The Musical – Episode 12 Recap

Do you know that song, “It’s All About Us”?  Sing that, but replace “us” with “Jin” (that’s literally what I did while inserting screenshots). This was my favorite episode in a while because it changed things up from fairly frivolous angst to something much more serious and meaningful.  I think we’ve all been waiting for this episode for a long time (we knew it was coming) and it didn’t disappoint me.

Here is a quick legend of the primary characters and the abbreviations I’ll be using.

Go Eun Bi - EB

Hong Jae Yi - JY

Yu Jin - Jin

Bae Kang Hee - KH

Seo Ra Kyeong - RK

Sa Bok Ja - B

Han Sang Won - SW

Gu Jak - GJ

Jang Jun Hyeok - Jang

An Seong Ah - SA

Episode 12

We start with an identical scene from last week. JY is in the recording studio with his girl group; SA walks in and watches from behind.

More duplicate scenes!  The grandma told EB about the neighbors next door (Jin’s parents) and  Jin made the decision not to phone EB while flashing back to RK’s ultimatum (he also agreed to lunch the following day with the chairman/grandpa).

Yep, another duplicate scene!  What’s the deal, Show?  This was the one where Jang gave GJ a hard time for drinking and suggested putting on the musical somehow to pay back JY some of the money.

EB goes over to the neighbors house with food, and after he asks if EB is the medical student who does musicals, Jin’s dad invites her in so he can return some food containers.

What the heck…another repeat scene! This was the one where SA brought JY movies and got him all excited because he loves Roman Polanski.

Jin’s dad (henceforth Mr. Yu) gives EB some cookies for the grandma and EB thanks him, but Jin’s mom starts screaming from the other room.  Mr. Yu drops the cookies and runs off. EB starts cleaning up the fallen cookies and sees a picture of Jin (Eeek! finally!).

Back at her house, the grandma is telling EB that the Yu family has a big company, and EB confirms that they only have one son, whose picture is in the living room. The grandma asks why [EB is curious] but EB says it’s nothing.

In her room EB remembers her talk with Jin at the hospital, when he told her about being estranged from his parents who now live in Dae Gu (along with the details of Mr. Yu being a painter and the grandpa forbidding Jin from seeing them).  She looks at her phone and looks conflicted about contacting Jin (I assume).

Jin is having lunch with his grandpa and the bratty cousin/uncle combo.  The grandpa comments on how he craves kalguksu sometimes (which is a hand-cut noodle soup) and Jin says that it’s delicious (It’s snowing here right now and I would kill for a bowl of that. Why kalguksu is usually served in summer is beyond me).  Since the cousin (JJ) is an ass he tells Jin that maybe he wants it to be delicious, so the grandpa asks if JJ doesn’t like it.  Since JJ is a craven he quickly says that it’s tasty and eats up.

The uncle asks the grandpa if he would like to hear about JJ’s ideas for that Chinese investment project, but the grandpa just talks to Jin about how he especially likes kalguksu when he has a cold (muahaha, I love it when JJ gets dissed).

Outside Jin texts EB (I must be shipping them because this made me immediately giddy).  He asks if she just had a cold and is fine now, so she says yes and that she’s healthy now that she’s in Dae Gu eating her grandma’s food.  Jin tells her that if she was in Seoul he would’ve bought her kalguksu since it’s good for colds, so she tells him that if he comes to Dae Gu, she’ll buy it for him (oh my goodness, EB is being crafty for once so she can tell him about his parents!).  She asks if he can come, so he asks (with a smile) if she knows that he’s a bit of a busy person, and she tells him that she would really like it if he could come anyways.

JJ walks over and brazenly reads over Jin’s shoulder.  He must successfully read the messages because he looks surprised.  Jin sighs with annoyance (at JJ) and puts the phone away.

As they all get ready to leave, the grandpa tells Jin to relay a reminder about a golf game to someone Jin is supposed to meet later.  Jin replies that he will call the man, since he’s going to the countryside for some emergency work and needs to postpone that meeting.  The grandpa and uncle walk away, but JJ stays behind and scrutinizes Jin (uh oh…this is going to be trouble).  Jin says goodbye, and JJ just tells him to go ahead and leave.  Jin gets on the phone to arrange for his Dae Gu trip while JJ continues to watch him.

Gah, another repeated scene.  This was the one where SA brought JY food to eat while they watched the Titanic.

RK is at work, and gets a call from…JJ?!  He tells her about the text messages Jin got about going to Dae Gu, and that the messages felt personal.  RK gets on the computer and finds out that EB went to school in Dae Gu (meaning she lived there).  RK looks extremely worried.  I wonder if she’s just concerned about her relationship, or if she’s also concerned about the issue with Jin’s mom being sick?

Back at the house EB is on her way out, so the grandma asks where she’s going so late.  EB tells her that someone from Seoul is coming and that she’ll wait outside. The grandma asks if it’s that composer from before (JY) but EB says that it’s someone different (haha…from the grandma’s perspective I bet it seems like a date).

RK stares at her phone and looks tortured about whether or not she should call EB.

Blah blah, repeated stuff where JY and SA cry over the movie, and then she asks him if he will come to her or if she should come to him, and that she thinks it’s good for them both if they’re together (finally, we’re caught up with these two, so no more repeated scenes!).

Jin is on his way to EB’s, looking all cute and happy about it.

RK calls EB, and asks if it is EB that Jin has gone to see in Dae Gu.  We then see her on her way out, telling her mother over the phone that she won’t be home tonight due to work.  We can’t hear her mom, but she’s obviously concerned because RK has to confirm that nothing is wrong.

While Mr. Yu is reading, Mrs. Yu comes out and tells him that she wants cake.  He asks if her head doesn’t hurt, so she confirms that it doesn’t and again asks for cake (she calls him Ajeossi).  He lists the kinds, and she picks “choco” with a smile (even though she doesn’t remember him, it must be nice for him to see her happy).

