The Musical – Episodes 8, 9 & 10 Thoughts

Shoes that don’t fit.  Doesn’t it seem like every character in this drama is trying to put one of those on?

I’m sorry not to post proper recaps but I’m so far behind at this point that I’m just dying to open up discussion of these episodes!  So please, discuss!

I apologize in advance for all the topics I’ve missed, the intermittent screenshots, and for the confusing format along with changes in tense.  I did most of this in bits and pieces while riding in the car, and if I hold off on posting any longer I’ll never post at all!  Basically this is just random thoughts that spewed out of my brain while watching each episode.  Even though I’m sorry, I’m not really that sorry since I’m very much enjoying time with my family 🙂

Since it’s been so long, here is the character legend again (Jang Jun Hyeok = Jang):

Go Eun Bi - EB

Hong Jae Yi - JY

Yu Jin - Jin

Bae Kang Hee - KH

Seo Ra Kyeong - RK

Sa Bok Ja - B

Han Sang Won - SW

Gu Jak - GJ

Episode 8

In the beginning of the episode I loved that Jin gave SW an ultimatum about Monte Cristo and how he used Jin for personal reasons  (of course Jin easily saw through to the truth).   I even appreciated that he borderline threatened SW by asking if he could give up his business relationship, but I also appreciated that SW said he would give up anything.  All these boys know how to devote to a cause!

A couple things in this episode seemed a bit odd to me.  After the end of episode 7 I thought JY had some epiphany about funding Cheongdamdong Gumiho, but then he just sucked back booze and acted incredibly depressed instead?  And then later figured out the funding method?  The timing seemed a bit weird.  It also bothered me that EB took the cancellation so cheerily after her the scene she threw at the workshop.  At the workshop she was basically living out her dream, but went off the deep end due to relationship drama.  Then her musical is cancelled and she barely blinks an eye?  It’s clear that she is upset, but her outward  behavior is what doesn’t seem super consistent with her character.

As usual, I felt terrible for Jin.  He tried to do his best and then blamed himself while morosely watching EB’s audition tape once again. There’s only so much the man can do without losing his job or risking too much for too many people. He never gets any credit!

Despite RK being a little too Jin-focused, my heart still breaks for her because she always defends and understands him.  I think she is far less upset about the cancellation than she is about Jin not leaning on her at all, despite his obvious distress.  In past episodes he seemed to at least consider her (or remember her) after being inattentive, but now it’s almost like she doesn’t exist.  I do think that he is being unfair to her, and if he wants to ignore her he should break up with her or at least be upfront about why he’s acting the way he is.

When Jin met with EB to tell her about the cancellation he seemed almost child-like.  He once again seemed desperately hopeful for her understanding (I sort of agree with his stance that money is needed for dreams like EB’s to come true).  She asked why he called her (instead of the group) and he hesitated before saying that she paid the biggest price to do the musical.  Even though his words were technically true I think the bigger truth is that he was most concerned about how she would feel/react (compared to the others involved).

Despite wishing that Jin was better understood, I do think that he expected too much when he called EB in.  Did he think she had feelings, or hoped they were closer? I hoped that EB would be more understanding too, but empathy isn’t really her strong suit.

I was glad to see RK be upfront about her motivations with Jin.  The majority of the time she is sweet and selfless but I don’t like when she tries to trick Jin into revealing his feelings. Out of all the characters on the show I think she understands people the best, and that includes herself. I love how she’s aware that she gets ugly regarding EB, and has the decency to feel bad about herself as a result (which is a stark contrast to KH).   She is glad that the show is cancelled because it cuts ties with EB, and she actually has the stones to admit it!  I think almost everyone has felt guilty for being happy about something before (like when an event gets cancelled, leaving more time for kdramas!) and I think RK’s honesty about this sort of thing makes her very relatable.

Ouch though.  After RK pours her heart out Jin only says sorry, and not that she misunderstood or interpreted his relationship with EB wrong.  Does this mean that he’s become aware of his own conflicted emotions?  If I was RK that simple “sorry” would’ve made me feel a whole lot worse.
I liked RK’s talk with EB (seems like no ulterior motive this time, other than her guilt) and once again I admired her defense of Jin, particularly since it would work to her benefit to have them on bad terms .  She’s completely right about the sincerity of the rich being taken too lightly, and I think that “artists” can sometimes get too self righteous and feel like they deserve more, when businessmen are the ones giving them opportunities, and also the people who are responsible for losses when artists fail (which they often do).  If people with dreams never failed, then investing in those dreams would never be a risk.
This is completely irrelevant to anything, but EB’s “Durable Bugged” sweater cracked me up.  I have no idea what that could possibly mean.

