The Musical – Episode 11 Recap

Often when I’m watching dramas that involve seven-way love “triangles” I think to myself that seven just isn’t enough.  Thankfully the writers for The Musical were sagely enough to realize their woeful error and chose to add an 8th person to the mix.  I’m not sure what we would’ve done otherwise.

In all seriousness though, I’m a huge fan of the new character and her scenes were some of my favorite this episode.  Eight is an even number which means that everyone could end up happy, but I’m not getting my hopes up, lest they be dashed.

Here is a quick legend of the primary characters and the abbreviations I’ll be using. I finally updated it with Jang Jun Hyeok and the new girl.

Go Eun Bi - EB

Hong Jae Yi - JY

Yu Jin - Jin

Bae Kang Hee - KH

Seo Ra Kyeong - RK

Sa Bok Ja - B

Han Sang Won - SW

Gu Jak - GJ

Jang Jun Hyeok - Jang

An Seong Ah - SA

Episode 11

The episode opens with the new investor asking JY to return his money within the week (since JY signed on as guarantor). JY asks if this means that he isn’t going to put on the musical, so the investor asks why he should. It turns out that the investor was only interested because of his sponsorship with Jesse, so it looks like our boys are hooped!

JY then meets with a man about the girl group he will now be working for.  Since JY needs such a massive sum of money so quickly the man is taking a gamble, but agrees to it if JY is willing to take responsibility for the fate of the girls and the company, do all the composing, and help break into the US market (of course poor JY has no choice).  The man tells JY that it’ll take 4 to 5 years to branch out to America, and that JY will need to put a halt on all other activity.

JY sits at his piano and mutters to himself that he’s going to be a slave for four years.  He rips up Do Hwa’s song and signs the new contract.  Eeep!  Is there a way for him to get out of this?  At least he already composed most of the music for the musical, but this is still bad.

Jin is at his grandfather’s listening to an old music maker and looking nostalgic.  He flashes back to a scene with both his parents, where his mom is telling Jin that she got the music maker from her mother, and that he should take it with him when he gets married.  The father asks what she’s saying, since even if Jin gets married he will still live with them (aww…the betrayal Jin felt must’ve been so much worse since they were such a sweet family).  Jin then remembers EB talking about her own mother leaving, and how she chose to think that her mother endured as long as she could before leaving.  I guess this means that Jin is finally considering looking at his own parents that way (which will hopefully help lower the tension when he finds out the truth).

The grandpa walks in and comments that he hasn’t heard the music maker in a long time.  He asks Jin about the market research report he’s been working on, so Jin talks about his analysis of China’s economics and energy consumption.  The grandpa asks if Jin isn’t going to ask why he was tasked with such a report (since he’s an investment fund manager) so Jin says that the grandpa always has a reason for what he does.  Jin adds that it’s his first reason for not asking, so the grandpa asks what the second is, and Jin explains that energy is an important part of the industry and that he had already been studying to know more about it.  The grandpa seems pleased by all this, and mentions that China will be their biggest project (which Jin already understands).  I’m not sure if the point of this conversation is to show more of the relationship between Jin and his grandpa, or if China is somehow going to play into the plot (with only 5 episodes left, I’m not sure how it could!).

GJ is frantically calling JY, but JY has his phone off so GJ leaves a message telling him not to take care of all the money himself, and that he’ll take responsibility for it himself even if it means going to prison.  B overheard the whole message, so she asks GJ if they’ll be okay if JY pays off the money.  GJ doesn’t know, but he asks her not to tell anyone else (she incredulously asks who she could tell such a thing to).

Jin is now at some sort of antique music maker shop, listening to a player piano.  A lady walks in and wonders how many years it’s been, and says that she doesn’t think she’s seen him since he last came with his mother.  Jin agrees and she asks if he’s alone, but he says no and that he wants to buy a gift.  Cue EB, who is just entering in her customary awkward fashion.  Jin quietly welcomes her (it’s like he’s saying it more for himself than for her) and smiles.

Meanwhile Jin’s dad is asking his mom if she is going to sleep, and puts a music box on for her to listen to.  It looks almost identical to the one Jin and EB are being shown…

The lady is telling them that the music box can be therapeutic and stimulate the brain.  She says that the vibration is also calming, so Jin (who had already been watching EB with a smile) takes her hand and puts it on top of the box along with her own (yeah I’m sure that’s real calming Jin).  Jin tells the lady that they’ll take it, and looks quite happy.  EB mostly just looks uncomfortable, which just makes the whole scene feel awkward (rather than romantic).

Back at the parents’ house the mother (Seon Hi) is shrieking and clutching at her ears.  The father rushes in and calls out her name, but she finally just throws the music box to the ground and collapses on the bed.  I guess the music must tickle at corners of her memory, and it’s too frustrating and confusing to handle?