Jin and EB are at a restaurant now, and he asks if she’s a regular.  She says yes and asks why, but instead he tells her that on the way over he was wondering why he cancelled all his appointments to rush over to Dae Gu.  He says he doesn’t think it was because of the Kalguksu, and that truthfully, he missed her (AWWW.  Oh my goodness double-double awww. I think I need to take a moment).

EB has probably been stewing about Jin’s parents this whole time, and says “ne?” which is technically “yes” but she means “huh?” or “excuse me?”

Jin goes on to say that he wanted to see EB in her birthplace, and that he thought he would get to know the real her if he came.

Mr. Yu is brushing Mrs. Yu’s hair while she eats cake, and they both look very happy.  So cute.

RK is on her way, driving to Dae Gu.  I wonder what EB told her on the phone?  Does she know that EB knows about Jin’s parents?

KH is on the computer and reads news that JY is working with a new girl group and will be leaving for the US.  She asks SW if he knew about it and he says that he just found out a couple days ago.  He also tells her that JY needed fast cash, and that’s why he agreed to such an unreasonable contract.  KH seems genuinely concerned that he has to compose, promote and produce all at once.

SA is blending a smoothie (kalguksu, cake, and now smoothies? This show is killing me!) and tells JY that his new deal with the agency was publicized through the media to make sure that he doesn’t waver.  She walks over and asks if he’s not happy about it (he is on the computer reading the article). JY just sort of makes a noncommittal  “mmm” noise and she tells him that she was the one who wrote it.  He almost spits out his drink in surprise.

SA asks if the woman that morning was EB, and explains that she realized there was a person who put JY in this tight spot (meaning that he followed his heart rather than his head).  She also realized that JY might be shaken if that person returned, and wrote the article so that wouldn’t happen (wiley woman!).  JY tells her that women really are scary, and she tells him to just do a good job and not think of running. JY seems a little peeved (although he keeps his composure) and asks where a slave would go.

Jin and JY are having coffee and cake.  EB is fiddling with hers, and Jin sighs (the poor boy borderline confessed and probably thinks she’s not eating as a result!). Jin comments that EB must’ve been really sick, and asks if she doesn’t normally like eating this.  EB smiles and admits that she does.

They both start talking at the same time (EB about his mom, and Jin about…kalguksu? Not sure).  EB tells him that it’s just a cold (to answer whatever he said) and he asks if she just said something about his mother.

EB asks him what he would do if his parents disappeared because his mother was very sick.  Eeep, here we go.  Jin asks “What?” so she continues about how the mom knew she was very ill but couldn’t be hospitalized, that rumors had to be stopped from spreading, and that they wanted their son get an education, so they could only think to hide.  Jin asks what she’s talking about, so EB tells him that his parents didn’t leave because Mr. Yu hated his job and wanted to paint, but because Jin’s mom was sick.

Jin tells her that she must’ve heard wrong since he’s been in contact with his mom occassionally. EB asks when he last talked to her, and if he hasn’t been able to contact her for quite some time.  Jin remembers when he asked his dad about his mom’s phone being disconnected, and how the dad said she was on a trip and then suddenly had to hang up.

Jin says for EB to tell him again, and asks how she could know about this.  Then he changes his mind about what to say (he’s panicking) and asks if EB said that his mother isn’t okay. He asks what illness his mom could have that wouldn’t allow her to be hospitalized, and what EB meant about rumors spreading.

RK calls, and Jin reluctantly answers.  RK asks where he is, but he instead asks her if she saw his mother when she told him he should visit his father.  RK says Jin’s name, but before she can say anything else he asks if she knew that his mom was sick.  She starts to talk, but he hangs up and she she says his name a few times, then throws her earpiece down.  See RK? You should’ve told him yourself!  This is so not EB’s fault.

Jin asks EB if his mom is nearby with his father, and she tells him that Mr. Yu has constantly cared for her this whole time.  Jin asks EB to take him to them, and she tells them they live next door to her, but he asks her again to take him, and she agrees.

Meanwhile Mr. and Mrs. Yu are listening to a music box (from Jin we can assume).  I thought she shattered that thing pretty good, but they must have fixed it or had more than one.  Mr. Yu asks if she likes the music, and she says she does (awww, such a nice reaction compared to how it went last time!).

The doorbell rings, and Mr. Yu wonders who it could be so late.  He sees that it’s EB, and tells her to come in.  Jin follow in behind her and Mr. Yu stutters his name in shock.  They stare at each other for a moment, and Mrs. Yu calls out that she’s thirsty (this makes Jin do a bit of a double-take).  Mr. Yu calls back that he’ll get her some water, and goes off to get it.

EB turns to leave, but Jin instinctively grabs her hand (he’s not even looking or thinking, he’s just desperate for support).  He squeezes her hand for a moment and then makes his way to the living room (EB follows him).

Mr. Yu gives Mrs. Yu water, and she thanks “ajeossi” for it (so sad that Jin is watching this).

Jin puts a hand over his face and EB quickly grabs his arm (he probably looks like he’s about to faint).  Mrs. Yu asks who “those people” are and Mr. Yu says that “that person” (Jin) is someone she knows well.

Jin desperately says “Mom” and the mom immediately looks troubled, saying that this is strange and that it hurts.  Jin is starting to cry, and says “Mom, it’s Jin.”  She gets up and tells him not to come, and to go away.  She’s getting frantic and holds her head, saying that it hurts and telling Jin to leave.  She starts to scream and falls over onto the couch.

Mr. Yu gestures at Jin and EB to leave, and says Jin’s name along with “just for now”.  He says EB’s name in hopes that she’ll help, so she tugs on Jin’s arm and asks to leave for now.  Jin is literally shaking and once again tells his mom that “it’s Jin.”

EB addresses Jin again and literally pulls him out backwards while he watches his mom (gah, this is so sad).

We cut to later, where Jin is meeting with the dad alone.  Jin has calmed down and asks when his dad was going to tell him.  Mr. Yu says that he is sorry to Jin, and that there’s no excuse.  Jin agrees, and that it can’t be explained or understood.  He asks his dad how he could do this to him.  The dad says that Jin is right and that it’s hard to explain or understand, but that the illness was like that.  He tells Jin that it was hard to believe that she would get an illness that would make her deteriorate so quickly, but Jin reiterates that his dad should have told him something.  Mr. Yu replies that Jin was studying, and that there wasn’t anything he could do about it.