Was anyone else weirded out by EB acting almost wife-like over at JY’s house?  I liked it, but it seems to me that if you don’t want to be romantically involved with someone, letting yourself into his house and cooking for him is probably a bad idea.

That being said, I felt like EB complaining to JY about Jin definitely made it seem like she has a crush on Jin (and I think JY picked up on that).  I don’t even know how I feel about it because I still don’t know who I’m shipping.
I thought that JY’s stubborness about Do Hwa’s songs being for EB was cute, and I wish that EB was more understanding of him (right along with Jin).  I also thought it was interesting that Jin wanted JY as a music director for Monte Cristo. How much of that was based on JY’s talent, and how much was based on spite toward SW?

I was sort of sad that I correctly predicted this scene with EB and JY just taking place after he showered.  Seriously though EB…who sleeps that heavily in the middle of the day?  I can’t imagine any circumstance where I would be picked up without noticing…short of coma and death.

We were all correct about JY finding alternate investment, but I wonder why he never thought to do something like that long ago.  Did he not want to work on musicals that badly because of KH?  Did he not trust GJ enough?  EB must’ve really inspired him to get him this far.

I’m definitely on the Cheongdamdong Gumiho team and loved watching them steal away the cast of Monte Cristo.  I don’t even feel that bad towards Jin since he’s rooting for the Gumiho team too.

I already loved A.D. Jang, but now he’s an artist too!  No offense to Jin (he’s my favorite) but Jang is definitely more deserving of RK as it stands.  I have a hard time properly shipping people in this show though.  If Jang gets RK then Jin gets EB and JY ends up lonely.  I don’t want to see JY alone, but if anyone deserves to be loved it’s Jang!

I was extremely amused by JY teasing EB and purposely making her uncomfortable after she woke up, but the suggestion that she use his towel seemed a bit gross to me, moreso because it was intended as a romantic gesture.

JY’s lines before EB leaves are some of my favorite I’ve heard from him.  He’s completely right that he is the type to leave when he’s angry, and since EB can be a bit oblivious I’m glad he pointed out that he fought for the musical in order to give her something she wants. I was also impressed that he said he’s going to wait for her to do the same, since he’s more naturally the pushy type in relationships.  EB’s resistance doesn’t seem very strong does it?

What are your opinions on why Jin’s grandpa laughed when Jin was said to be similar to him?  Does he think it’s funny since he personally thinks Jin is going soft?

JJ hasn’t dealt Jin any huge blows yet, which is something to worry about (so much to happen in so few episodes!). I think I sort of like furious Jin.  There’s something compelling about watching a typically reserved character experiencing a moment of righteous anger (like Kang in 49 Days). Jin seems like he’s at a breaking point though, and it scares me!  I hope the run-over Spiderman is just meant to symbolize Jin wishing to fully crush JJ and no one else (last time he commented on how falling slowly is still falling, but I think he’s getting impatient to be done with JJ).

GJ’s dealings with the lighting directior are extremely worrisome  I have the feeling he is the worst business partner ever.  Doesn’t this musical have enough problems already?  Poor JY.

Episode 9 

I have to say, this drama did a good job of making Jesse seem like a useless and horrible choice for the musical.  It seemed obvious a few episodes ago that Cheongdamdong Gumiho would start up again, but now it seems likely to fail. There aren’t THAT many episodes left, and I’m not sure how the issue will be resolved if it gets canceled again!  No wonder GJ and JY have been driven to drinking.

KH’s evilness continues, and she more or less tried to hit three birds with one stone by meeting with EB.  She tried to separate EB from JY again, figure out what they’ve been doing secretly, and once again cement herself as the greatest influence in EB’s life (while setting her up for possible failure).  EB and KH have very little in common as singers, and I think that EB is a bad choice as her second, regardless of how talented she may be. KH mentioned that females are in their prime at age 23, and I’ve heard that on other dramas too.  Is that a common notion in Korea?  It’s probably often true, but I’ve never heard such a specific age cited in other cultures.  KH’s logic doesn’t make any sense (when she talks about how JY might change his mind, as if she wouldn’t change hers) but I’m glad that EB isn’t blinded by her fan-girlishness for once and has actually started to question KH’s intentions.  Not that I think it’ll last 😦

Thank goodness for Jang!  I was so relieved to see him ask for an estimate instead of backing up GJ who seems willing to pay anything.  Maybe there’s hope for this musical yet!