RK is strolling through the park looking rather beleaguered but Jang shows ups with a coffee and his ever-earnest face (this actor does a great job of combining happiness with concern).  Jang asks RK if it (the coffee) doesn’t smell nice so she asks him (rather glumly) if he asked her to come out so he could give her coffee.  Poor Jang asks her to sit down first, and once they’re sitting he explains that it’s not regular coffee and that his friend is a barista at a gourmet cafe.  The friend told him that the coffee is made out of cat poo, and Jang laughed at him at first.  RK isn’t engaging at all, so Jang asks if she is turned off by it and continues to babble about how it may be strange that the coffee is made from cat poo.  RK cuts him off and says that it is called “luwak”.  He doesn’t hear or understand her, so she says that it’s nothing and that the coffee smells really good.  This puts a big grin on Jang’s face, and he says that she’s right and that it is really good.  He explains that he hugged the coffee to keep it warm, and adorkably mimes it out.  RK finally smiles, which he points out, adding that it was a success.  She asks what was a success,  so he tells her that she seemed sad so he decided to make her smiles at least once a day (awwww).  RK seems both burdened and pleased by this, but Jang just sighs with happiness and says that it’s a relief (that she smiled).

*I couldn’t resist looking up the whole cat poo thing, and the “cat” in question is actually the Asian Palm Civet.  It is fed coffee berries that pass through it’s digestive system before they are cleaned, dried and roasted.  Apparently it’s the most expensive coffee in the world (the “process” removes bitterness) but personally I don’t think I would enjoy drinking something that came out of an animal’s butt.  The cup of coffee that Jang brought RK is probably worth about $50, which makes the scene seem even more sweet and sad.

And speaking of girls looking burdened, it’s back to EB and Jin, who are getting into his car outside the music shop.  Jin tells her that he gave his mom a music box before leaving to study abroad (I’m guessing the one she just broke) and that EB is the first person he’s gifted one to since then.  EB doesn’t know how she should respond in such a situation, so he tells her to just take it gladly without feeling burdened (yeah right) and to listen to it when she’s having a hard time, or to help herself keep up rehearsing.  He adds that she can close it if it’s not effective, so she just mutters that she doesn’t know what to do and he drives them away with a smile.

JY arrives at a cafe where a girl is admiring the baked goods.  He sits down, and she arrives shortly after with a cup of coffee for him.  She introduces herself as PD An Seong Ah (SA), in charge of the new album.  Jin disinterestedly grunts in acknowledgment and starts talking about coming to work at his studio (in his house).  She immediately says that it’s fine and that it would be uncomfortable for him to have people coming and going.  He seems surprised (but content) with this and they sit in silence for quite some time, just drinking coffee and listening to music:

SA asks JY if he wants fresh coffee, but he says that he’s fine and asks if they’re not going to talk work.  She comments that he’s been listening to the music from the speaker, and slides a plate of baking towards him.  He smiles and notes that they have similar taste in food, then asks (while eating) why she put her cup there (she put it down on a napkin instead of the saucer).  She was worried that he would be bothered by the sound of glass on glass (I like her, she’s interesting!) and JY’s interest must be piqued because he asks for her name again.  She tells him, and asks if something is wrong, so he tells her that her name is familiar but that he thinks it’s their first time meeting…right?  She comments that he isn’t good with faces, which he admits, but he asks again if it’s their first time meeting.  SA asks if he’s been well, and JY looks rather confused.

EB is practicing her singing while KH listens.  She is doing pretty well, but starts to crack on a high note.  KH gives her some instruction on how to breathe, and tells her to try again.  Shortly after she starts up again EB spaces out and remembers back to when JY gave her similar advice.  KH asks EB what she’s doing (since she stopped) so EB tells her that she’ll try again and continues with the song.

RK is at work, where they are finishing up for the day (thanks to RK, according to the boss).  RK asks if they can all go somewhere for drinks (thankfully her co-workers don’t die of shock) and the boss asks if something is wrong, though she denies it.  At the restaurant they all seem a bit tipsy, and one of the co-workers is ranting about [Jin] riding in on a white horse and waking her up with a kiss, then having an affair.  She adds that the new guy (Jang) is just some poor stand hand, so RK just sighs and says that it turned out that way.    The boss wonders how such a thing could happen to an angel like RK, and calls Jin a stupid bad man.  The first girl thinks that RK should just go live with the other guy (Jang) but the other (third) girl thinks that a marriage between a pauper and a princess could never work, and would certainly end in divorce.  The first girl thinks that’s all BS and says that she and the boss have already been married once (implying that they know better) but the boss shoves her and tells her to stop.  The third girl continues that you don’t need marriage experience to know, since she knows, but the first girl tells her that she talks too much for someone always getting rejected and having her face done.  The boss tells them both to stop and that they’re all acting stupid.  She tells RK to stop living like a stupid person, so RK says that she’s right and that she too wants to stop living like a stupid person.  They make some more comments about not living stupidly, and all drink up.

JY is at the bookstore where he overhears two girls talking about memorizing bones by making up a song.  One of the girls mentions how touching cadavers next week is her problem, and JY flashes back to when he was talking about Cheongdamdong Gumiho with EB while she cleaned bodies.  The girls recognize JY, and he leaves.

Back home JY is looking at movies when GJ calls.  GJ wants JY to listen, but JY says that they have a problem that needs to be settled with money, and since GJ can’t get any, he will get some by selling himself. GJ says he can also sell himself (haha, literally) but JY tells him (rather fondly, considering the circumstances) to just leave him alone until he’s done being a slave, and that it’s all he can do for him.  GJ desperately calls out JY’s name after he hangs up, but there’s not really anything he can do.