Jin stands up and asks how his dad would know what he could do, and says that he should’ve been able to see her at least (he’s almost yelling now).  Jin says how they could have brought his mom overseas for treatment, and the dad starts to explain, but Jin asks him if he ever considered that his decision to care for her alone was the most selfish choice he could have made.  The dad simple says sorry, and they both stop talking (they both also look quite distraught).

JJ is fast asleep on a couch, so his dad (Jin’s uncle) rudely and loudly wakes him up.  The uncle talks about JJ not studying or taking Chinese tutoring anymore, and asks if he has done more analysis regarding the Chinese Energy market.  JJ doesn’t think he needs to since there are institutes to do that analysis for him.  The uncle tells JJ how important this project is to the company (JJ  doesn’t want to go live in China) and that Jin is regularly submitting reports on green energy to the Chairman/grandpa.

JJ says that he doesn’t think Jin will be going to China either and that something interesting is going to happen.  He explains that RK’s father (Chairman Seo) is needed to fund the project in China, and that he will invest because of Jin and RK’s marriage.  He asks what would happen if Jin and RK didn’t marry, and after saying “what?” the uncle looks pretty thoughtful about the whole thing (poor Jin…as if he doesn’t have enough to deal with!).

Mr. Yu joins Jin and tells him that the mom has taken her medication and will sleep for the night.  Jin says how him and his grandpa weren’t able to understand the dad, and then asks if grandpa perhaps….(Jin flashes back to the scene years ago where the grandpa said he was disowning the dad and that he would support Jin if Jin promised not to see his parents).  Jin asks his dad if his grandfather knew about his mom’s sickess, but the dad just says “Jin.”  Jin thinks it’s true that the grandpa knew, and that he didn’t want the illness to become an embarrassment so he blocked any hospitalization in Korea , and then told the dad to hospitalize the mom overseas and return to work (wow, Jin really knows his grandpa!).  Mr. Yu says “Jin” again, but Jin continues.  He guesses that his dad told the grandpa that he couldn’t acquiesce, and that the grandpa then told the dad to lie and say he didn’t want to work anymore.  Jin is standing up and yelling now, and says how his grandpa disapproved of his mother from the beginning (she came from a family with nothing).

Mr. Yu tells Jin that it was his mother’s decision, and that since she was going to forget everything she wanted to go to a hospital and not become an obstacle to their lives.  Mr. Yu says that he couldn’t let her do that, but that it caused conflict between himself and the grandpa, so the mother put an end to it by giving Jin a chance with his life.

Jin asks if feeling abandoned and like he had to validate his existence, living every day with resentment is the life that they wanted for him?  The dad explains that it was an important time in Jin’s life when the mom got sick, but Jin yells that his mom not having much time left was more important (I so agree with him).

And then RK walks in (I forgot about her!).  Jin tells her to go, but Mr. Yu says not to blame her and invites her in.  He says that he told RK not to to tell Jin, but poor wounded Jinny just walks out.  RK apologizes to the dad, but he tells her that she has no reason to be sorry and to sleep in the guest room.

The grandma gives EB tea and tells her that no one is to blame and that she did the right thing.  EB says that she thought so too, but that they (the Yu family) are very different from her.  The grandma doesn’t think that there’s any such thing, and says that money doesn’t matter when it comes to anything between parents and kids.  She thinks that EB did well, and tells her to sleep since she isn’t completely better (from her cold).  As the grandma is leaving, EB says “Grandma” and asks if she thinks that she (EB) doesn’t know people’s hearts.   The grandma asks if someone said something, but EB just asks if she’s that oblivious.  The grandma says that isn’t the case, and that EB may just consider different things important than other people.  EB repeats what the grandma said back to herself, and seems deep in thought.

EB stays up late in angsty contemplation. Is she thinking about Jin or JY? Or both?  Reasons she might be wondering about her own ignorance:

1.  She didn’t realize JY liked her when he really did, and then when she thought to pursue their feelings he was with another woman. 2. She didn’t realize that Jin liked her either, and then he suddenly said that he missed her.  3. She thought that Jin would want to know about his parents, and now isn’t so sure.  4. All of the above.

Regardless of the reason, I agree with her.  She can be very oblivious!

RK answers her phone in bed and tells her mom that she is filming in the country. The mom says something about Jin (I assume) and RK says rather impatiently not to bother him while he’s busy.  RK explains that she’s just tired (her mom must’ve asked what’s wrong again) and says goodnight.

RK gets up and peeks in Mrs. Yu’s room, where Jin is crouched over her bedside, pressing her hands to his face (So. Sad.). She turns to leave, but stops when she hears Jin talking.  He is on the phone with EB.  He comments that it’s late and asks if he woke her up, then says that he didn’t get a chance to thank her or apologize.  He tells EB that his mom is sleeping now, and tells her to sleep well.

RK puts a hand over her mouth as she listens, and then goes back to her room (I bet she’s most upset over the time of the call and the relationship it implies).

Once in her room, RK slides down the wall and starts to cry (the song playing is about someone’s man now belonging to someone else…which is basically TheMu in a nutshell!).  RK gets a cute text from Jang asking her how angels deal with their wings at night.  He heard that they put them under the bed and thinks RK must have a big bed since she surely has big wings.  This makes her smile in the midst of her crying (see RK? You should marry him!) and she calls him up (omo! progress!).  Once Jang picks up, RK asks if he can talk now (he must ask if she’s OK) and she says that she’s just getting a cold.  She brings up how he said he wanted to make her smile/laugh (during their conversation last episode) and asks if he can do that over the phone as well.

JY wakes up and asks with bleary eyes who [is downstairs].  SA looks up and asks who else could come in this early (she’s already got an apron on!).  JY says that he may have signed up to be a slave, but wonders if she isn’t overdoing it by watching him 24/7.  She asks if he thinks she’s doing this for the money, so he in turns asks what she would do if he had someone stay overnight in his bed.  She says that she would then cook for two, which makes JY laugh (love her or hate her, SA is definitely JY’s match when it comes to verbal sparring).  SA clomps up the stairs with breakfast (good service!) and asks again if he will come to her or if she should go to him.  JY just stares blankly and doesn’t say anything, so she brings the tray of food over to his nightstand.

