The Musical – Episode 13 Recap

This episode is a bit of a heartbreaker, so consider yourself warned (and blame Park Ki Woong!). There’s lots of Jae Yi, Eun Bi and AD Jang goodness too, so this episode really has something for everyone.

Here is a quick legend of the primary characters and the abbreviations I’ll be using.

Go Eun Bi - EB

Hong Jae Yi - JY

Yu Jin - Jin

Bae Kang Hee - KH

Seo Ra Kyeong - RK

Sa Bok Ja - B

Han Sang Won - SW

Gu Jak - GJ

Jang Jun Hyeok - Jang

An Seong Ah - SA

Episode 13

The first seven minutes of this episode consists of a review, and then repeated scenes from last episode.  I had hoped we weren’t going to be subjected to repeated scenes again, but at least this time they’re all grouped together instead of being interspersed with new footage.  Since I’ve already recapped these scenes before, I’m going to skip them and start at what I consider the real beginning of episode 13 (7:05 on my video).

Jin is at the hospital with RK and his dad, waiting for his mother’s surgery to finish.  RK puts a hand on Jin’s, but he barely seems to notice.

The operation ends, and the doctor who comes out explains that during the traffic accident Mrs. Yu hit her head (which is what they’re most worried about).  Mr. Yu asks if she can recover, and the doctor asks if they knew about the pre-existing tumor (which made it hard for them to operate).  He says they will have to wait to see how things develop.

The doctor leaves, and Jin asks his dad about his mom’s diagnosis.  The dad basically explains that she has a tumor on her brain stem that is inoperable, and that her prognosis was a maximum of three years.  Jin says that they were both too cruel to him (his parents he means).

I can’t hold it in, so I need to stop for a second to talk about this.  What?? She has a brain tumor?  She’s not just losing her memory…but she’s also dying soon?  We didn’t know that right?  I sort of empathized with the parents point of view before, but now this whole thing is just way to cruel to Jin.  Gah.  So sad.

Mrs. Yu gets wheeled out of the operation room and RK sits at her bedside while Mr. Yu and Jin talk.  Mr. Yu says how Mrs. Yu didn’t want to be a burden to Jin and hold him back from his future.   Jin asks his dad if he means the future set before him by his grandfather.  Mr. Yu replies that he was willing to give up the company for the sake of Jin’s mom, but that they didn’t want Jin to have to do the same.  Jin asks if that then means that if he was told the truth and chose to stay by his mother, his grandfather threatened to take everything away from him.  Mr. Yu doesn’t say anything, but he sort of clears his throat and looks away, so Jin continues.  He says that his parents went to Dae Gu for the sake of his future, and meanwhile he was an idiot who fell for his grandfather’s lies, which is why he wasn’t able to see his sick mother all this time.  Ack, is the poor boy blaming himself now?

Jin storms out and RK runs after him.  She grabs him by the elbow, but he wrenches his arm away and asks her to leave him alone for now.

Jin is listening to that big music maker when his grandpa walks in.  The grandpa asks if something is wrong, and if it’s dawn yet.  Jin says that his grandfather always taught him that no matter the job, once a goal is set, you must do your best to attain that goal with the least cost and most effectiveness.  The grandpa says, “So?” and Jin turns around to glare at him.   He asks what goal he was aiming for that kept him from seeing his sick mother, and caused him to resent his father.  The grandpa just pinches the bridge of his nose and sits down, so Jin adds that of course it wasn’t his own goal, but the Chairman’s (the grandpa’s) goal.

The grandpa simply asks about Jin’s mom, so Jin walks over and says that she is still alive, but had an episode when she saw Jin and ended up running away and getting in a car accident, causing her to be hospitalized, unconscious and unknown when to wake up.