In the practice studio EB is practicing pirouettes and failing miserably.  She crawls over to lean against the mirror and puts a towel on her sweat-soaked head.  Looking at her phone she contemplates contacting JY, but tosses it to the side instead.  Here are some tips EB:  If you can’t handle a basic pirouette, maybe you should try not wearing grippy street shoes on a lino floor.  If you’re hot, maybe you shouldn’t exercise in a massive sweatshirt and jeans.  If you want to talk to someone, call him!

JY is also sitting around pining, and turns on EB’s audition tape (psh, you need to do that about 10 more times if you want to pine like Jin, JY).  He now flashes back to the scene with EB on the stairs, where EB talks about love and abandonment, and how she doesn’t want to mix love with musicals since she doesn’t want another situation like what happened with her mother or KH.

Back in the present JY goes to sit outside with a cup of coffee (what else) and SA walks up while talking on the phone about him.  She is saying to her unni how JY has always been slow, and that he might not remember (her, SA) since she had her teeth fixed.  She adds that he looks like he overheard but still looks blank, so still doesn’t remember.  She hands the phone over to JY, who asks his noona (not literal sister I don’t think) if she know’s this person (SA).  Once he hears he lets out a surprised “Ahh!” with a smile and looks up at SA.

Once inside, JY asks how she could be so poker faced, and she asks if his memory is coming again.  He asks if she went away in first year, and she says that they even saw each other in the US.  He asks when that was, so she says that his hair was “this” long (long!) which jogs his memory, prompting him to say that her hair was “this” short (short!) and that she wanted to trade.  SA comments that he’s starting to put the pieces back (he thinks so too) and she says that hey should start over.  They greet each other like they haven’t met in a long time and smile at each other (oooh….I feel chemistry; watch out EB!).

B comes home to EB’s apartment calling out that Kwang Seo brought cookies, but EB is laying down.  B asks if she’s sleeping and if she’s sick, but EB says that she’s just tired.  B tells her that she practices too much, but to go to sleep and eat tomorrow.

The unni from the phone call (Mi Seon) is now at JY’s house too, and she jokingly tells him that she’ll kill him if he makes SA cry again (ooh…so he did before?).  They talk about how they’re all the same, and a bit about the past (they used to all do music together).  Mi Seon mentions someone they know who is now a big hit in New Zealand, so SA mentions that it sounds like the opposite of somebody.  Mi Seon asks if JY isn’t well off, and tells  SA not to stick by him if that’s the case.  They all laugh and JY mutters something about them being greedy ajummas.  Mi Seon tells SA to remember and laughs some more while SA and JY smile at each other.

EB sits up in bed at 3:39am and looks at her phone (I think she’s just looking at the time though).

Meanwhile JY and SA are still at his house, working on ideas for the album (she brings him water).  They talk about his intro idea and he comments that she isn’t dead yet and got it right on her first try (regarding her thoughts on his composition).  She replies that she may be a salaried producer now, but that she did music for 20 years.  He asks why she quit, and she says because she’s not JY (basically implying that she’s not as talented).  She knew that she didn’t have enough aptitude for classical music and started doing more practical music instead  (but had even less aptitude for it).  SA explains that it’s possible to reach a certain goal with classical music just by practicing a ton, but with current music you become useless if you’re not up to date with the trends.  She says that she gave up one day after becoming confused while composing, and that it was a sad day for her.

JY teases that she did always practice too much, so she teases back that he was nervey and cocky.  He insists that he did practice, but she retorts that he just did it right before the tests to make sure he didn’t forget anything.  JY says that she knows too much and need to be killed, so he stands up and pretends to poke her eyes out.  SA pretends to strangle him while calling him a memory loss patient and says that he needs to die first.  JY incredulously comments that she put her hands on him, and says that she’s going to get it.  He sarcastically adds that he can’t hit her since he needs his hands for the piano, so  she sarcastically asks if that’s so.  He answers that he would have hit her lots otherwise, and she jokes that he’s very impressive.  I have to say, these two are very cute together!

The next morning EB is out delivering milk.  She still bows at KH’s house, but no longer writes a note on the carton (yaay).  As she comes down the stairs she thinks she sees JY but it turns out to be a strangers waiting for his girlfriend.

JY is leaving the house with SA while telling her that he feels bad that she has to go to work with no sleep (she says she can still do an all nighter).  Of course this is the moment that EB decided to finally come over, and the scenario doesn’t look good so early in the morning.  JY stops when he sees EB, and SA notices.  JY says quietly to EB that she’s still working hard (I don’t think she hears) and he pats SA on the shoulder, telling her to go carefully.  EB her bike around and leaves while JY and SA watch.

EB rides along absent-mindedly while thinking about JY and SA together.  She almost hits a car and falls, though it doesn’t look too bad.

Back home B scolds EB and tells her that she needs to take care of herself as an actress, though it doesn’t look like she’ll get a scar.  EB asks B if JY goes to rehearsals, and B is forced to explain that their musical fell through since Jesse left and GJ spend too much money.  She also mentions JY’s new contract and how he’s basically sold himself for the next 4 years.

EB sits alone and thinks about B’s words while remembering when JY told her he loved her (despite not ever thinking he would feel that way) and how he wants to move forward together until the end.

Meanwhile JY is in bed thinking about EB’s face when she saw him with SA.  Oh you two.

EB stands up shakily after several attempts, and then collapses to the floor.  I actually laughed when this happened because the flashbacks make it seem like she’s literally dying of a broken heart.  Someone call a cardiac doctor!