JY is leaning on his railing looking pensive, and SA asks if she’s special or if he’s changed.  He turns around and asks what she means.  She explains that no matter what, he’s never rejected a woman’s advances, but that now he seems nervous.  He asks if he does, and she says that her confession (asking if he would come to her or she should go to him) took her a long time to say.  JY says her name, but she continues to say that he’s acting like he never heard [her confession].

JY says that they have a contract-relationship and that they need to do a good job.  SA points out that he’s just avoiding the issue again, and asks if it was her (EB) who changed him.  JY says that he doesn’t want work to become uncomfortable (hahah, he’s using an EB excuse!!) so she says that it won’t become uncomfortable now that’s it’s clear —   clear that he won’t come to her.  She walks closer and JY asks for them to just be comfortable, and she agrees happily that they should do so.  She mentions the breakfast she made and tells him to sleep more or eat.  She walks down the stairs (the look on JY’s face is hilarious) and says that if he won’t go to her, she will go to him.

Mr. Yu wakes up and goes up to his wife’s room, where Jin is passed out on the bed (awww, so sweet). Unfortunately Mrs. Yu isn’t there.  Mr. Yu goes through the house looking for her without any success.  He goes back to the bedroom and Jin wakes up.

Jin asks where his mom is, but Mr. Yu just says the mom’s name, “Seon Hi,” with a panic-stricken look on his face, and then runs down the stairs.  Jin calls after him and follows close behind.  The dad calls the police while Jin runs around looking for her. RK sees from above and gets ready to leave.

Next door the grandma is cooking, and EB hugs her from behind.  The grandma comments that it seems like EB didn’t sleep until late, and EB wonders how the grandma can tell without even seeing her.  The grandma says that EB feels different on her back, which makes EB even more incredulous, so the grandma explains that after 20 years you just know.   EB wonders if the grandma is perhaps from space, and the grandma teases that EB is just figuring that out now.

EB asks where her dad is, and the grandma says he’s working, but then the doorbell rings.  EB offers to go answer it.

SW gets the paper off the doorstep and looks at his watch.  Once inside, he wonders to KH if her fan is sick, and explains that the milk didn’t come.  KH wonders if he (she) just jumped ship, but SW doesn’t think that’s possible since KH’s fan always wrote an encouraging message on the carton without fail.  He looks at the paper and asks KH about her schedule and whether they should go see a movie, but she says that she doesn’t think she can and walks out (rude!).

In the bedroom, KH tries to decide what to text JY.  She starts with mentioning that she’s called 8 times, and then changes it to say that JY must have checked his messages by now.  She erases that message too and she doesn’t send anything (as far as we see).  She’s like a teenager!

EB, her grandma, Jin, his dad, and RK are all at the police station.  An officer (I think) tells them to go home and rest, and Mr. Yu emphasizes that Mrs. Yu is very ill. The officer says that they will surely hear something since they posted information everywhere, and not to worry.  After he leaves the grandma says that the officer is like family, and that he’ll do his best, but Jin wonders if there is anywhere his mom frequented.  The grandma immediately thinks of the hospital and the park (thank goodness for Grams!).  The dad says that he’ll go to the hospital with the grandma, and suggests that Jin go to the park.  Grandma asks how a person from Seoul would find it, and asks EB to go with him (EB nods that she will).  Jin tells them (grandma and Mr. Yu) to go ahead and that they’ll go to the park.  They all leave.

Everyone runs around searching like crazy, but no one finds the mom.

SA is in the front yard of JY’s house with a drink (I swear that apron is sewn to her body).  KH walks up and SA greets her.  KH says that she came to meet JY, and SA replies that she’s sorry, but that JY is busy  (heehee, it looks like KH has  met her match!).  KH says “what?” (she’s as shocked as I am that someone is standing in her way) so SA explains with a smile that JY is working and that she can’t allow anyone in, but that she’ll pass along a message.  KH asks who SA is, so SA tells her that she’s the PD in charge of the current album.  KH eyes her up and down and asks if she’s a PD or a housekeeper (hah) so SA jokes that she got confused too, but then realized that making a distinction isn’t important.  KH says that either way, she shouldn’t turn Bae Kang Hee away, but SA replies that it’s her job to make sure JY isn’t interrupted. KH asks if SA is going to take responsibility for turning her away, and starts to say what will happen if JY finds out.  SA interrupts and says that she knows JY is avoiding KH’s calls, and that he would be even less happy if he knew KH came over in person.  She adds that she was going to take KH’s message and then decide whether to tell JY or not (ahahah, this is so awesome).

KH starts to say “you…” but SA interrupts again and says that her name is An Seong Ah, and that if KH is done talking, she will excuse herself as she has something on the stove.

Yep, KH just get owned.  It took 12 episodes, but it was so worth it.

JY is drinking orange juice and looks over in surprise at SA, who has just walked in like she’s on the brink of having a heart attack (this makes that last scene even better).  JY asks what she’s doing, so she comes closer and stutters a nonsensical, unfinished question (basically, “how, and why?”).  He jokingly completes the question for her, and asks how and why he is such a genius composer (as if that’s what she was going to say).  SA composes herself and says that KH was there, and that she chased her off.  JY asks if that’s the case, so SA asks how and why he loved a person like that, and says that she could never understand it, but probably will once she gets to know him.  JY tells her her that once she figures it out, to please share with him what kind of person he is.

Meanwhile KH is already on the phone, plotting SA’s demise.  She asks someone to find out about JY’s new agency, his contract, and his PD (SA).  I have to say, I am sort of looking forward to a battle between these too (no offense to EB, but she’s not KH’s match).

