy for EB?  Or is it one of those ironic and bitter smiles?  I loved this whole scene, and I think it’s sort of hilarious that JY always intended for his feelings towards EB to be somewhat shallow and sleazy.

Jin meets with investor Park, who is the man he wanted info on earlier.  Pak says he hasn’t eaten yet because of “this” which I’m guessing in information on the musical?  As he eats (rather disgustingly) he compliments Jin for doing everything well and expresses concerns about a rookie being used.  Jin explains that KH is starring too, and that the rookie was required for the musical to go ahead, so Park asks why he’s even doing a Korean show, instead of importing a foreign one as usual.   Jin says that a Korean musical has the potential for greater profitability, and Park asks if he is a gambler since he told the investors he would make 300% profit to make up for Amour Fund’s losses (which were JJ’s fault). Park emphasizes that Jin should play it safe, and do things like import musicals and not use rookies.   He says that that they’re only trusting Jin, but that people like him (who just have money) are stupid and don’t know who to trust, and that many people in this field are asks for investors these days (sounds like a veiled threat).

Jin’s parents have arrived back home and the mom shoves the dad away when he reaches to help her.  EB’s grandma says that it’s alright and that he’s not a bad person, but she still looks scared.  Before the dad can even ask the grandma offers to help take the mom inside, and says that she’ll stay by her side until she falls asleep.

KH is doing yoga stretches and SW is standing in the doorway, so she asks him which side he’s on, and which musical he wants to do first.  He just says whichever works, so she asks him as the company’s rep, the contact point for Frank, the biggest producer of licensed musicals, and the partner of Representative Yu Jin, what is more important than his decision.  He says that none of that matters, and that he could give an answer if he was asked as BKH’s husband (they’re sort of flirty here, and he towels her down).  SW says that his standard is always the same when it comes to the stage, and that he just wonders if it makes KH shine or not.  He thinks that if they do Cheongdamdong Gumiho first there is a good chance of losing Monte Cristo, but if they do Monte Cristo first they will get to do both. They are both great musicals, but since it’s Monte Cristo’s first non-US performance, he thinks they will regret it if they miss it.

After he changes the music SW walks over to KH and puts an arm around her.  He says that they can do Cheongdamdong Gumiho later, and that KH starring on two stages is what he wants.  This makes KH smile (genuinely for once) and she kisses him on the cheek and thanks him (there’s hope for you yet SW!).

After delivering her milk as usual, EB arrives to the practice room early.  She is practically glowing and does a fake hello to a director.  

Everyone practices dancing and singing, while GJ and JY watch from the sidelines.  With that scratchy voice and wacky personality I imagine that B must be some sort of comic relief character, but I have no idea how she, KH, and EB all fit together in the story.  There also doesn’t seem to be a leading man, but I guess maybe this drama didn’t want an 8-way love triangle.  

The grandma is happily reading EB’s blog, and has food wrapped in a furoshiki for EB’s friend to take home to her.  She wonders if it’s too much, and he mentions that there’s a pest at home, referring to B (she doesn’t hear or understand him).  Once he assures her that it’s not to heavy, he leaves, and she goes back to reading EB’s blog, smiling at how happy she looks and saying that she’s having the best time of her life.

In her practice room KH is practicing the Gumiho song, and doesn’t seem too pleased with her results. She takes out the music for “When the World was Mine” from the Monte Cristo broadway and practices that next. She really does have a gorgeous voice, and I would happily pay to hear her sing. Here is a video of her singing the full song (she really did star in this musical):

Back at the group practice EB is singing the same Gumiho song, and everyone seems to enjoy her rendition, although not as much as JY.  Is it just me, or does she sound a little strained here?  Perhaps Goo Hye Sun has been pushing her voice a bit too hard while practicing for this drama?

The chorus group gets up to practice and JY makes his way over to EB, teasing her for smiling.  She mentions that he told her not to sulk before, and he tells her how she’s doing a good job.  He explains that she’s not worried about hitting the high notes or making a mistake, and is instead just enjoying singing.  She agrees, and he tells her that it’s enough (as in, that’s all she needs to focus on to do a good job).  JY leaves (out of professionalism I assume) and EB watches the practice with a big smile on her face.  I think JY is starting to have more of an effect on her!

KH finishes practicing the Monte Cristo song and seems to have reached a decision.  She looks at her phone.

RK calls Jin’s grandpa for no specific reason, and just asks how he is and says that her mom wants to send him some stuff.  She does mention that she herself is always doing the same, which I find a bit depressing.  The grandpa seems happy to talk to her, not that I blame him since she’s pretty much a perfect grand-daughter-in-law.  I suspect that RK is calling him because she misses Jin and hasn’t heard from him (also depressing!).

RK goes outside and her nosy co-workers appear to discuss RK’s situation.  They’ve noticed that she’s seemed worried since the workshop, has been waiting for a call, and that she sighs while she watches workshop videos.  They decide to watch the footage, and mention how good-looking he is and that RK is just recording him as if she expects him to look over at him.   They ponder over him smiling at the dancing actors, and since he’s not normally the type to smile they wonder which person he’s looking at.

Outside RK is forlornly and prettily pining for Jin (I think).  She gets a call from Assistant Director Jang who wants to know if she’s doing okay.  She tells him that she’s fine now, and that she didn’t even get a chance to thank him.  He tells her that the number (that he’s calling from) is his so she can call him about changes in schedule. He adds that his name is Jang Jun Hyeok and they say goodbye (both seem happy).

GJ gives Jang a hard time about the Ass. Dir making the Director wait, and says that he doesn’t get it, so Jang says that it’s the sorry one who should wait (referring to GJ).  B suggests that the sorry person should treat everyone to ddukbokki, so GJ agrees and they all head into the elevator.  KH tries to call JY, but he doesn’t answer.  Instead she calls Jin.