The grandpa asks if Jin wants to hear his goals or why he chose that method (he means the method of lying to Jin, etc).  Jin asks which he wants to explain, and the grandpa asks in turn if Jin is prepared to listen to his precise explanations, and not just apologies or excuses.  Jin says that he doesn’t even know such words, and the grandpa asks Jin how much longer he thinks he’ll live.  He explains that time is short and asks if Jin can’t understand why he made such a ruthless decision.  Jin says how it was for the sake of the company, and that his father and then himself (Jin) were better for the company than the Uncle, but he still doesn’t understand why business is more important than family.  The grandfather gets up and yells at Jin.  He basically says that one day they will all die, but that the business needs to live on.  Jin yells back that businesses exist for the sake of the people who are a part of that business, but the grandpa continues to say that businesses make promises to shareholders, consumers, and the government, and that the business must keep moving to uphold those promises.  He doesn’t think that’s possible if they love and care for their family first, although that may be hard for Jin to understand.

As he walks out, the grandpa adds that if he could do it all over again right now, he would make the same decision.  Jin just stands there and quietly cries alone.  What a jerk the grandpa is for being so cold right now!  I really hope Jin takes him down a peg.

EB is cleaning the studio and gets a call from KH.  She goes to meet her at a restaurant.

GJ is slouched over a table working, and Jang walks in with some bags (food probably).  He comments that GJ is up already, and then realizes that he didn’t go to sleep at all.  GJ explains that the male lead (in the musical) is a man who used to be able to do anything, but was hurt by love, and then motivated to live life again by Cheongdamdong the second (I’m still not sure how they worked out the whole double casting thing, but he’s referring to EB’s character).  He says that the man never met the same woman twice, and never let any girl have first place.  Jang comments that he’s a bad guy, so GJ says that he’s not just a bad guy, but someone who doesn’t believe in love.  He thinks love is temporary and doesn’t believe in eternal love for one person.  Jang sums it up, saying that there is a man who doesn’t believe in love, a woman who has never known love, but that in the end, this is a story about their love for each other.  GJ says he’s right, and Jang asks him if he wants it to work out for JY and EB that badly.  GJ just goes, “huh?” so Jang grabs the book (the musical script) and states that it’s their (EB and JY’s) story.

GJ asks if that’s the case, but Jang goes on to say that they have to use a smaller stage and need to alter the story to focus more on the male lead.  He points out a line in the book and says how great it is.  GJ agrees and says that with Seung Woo’s voice it’ll naturally be a hit, so Jang says he wrote it well (these two are kinda cute together, but I don’t mean romantically!).

KH asks EB if she knew about JY’s contract beforehand, so EB tells her that she just found out.   KH asks if EB then knew about the PD, but EB doesn’t know about that either.  Of course since this is KH, she has more questions!  She now asks about why EB and JY ended their relationship, but EB just says something vague about them maybe meeting again when Cheongdamdong Gumiho goes to stage (too bad you both quit that job!).   KH wants to know if EB is saying that JY was just a composer to her, and EB flashes back to JY’s love confession (along with her skeptical statements on love, and how she said that he was the person who lead her to the musicals that she loves).

Back in the present KH says that it’s fine, and that she understands.  She leaves, and EB sits there all teary-eyed.

GJ is outside JY’s house, pacing, and wondering if JY fell asleep (is that a dog barking in the background?).  SA walks up and calls GJ’s phone.  He says into the phone that he’s busy driving and that he doesn’t recognize her number, and is wondering who she’s trying to call.  He walks right past her, and she asks if he is GJ.  He says yes, and tells the person “on the phone” that he’ll call later (haha, he’s not too bright).  He asks SA when they met before, and she says that she’s the one who just phoned him.  After a slow moment of realization, he asks who she is, so she answers that she was a schoolmate of JY’s, and that now she is the album PD.