I felt terrible about RK getting stuck working on a wedding reality show.  The poor girl has probably been thinking about marriage for years (since her and Jin were high school sweethearts) and now she’s surely worried that she won’t get her wedding at all.  Jang certainly seems ready to settle down though!

The situation with Jessie felt slightly contrived to me.  Couldn’t she have a different role than Do Hwa?  Maybe I just didn’t understand some of the finer points, and the issue would’ve ended up being solved if EB had fought for her position.

I definitely didn’t like EB questioning JY’s sincerity.  She should’ve done that a long time ago!  He pushed really hard for her, and regardless of his intentions she should appreciate it more.  Plus, so what if he likes her?  Is it a crime?  Isn’t it also sort of hypocritical to use that affection to get him to take care of all the other musical actors?  JY only started to do musicals again because of EB, and if she didn’t want that pressure/responsibility she should’ve stopped him in the beginning (or at least not expect anything of him when she leaves).

Nothing makes me feel better after some EB/JY angst like some EB/Jin cuteness. And yay, breakdancing!

Although I like Jin’s humble attitude, I don’t like hearing him say he was selfish.  He was doing the job he was hired to do, and he made a responsible decision with unpleasant ramifications. Unfortunately he was going to feel bad about himself either way, particularly since he’s so gentle-hearted.  Did anyone not love when Jin said her said he wants eB to do well more than he wants to put on the musical himself?  EB’s gruff imitation of Jin was adorably fantastic, as was Jin admitting that its not JY or GJ he’s cheering on. It’s getting reeeeally hard not to ship these two.

I literally “eek”ed when Jin called his mom, and then his dad!  I like that he did’t have to specifically talk about the issue with EB to call; just spending time with her and wanting to be more like her was enough to spur him on.

Gah though at the father lying again.  Jin finally made an effort and the dad did the wrong thing!  I thought the dad was close to cracking and contacting Jin (the situation seems to be getting worse quickly) and now it seems like it’s up to RK to break the news.

Or is it? Now the grandpa knows! What’s going to happen? I’m hoping for sympathy/regret but I’m not crossing my fingers.

Surely RK must be starting to see Jang in a new light?  Right after being harassed by wedding people she discovered him rescuing her car!  I love that his story to the ticket enforcers about RK was so over-the-top (love at first sight, RK is an angel, etc) and yet probably true as far as he is concerned.

I was impressed with how Jang immediately pointed out that RK would spend more on lunch than on a traffic ticket, and quickly turned the situation around to get himself ten coffee dates. Despite his dorkiness he’s pretty savvy and smooth!  I cracked up at his stalking story, although I wondered about what he thinks about RK and Jin.  Does he not know about them?  He said he would be a jerk if he had a gf, which would obviously make RK feel bad since she has a bf.  Hmmm…

I liked the bit about EB being a foot trying to fit into the wrong shoe.  EB has inspired Jin and JY so much that it’s nice to see Jin having an effect on her (she sees how much the “wrong fit” hurt him).

It was nice to see KH put in her place at the Monte Cristo practice since I’m so used to seeing her being the most powerful person in the room.  Oh you anal westerners and your hatred of big steps.  You will make KH rue the day she joined your musical!  I did have to grudgingly admire KH’s work ethic and attitude though.  She really does deserve to be where she is in the world of musicals.

Poor JY (again).  EB never considers him while he’s busy protecting her back and worrying about her.  Her and Jin are peas in a pod! They both take the people who love them a little bit for granted.

Honestly though, I’m not sure I care that much anymore.  How can I when Jin and EB are so darn cute together?  I can’t believe he bought her that musical ticket, and then showed up in the rain (ok ok, I believe it and I love it).  Both of them go from moroseness to all smiles when they’re together, and it’s hard not to root for that.

EB must be having a mid-first-musical crisis because a lot of what she says continues to annoy me!  She told Jin that she was depressed because she couldn’t be an actress and not because it’s difficult to be one.  EB chose not to be a musical actress, and that’s a lot different than “couldn”t”.  I’m not sure why she’s doubting her talent suddenly either.  She was fine with failure for 80 auditions, and then even suggested a Cheongdamdong Gumiho audition to prove herself.  Maybe she’s just fooling herself, and she’s really just scared of her feelings for JY, or feels guilty towards JY because she’s starting to like Jin.