KH and Jin meet, and KH says how the time they’ve been together (14 months) could be considered too long or too short, since it’s not long enough to know the character, but is long enough to know the style.  She asks if it’ll be style or character this time, but he doesn’t get it (or pretends not to) and says he must be stupider than she thinks.  She says that he usually doesn’t hesitate about such decisions (Monte Cristo), so he asks her if she’s decided, and says that he’ll consider following her decision.  She says that she was going to consider his decision too and he eyes her over his coffee.

We next see them out for drinks, and Jin is suggesting that they convince Frank to wait until Cheongdamdong Gumiho is over.  KH starts to mention the Japanese company that’s interested, but Jin reiterates that that’s why they have to convince Frank.  He still wants to own the Asian rights to Monte Cristo, and says they can negotiate to show it the following year, and ask Frank what he wants in return.  KH comments that Jin normally would’ve given up Cheongdamdong Gumiho, and wonders why his style has changed, but says that she won’t even ask since she won’t get the truth.  He asks why she thinks that, and she says that is usually the person himself who is last to realize the truth in his heart, and that even if wanted to be truthful, he couldn’t.   She adds that he’s probably confused about why he’s hesitating, and to not bother making excuses since it will make him mad (we’ve seen that before with RK).

KH gets a phone call that she declines (from SW maybe? I couldn’t make it out) and she thanks Jin for his opinion and says that she will decide soon.  After she leaves Jin sits and wonders about what the truth (regarding his hesitation) is really about.  This conversation leads me to believe that KH wants to do Monte Cristo first since she’s smart enough to know that once Jin questions his own motivations,  he is likely to revert to his usual style.  Since her current strategy with JY hasn’t worked, maybe she’s hoping that delaying Cheongdamdong Gumiho will at least separate him from EB.

As JY comes home to find KH on his doorstep (or at least next to it) and she talks about how he’s always recognized her scent, but that he doesn’t even answer her calls anymore.  She thought that he would just walk into the house while pretending not to see her, and he comments that she’s not talking like KH (she’s acting insecure).  She says that JY can make her do things that are unlike herself, and he says that he used to think so too, but that she never loses herself to anyone.  She asks if EB isn’t the same, but then instead asks if he isn’t going to hold her hand again (she means this in the figurative sense, like they’ve talked about before).  He doesn’t respond, so she says that even though he asked her to stop, she isn’t stopping, but with at least make it comfortable for him.  He asks what she means, but she just smirks and leaves.  My take is that she plans to do Monte Cristo first, and even though she makes it seem like it’s on his behalf, it’s actually part of her personal agenda (to cut EB out and essentially punish EB for JY choosing the wrong girl).

KH calls the chairman/grandpa and arranges to meet.  The grandpa asks JJ what Jin did, and JJ says how investor Park met with Jin, and thought that he had changed.

RK meets up with Jin who is surprising her with a date.  He says how she’s always wanted to wake up to his call and go to brunch, and she has also always wanted to spend an entire day together.   He says that they’re going to spend all day together, play together, and eat 3 meals together.  Her response is adorable (she can hardly believe it) and if someone was watching from outside they would probably think he had just proposed or something.  As usual, Jin’s motivations are unclear.  Is he sincere, does he feel guilty, or is he trying to prove to himself that he has no feelings for EB?

EB is at the zoo with GJ, drawing the cute foxes while GJ explains that the gumiho is the musical is just a symbol, so he couldn’t just choose one.  EB thinks that all of the foxes have a different feel, and wants to know which one Do Hwa (her character) is like.  GJ comes up with the idea that thousands of years ago when the gumiho was born (due to it’s desire to become human) all of the foxes were the same, and that God then made different kinds of foxes so that they would no longer desire to be human. They decide to narrate all this through a song before the curtain goes up, and JY arrives just then, asking if they want him to write another song.

JY puts his arm around EB in a greet-y “I like you” sort of way and GJ explains that he phoned him since they had the day off and he had hoped to rest, but that EB made him come to the Zoo.  He addresses them as the EB that only thinks about gumihos and the JY that only thinks about EB, and tells them to have fun.

As GJ leaves JY tells him to drink less (since he needs to nap) and GJ says that it’s in his DNA to miss drinking even when he’s drinking.  JY says that it’s like the desert fox (not sure if he’s referring to the drawing or the character) and when EB agrees he puts his arm around her to take a look at them.  She eyes him suspiciously, so he tells her to look at the foxes and not worry about anything else.

RK is waiting for Jin and remembers back to a phone call she had earlier with Jang (she calls him Jun Hyeok-ssi btw).  He had asked if she wanted to go to the zoo since the Director and EB were going to be there, and we see that RK has instead invited Jin to the zoo (awww, poor nervous Jang got rejected! While wearing a cute yellow hoodie!).

Jin arrives with churros and asks RK what she wants to go see.  She says the foxes, and he agrees (oh RK, you’re not soo good at being devious.  It’s a little transparent if you choose foxes first!).

Of course Jin and RK see JY and EB by the foxes (who are acting like best buds) and Jin starts to suggest that they go a different way, but RK eagerly points out that it’s EB (as if she’s surprised) and flags her down.  Jin does not look happy.  RK asks why they’re there (her act continues) and JY comments that Jin doesn’t just work, but dates too (EB hits him so he’ll shut-up).  RK says that it’s been 500 years, and I think she means that it’s been forever since Jin took her on a date? Jin comments that JY and EB made up, so JY nonchalantly says that yes they did, and makes EB bow while he says that she was a drunkard and that he’s sorry (hahah, I love it).    Jin asks if they want to have a drink, and apparently they do!