They go out for coffee and SA explains that JY is mostly finished, but can’t come up with a title song for the album.  GJ wonders if JY has any time since he’s almost done composing, but SA explains that it’s just the melody that’s done, and that JY still has to do the arrangement, and go to the US for recording, mixing, and producing (which will take years).  GJ says that must be the case, and asks how SA knew who he was.  SA answers that he’s exactly how JY described him, so he asks how she knew his number and she says that with her job she at least has to know that much.

Meanwhile JY is composing and SA continues to say that JY is back where he belongs and trying to get into a rhythm,that was hard for him to find.  GJ says that he just want to apologize to JY, and let him know that they are trying to make the musical happen.  He thinks that if JY knew about it he would be happy, but SA cuts him off and says that JY will happy and then swayed.  She thinks that JY may try to help with the musical again, resulting in a massive lawsuit and scandal that would end JY’s career.   GJ asks if that’s what would happen, so she says that it won’t if he leaves now.  GJ says that he understands what she’s saying, and she thanks him.

How quickly I went from begrudging GJ to feeling sorry for him.  The poor man didn’t stand a chance against SA.

Mr. Yu is singing to his wife (aww!).  RK comes in and asks quietly if he’s eaten. He tells her to talk in a normal voice since Mrs. Yu isn’t sleeping (she’s unconscious) and she tells him that she brought food, but he asks if she can stay for a while since he wants to wash up.  RK sits down next to Mrs. Yu and tells her that she must happy, and that she wanted to live like the two of them, thinking it was possible with Jin.  She confesses that she’s not sure about anything anymore, and asks her what she should do.

EB is at home practicing the same dang Gumiho song.  When she’s finished, she sits and looks pensive.

Meanwhile, JY is demonstrating a transition for the title song to SA, and wondering what she thinks.  SA says that the way his expression looks right now, he knows, even if she doesn’t say anything.  She sits down and plays the Gumiho song, demonstrating how alike the two pieces are.  She says that despite the difference, the theme is almost the same, right?  JY just gets up and tell her to go safely while heading up the stairs.

Once he’s upstairs, JY flashes back to JY sleeping, while EB is at home remembering their moments together too.  They think about when they first me (she joked that if he was JY, then she was going to be KH), when they met at the station, when he kissed her cheek and hands, when he put his hand on her heart and asked about the song, when he hugged her on the sidewalk, when he hugged her in front of his house, when he told her that they should go together until the end (with another hug!), and when EB saw him with SA.

Wowza, that was like 5 episodes worth of flashbacks.  That shared moment of teary-eyed pining made me feel 100% sure that the EB/Jin ship will never set sail.  Seriously Show, I knew this would happen the second I finally chose Jin last week.  It’s ok though, I have a tough heart after watching so many sad dramas this year.

Jin is in his mom’s hospital room, working on his laptop.  His mom opens her eyes and looks over at him.  She asked if he ate before he started work, and he says that he drank coffee (umm…that’s not really breakfast Jin).  Jin realizes that his mom is awake and talking, and looks over at her with surprise.  He says “mom”, and she says his name (I don’t care that I knew this was coming, I’m so happy right now!).  Jin races over and kneels at her bedside.  She says very fondly that it’s been a long time, and he says with tears in his eyes that he didn’t know she was ill.  She says his name again, and he says “mm?”with a completely heartbreaking look on his face.

Jin’s mom says she’s sorry, and he says that it’s OK and hugs her.  They are both quietly crying, and the dad then walks in (he exclaims “Seon Hi,” which is her name).

Jin and his dad are in the doctor’s office, and the doctor is telling them that her condition can’t be clearly understood, but that she’s not improving.  He can’t estimate how long she’ll last, and he thinks it’s best for them to stay by her side and help her with whatever he wants.  He doesn’t think she has a lot of time left.

RK arrives at the hospital with more food, and sees EB and her grandma talking to Jin.  Jin apologizes for making them come such a long way, but the grandma tells him not to say such things, and asks about Mrs. Yu remembering her.  Jin explains that she was eating porridge, and starting talking about the grandma’s kimchi.  The grandma says that she actually brought several things that Mrs. Yu likes, and Jin thanks her and tells them to follow him.  RK turns around and leaves (I feel bad for her, but that had nothing to do with EB!).