Jin is right to encourage EB as KH’s second, but how could she take such a role? Doesn’t that go against all the ideals she’s been spouting?  Telling GJ the stuff about the shoe not fitting is totally bogus.  The Gumiho music was literally written for EB; how could it not fit? Either start from the actual bottom, or go for a starring role, but all these wishy washy excuses are not helping anyone in the long run.

It’s super cute that RK and Jin recorded their little karaoke session, but I was even more excited about RK’s friend telling her to try out someone new.  Even if they don’t end up together, I want to see some dates with Jang!

Jesse is sooo annoying, although it cracked me up that she knew what JY’s place looked like due to the many girls that have been there and described it.  Despite these last few episodes getting me more on the Jin train, I like how well JY knows EB, and that he knew she would voluntarily quit due to pressure.  The fact that she is that way makes me think that she’s in the wrong industry, but hopefully she’ll mature with experience.

It was inevitable that EB would take KH up on her offer, but the end of the episode still made me want to boo.  Cheongdamdong Gumiho seems seriously doomed.

Episode 10

I think it’s horrible that JY had to find out about EB switching musicals from GJ.  It was pretty unfair of EB not to tell JY first (not to mention that it makes her earlier explanations seem like lies) and I found her obvious exasperation and eye-rolling extremely rude.  If she just wants to have a professional relationship with JY, shouldn’t she treat him professionally? I understand that EB has had to make a lot of tough decisions, but so has everyone else.  She’s sort of lucky that JY and KH haven’t both kicked her to the curb!

The talk between KH and JY was really interesting since they’re both partially right.  I think KH does love JY in her way, but I think he’s also right about not knowing what love is.  She seems destined to be the type of person who never puts a relationship first, and who will always prioritize career decisions.  JY is the opposite, so it makes sense that they don’t understand each other.  What type is EB I wonder? I guess once she sorts out her feelings we may find out 😛

Yaay, an EB explanation I can get behind! Why didn’t she say all of this ten episodes ago instead of torturing us with those flimsy excuses?  The abandonment by her mother makes her motivations much more clear, and KH abandoning JY is a good example too, but I would prefer that she just made the resolution to be stronger than all that and continue no matter what.  It’s not like she would be abandoned mid-musical (particularly since she’s proven herself) and I really do think she’s partially just afraid of dating (which is also a valid excuse in it’s way).  Wait though.  Does this mean that she can work for Monte Cristo, and then be OK with dating JY?  Is that where she’s going with this?

I forgot that EB and Jin would see each other a lot at the Monte Cristo Studio. He’s so happy!  Not mixing love and musicals EB?  Yeah.  We’ll see.

I don’t think I really understand the contract that Jin has arranged for EB, although it’s obviously beneficial.  Can anyone clarify?  He’s really going all out with the preferential treatment, but I’m super ok with it.

Seeing KH and EB together, it almost seems like KH is starting to like her.  Is that even possible? She seems like the type of person who would hate anyone JY loved, but maybe now that she’s had a victory she’s willing to be more open-minded towards EB.  We can hope!

It wasn’t even a full scene together, but these smiles between Jin and EB seem incredibly flirty to me! They’re both a bit bashful, and to me that signals some sort of attraction (particularly since they’re really not smiling about anything).  I’m dying for all these characters to sort their feelings out so I can happily ship or glumly ship various couples with confidence!  It seems 90% likely that EB will end up with JY, but I love that I don’t know for sure.

Oh my goodness. Jin brought water.  And food.  And then he sang!!  Best. Scene. Ever.  I realize that the joy of the moment is probably making me hyperbole-prone, but that duet was awesome no matter how you slice it.  Sorry RK.  I know you’re sad, but I’m all smiles regardless. Luckily I’m short on time, or there would be more than three screenshots.

Eww.  Jesse’s aegyo over the phone made me want to vomit.  I’m sooo happy that we have second leads like KH and RK instead of someone like her!  Thankfully she’s done with the musical so JY and GJ don’t have to put up with her anymore!

OK now I feel bad for RK.  Laughter-ridden late night meetings with low ranking actors are not normal, I’m sure most people would be raging with jealousy in RK’s shoes.  EB brings out the side of Jin that she’s perpetually trying to find and defend, and I’m sure that a large part of her feels like she’s not good enough, even though Jin doesn’t think that way at all.  I don’t think RK would care about them meeting if Jin was showing his regular cool exterior with EB, but he most certainly isn’t.