Jin brings the drinks, and it’s kind of adorable that RK is the only one having ice cream.  He asks if she can finish it, so she says that he can help her if she can’t. JY asks somewhat sarcastically if RK and Jin are highschool sweethearts or something, and RK asks him how he knew, which makes him choke on his drink.  RK explains that they met at a school club, but Jin tells her that JY isn’t interested in such things.  JY asks Jin why, and Jin says it’s because JY would think of such love as infantile.  This makes EB laugh, and she points at JY saying that Jin understands him very well.  JY asks if Jin was the type in high school to say “I really like you too” and RK says that it was something like that while they all laugh.

Back at EB’s apartment her friend is cleaning out the fridge and complaining that B should freeze stuff that’s not going to get eaten.  He says that he never saw food going bad when EB lived alone, and that it’s not working out well since she got a permanent guest.  He even adds that this is why it’s important to make good friends, and asks what they’ll do when they get sick from bad food.  B is non-responsive, and just sits there reading and stretching her limbs.  He asks if she knows when EB is coming back, and finally she sits up and asks what he said.  She takes out a pair of ear plugs and says that she always wears them since EB sings at night, and then asks what’s for dinner.  Love is in the air!

Back at the zoo the two couples part ways, and Jin and RK get in the car after Jin gets a call from the grandpa (asking them to dinner).  RK muses that after today she has a month’s worth of Jin, and that she could go another month without a date.  Jin asks her if she regrets not dating anyone else, and she says that the point of dating is to find your other half, so why would she see other people?  Jin then asks how she can know without comparing, so she takes his hand at says that if she’s hungry, if she sick, if she likes something, if she hates something, if she’s afraid, or if she’s tired, he knows her better than herself, and takes care of her problems better than she could.  Why then would she need to compare?  He thinks that she is wavering in her belief, and she asks what he means, so he says (insincerely) that it’s just a coincidence that they went to the zoo at the same time, and that RK wanted to see the foxes just like EB and JY.  Jin starts to say something, but Jin asks what the point is in lying or excuses is and says to forget it.  Nothing like a love spat right before a group dinner!

KH is telling the grandpa a funny story when RK and Jin arrive (that lady is good at schmoozing!).  The grandpa orders the regular, and asks about the rest of KH’s story (it becomes clear that she was telling him about a Monte Cristo scene).  The grandpa tells Jin that they need to invite Frank over when he’s next in Korea (eek, poor Jinny-poo!) and KH tells the chairman not to go too far since Jin hasn’t decided yet.  The grandpa wants to know what that’s all about, and Jin looks extremely uncomfortable (how could he not be!)

Back at GJ’s place my musical cooking boys are at it again!  Is this a real place? I want to go to there!

In the back somewhere GJ is handing out official scripts to the cast (the last goes to the “star” EB).  GJ suggests that they go celebrate, and everyone leaves except EB and JY (who has been leaning against the wall looking like some sort of alleycat).

EB is hugging her script, and JY holds out a pen for her to write her name with.  While she writes JY asks if her heart is about to burst, and she nods with a smile (she really does look overcome with emotion).  I think that this scene marks the moment the EB finally feels like a real musical actress, and it’s pretty bittersweet for us viewers because we can see what’s coming…

Back at their dinner the grandpa is asking Jin why he hasn’t made a decision yet.  The grandpa thinks it’s a simple issue and that they should just do Monte Cristo first, but Jin tries to explain that their are other issues under the surface.  The grandpa thinks that those issue couldn’t possibly be deciding factors, so KH takes the chance to really throw Jin to the wolves and says that for the first time while working on a project, Jin is showing feeling for people.  She says that instead of being an ice prince he is opening his heart and working with others.  Excuse me a moment while I recover from the horrible heebie jeebies that KH just gave me.  She smiles throughout that like she’s doing everyone a favor!

The grandpa is very surprised and tells Jin that he should be receiving affection instead of feeling it (Jin simply agrees, not that he has much of a choice).   The grandpa then laughs and says that the cast must really be great, so RK says that they are very passionate and are a good group of people (I love how she always stands up for him).  Her words don’t seem to move him at all, and he says that in one moment Jin could undo all his progress with the investors, and that losing the right timing could become his biggest regret.  Jin just says “yes” again and glares for a moment at KH (although I’m sure she’s completely immune to such things).

Back at GJ’s the usual revelry is taking place, while EB and JY watch from above (EB’s just asking for his advances when she sits with him alone like that!).  GY comments that GJ is really drunk, and we see that GJ misses a call from Jin.

Jin calls JY instead, and JY asks since when they were in a relationship where they saw each other during the day and called each other at night.  Jin asks if JY can come out to see him, and JY looks a bit worried (rightly so!).

Jin asks RK if she had dessert (of course she did!) and she asks if he’s okay.  He says he is and asks why, so she implies that something might be wrong because of  “just a moment ago” (back in meeting with his grandpa). He says it’s fine and that he has to go to the drama office, but as he starts to leave she grabs his arm.  She starts to explain about the zoo and he says that he thought they weren’t going to talk about it anymore.  RK admits to being childish, and says that she accidentally found out that EB was going to the zoo. She thinks that she wanted to show EB that they are dating, so Jin asks if there is a reason for that.  RK explains that he seemed to be hesitating about Monte Cristo because of EB, so Jin says that he was just being cautious (yeah right) and that he has made up his mind.  He is about to go pass his decision, and wants to do it asap since KH will cause rumors to spread anyways (he wants them to hear it from his own mouth).    He adds that she was seeing things wrong (she meekly nods in agreement) and he leaves.  I don’t think she’s really all that convinced!