B is busy at work and doesn’t notice that her phone is ringing.  EB is still on the floor and when B doesn’t pick up she tries JY.  He picks up his phone but chooses not to answer (seriously? She’d probably only call with good reason after seeing you with SA!).

Jin goes to the practice studio to look for EB, but at least has the good grace to seem happy when he runs into RK.  She asks if he has a meeting (since he’s there) but he awkwardly just asks if she has one (smooooth).  She still has some time before her meeting and asks if they should have coffee, so he nods and she happily pulls him along.

Meanwhile EB looks extremely feverish and is trying to pull her blanket off the bed.

While Jin and RK sip their coffee they overhear two girls commenting that EB must be sick since she didn’t clean up like usual.  Jin looks concerned, and RK looks concerned about Jin being concerned.

B tells Jin over the phone that she was too busy to take EB’s call and that EB isn’t answering hers now.  B also mentions that EB doesn’t seem well and that she fell off her bike, so Jin gets their home address and tells B that he’ll take care of it and to continue working.

RK tries to ask Jin if something is wrong with B (I’m sure she knows it’s about EB) but Jin simply says “just a moment” and runs off.

Outside EB’s building Jin is knocking on the door and loudly asking EB if she’s inside.  EB hears but can’t get up. RK pulls up outside and sees that Jin’s car is there.

Jin convinces the landlord to let him inside, and as soon as he sees EB he runs over.  EB asks him to please take her to the hospital, so wraps her in a blanket, scoops her up, and runs her out to the car (even though she says she can walk).  RK looks completely heartbroken, although she probably also feels bad that EB genuinely needed help.  Jin really should’ve brought RK along if he didn’t want to look guilty.  What recent drama did that happen in…where the guy came back to bring the girl along?  It’s driving me crazy that I can’t remember (YFFM or PTB maybe? I need a new brain).

JY looks at his phone after waking up, and sees that he not only has a missed call from EB, but from SA too.  SA left a video message asking if he slept, and saying that now that he’s been surprised by someone he didn’t even remember he’ll be stuck with that person for years, and that life is funny that way.  The message makes JY smile (how could it not?).

Jin runs EB into the hospital, and RK parks too.  Once EB has been taken care of the doctor tells Jin that EB just seems to be over-exerted, but asks if she experienced any emotional trauma (see!! broken heart!).  Jin doesn’t know, so the doctor continues that her fever is extremely high, and that they should do more tests since she doesn’t have the fever due to illness.  Jin asks what EB’s current status is, and the doctor replies that she’s sleeping (astute analysis doc!).

Jin tucks the blanket up around EB, and as he starts to walk out he runs into RK, who is accompanied by a man and a woman.  RK tells them to take care of EB along with anything else that is need, and that she will leave with Jin.  After a brief stare-down RK takes a deep breath and says “let’s go” while looping her arm (rather firmly) through Jin’s.  He says her name, but she tells him not to talk and to show her due courtesy.  He pries her arm off and stares at RK with a steely look, but after a quick glance at EB he tells her that he’ll go get the car and leaves.

Out on a balcony RK asks Jin if it’s easier to look at and rely on only one person for 10 years, or to love, break-up, and love again.  Jin gets up and goes to stand next to her. She asks him if he doesn’t think that she ever came across anyone else in the last ten years who could melt her heart and love her more than him.  He starts to ask, “If you had such thoughts…” but she says that instead of letting the heart change, it is 1000 times harder to keep it steadfast and faithful, but she made the decision to do so and won’t be deterred.  It’s hard to read Jin here, but it seems like he is taking her words to heart.

The lady RK left asks EB if she is awake, and EB asks who the lady is and why she’s there (the lady tells her that the people who brought her want her to get more tests).  EB suddenly remembers Jin’s rescue routine, and tells the lady that she doesn’t need tests and that she  is going to leave.  The lady asks if that’s okay and informs EB that there’s someone waiting to take her home (the man).  Right on cue, the man tells EB that RK told him to take her home after she got discharged, but EB just asks to borrow his phone.

EB calls KH who is discussing the musical with someone.  EB apologizes for not phoning and missing practice, but KH knows that she’s probably sick.  EB tries to deny it, but KH explains how everyone says that EB wouldn’t be absent if she wasn’t ill, and that she worked herself sick.  EB apologizes, and KH tells her that they’re taking a 3 day break, so EB should take good care of herself and rest.

Once KH is off the phone the man she’s meeting with asks if it was a pretty person since KH was so nice.  KH asks if that’s so and smiles (I guess she likes EB now!).

B runs along with Kwang Seo to EB’s bedside, practically frantic with guilt (since she didn’t pick up the phone).  She asks if EB is okay and EB says she is while looking very happy to see them.  B apologizes and explains how busy the store was.  She comments about how much EB’s face shrank, tells her not to get mad, and that she’ll get rid of the fever if she eats her grandma’s cooking.  EB again insists that she’s okay.

Sure enough, we next see the three at the train station where Kwang Seo and B are seeing off EB (to go see her grandma and father).  B reminds EB not to consider not bringing home the grandma’s cooking just because it’s too heavy, and that she’ll meet her at the station to take it.  EB says she’s understands and they part with lots of smiles and waves.  B acts all flirty with Kwang Seo and asks where he wants to go next.