Mrs. Yu says that she doesn’t have a lot of time, but she’s relieved that she was able to thank the grandma.  The grandma tells her that she just has to get better quickly, but Jin’s mom shakes her head with a smile and says that she is grateful for the chance to say goodbye, and that to ask for more would be greedy.  Mr. Yu says her name, and she says that this person (her husband) doesn’t have a mother-in-law or mother, which means that Jin doesn’t have any gradmas.  She asks EB’s grandmother if she will do for Jin what she did for her.  The grandma squeezes her hand, and Mrs. Yu thanks her (meanwhile everyone is trying not to cry, especially Jin).

RK is going out with her co-workers, who are talking about how much they’re going to eat and drink tonight.  One of them asks RK if she doesn’t have to go to the hospital, but she answers that’s it’s fine and says “lets go” with a smile.

They take her to GJ’s place, where the “band” is singing that “Music” song that has played as part of the soundtrack since the first episode.  Omo omo, Jang walks out from the back of the group singing, looking all slick in a black shirt, and smiling all flirty-like at RK!  And then he dances!!  I so wasn’t expecting this.  I literally had to pause so I could contain my giddiness and amusement.

To my disbelief, it gets better!  They start singing about RK, and it goes like this:

“RK.  Angel.  Seo Rk.  Angel. All I dreamed of, she is the angel who came tonight.  Tonight my dream will come true.”

Yeah.  Any guess who RK’s friends are rooting for now?  At the end of the Jang holds out a rose and everyone smiles.

Everyone is drinking now, with Jang at the table.  One of the friends comments on how it’s been so long since she’s seen RK smile, and that she should throw everything away.  RK doesn’t know what she means, so she explains that she means all the things making RK’s life hard, adding that RK doesn’t need them, along with the men who make her life hard.  Another one of the girls asks Jang if he knows who his rival is, and says that he’s a rich prince who is an heir and RK’s goalkeeper.  She also asks Jang what he plans to do.  He says with a smile that no matter who that goalkeeper is, he will continue to make shots for his true love.  One of the girls says how cool he is, and another tells RK that the game is over and that she should go live with Jang (who meanwhile can’t keep the smile off his face).

She continues to tell RK to make Jang dramas if he wants dramas, musicals if he wants musicals, and to live with him like she’s princess.  One of the other girls tells her to not make the bribery so obvious (haha, clever Jang bribed them all) and they all drunkenly and loudly talk about the bribe.  One girl comments that egg pancakes and soju aren’t much of a bribe, and she asks Jang to help her with a guy she likes across the room. He agrees, and both he and RK are all smiles.

At a Monte Cristo practice SW is giving a pep talk, and tells them to take care of themselves since there are only a few days until the performance.  They cheer and chant, but EB doesn’t look all that happy.

As she’s getting home, EB remembers B telling her that they have 3 weeks until the Cheongdamdong Gumiho demo, and that she should come over (to GJ’s) since they miss her.

Jin takes his mom outside at the hospital, and snugs her scarf around her neck.  He asks if she’s really going to be ok (I think he means outside) but she says that she’s fine and that she’d like some coffee.  Jin says that he’ll get her a hot americano and some chocolate cake, which puts a big smile on her face.  She says he is a good man, and he leaves (she looks sad when he walks away).

They sit and drink their coffee.  Jin’s mom tells him that he has to be determined to be happy, and that he has to think of ways to make himself happy, and figure out what it is that makes him happy.  She tells him that doing his best isn’t enough, and that his life will be miserable if he just lets it be.  He tells her okay, and she continues that the same goes for marriage.  She doesn’t want him to marry on behalf of someone or something else, but for himself, once he knows that he can’t be with anyone else but one person.