On the way into the meeting GJ is spraying his mouth like crazy, and he breathes into JY’s face to ask if he smells like alcohol.  JY says that alcohol smells better than he does, so GJ asks if he should feel bad, so JY says “of course” but GJ feels happy anyways.  Not for long!

At the meeting they have heard the news, and GJ asks what he should say to the investor who wants to throw away his project.  Jin reiterates that they’re just postponing it, and SW adds that all the same actors can stay on for Monte Cristo if they want.  GJ points out that he is contracted as the producer for Cheongdamdong Gumiho and that someone big like Frank wouldn’t let him produce Monte Cristo.  Jin says that he will come up with a method to make it work, but GJ asks what method, and says that they took a happy person off a merry-go-round and told him to go on a rollercoaster after convincing him of its merits, but then kicked him off at the highest point.  Jin explains that it’s not that bad, and they Amour Fund just needs to get better settled so they can all benefit. GJ aks if Jin didn’t think that Cheongdamdong Gumiho could help settle the fund, so KH in turn asks GJ if he can honestly say that Cheondamdong Gumiho is better than the Count of Monte Cristo.  JY remembers back to when KH told him that she wasn’t stopping but instead making him more comfortable, and probably realizes that she orchestrated this whole thing.

JY gets up to leave so SW asks where he’s going, and JY answers that he has nothing to say.  Jin stands up and says “Hong Jay Yi-ssi” but JY tells him that unless Jin is going to refuse Monte Cristo he may as well not talk, and explains that Jin never would have done this if he understood what Cheongdamdong meant to the people involved.  SW says that it wasn’t easy for Jin, but JY logically replies that even if it was hard, the result is the same.  KH tells him that if he stands back a bit and looks at it realistically he’ll see that Monte Cristo is a great opportunity for everyone, so GJ stands up and says that it looks like they don’t need his understanding, and that they’ve already decided anyways (he leaves).  SW comments that GJ may be sad for now, but JY cuts him off and asks if they even care whether others feel sad or not.  Jin says that he will do his best to take responsibility, and that he will personally explain it to all the actors. As he’s talking JY walks out and Jin is left standing there.

Outside GJ is sobbing, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so snotty (in the literal sense).  JY tries to lighten the mood and asks what he should do about a man in his thirties crying on the street, so GJ indignantly asks wen he was crying (this makes JY laugh since it’s extremely obvious that GJ is a total mess). GJ asks how JY can laugh and says that he knew this would happen since all they care about is money.  JY points out that GJ is going to have a hard time if he acts like this, and GJ asks if he should be rejoicing then.  GJ then complains about the money (about 4 million) and JY seems to have a “eureka” moment.  He asks if it’s all good if they have the money, and GJ says it is since they have the script, song, cast, and staff.

Meanwhile the revelry at GJ’s continues, and Jin and KH are both deep in thought. The end!


As well all know, the show must go on!  I have no idea how rich JY is, but is it possible that he will fund the musical himself, or pull some strings to get investment?  He’s obviously well known and respected, and it would be kind of neat if we had two competing musicals!

I also thought it was interesting that all of the Cheongdamdong Gumiho actors would get to work on the Count of Monte Cristo.  Does that mean include EB? Surely they wouldn’t let her play a lead?  No offense, but I don’t think she could pull off that musical’s songs like KH can.  Either way I don’t see how JY would be involved with an already-composed musical, so he would get separated from EB regardless.

At this point I feel like it would be appropriate to just call KH “the Puppeteer.”  Is there anyone she hasn’t manipulated?  Poor Jin never stood a chance.  I think he genuinely thought she was listening to his opinion, but the only thoughts she cares about are JY’s.  I do give KH for being quite masterful at what she does.  She knows that Jin takes pride in his work ethic and ability to keep emotion separate from work, so pointing out his change in style was the ideal way to make him feel weak and question his own decision-making.  This perfectly primed him for the dinner with the grandfather where the added pressure was easily enough to make him cave and go back to his old ways (particularly because  KH went ahead and pointed out to the chairman that Jin is getting all lovey-dovey when it comes to work).  On top of all that Jin is trying to fill his father’s shoes, and he’s pretty much doing it alone.  I found that my heart broke for Jin more than anyone in that final meeting scene, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  He tried to do the right thing, but no one else knows that, and I’m sure he feels like his attempt to be empathetic (for once) was all for naught.

As far as Jin’s parent’s go, I feel like the situation is finally coming to a head.  It’s clear that the dad can’t go it alone much longer, and I think that Jin will find out the truth within the next few episodes. It’s incredibly tragic that the phone call back in university was the last time that Jin got to talk to his mom as his mom.  I’m hoping that she has a few lucid moments where she remembers him, but even so, years have been lost, and I think his parents definitely made the wrong decision.  I understand the decision, but I think it only made the situation easier in the short term.  Imagine reconciling with your parents after a massive falling out, only to discover that one of those parents doesn’t even recognize you?  I think Park Ki Woong will have some tough stuff to act out in the episodes to come.

I apologize for just talking about Jin, but this really was a Jin episode!  I literally get nervous butterflies when I think about the episodes to come, and every Friday comes too slow.


Another BTS vid; prepare for cuteness!:

Here is the youtube playlist for E7 and thanks again to Cheerkoo in the GHS soompi thread for her most excellent translations.

Video of the day is PTB!  Finally, a MV that includes all four characters in all 18 episodes!  It’s a collab and most of the video is really good.  Credit goes to TransparentDarkness, KawaiiYuume, harajukufx, FancyRomance, charismile, snowcedarplanes, llCatchMe, xarofhearts and UnwrittenNotes.