Meanwhile JY is staring at his phone, and finally works up the courage to call EB.  She looks at her phone for a moment and picks up just as JY disconnects the call (I hate when that happens!).  JY greets SA (who has just arrived) and asks if she’s eaten yet while EB gets on the train.

RK meets with Jang, who jumps in front of her with a bouquet of flowers.  He asks if angels like flowers, and says that human ladies love them (awww).  Unfortunately  RK looks more angry than anything, and suggests having tea.

While they sit with their tea RK explains that she was comforted by Jang but wasn’t clear on her feelings and ignored them.  She thinks that she would be treating him badly if they kept going, and that she would be deceiving herself. Jang asks how that would be treating him badly, but she just says that she can’t do anything for him.  Jang replies that he never expected anything, so she says that she’s marrying Jin.  He says he knows, and that he wants to stop her but won’t (I’m sure he thinks she deserves to be treated better).  RK wants to be clear, and says that even if there was no Jin, she couldn’t be with Jang (ouch…is that a classist comment?).  This makes Jang smile (can everyone hear my heart breaking) and he tells her not to feel burdened.  She says she doesn’t, and that he will be the one having a hard time, but he simply says he isn’t having a hard time.  RK is incredulous that there can be such a person, and asks him not to call anymore.

RK gets up to leave, but Jang stands up behind her and asks if she knows how happy he feels around her.  She tries to interrupt him, but he tells her not to be angry that she can’t do anything for him, and that he told her that he just wants her to smile, so she just needs to smile.  Before he can say anything else he says that he is leaving first.  As he leaves he gives a little bell hop and raises his arm up in a backwards wave.  His forced happiness makes this scene so much sadder, since I’m pretty sure he’s just trying his hardest to persevere and not feel crushed.

EB arrives in Dae Gu, where her father is waiting for her outside the station.  EB just says “Father” and he just says that the grandma is waiting, but the dad takes her bag and seems worried about her (EB seems touched and surprised that he came).

At the house the grandma tells EB to eat so she gets better soon, although EB says it’s not like she’s going to be hospitalized.  The grandma tuts over how thin she’s gotten and then tuts at how much food the dad bought.  She asks if he wants to eat anything, but he says that he has to leave again.  He tells EB to eat up and leave.  The grandma mentions that the dad also bought a lot of stuff the previous night when he heard EB was in the hospital. She asks what she’s going to do with it all and says that she should make some beef soup to take to the neighbours (ooooh, finally EB can learn about Jin’s parents!).

JY is in a recording studio with the new girl group (seems like a pretty catchy song).  SA comes in and watches from behind.

The grandma is explaining to EB about the neighbours, and how the wife is sick without a lot of time left.  She also mentions that there is a son, but that he can’t come over.  EB asks if the hospital said there wasn’t much time left, but the grandma says that even if they didn’t, it’s easy to see, and that there’s a big fuss over there every day.

Meanwhile Jin is about to call EB, but he remembers back to RK’s words on the balcony and doesn’t do it.  A secretary comes in and tells him that the Chairman’s (grandpa’s) secretary called to ask if Jin could come to lunch tomorrow.  Jin says he will go, but looks conflicted (grandpa or parents? RK or EB?).

Back at JY’s house SA is presenting him with a bunch of movies she brought to help him with the the album (ones not available yet in Korea).  She also brought him a movie by Director Roman (Polanski I’m guessing).  JY is very impressed and wonders how she knew he liked Roman, and if she was always this skilled despite originally being a composer.  She says she has and he excitedly put in a movie.  Throughout this whole scene she’s wearing an apron, so I guess she’s cooking!

GJ is attempting to drink away his sorrows but Jang arrives and takes his bottle away.  GJ says that he doesn’t like beating up his juniors and tells him to put the bottle back.  Jang replies that a man of virtue doesn’t drink alone, and that in the olden days is someone didn’t have anyone to drink with, he would exchange cups with a flower.  GJ asks if a guy who made his friend take the burden for his debt is the same as a nobleman, but Jang just says that they have to at least pay back part of the money.  GJ doesn’t see how they can since it’ll take 100000 years with part-time jobs, but Jang suggests that they find a way to put on the musical so the can pay the money back over time.  GJ asks if Jang has any ideas, so Jang asks if drinking will solve the problem and says that if they put their heads together they’ll come up with a solution.  GJ just acts like a baby and asks why Jang is torturing him.  Somebody had to get this musical back on track, and I’m not surprised that it’s Jang!

SA asks JY if he’s hungry, but he tells her to eat first since he wants to watch the movie (which is the 1953 version of Titanic).  Instead, she sits down with two bowls of food on a tray.  She says it’s the best thing to eat with a movie so they both eat and watch.

At the end of the movie they are both crying, but JY denies it when she hands him a tissue, so she tells him to just blow his nose.  SA then asks JY if he will come to her, or if she should go to him.  She thinks it would be good for him to have her next to him, and good for her too.  She asks again if he should come or if she should go.  Dun dun dun!


Considering they’ve only had one episode of screen-time together, I’m extremely impressed by the chemistry between SA and JY.  In fact…I think I ship them!  It seems like they mesh on every level, and watching JY hang out with her feels more natural than it ever did with KH or EB.  That’s partly just due to EB’s ineptitude with relationships, but at this point I’d bet happy with either partnership.