GJ is drunkenly choosing between drinks (his attitude is so frustrating) and Jang once again sits down with him.  Jang takes a drink and GJ asks if he’s there to nag again.  Jang says for them to put on the musical, but GJ says to forget about it.  Jang asks if GJ doesn’t feel bad for the singers, and adds that they have a script, actors, and songs.  GJ points out that they don’t have a stage or a lead actor, so Jang says that if they get a stage and actor, they are going to put the show on then.  GJ tells him to stop his nonsense again, but Jang tells him to see who came with him first, and raises a hand to signal the guy.

The man walks up, and GJ asks if he is Jo Seung Wu. The man asks GJ how he’s been, so GJ asks if they know each other.

*Am I supposed to know who that guy is? If so, can someone please explain?  I’m still part of the new generation of k-drama watchers, so I’m not familiar with many people old enough to grow proper facial hair 😛

KH calls EB, who is in the car with RK and Jin (it’s interesting that RK is the one in the back).  EB answers, and KH asks if she is feeling better.  She then asks what JY is doing these days (wow, KH must be really desperate to ask EB).  EB sort of trails off, so KH asks if EB doesn’t know, and EB says yes (as in she doesn’t know).  KH finds that hard to believe, but EB says it’s true, and KH concedes that EB has no reason to lie, and they end the call.

Jin asks if it was KH, and EB says yes so Jin asks if those two (KH and JY) still meet.  EB says she doesn’t know, Jin agrees that she wouldn’t, and EB then emphasizes (mostly to herself) that she really doesn’t know anything.  RK looks a little alarmed (I don’t really blame her, since JY was the main thing standing between EB and Jin).

AT JY’s house, JY is asleep on the couch.  SA is on her way out and puts a blanket over him first.  She leans over and kisses him, then calls him stupid and says to just live with her.  She leaves, and we see that JY is actually awake.

Meanwhile, GJ is kissing Jang!  On the cheek though.  GJ explains that if Seung Woo performs at some festival, they will get support money that will allow them to get a stage for the musical.  GJ is ecstatic and pokes Jang, saying how cute he is, and that he now has hope for his life.  He asks Seung Woo if he was really that boy from before, so Seung Woo asks if he really can’t remember, and pulls out a contract written on paper towel (it says that he will appear in GJ’s project for 1000 won, and is dated November 2000).  Seung Woo reminds GJ of the ramen and kimbap worth 1000 won, and says that since GJ said he didn’t need the contract, he kept it with him (I guess this guy was poor and GJ helped him out, so he’s thankful).   GJ says that he remembers now, but asks if they are messing with him right now.  Seung Woo asks if he should tear the contract up then, but GJ carefully folds it and asks if this is a dream or real. He calls for more alcohol and says that it would be better if JY and EB were there.

*I haven’t been too crazy about GJ’s maturity lately, but JY mentioned in the past that GJ often has money problems since he’s always helping others.  I guess it’s true, and his generosity might be part of the reason JY is so sympathetic towards him, even though he makes bad decisions.

JY picks up his phone, which reads “Enemy Gu Jak”.  JY seriously considers answering, but finally just drops his phone and sighs, closing his eyes again.

Jin, his dad, and RK run out of a car and into a hospital.  They race through the hallways and get directed to Jin’s mom, who looks like she has a pretty severe head injury.  Mr. Yu yells honey and looks for a doctor in panic.  RK puts her hands over her mouth, and Jin yells for his mom to wake up.

The End 😦

Next week: Jin has a tearful confrontation with his mother.  KH meets with EB and asks about JY.  RK isn’t sure anymore if she knows anything and if she should marry Jin.  SA showers at JYs house and talks more about going to him.  Tearful Jin asks EB to stay with him.  RK and JY look upset!


Alright, it’s official.  I know who I’m shipping! I am off the JY and EB bandwagon pretty much completely.  They had chemistry, but ultimately I don’t feel like they’re the best match.  They are very different people and it seems like EB would always be overwhelmed by JY’s personality.  SA seems much better equipped to handle him, even though he doesn’t have any feelings for her.

Jin and EB are fantastic together.  They’ve both been more open with each other than anyone else, and I don’t know if RK could ever be happy with Jin now that she’s realized that she doesn’t share the same bond with him that EB does.  She also didn’t understand him well enough to tell him about his mom.  Jin and EB are both often stressed regarding RK and JY, but together they’re all smiles (until the issue with his mom arose).  Now that EB is there for him, it seems like their bond is getting even stronger, and it doesn’t seem like EB has been thinking about JY as much.  I don’t think she became as close to JY because his advances and her own feelings made her nervous, but the end result (growing close to Jin) is still the same.

Similarly to EB and Jin, Jang is the one that is really there for RK, and it seems like she’s finally realizing that (Jang also deserves a happy ending more than anyone).  Obviously RK not going to two-time, but giving up on someone she’s been dating for ten years is a massive decision, so I don’t expect it to be a quick one.  Even if her and Jin do end up together, I think that their eyes have been opened to what their relationship was lacking, and hopefully that will help them in the long run.

Even though SA is a bit pushy with JY, I don’t really hold it against her because JY has the identical personality type.  I also like her a lot more now that she’s stood up to KH, especially since whoever ends up with JY probably needs to be able to do that.  I do feel really bad for JY lately though.  He seems incredibly miserable, and I don’t blame him.

Even though KH isn’t too deserving of romantic happiness, I do hope that she properly commits herself to SW, because he really does love her and sacrifice a lot for her (even if it’s hard to understand why he loves her).

This was my favorite episode that I’ve seen in quite some time, and I think that’s because it was a major Jin episode.  I realized that pretty much all of my favorite episodes have been Jin episodes, and I think I’m the most invested in his character, and his character’s journey.  I don’t take the problems of the other characters lightly, but they do seem light compared to Jin’s issues.  EB wants to become a musical actress (but can always become a doctor), GJ wants to successfully create a musical, JY wants to compose want he wants and be with someone he loves, KH wants JY back, RK wants to marry Jin, and Jang wants to make RK happy.  Jin wants to be successful purely so he doesn’t let down his family (like he said, he lives every day trying to validate his existence) and mostly just yearns to be loved by his own parents.  He doesn’t understand his own feelings regarding anything because he’s kept them bottled up for so long, and the things that he genuinely wants for himself are just basic feelings of acceptance and happiness that most people take for granted.  He was totally heartbreaking this episode, and what I’m most looking forward to next week (also dreading) is seeing how he deals with grandpa and his grief.