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  1. thank you so much! im totally rooting for jin and eun bi. rk can have jang. as for kh i really dont like her but at the same time shes extremely smart.i just hope she doesnt outsmart herself!

    • oooh, an official Jin/Eun Bi shipper! I’m just jealous that you even KNOW who you’re shipping because I have no idea at this point. No matter what combination we end up with I’m going to feel bad for someone, and I’m starting to get too attached to them all!

  2. Annyeong!
    I was delightfully surprised to see your ep 7 recap posted earlier than the previous one (after knowing yr latest status on “time-bending” schedule) so, KAMSAHAMNIDA!

    Holy Cheeseballs, KH is some character, ain’t she? And such persons do exist in real life too. They are fearless in leaping towards the next rung even at the expense of many others. Though victory may be at hand, such methods shall invite karmic retributions, times 10! And I can’t wait to see that happen to KH with eyes wide open!!

    I agree that ep 7 was pretty much Jin’s and I wonder when his cool veneer will finally get stripped off with all the rumblings that beginning to take root in his professional & private lives.

    “Back at GJ’s the usual revelry is taking place, while EB and JY watch from above (EB’s just asking for his advances when she sits with him alone like that!).” – Hahahaha!! SO TRUE! I have a feeling JY is gonna play the cool customer now, waiting for the EB to make the first move. Hhmm, but then again the preview for ep 8 suggests otherwise.

    Anyway, can’t wait for Friday (I feel like such a giddy, love-sick person who constantly thinks of seeing her beau again at the end of the week!)

    Your passion & effort is greatly appreciated 😉

    • I think its sort of funny that JY seemed to pursue EB a little less now that GJ’s pointed out that he might love her. What a player! I think he’ll still go after her, but the vibe seems a little more serious now or something.

  3. I wonder if the puppeteer is being manipulated by a master puppeteer? From an earlier episode, we saw SW convinced KH to marry him instead of running away with JY. This SW character may have more cards hidden up his sleeve than what he appears to be. Just my take. He knows of KH’s ambition to be No. 1 and her obsession with JY so he knows just the right buttons to push to get her to do all the work herself.

    As for Jin, I’m looking forward to upcoming episodes for his character to come to the realization of his true feelings. He IS like EB in terms of being so clueless in love! Oh, wow, I just had a light bulb flashed overhead…Jin AND EB are the same! They are both kind of estranged from their parent/s due to the choices they made, both want to succeed in the path they have chosen, both are clueless in love but things are happening around them that will lead them to develop romantic feelings not necessarily with each other(?), and they are neighbors, well their families are and it’s a no-brainer that they will eventually go home to this place in order to heal or find rest and love after all the upheaval that will surely happen from making the musical. I forgot, is Jin not the male lead??? He he he.

    Thank you, fanderay, for the recap. Don’t worry about the typos. Everything still made sense and looking forward to the next one no matter how brief it may be.

    • Thank you for mentioning SW because I forgot to! I don’t think he’s as conniving as KH, but he very knowingly got this whole think with Frank rolling, and it seems like he got the outcome he wanted. Even though it felt sincere when he told KH that he just wants to see her shine on stage, he obviously has ulterior motives when it comes to JY, and I can’t say that I blame him. The fact that he loves her despite all her manipulating must mean that he’s made for her 😛

      • Am I the only one who thinks SW is kinda hot? Even when he’s being underhanded, he just has this knowing look that’s….erm….sexy. Maybe it’s just me.

        • Yeah…SW is cute in a bad guy kind of way. His eyes do tell a lot. My heart is set on making him and KH the protagonists and they will end up leaving for New York’s broadway to spend the rest of their lives there. Too much? 🙂

          Can’t believe this drama is halfway through already by Friday.

            • LOL. Too much? Maybe, but I would totally watch that drama. KH & SW in New York, messing with everyone around them? I’m tenting my fingers Mr. Burns style just thinking about it. Exxxceeellenntt.

              Episode 8 was epic. Oh, to be that pillow…..

  4. Thanks for the recap! 😀 I really appreciate how you still take the time out to do this for us despite your busy schedule. I don’t really mind it being late or even after the subs are out coz the reason why I look forward to your recaps is mainly for your superb narration and great commentary! 🙂 You also manage to point out some things that I may miss while watching the episodes so as always Thank You!

    I think as the year draws to a close im sure many of us are really on busy mode especially on weekends so it’s understandable. Goodluck to you. Even my weekends are booked so know live streaming for me these next weeks. 😦

    I agree it’s Jin’s episode. You know sometimes I do wonder if they changed the leading man from CD to PKW. The story is indeed playing out as if this is his story alongside Eun Bi’s. Hehe. I mean we don’t even know much about HongJae aside from him being the best musical director and the ex of KangHee. I’d love to know more about his backstory too but then it’d get too complex.

    Thank you for bringing over the clip of OJH singing the actual song from the Musical. I actually also posted that with the english version on the soompi thread. I’m now a big fan of the singer OJH! She’s just amazing! I would love to watch her on stage (with subtitles of course). I found out that there’s still no English Version of the Musical yet. Just the Swiss version and then the premiere in asia via the Korean version. Plus it’s by Frank Wildhorn – “The Frank” KangHee was talking to. lol. Although they used an actor to play him the show is indeed sticking to facts!

    It would be epic if there was a showdown between Count Monty vs Cheongdamdong Gumiho but we all know that the former is indeed the better. I love GHS too and her pure voice but you can’t really have her go against OJH’s vocal prowess! That wouldn’t make sense. That being said…. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!? We know that the Gumiho project will still push through but how?! Seriously!? Only 9 episodes left? I think we need morrrrre to tie up everything smoothly! I hope the great writing and beautiful screenplay will follow through as it’s managed to do so far till the end. I’ll still stick by this nonetheless! 🙂

    Thansk again!