As of this episode, JY is officially the person I feel the worst for.  GJ is a good friend, but a terrible business partner.  Some artists are poor because they have no talent, some are poor because they haven’t been discovered, and some are poor because they bring it upon themselves.  Unfortunately GJ seems like the latter.  Back in the first episodes JY and EB discussed how passion makes them illogical, and I think the same most definitely applies to GJ!  Poor JY is probably sorry that he didn’t keep swearing off musicals (I would be).

I wonder what Jin was thinking in that subway station when he hid behind the pillar.  Why did he hide? Guilt? Embarrassment? Denial?  The man seems plain old twitterpated at this point, and I hope he does something about it soon!

RK declining Jang’s call disappointed me more than Jin declining RK’s, which confirmed my suspicion that I’m really shipping Jin/EB and RK/Jang (thank goodness for Jang’s video message).  I almost always ship the wrong people, so it’s pretty safe to assume that if I ship a couple they probably won’t end up together 😛

Seriously Jin?  Now you’re randomly calling EB up for singing lessons? And seriously EB? You’re lying about it to B?  Why don’t you two just profess your undying love already!  It kills me that I have to wait for the next non-date between these two, but I guess that means I’m invested.

The preview for 11 looks great, although I’m not happy about EB fainting.  Her character has already seemed the weakest lately, and I much prefer her strong side! I reserve judgment until I see the context though.

That’s all I have time for since I’m getting up in several hours for more travelling, but enjoy episode 11 everyone!

I haven’t watched any youtube MVs in weeks, so I’m just posting a Firefly/Serenity MV since I recently started rewatching it with family (who haven’t seen it).  It includes spoilers, and doesn’t really start until 30 seconds in.

4 responses

  1. Woah, BKH can’t stand the thought of someone else making Jae Hee happy, what the @$!?! I can understand Eun Bi’s motivation – she wants Gumiho to take off the ground and JH’s songs to be heard once again. She’s willing to step aside/give way for it to happen and suffer by herself. Her emotions and feelings are very contradictory – you can even say it’s convoluted. Anyway, so she’s willing to make the grand sacrifice, although it is true that she will learn a lot by starting at the bottom, but that is dependent on whether KH will allow her to do so.

    How cute is the quiet talk by JH and EB at the stairs and his declaration of love. If he says he never thought that he will say saranghanda to someone that means that he never said that to KH. Maybe EB’s reasons are valid but still, she doesn’t show any trust, belief and gratitude to the one person who understands what she’s going through. Oh well, let’s excuse her as she hasn’t had the experience yet in the love department.

    At least now the truth is out – Jessie can’t sing live, GJ went gaga and spent 900k already and non-refundable, too – someone give them a finance officer, please! And JH’s friend is so blind or just wants to close his eyes to the truth about Jessie. And we got a glimpse of JH’s back story. So his sister is managing his money and sending him an allowance, which is good because JH does not care about money. And the most important thing – Yu Jin can sing!!!! Weeeeeeeeee! I love their impromptu duet. Poor Ra Kyung, pining for her lover. I think YJ finds EB very refreshing and an inspiration as he sees her as someone who can freely decide on her own without too many restrictions and people to answer to – something that he yearns to do. She’ll be down one moment and will be back to her sparkling self the next. These characteristics soothes and calms him that is why he is getting drawn to EB, whereas RK, though also kind and always his champion, seems one-dimensional and centers her focus only on herself and YJ, which can become boring and stale after a time. Compare it to a wad of gum that sticks and a bright rolling ball.

    So now JH will be putting on hold any more songs for Gumiho / Do Hwa aka EB and be an exclusive songwriter/producer for a group/band (?) for 4 years – and work with someone he used to know! The plot thickens… Poor JH, all he wanted was to make music, actually shunning musicals but got inspired by EB, and now suffering because of EB and a musical. I do hope that by Ep11 EB will realize her real feelings for JH, which can actually help her emotional growth and she will be able to emote better when she sings. I do remember that JH commented way back in the earlier episodes that she needs to learn how to love to be able to express it in her singing and actually tried to teach her and got teased by GJ.

    in the Ep11 preview she fainted in the morning, at home. Since she made an appointment with YJ for that morning, does it mean YJ will come find her or ask JH if EB is with him?????