I’m not sure how I feel about RK and Jin currently.  Part of me wants to say “you go girl!” and part of me thinks she’s getting creepy and over-protective.  I admire her loyalty and think that the two of them do love each other, although it’s easy to start taking a person for granted when you’ve been together so long (ahem…Jin).  I think RK’s perspective reflects on a very modern topic, in which many people seem to think that a good relationship is exciting all the time, and that if something more exciting comes along you should just jump ships.  RK’s steadfastness and maturity are refreshing, and I think those qualities will serve her well in the long run.  I just wish that she would’ve given Jin an ultimatum before taking matters into her own hands.

I used to love Jin’s interactions with both RK and EB, but now both relationships are starting to feel inappropriate.  He needs to make a choice!  In earlier episodes he was completely in denial about EB and at least made an effort with RK.  Now it feels like he’s forgotten about RK and that he’s willfully in denial about EB, just so he doesn’t have to feel guilt.  I was impressed that he didn’t call EB when he wanted to, although I don’t think this particular mess has finished playing out yet.  I think that it’s hard for Jin to give up EB because he now associates her with his parents, and it would probably feel a bit like giving up on reuniting with them.

The RK/Jang relationship is getting complicated too!  I sort of agree with both of their behavior.  It’s right for RK to give Jang the cold shoulder since she considers herself engaged, but based on Jin’s treatment of RK (he’s witnessed how sad she’s been on multiple occasions) I’m sure Jang is desperate to save her from a bad marriage and treat her how he feels she deserves.  Both of them are stubborn, and I’m not sure how it will come about that either of them will give in.

There’s lots more to talk about, but instead of finishing this recap tomorrow I decided to finish it now in a state of delirium (my brain has signed out for the night).  I’m sort of back for the next couple weeks (just medium-busy) so I’m looking forward to discussion!


Here is the Goo Hye Sun soompi thread where cheerkoo is continuing to provide fantastic translations of TheMu episodes and anything else GHS-related.  Her translations were especially helpful to me this week (usually I use a wider variety of sources and translate more myself) so thank you cheerkoo!

And here is another BTS video!

Here are a couple of MVs, both by TheSB680.  One for the Jin shippers, and one for the JY shippers!

And lastly is my video of the day, which is an Ojakgyo Brothers MV by vangym.  It may seem a bit dramatic, but if you’re watching the show then you know how much torment these two have been put through!

24 responses

  1. hi,
    1st time comment here. i luv your recapped. it gives more depth to all the characters. hope MU will have great ending with only just 5 ep more. keep up the good work.


  2. Wow you’re back…with a much awaited recap! HURRAY! I missed this. Thanks for your time and efforts as always. Anyways, here are my comments to your comments. lol.
    Yup even I didnt get the whole point of the Grandpa-Jin conversation either.
    Jin is just so “not subtle” with his intentions but he plays it out in such a cute adorkable way.. Poor EunBi…all weird vibes from her.How can you accept something as meaningful as that from Rep.Jin…so inappropriate. tsktsk. haha.
    Regarding the Cat Poo Coffee…I’ve tried that too. 🙂 Just don’t think of the process of how it got to your cup and you’re fine. However, if you’re a hardcore coffee drinker like JY you’ll appreciate it more. I can’t really tell the difference between all the different blends out there.
    Anyways, another thing I don’t get really is how GJ spent all the money and got NOTHING out of it. Didnt he reserve a theatre, special effects stuff etc. If those things have been paid for shouldnt they still be in production? How can it just fold like that?
    Regarding EB and JY pinning for each other this entire episode..i agree “Oh You Two” indeed!
    When I live streamed this I seriously thought they were overexaggerating with her cut earlier and she was having some kinda bad reaction to an infection from the cut. Haha.
    I love the screencaps of EB(Calling) and JY(checking who’s calling) side by side. You have a way with artistically capturing these scenes. Goodjob!
    When YJ got to EB and carried her off to the hospital like the knight in shining business suit my heart did bleed for RK since remember during the Workshop he didnt reach her quick enough and it was Jung who did her rescuing.
    I love KH now. She is indeed nicer. 🙂 I miss her old villainous self though. So did her triangle/quadrangle with JY end already?
    It think Jang indeed needs to be given extra extra love. He’s a really nice guy and I feel bad that he indeed has just like a 10% chance to win over RK. He’s geniune, he’s got the guts, he’s practical, he’s sweet. I still support either EB-JY or EB-YJ but can’t Jung-RK work around something? I guess getting Gumiho back on track will be his shining moment. Crossing my fingers! 🙂
    Anyways, I’m still a JY-EB believer and hope they do find their way back to each other. However, I really dont mind a YJ-EB ending either. Aigoo! Now who exactly am I shipping?

    • In most dramas I fervently ship the wrong person, but I’m used to it by now and being miserable is just part of the drama experience. In this drama I have no idea WHO I’m shipping, and it’s making me even more batty!

      I’m not sure, but when I think about the group as a whole I would probably be happiest with Jin/EB, JY/SA, SW/KH, and RK/Jang.

      Jang is so sweet an unselfish that he probably deserves happiness the most, so I’d really like to see him with RK. Of course that would leave Jin in the lurch, and that can’t be allowed! As a result, he needs EB, but I’m more OK with that now that JY has another option.