    • The funny thing is that I only found that video because I was searching for the original version of that song, but the OJH clip was the first hit!

      I didn’t know that “Frank” was a real person! That’s pretty cool. I wonder why they made it seem like an American musical in the drama though? Maybe because “broadway” seems like a bigger deal? Either way, I like how they’re integrating aspects of real life in the story, and it definitely makes the show feel more true to the actual musical world.

  5. Hello Fanderay,

    First time to post, though I have been admiring your drawings for a long time and have discovered you site after looking for recaps of this wonderful drama, The Musical. Thank you so much for both. I specially like your digital painting. I haven’t drawn since college, which is a pity. Sometimes I think I should do it again but my work does not leave me with much time.

    Anyway, back to Episode 7. I think in this episode, the writer wants to show the parallel between Eun Bi’s and Yu Jin’s lives. While he loves Ra Kyung, he’s not that demonstrative, maybe because he never had the chance to feel what it’s like to have close family ties considering the home environment he grew up in (if you can even call that a home). He’s drawn to Eun Bi because he found it easy to talk and open up to her despite their initial wrong impression about each other, since there is no bias. Ra Kyung on the other hand feels that she’s being neglected by Yu Jin and is acting childishly. Now that Eun Bi’s mom has been discussed, it could be that she’s the stepmom of Ra Kyung. She seems to be staying in Jeju.

    Jae Yi, after Gu Jak’s teasing is now in 2 minds, I think. First his desire for Eun Bi to know how to love and to feel what it’s like to love to give full justice to the role of the Gumiho and have more depth in her rendition and performance is warranted because she is sure lacking in that department. On the other hand, his personal feelings for Eun Bi is now is question because he has yet to define how he truly feels for her, although it is obvious that there’s some feelings there because he continues to seek her out. Is she his muse, his future girlfriend, or his protege? Hope that Eun Bi will realize her feelings towards Jae Yi next episode, and start to feel the ups and downs of first love as she continues to develop as a musical actress. She was trained to be a singer before she became an actress so kudos to her for singing off key and all.

    That ‘eureka” moment for Jae Yi is something to look forward to. He may be that rich to fully fund that project or call up investors for the musical to push through like you think. Maybe he will have the backing from someone rich who in turn will be Eun Bi’s mom. And that the two musicals can go head to head. She can even be someone from whom Kang Hee learned how to be a better musical actress, since the lady who auditioned before mentioned that she was more awful than Eun Bi was when they started. That will be awesome. We know that the play will be done, but the HOW is what keeps this drama such a delight to watch because it really keeps you guessing and gives a viewer a chance to think of several options, even if just to see which one is right.

    Right now Sang Won and specially Kang Hee are on a roll, but we know that they will have to come down (hard) eventually. The two characters suit each other because they are both selfish and they are both manipulative. And we know that Jae Yi’s prediction of Eun Bi becoming a musical actress that’s beyond compare will happen. Love Jae Yi and Eun Bi. Aja!

    Sorry for the long post. Thank you for all the wonderful recaps for this drama and your awesome drawings. Looking forward to more of them. And hope you’ll not be too stressed out due to your busy schedule.

    • I’m not able to write a proper reply right now (you touched on so many great things!) but I felt the need to say that I love your comment and think you brought up a lot of good points. Please continue to post in the future since you have some great insights that are a joy to read (and hopefully I will the have the time to give you a better reply!).

      Two more days until ep 8. Enjoy, everyone!

      PS: Loved your guesses about EB’s mom. Hadn’t thought of those options!

      • Thanks, Fanderay. Looking forward to your reply when you finally get the time. I love your recaps and your unbiased insights. And love that screen cap you did for those pancakes with ice cream and strawberries and those drinks. Visually delicious with its colors.

        There were so many dramas that have started out promising just to disappoint you after 2 or 3 episodes. I love this drama, it’s intelligent and very well written. And the characters are very interesting. Love the music and love the a capella boys. Their harmony is very pleasant to the ears. AND it continues to surprise us, which is a major plus.

    • Wow! Great Analysis! I am now really appreciating the fact that this is a once a week drama. It enables us to savor it for a longer time and induces such heated discussions, analysis and theories like yours amongst fans! I love how this is so unpredictable that it really makes us THINK! No that’s what I call a good show! 🙂
      Back to your analysis – So RK’s step mom could be EunBi’s mom! Nice! Ohhhh that would be interesting! But you may also be right about her being KH’s mentor. Remember in Epi2 when EunBi told her Dad and Grandma that her mom use to SING to her! Maybe her mom left them to follow her dreams and is actually a performer/producer/singer somewhere… in Jeju? haha. Oh I’m loving this!

      • Yeah, isn’t it great fun! It’s a gem of a drama. Although we know that ratings count, it’s basically more for the business side of things I should know because when I was still with an advertising agency we always want the products we handle to be present in shows that are highly-rated. But then again there are shows that I pick due to their content that are very appropriate for a particular brand. Pity that a lot of viewers are missing out on this out-of-the-box drama.

        On the subject of Yu Jin’s parents, their intention was quite noble but they forgot that their son has the right to choose too. They chose not to tell their son the reason for the abandonment, forgetting that their son also has the right to make his own choice. It will be agonizing when Yu Jin finally learns of his mom’s condition and a variety of emotions will be required from the actor – love, hate, despair, frustration – all the pent-up emotions will be released, starting from when he was told to stay with his grandfather. Whew! That will be such a dramatic scene.

        On the subject of Eun Bi’s mom, yeah, I remember Eun Bi mentioning that. Maybe that is why her dad is so against her becoming a musical actress. The dad even mentioned going on stage half-dressed and stuff.