  2. YAY!!! you’re back. i’m glad you were enjoying yourself with family and this three episode mash up is much appreciated. i think my love for this drama has been dwindling the past couple episodes and i find it hard to truly love any of these characters. by far, jin is my favorite, but the way he’s been treating RK is a big no no. EB is just so indecisive and she keeps getting swayed all over the place. however, i do understand her decision to give up on gumiho and i don’t find it to be one of those noble idiotic moves required in the kdrama landscape. for her, giving up the musical meant enabling it to be sponsored and brought to life. plus she had the count monty as the alternative, and quite frankly, it’s an amazing opportunity to pass up. i do like that she admitted to jin, that even when people do grand acts of sacrifice, in the end they do it to make themselves feel better. i just love all the scenes with these two, and yup, i’m totally shipping them hardcore. RK will be treated much better by jang. but again, jang MUST know RK has a fiance and yet the way he’s so openly pursuing her is… :/ but nothing beats the ickiness between KH, JY and SW. i mean JY must’ve continued his relationship with KH even after she was engaged and the fact that SW seemed to be aware is just disturbing. i also find it hard to believe that he never uttered ” i love you” to KH when they were so hot and passionate for what it seemed, a number of years. i find JY adorable and all but he just comes across as a little sleazy sometimes.

  3. FANDERAY YOURE BACK!!!! the last few episodes of the musical have been for me kind of awesome because i am an extreme EB & Jin shipper. I feel a teensy bit bad for JY since i gave up on him since the first time i saw Jin genuinely smile at EB.The whole musical behind the scenes drama what with Jessica being a lying manipulative poop and Gu Jak spending up all the money I feel like Im not sure where this show is headed its very confusing for me.However, it might only be confusing for me because of me not paying attention to anything completely unless its EB & Jin might have something to do with it.:-) Thank You for the mashup!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awww Thank you so much for your musings on 8,9,10! I missed your recaps. 😀 haha. Everytime a nice shot comes up on screen I always think of you and your screencaps. lol. Glad you’re enjoying your time with your family and yet still have time to watch your dramas and jot down notes. Thanks!

    Though I love Jin and as much as I love shipping him and EB he is indeed a bit insensitive to RK. Not answering her calls, not paying her much attention. She’s your fiancee Mister! You are right– it’s almost as if she doesnt exist. RK – noting but heartbreak is coming her way…well at least for the next few episodes.

    I love that EB’s initial concern after hearing about theMu was to rush to HJ. She does care for him but she’s stubborn to let her feelings show, stubborn to trust anyone, stubborn to even let love into her life. I guess you can’t blame her since this is all new to her. She’s also a martyr to have set aside Gumiho just because Jesse wouldn’t work with her. Then again, they’ve sacrificed so much to make this work for her I think she just didn’t want to be a big burden to everyone anymore. I see where she’s coming from and also think that after her conversation with Jin at the Cafe doing Count Monty is indeed a good opportunity. At the time the decision should have worked for everyone — It makes her be able to train properly under the Best and it keeps Gumiho afloat with the Investment&Jesse (or so we thought).

    One frustrating thing though is how she doesnt let HJ in but she’s so natural with YJ! When the 2 of them are together it’s like sparks fly and everything just melts.(That duet scene — was the best TheMu couple scene ever!) They’re smiles are contagious and I get so giddy just watching them together. But when you put HJ and EB together you see the chemistry and the attraction but her guard is always up when he gets all cheesy towards her. I think since they both consiously like each other EB is obviously aware of HJ’s advances and thus keeps her love and heart at bay whereas for YJ its an unspoken attraction that can be a more natural progression towards coupledom.
    I agree with you on this —>”It seems 90% likely that EB will end up with JY, but I love that I don’t know for sure.” Haha

    Also, I think the fact Jin was hiding behind the post at the train station was mainly coz he lied to her about not having a car. He just when there to see her off, hid and waited for her train to leave and then went back to his car. Sneaky YJ! 😀

    Everything is still uncertain at there’s 6 more episodes left. Are we really not going to see Gumiho staged? How will YJ and EB find out about the drama in her hometown? How will HJ clean up his mess? When will EB finally let love into her life? Will Ass.DirJung ever win over RK? Is KH no longer the enemy now? More conflict awaits!

    Still undecided regarding who to ship? Watch theMu MVs made by and

    They’re really good!

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