      All that being said, I think JY and EB will end up together, based on the laws of kdramaland that we all know so well. It seems like there’s been too much pining and drama between the two of them for them to end up with someone else now, but it would be cool if we were surprised (so rare in kdramas!).

      I think KH will be back more, although I her role as a major villain is probably done (which is ok with me, since most dramas get too repetitive with the nasty second leads). JY was in the background for quite a few episodes (the ones that focused more on KH and Jin) so I think we needed an episode to focus on JY and get to know the new girl.

      Thanks for all the comments; you always have such great insights!

    • I have never commented here but I love your recaps and have patiently been waiting,I hope you recap until the last episode.the recaps are well and brilliantly written.
      Am I confused but did I hear ppl drink cat poo coffee WOW will like to learn abt this
      Well onto the story,I am an avid shipper of EB-JY the abbrev are so confusing I mean DC cos really I wouldn’t want Jin to hurt RK.well I am of the belief that first love should prevail,and its evident that EB is in looove with JY and was really heartbroken when she saw him closer to another woman SA(more like she is damned to see another woman with him you know)!!!!!I really want to see them ending together to complete this beautiful drama lol
      Thanks fanderay for recaps

    • I agree with you on the reservations. GJ said they were paid in full – the theater and the animation or special effects studio as well as the lighting director and whoever. If that is the case, it is a matter of looking for additional funding to pay for the cast, crew and stagehands, rehearsal venue (do they still need to rehearse some more, as they have been continuously rehearsing), costumes, orchestra, choreographer, pre-prod work, marketing, additional props and they are all set. So even if JY is going to pay for the $1M owed to his supposed friend, GJ can actually pay JY back in time, from the proceeds of the stage play. Jang is correct there. Jang can take care of the finances and the rest and GJ can just concentrate on directing. Most of the music for the play has already been written anyway.

      Will JY’s sister play a role in putting up the Gumiho back on track? Or will EB’s mother make a surprising appearance and be the savior? Or it can be YJ’s mom or his parents who will be instrumental in its fruition, as EB or the songs from Gumiho that EB “might” sing to YJ’s mother can be the miracle cure, EB might not be a very good singer but she has a calming effect on people and make them change, so that can be an angle. Whew! So many options to explore and only 5 episodes left.

  3. I don’t have time to comment on this fully right now, but thank you SO much for this! (And your thoughts on the past few eps as well).

    All I want to say is that if Jang saves the musical, making everything right with the world and getting our (my) OTP back together working on the musical like they should be, then he can forget all about RK. I’LL marry him!

    • You SHOULD marry him, he’s awesome husband material. Romantic, good with money, practical, and treats his girl like an angel. I really like the contrasts in his personality. Despite being the dorkiest person on the show, he’s also the most level-headed, and he always seems to act appropriately in any given situation. It’ll be so sad if he ends up alone. Even if he doesn’t end up with RK, the show better introduce a ninth character! Or maybe they’ll juggle things and he’ll meet SA :S

  4. So many love angles and so little time left…I wonder how all these will pan out. I wonder too about the China discussion. It could be a foreshadowing…Jin might probably end up alone and then goes to China for business and to heal??

    One thing’s for sure (it could still NOT be since this drama has been consistently unpredictable), EB’s and YJ’s love angle could finally wrap up on the next episode which we will not be able to watch(???) this Friday. Thanks a lot, SBS. I’ve seen stills of the Yoo family in the hospital and of EB and YJ talking somewhere in a park and it’s killing me that I will have to wait for another week to see it all. Gah!

    The SA and JY angle, I refuse to call it a love angle since I am still holding on frantically to the SS Hong/Go ship, will probably be played out more in the coming episodes and you’re right, fanderay, about the chemistry. It could be just because they shared past friendship and SA obviously had a teenage crush on JY. She is really making herself at home and is very vocal about starting a relationship with JY which is the opposite of EB and JY could fall for it.

    KH has mellowed and prob’ly accepted the fact that JY and KH will never be again and has set out to be a true mentor for EB. I miss her tho’. She doesn’t seem to be crucial anymore to the drama…

    Glad you’re back, fanderay, even for a short while and I want to thank you for that screencap you posted previously…EB by the glass window of the shoe store. It was one of my favorites and just couldn’t find it anywhere. You are my savior…^_^

    • I was wondering if a shoe store was a weird choice for an opening screenshot, so I’m glad you liked it! This show gives us great angles and color at the most random of times, which is one of the many reasons I like it 🙂

      So…what do you mean we don’t get an episode this Friday? Is it a holiday in Korea too??? Didn’t we already miss getting an episode last week? At this rate the last two episodes will air right around Christmas and New Years 😦

  5. Annyeong!!
    Very very happy to read your recap (as always!) Must admit I’ve been refreshing this page for God-knows-how-many-times-in-a-day, especially after the weekends 🙂 So, thank you, thank you for your beautiful work.

    With five more episodes to go, we have a couple more paths added onto The Musical’s journey. My heart almost can’t take much more! Do we have to have another person in the convoluted love lines? Aarrrgh!!