  6. Thanks for the recap! Once again I love your brilliant insights. I feel really awful for Jin, and it’s just going to get so much worse for him. I’m with you, I wish he and EB were siblings. I just want them to hold hands and go carousing together at the playground.

    They’ve been focusing an awful lot on Jin in this drama, it is starting to feel like he’s the male lead, but I have hopes that there will be more to JY’s backstory than what they’ve revealed so far. I wouldn’t die if she ended up with Jin, but I’m rooting for JY and EB to the bitter end. Hardcore.

    That PTB video was awesome.

  7. “As usual, Jin’s motivations are unclear. Is he sincere, does he feel guilty, or is he trying to prove to himself that he has no feelings for EB?”

    That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking when I was watching that part of the episode!! After his meeting with Kang Hee, I think he wanted to prove to himself that he doesn’t have any feelings for EB. And maybe he feels guilty too. But like you said we are not clear of his intentions. I love how complex his character is. I read some of the comments here and I also had the feeling YJ is the male lead instead of JY. I wonder if that’s true. Although I’m rooting for YJ and EB, at this point I can’t really see how the writers will bring them together. YJ does have some feelings for her but EB for YJ, not so much. I can’t wait for ep 8 to come!!!

  8. Hello fellow TM lovers, just sharing my thoughts on Ep8, in the absence of a recap since Fanderay is still out of town. Just some character analysis based on what I see. Sorry if it’s quite a long post.

    Ra Kyung
    She’s so insecure and a bit inconsiderate. Her boyfriend is having a very difficult time with business affairs and she’s waiting for a message or phone call all the time. Why? She knows where he is and what he’s doing. Voicing her (still) unfounded jealousy at this time, adding to her boyfriend’s personal and business woes! C’mon, woman. It seems like she cannot function without Yu Jin.

    Eun Bi
    So Eun Bi is now entangled in the love affair of Ra Kyung and Yu Jin and she’s also enmeshed in the Sang Wong-Bae Kang-Jae Yi triangle. Very difficult situation to be in, and she’s done that unconsciously. However I do not like her character development. She basically lives and breathes musical yet she does not know anything about the ins and outs of it. She only knows how to audition but does not know the process of preparation so she can gain entry into that world. She’s supposedly very intelligent and can memorize songs at one glance, but that’s all there is to her link to music. Here’s this world-famous composer, creating songs for her, openly declaring that the songs are only for her and no one else, and that the musical, Do Hwa and her as well as Jae Yi are inseparable. And she’s still clueless? She said she knows that, but then, what has she done so far towards Jae Yi? She’s treating him like a brother. There were several instances in this episode (8) where Jae Yi was very vocal about his feelings, and very demonstrative and playful, too (so many cute scenes), but still Eun Bi is indifferent. Good thing Jae Yi said he’s prepared to wait. Although not yet verbally owning to his love for Eun Bi, he said that he went out of his way to secure funding because “she wants a musical, so he’s giving her one.” When will Eun Bi mature? Most of the people around her have matured in different respects, even Bok Ja, so why can’t she. Even Sang Mi is okay.

    Jae Yi
    Wow, how awesome is he to do something grand for someone when he has yet to fully define what his feelings are. Is he working on the fulfillment of the musical because EB is his muse? He called her Do Hwa when he came home drunk. Then he does some endearing and cutest things – telling EB that the musical, EB and he are one and that they already promised to see it to the end. He said they should start anew – 2 pronged statement – start anew in getting Gumiho off the ground and on stage, and starting anew in their relationship (JY and EB). He’s again like a little boy with his crush, preventing EB from washing the bed linens, smelling the pillow EB used and lying on the side of the bed where EB slept. Dropping a kiss on her forehead while she slept and almost kissing her and telling her he’s willing to wait for her to reciprocate his feelings. Subliminal confessions, hmmm?

    Yu Jin
    So much pent-up anger, but he’s sharp. Finding out when the Count of Monte Cristo was actually offered; how Sang Won manipulated things because he wants to separate KH from JY and telling Sang Won off on that. He’s feeling a closer tie with EB with whom he’s opened up a bit about his life. He’s still cold and calculative, but he’s beginning to show signs of warmth. Seeing how EB struggled to make it this far, he feels that he owes it to her to personally and individually tell her what happened. He’s just not able to express that more coherently without giving away the shenanigans that happened behind the scenes that led to the postponement (?) of Nine Tailed Fox. So he’s angry that EB did not understand his position. At least now he’s able to express his anger towards his A-hole cousin, when before he merely bows his head and leaves. Which is good.

    Sang Won and Bae Kang Hee
    Well, what can you say? The man’s in love, although he’s manipulated the whole thing to his own advantage in the hope that his wife will forget her obsession with JY. BKH is still obsessed as ever, thinking about JY and what he will do for Monte Cristo…and even waits for a message from JY? As if a person you crushed to the ground will still have an iota of feeling to get in touch? Insensitive, greedy and (add whatever expletives you like)…

    Gu Jak
    Still as effusive as ever when he hears “Ca-ching.” But what’s with the constant celebration? Of course it gives us the chance to hear the a capella boys! Eating, drinking and merry-making, and he hasn’t changed his attire for like since he first came out. If it’s in real life he must smell like a wet horse, decaying matter or dead rat. From revelry to despair to drinking himself to stupor to being woken up and brought to meet a financier – how many hours have passed and he hasn’t had a bath, washed his face or even brushed his teeth. Eeek, gross.

    The drama’s been quite good so far, but Ep8 seems to veer off course and go the same route as other dramas, with the introduction of a sleazy financier and a “sponsored” idol. Wae?