Honestly this episode made me forget that there are even musicals involved, but I suppose that I’m also looking forward to all that getting rolling again (particularly if we see some new songs).

I feel like my overall feelings regarding this show are really going to hinge on the ending.  Since the entire drama has already been completely filmed I’m less worried (they won’t do something that doesn’t feel right for the sake of fan-service) but I’m still rather apprehensive.  There are so many characters and so many ships that it seems like it could all end in a terrible mess! I am impressed that it’s already episode 12 and I’m still not sure who anyone will end up with.   How often is a k-drama this unpredictable? Literally never (at least that I’ve seen).


Here is the Goo Hye Sun soompi thread where cheerkoo is continuing to provide fantastic translations of TheMu episodes and anything else GHS-related. She’s some sort of translation ninja, because her translations are basically subtitles now.

SB680 made another TheMu MV! This one is mainly about Jin in the past two episodes.

A Note on What’s Up:

Surely anyone who is watching the Musical must be watching What’s Up? I watched the first two episodes without subs, but I already really like it.  I’m a big fan of Im Ju Hwan and Lee Soo Hyeok, but I’m already starting to love the rest of the cast too.  Daesung is a far better actor than I expected, and the directing as well as the music choices are both exceeding my expectations as well.  If anyone is watching it, please tell me what you think so far!  I’m going to draw scenes from What’s Up of course, but I’m also considering doing something extra.


My video of the day (does anyone watch these?) is an awesome new collab by Aeirilyn and Kimchan15.  The included dramas, in order, are Heaven’s Postman, Can You Hear My Heart, Playful Kiss, Dream High (Pil Sook and Jason), Heartstrings, City Hunter, Protect the Boss, Secret Garden, My Princess, Dream High (Hye Mi and Jin Guk), 49 Days, and Personal Taste. There’s a J-drama towards the end that I didn’t recognize though.  At least I think it’s Japanese.  It looks like the guy from Kimi Wa Petto, but I’m not sure.

I’m going to post a second video too!  This is a great Me Too Flower MV by Jomo:

21 responses

  1. So quick! Thanks for this Fandaray and all of your faithful TheMu recaps, other assorted recaps, and beautiful artwork! You always add so much insight into these episodes. I will have to read your drama review round up after I post this. Oh nos! You’ve jumped ship completely! :O I’ve said many times at Soompi, that I truly get the YJ/EB shippers, but I don’t think that there’s nearly enough time (4 eps), for the writers to somehow put YJ and EB together in the end. They’ve already made her love-sick over JY, literally, and while she’s A-dorable with Jin and they understand each other in a way that she may never understand JY, her behavior has a much friendlier vibe for me than her flustered adorableness with Jae Yi, which for me has more sparks. Er…opposites attract? That said, who knows! I also want a happy ending for Jang too, I agree that he deserves it more than anyone right now (He’s going to save TheMusical!), but then that puts YJ alone in my scenario….and I definitely DON’T want that. Such dilemmas! I really hate SA, I can’t help it. I actually root for BKH over her. It’s irrational perhaps, but there it is. Can she take her paws off of JY and JUST.GO.AWAY? 😉

    Is there some connection between What’s Up and The Musical? Is it a musical drama?

    • Unfortunately for me, I still think it’s more likely that JY will end up with EB. Unless the writers decided to go with a theme of finding new love or something (which would make sense in a way, when you consider everyone involved). Every time I think I know what’s going to happen, little things give me doubt. Last episode EB was actually pining for JY, but this episode she hardly thought about him at all! Does that mean she’s moving on? Or was she just busy? I have no idea 😦

      I really don’t want Jang or Jin to be alone either, which is another reason for me to ship Jin/EB, but overall this whole mix-up is just one big unsolvable problem. I’m glad I didn’t have to be a writer for this show and make these decisions!

      And yes, What’s Up is a musical drama. ANOTHER one. What’s Up was actually filmed a long time ago though, and it’s just airing now 🙂 It makes all us Park Kyu fans happy because Im Ju Hwan is doing his military service right now, so now it’s like he’s not!

      • I think the lack of EB and JY scenes lately and the compelling Jin story line have really contributed to the ship jumping, not to mention the chemistry between PKW and GHS. Episode 12 was such a weird mash-up of repeated and new scenes though, it makes you wonder what happened. It makes sense based on what kay said, and I think I heard that because Park Kyung Rim was pregnant when they had to shoot new scenes, they had to rework a lot of things in the story line too. I’m hoping that we’ll get an inkling on Friday about which direction EB’s heart is leaning. Did she forget JY already? It’s the uncertainty that kills me!

        Personally I still have such a fondness for the JY of earlier episodes who did everything he could to make EB’s dream come true because he saw himself in her, so I hope that if the writers do put them together in the end, it’ll be sweet and hopefully reminiscent of their earlier chemistry, which I found totally lovable, but I want a satisfying ending for Jin as well. Gah. How do you solve a problem like The Musical?

        I shouldn’t have read your drama reviews. I will have no life for the next few months if I give into the temptation of watching more drama. I’ll definitely be checking out What’s Up and Dream High though. I LOVED the music in Heartstrings!

        • The uncertainty kills me too. I thought korean dramas were supposed to be predictable!

          The repeated scenes really annoyed me, but by the end of the recap I had successfully blocked them from my mind and only remembered the Jin scenes. I actually think it would’ve been better to just cut a couple episodes a few minutes short, rather than showing us so many duplicate scenes (it would’ve been less obvious!).