    With that said, I feel that the JY & EB connection is strong enough that they’ll somehow find each other again after much turmoil, like the Gumiho who had to endure for so long before she could confess her love. Unless “The Musical” aims to be a unique K-drama where nobody ends up with anybody and we get to see the actual culmination of Gumiho The Musical… I feel my heart crumpling a wee bit…

    Jang: What a SWEETIE! Wake up RK! He may not be in a spiffy suit or drives around in a sparkly sedan or holds an important position in a corporation, but he is an authentic person. Who sees you as his center of the universe. Who puts up a brave face when his heart is crushed by a nonchalant comment (ok, I teared up when he gave a backwards wave).

    Gujak: Needs to be slapped. Twice. If not enough, then a kick in the behind. Man up to your mistakes! Stop whining, pull up your bootstraps, push your inner reset button and begin again. With a vengeance.

    SA: Yes, I can see that simmering crush you have on JY. Many cute scenes you have shared, surprising chemistry sparks too… but back-off a little please? You’re smothering the JY-EB reconciliation phase.

    SW: Where in heck did you disappear to? Perhaps working behind the scenes figuring out a way to bring Gumiho to the stage?

    I miss listening to JY’s compositions and the synergy within the passion-filled theater group. Bring back the music! For the sake of my sanity, I’ve decided not to be onboard any SS (coz the shipping lines have been zig-zagging All Over the Place!)… but somehow, I find myself silently sending a signal: JY & EB. Chaebal.

    • AMEN u said it all esp the bit about SA smothering the JY EB reconclliation – reminds me a bit of Boys over Flowers when the gu jun pyos fiance kept getting in btetween him and Jan di and what was frustrating was she wasnt a horrible person just like SA in this drama, unlike BK who is so much easier to hate this girl’s niceness makes her smothering more annoying! cant wait to see JY and EB get more screen time pls, more love between these two pls! but im also loving Jin and his cuteness with EB, aigoo!!!!

      • Well for one thing she already acts like a live-in girlfriend, going there early in the morning to “cook” or share a meal with JY. Is that really how a music PD works? I don’t think so. I know the PD should only discuss the overall content of the album, review the composition, then be present during the rehearsals and recording, not going to the composer’s house/studio everyday and stay the whole day. She’s just working on her crush and not as a PD, bleh.

        What I cannot stand is the fact that JY gives the number of his combination door lock to almost everybody except EB. And he seems not to mind (although I heard it said that he does not like people coming to his studio often) the ladies (BKH and now SA) just coming in anytime, Too lazy to change the combination? And he also seems to enjoy the fact that someone is there to cater to him. He doesn’t even find it unusual that a PD will be there everyday, wearing an apron like a wife and cooking for him. Oh well…

  6. This Show is going to the shits.

    I was so excited when I first came across it because it was such a cool and different K drama concept.

    It’s now turned into a really boring show where nothing much happens in each episode. It’s like the writer has a mental block. They drag out scenes and waste lots of time showing the various characters just gazing into space. Yeah I get it, they’re being soulful, but do they really need that much air time??

    They keep using flashbacks as fillers in the scenes, and in episode 11 they flashback to whats only happened 5 mins ago to waste time. Its such a waste of good talent and a good script idea.

    Also, Eun Bi can’t actually sing to save her life. So I don’t know why they keep playing her awful song that she ruins.

    AAAARRRGHHHHHH I’m just so disappointed with this show because it had so much potential.

    I now only eagerly await new episoders of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Man of Honour etc.

    • I feel you but my honest opinion is this is one of the well written pieces out there and I am glad a lot of ppl are praising it cos it really is good,from concept to actors

    • I only get annoyed with EB’s soulful looks. I feel like her character has gotten a bit too tragic lately, like we should feel really sorry for her, but I don’t at all. Out of everyone involved, I think she’s the luckiest. I never expected her to have a ton of dancing or singing talent, but thought she would succeed based on drive alone. The fact that she often gives up under pressure makes it seem like she doesn’t belong in the industry, and she should be more appreciative of the help that literally everyone is giving her.

      Worst case scenario, she becomes a doctor. That doesn’t seem so bad!

      Anyways, I still love the show and I’m not bored by it, but I look forward to the moment EB stops moping and mussing her hair. She’d probably feel much better if she just dated someone already 😛

  7. Wow, the JY-EB video used one of those melancholic sound track music of Coffee Prince – I love that song. Brings back CP memories…

  8. Eun Bi’s character has gone from bumbling, to being exploited to spunky and now pathetic. It’s a frustrating character development. It seems likes there’s not a single firm bone in her body, that is unless her medical skills are needed. I agree with Fanderay, she does not belong to the music / theater industry. So she better just go back to college and get her medical degree. Singing can just then be part time thing for her and everyone will be happy. Why she insists on wearing her rubber shoes to practice her dance moves is beyond me. Props / costume department error, maybe. She’s wearing those black rubber shoes most of the time. There are dancing shoes with heels if they need her to look taller or she can change into soft dance flats (jazz shoes) when she’s in the rehearsal studio.

  9. The only recent drama I remember about the guy going to meet another girl and then bringing the girl he liked along was Smile, You which I forever have a soft spot for. Teehee. I’m getting really tired of all the drama. It showed so much potential and now we’ve got weak characters who don’t stand up for themselves, and let themselves be pushed along by others/ circumstances. It’s very frustrating to see as a viewer

  10. I wanted to ask if anyone knows the song which the gurl pop bands sings on that episode I would love to get a hint or some help I really like the song pretty much if someone knows it would you please reply ?!! ❤

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