    But gauging from what Gu Jak and Jae Yi were saying, they will be going head to head with Monte Cristo, which will be great! Looking forward to the rise of the underdogs and the (hard) fall of the high and mighty! Weee…

    Nevertheless (spoiler) from the preview for Ep9, Eun Bi will let herself be manipulated by the witch and turn her back on her benefactor once again? She’s really dumb if she’s going to do that. She should know better and learn to read between the lines. She needs to grow up fast as her character’s stagnating.

  9. Hi Zinn! I really miss Fanderays recaps but then again glad she’s being able to go for a much needed vacation. Can’t wait for her take on the recent episodes too. Lots to digest. I think RK is the perfect example of a woman who focuses her entire world on her man. Sad that she’ll be met with more pain in upcoming episodes if YJ continues to get closer to EB. Regarding EB, it may be cluelessness but also it’s more like naivety. She’s young, this is her first time to be exposed to the possibility of love… first time to be in the middle of all the drama with the musicals and love quadrangle… everything is definitely new… I met even the smartest people feel lost in areas of unfamiliarity. She does develop some balls in Episode 9 though well to a certain degree when she rejects KH’s offer. However, being open to YJ’s advice, she re-accepts. ( Sorry I’m speaking from a post episode 8 and 9 pov) She knows what JY has done for her but given the state of things with Gumiho I don’t blame her for her decision to follow YJ’s advice and try the KH offer. JY is the most adorable person ever. I love all his scenes in this episode especially the frolicking on the bed, the gently caresses at EB’s hair, the ways he teases her non-stop and that sincere forehead kiss. I’m hoping for moooore skinship soon! Love team aside… I wonder how he’ll sort the mess he’s made with the whole Investor wants Idol, Idol doesn’t want EB situation. It’s messier now that GJ spent a lot of the funds already. YJ I love his character development. One minute he’s cold and intense, the next he’s warm and sweet. He’s actually got the makings of the Lead Male role.
    SW and BKH are the same. Both love. Both wont let their love be taken away from them. Both are manipulative and wont stop at nothing. They’re meant to be. lol
    GJ —- He took a shower! Finally! Or at least I know before a foot massage one has to at least wash up! (ep9) Good job EB for bringing him there.
    At this point Im not even sure how and if Gumiho will even get off the ground and who will save the day. I don’t think EB will stick with the Stand by role in Ep10. I think she returned to Gumiho after JY went after her. Now what? I love the storytelling and the way we still have no clue what’s gonna happen and how this whole thing will end! Kudos to the Musical for keeping us guessing!

    • Hello there. I miss Fanderay’s take on this wonderful drama that keeps us guessing and waiting for Wednesday for English subs and late Friday or Saturday for the upload of the raw footage. Anyway I have seen Ep.10 raw and though I don’t understand Korean, here’s my thoughts on what’s happening gauging from their actions and facial expressions.

      Eun Bi took YJ’s advice and reconsiders so she’s back to KH’s house. I love JY so much more in this episode. He’s finally accepted the fact that he has fallen deeply in love with EB. And hurray for KH’s letdown by JY. Hopefully she’ll now realize that JY is not hers (anymore) and will never be. And surprise, EB’s waiting for him outside KH’s house. A-ha! I think his feelings are reciprocated but she’s torn. She wants Gumiho to take off the ground and she’s inadvertently become embroiled in all the drama and the idol’s refusal to work with her. Love the sweet moments when JY and EB were seated on the stairs sipping coffee and JY telling EB his most sincere feelings towards her. EB seems fine with everything and does not flinch when JY puts his arm around her shoulders and her
      hand over his heart. But since she knows the situation from both sides she’s willing to forego her feelings right now so that both musicals can be done. She’s thinking that it’s a small sacrifice to make for her to help both parties. Now her feelings run deeper and it’s subtly shown in her face and her eyes when she left JY’s house. Her impact on everyone is immense – to JY, YJ, GJ, RK, KH, BJ and the snotty idol. She made JY renew his interest in Gumiho even without her. She’s causing YJ to smile more especially when he sees her and even coaxed him to sing (he can carry a tune) and practice with her. Now RK is feeling more left out; not
      receiving calls from YJ and seeing the two acting like best buddies. I agree with you. She’s so focused on one man.

      I sighed at the diva actions of the idol which is creating more mess for Gumiho and other people but it did allow the fact the GJ has received more money from the financier without JY’s knowledge to surface and that he has spent all of it in his pursuit of his grand dream of a musical, although it caused JY to be very conflicted.

      But it seems there will be more rainclouds in EB’s and JY’s horizon in Ep.11. Another new character being introduced in Ep.11. Aish, this is so much fun. Keeps us wanting and waiting for more. But I do hope that there will be more JY and EB lovey-dovey scenes in the remaining episodes.

      Did I get most of it right? Please let me know.

  10. Thank You devoted TheMu lovers for continuing the discussion in my absence! I finally watched episodes 8 and 9 yesterday, and will watch 10 in the car tomorrow on a roadtrip. In lieu of proper recaps I’m going to make a post with commentary on all three episodes (since no one would probably use a recap as a recap at this point anyways :P). I just wanted to quickly let you all know that I’m still alive, but busier than expected! Enjoy your weekend everyone. Oh and also, I haven’t checked out any of the new dramas, so I’m curious to know to know your thoughts on all them 🙂 Particularly if they’re pretty!

  11. I am so glad to have stumbled into your recaps of my current K-Drama fav The Musical. I have yet to watch epi-10; cannnot find any working Eng-subbed videos on the net. I am rooting for EB-JY OTP because I love Daniel Choi. But it’s looking like Jin could be EB’s soul-mate. However I do not want JY to end up with KH – she is selfish!

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