          Of course I don’t know yet if What’s Up will be good, but you should most definitely watch Dream High. I watched it long after it was finished airing because I thought it was going to be infantile, but it was pretty much just fantastic. By the end of it you will adore Kim Su Hyun. He’s starring in a new fusion sageuk early 2012, so just consider Dream High “research” 🙂

  2. EEEEEEEEEP! finally, jin knows! i feel so bad for him. and i’m totally shipping him with eunbi, but i don’t think she likes him that way. which means his heart is going to break again. gah. however, i do remember the producers saying something along the line of the musical’s lovelines to being different and never been done before, so i’m still hanging on to hope. it was pretty strange that they included so many scenes from the last episode but i suppose it has something to do with cutting the drama down from 20 to 16 episodes and losing a lot of plot and footage they can’t air.

    i’m liking what’s up so far but i’m not completely sold on it, which is a disappointment bc i’ve been waiting all year for it. although, i am watching it raw without fully understanding it. there’s a lot of characters to introduce and i felt like the first episode took a bit too long to get the plot moving. but of course i’m still going to keep watching and hope for some awesome performances. the one thing that bugged me about the musical and i’ve fallen for you is how they kept performing that one same song over and over. like the whole performance only had one song, really?

    and btw, i love the videos you post, so people are definitely watching ’em. i even watched spring waltz, fully knowing that it wasn’t going to be a very good drama, just bc that video you posted was so darn gorgeous.

    • Oooh, it was originally supposed to be 20 episodes? I didn’t know that (what a terribly recapper I am!!). Did they actually film it all? Maybe that means it will be like Tamra Island, and the long version will be way better (maybe there’s an extended DVD in our future).

      It bugs me when we don’t get new songs in the Musical too. I’m actually happy when there are KH scenes and she’s near a piano, because she might sing something different! I don’t understand how EB is a lead who only sings song.

      I was actually impressed by the number of songs in Heartstrings though. There was “You’ve fallen for me”,”I miss you”, Min Hyeok’s “Star”, PSH’s “to love me”, PSH’s “I will forget you”, JYH’s “Give Me a Smile”, multiple fusion/traditional songs, a cover of “Lucky”, some instrumental acoustic songs, and several songs with Lee Hyun Jin (the guy that does the duet with PSH). I think that’s pretty good! The first half of the drama spoiled me because there was a new song basically every episode, so later on I was disappointed when it started to dwindle.

      I hope that What’s Up doesn’t disappoint musically, but so far it’s not doing too bad. I don’t consider it as much of a musical drama since it’s more about an arts school, but so far there’s been lots of variety, even in the background music. We had like three different songs from Hades, Phantom of the Opera, and that French song, which is a pretty diverse selection.

      Hearing that you watched Spring Waltz because of that video put a massive smile on my face. It makes me feel a little evil, but I’m OK with that. K-dramas have taken over my life, so it makes me feel better when I can help corrupt others 😛

      • ahhh i know. i was also thinking of how evil you were bc i straight marathon that drama in one day. it got so draggy towards the end, but i hate not finishing a drama. so i ended up opening three windows of the same episode at a time, dividing the episode into three equal parts so that i could go through it faster haha. i felt so sick afterward trying to read all those subtitles for hours straight.

        as far as i know, the musical was fully pre-produced but bc of budget cuts and problems getting on air, they had to scrap the couple first episodes and reshoot it earlier this summer(they were suppose to take place at broadway in NY where EB and JY would meet). and since they cut off four episodes, i’m sure they had to rewrite and possibly reshoot certain scenes for the later episodes. it would be kinda neat if there were alternative endings.

        i loved the music selection in heartstrings too, it was just specifically the vocal music for the finale performance that disappointed me. all i remember was the awkward(topless ki young with guys caressing his abs while dancing around him) and the wtf?! expression i had when i realized basically the entire performance was just hee joo parading around sans singing/talking with the fusion instrumental pieces in the background until we got ONE vocal duet at the end. i guess i was just really expecting there to be magically more singing but i should’ve known better.

        • Look at you Miss Knowledgeable! You should be writing these recaps instead of me! If we didn’t have repeated footage this last episode, I would have more hope that we might get an extended-cut DVD or maybe some alternate settings. The fact that they’re scrambling for footage makes me think they completely scrapped everything else 😦

          I agree that the Heartstrings finale wasn’t nearly as epic as I had hoped, but I suppose it was realistic for a school performance designed by students (I’ve studied in the arts department at a university, and it gets VERY scary. That ab scene seemed normal!). I’m more annoyed with the lack of musical numbers in The Musical because they’re putting on a professional show that’s designed to make money. They obviously have way more songs, but we don’t get to see them! Thank goodness JIn’s character distracts me and I forget. Park Ki Woong needs to get a lead role already.

          PS: You watched 20 episodes of Spring Waltz in ONE day? I’ve never taken more than two days to marathon a drama, but that extra day makes a huge difference! I feel more evil now because you must’ve suffered, but less evil because you must not have disliked the drama that much 😛 There are lots of cute parts and the directing makes it go by faster 🙂

  3. Your pairings make sense to me but I am hopelessly rooting for Jae Yi – Eun Bi.

    What’s exciting me about this drama is who would end up with who. The thing about their musical has gone out the window – it’s a pity because isn’t it supposed to be about the musical. I think they have far too many side stories; it’s veered away from the musical itself.

    By the way, thanks for your recaps. The subbing of this drama is a bit slow – at least int he sites I get them from.

    • I think you will get your wish! I won’t be too upset if JY ends up with EB, and I find it exciting not to know too. It’s also less depressing to not know if a character I love will end up unhappy. For the last three episodes of Sungkyunkwan Scandal I got all weepy every time I saw Moon Jae Shin (Yoo Ah In) because I was so heartbroken for him. IAt least with The Musical I will find a little happiness in whatever happens!

      The subbing for this show is definitely a little slower than usual (I guess because it’s not that popular) but dramafever has been pretty fast (usually Monday night or Tuesday I think). I don’t know very much Korean, so I usually just end up referencing about four different sources to hack a gimpy recap together >.<

  4. Wow! Thanks for the early recap favorite recapper! 🙂

    Hahaha. You and everyone else (including me) have been wavering between who to ship and I’m happy for you that you’ve found yours 😉 I think I’m still 50/50 which is fairly ok since Im Ok with both ships. Shades_Blue is right though – the last few episodes have definitely screwed us up with the OTP and made a lot jump ship. haha.

    I seriously think any of the following can happen:

    Gumiho is still ON – With the new Musical actor interested in project and Jang getting things going I think this will definitely pull through. I also think EB will come back to the project since this was JY’s wish from the start and she’ll feel indepted to him after she finds out what sacrifice he’s made. Also though Jang is the better man for RK we know this is really just a 20/80 chance of this happening.

    Time Jump – So after the Musical is over JY has to go to the States for the girl group and EB has 3 or so more years to finish med school. They’ll prob show us how they resolve things after. Im thinking kind of like a BOF ending where but this time EB is now a full time doctor who still has some musical inclination that she does as a hobby and JY is now FREE from Pop Music Captivity. These two then find their “way back into love.” heheh. Jin on the other hand would have gone to China with RK and their relationship is saved somehow? or maybe abroad to help treat his mom with her condition.

    Either way, you’re completely right. It’s definitely ONE BIG UNSOLVABLE PROBLEM / PUZZLE! Someone or another is bound to get hurt. 😦

    I was really annoyed when they recycled scenes. Seriously! We wait two weeks and then repeats? However, I understand it was probably to serve as fillers since Kay’s right they did re-do some episodes. It’s such a shame that this show probably had a great script to begin with for 20 episodes and then they had to rewrite so many things because of the budget cuts, production problems and working around the actor/actresses scheds. If my memory serves me right because it took too long to film as there was no secure network to pick it up, producer problems and delays it was left idle for a while so CD went off to film Baby FB and GHS also moved on to direct her movie Peace tree as well as film Absolute Darling in Taiwan. The poor thing who was still committed to The Mu had to fly back and forth Korea-Taiwan to film The Mu and AD. It’s like life imitating art…. how Gumiho is just like TheMu in that sense since it took so long to air and also had so many crazy production stuff to deal with.

    • 50/50 is the best way to be! I was back and forth constantly, but I think this last episode finally did me in, which makes me sad (it’s like I’m doomed to ship the wrong person 90% of the time!).

      I definitely think the Gumiho musical will happen, particularly so EB can live her dream (although I don’t honestly feel like she deserves it at this point). I love Jang’s perseverance though, and I really want it to go ahead for JY’s sake too.

      I had never considered a time jump, but now that you mention it, it seems extremely likely! I absolutely despised the ending to BoF, but that was largely due to Kim Hyun Joong spending hat whole time jump STILL by Goo Hye Sun’s side. It was way too depressing.

      A time jump in the Musical would make more sense, although I would still prefer not to have one. It would be cuter if EB went to the US too and studied music there (even if it’s unrealistic). Or she could just marry Jin and make adorable babies 😛

      I feel bad for the cast too, although it is sort of ironic that their lives imitated the drama (like you said). I’m getting nervous for the end….I really want it to be good!

    • Oooh nos, I don’t like the idea of a time jump for this show! I think the time jump works better when the characters in the drama are graduating from high school, it kind of makes sense that they have to pursue education/enlightenment/work, etc, before entering relationships, but JY is already what, 35? It would be a woeful waste of years. I’m a fan of the idea that EB goes to America with him, though I kind of think that BKH is going to somehow get JY out of that pesky contract. Lest we forget, this is our resident bad asz b*tch we’re talking about, and she’s found a new enemy in SA, so I say game on BKH, I missed your evil machinations! I’d like to think that she’s an ally for EB and JY now, since maybe JY’s speech about not wanting to hurt the ones you love got through to her, but I DO realize this is probably my own personal dream world. :/

      • I think KH will save JY too! When she seemed so genuinely concerned for him, I couldn’t help but think that she would use her connections to help him out and redeem herself. Well…somewhat redeem herself. I don’t think she’s ever going to be angelic, but that’s ok because I too love watching her evil machinations!

  5. Thanks for the recap.. and i watched the ep last night and Jin broke my heart… I knew the attraction between JY and EB… but for some reason.. i thought their on-screen chemistry is lacking… and I love Jin and EB together… apart from being rich.. I don’t think he is happy with his life especially now he discovered his mom’s illness… EB is the one that can comfort him right now and ease some of his pain… though RK is always there for Jin.. I don’t see Jin that much into her… at this point… I think EB really just see Jin as a friend in need… if they are not going to be the OTP.. they might ended up just being a good friend… I am hoping that the writer pull a ‘How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor’ on me and ship the 2nd lead Jin with EB instead of JY and EB.. also, if the writer decided not to pair EB with anyone… I am actually ok with that…my opinion, JY is really more a mentor to her.. to help her to start her musical career… as OTP… i really not convinced..

    what I really want to see is:
    1. the gumiho the musical will be on
    2. Jin and EB get together – they are always truth to each other and has very open relationship.
    3. JY and EB becomes good friend
    4. JY and SA get together – i actually like this pairing.. i think they are very compartable
    5. RK and Jang get together – RK need someone that actually care for her
    6. KH leaves everyone alone

    well… i can only dream right.

    • That’s a good list! I’m hoping for those things too, but I’ll be shocked if they all actually happen. Who knows though! This drama has certainly surprised me before. It’s also made me change ships many times, so I hope if that if Jin and EB don’t end up together, the show at least makes me love the alternate pairings again first.

      • Oh no. This waiting is killing me after watching the raw version. I did not understand anything but they kissed! Actually, they just touched lips but it’s ok, I will consider it a kiss. Anyway, it will be just a few more hours before the much awaited recap.

        By the way, thank you so much for all your wonderful works. Cheers!

  6. hi fand… i put on hold watching TheMu… need time to be able to… can’t stretch enough to fit the dramas i wanted to watch and TheMu is one of them… thanks for the recaps, i am actually a Jin-EB shipper even way back when they are not even friends. yup, crazy huh? i dunno but i can’t see JY and EB as a couple… but Jin and EB had this chemistry even from the start. 🙂

    What’s Up had been one of my highy anticipated dramas but it waned through time and so much waiting. Tho i have downloaded the vids, haven;t watched them yet… again, time! I love Im Ju Hwan. ❤

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