Jin says “Mom,” with tears in his eyes, and she tells him to promise that from this moment on, he will always try to be happy.  He holds out his hand, and they do that pinky-swear thumb-press promise (I can’t believe how sad that scene was).

The mom is starting to cry now, and asks Jin to get her some napkins (she means tissues I think).  Jin leaves, and looks back once through the window while his mother sits and quietly cries.

Jin comes back and sees his mom slumped in her wheelchair.  He already knows the truth, but he stands behind her and tells her that he got her the napkins.  He’s starting to cry, and asks if she wants to go upstairs now that she’s done her coffee.  He staggers over, and cries against the back of her wheelchair.

EB arrives at JY’s house, and somehow JY has managed to escape SA and leave for once, because he happens to walk up. They both start to talk at the same time, so JY tells her to go first.  She says that Do Hwa’s song is great, and he says that he knows with a smile.  EB adds that it will do well in Dae Gu, and that then it will be out in the world again.  She starts to say that one day when the musical is back on the stage, maybe they can…but then her phone rings.  JY tells her to answer, and after picking up she says yes, and that she’ll go right away.  She tells JY that Jin’s mother passed away, and he just tells her to go well and walks to the house (wow…he actually looks pissed…not cool JY!). After she runs off, JY looks at her over his shoulder.

Inside, SA is just coming out of the shower (brazen girl!) and asks what took him so long.  He gives her a look, and she asks if she needs a persimmon to use the shower (I have no idea where that saying comes from; must be a Korean culture thing!).  He says that since she always works overnight it makes sense that she should need somewhere a shower, but she states that it’s not any place, and that it’s his house.

SA suddenly brings up that GJ came over a few days ago, and that he wants to get the musical up and running.  JY asks, “And?” so she tells him that she told GJ not to tell JY and sway him.  JY just looks at her, so she tells him that he can’t go back.  He now asks, “And so?” so she explains that if if someone begged him and he couldn’t help, he would just feel bad, and since he hates feeling bad or doing thing that are stressful,  she did it for him.  JY asks if that’s also part of the contract, so she says that she wanted to be a villain for him because he said he wouldn’t come to her (and she is now going to him).

SA wraps her arms around his waist and says that she is the person who knows him the best, and that he doesn’t have to change.  She doesn’t think people change, especially ones that think only of themselves (she’s referring to JY).  She leans in for a kiss, but JY tells her that he doesn’t think it’s right.

JY leave the house and phones RK.  He asks where the mortuary for Jin’s mom is, but she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  She says that Jin’s mom is in the hospital, and then asks JY who said what?

EB looks at Jin through a window, and then joins him on a bench.  He tells her that he has to try to be happy, and that “she” made him promise.  EB asks if he means his mom, and he goes on to say that if a person doesn’t try his best to be happy he will become miserable, and that a choice must be made to be happy. Jin gives a little humorless laugh, and says that looking at his family, it makes so much sense.

At her office, RK remembers JY saying that EB got a call about Jin’s mom.  RK’s mom phones, and RK asks her how she can act like a daughter-in-law when they’re not even married.  She argues for her mom to just give condolence just the same as anyone else.  Once she’s off the phone she lays her  head down on her arms in distress.

Back at the hospital JY is sitting outside in his car.  RK also arrives and walks in.  JY considers calling EB, but decides against it (he lists her as My Dohwa, my Eunbi on his phone).  He gets out of the car and heads inside too.

EB has just brought out chocolate cake and an americano for Jin (the exact thing he brought his mom).  He puts his hand over hers, and asks her to stay, for just a moment, just for a little bit.

RK sees them with clasped hands through the window, and JY shows up to see them too.  EB sees RK, and looks upset on RK’s behalf.

RK sadly leaves, and JY seems to be putting all the pieces together.

Back at EB’s apartment, B comments at how late EB is, and asks about her grandma.  EB says that she wanted to stay at the hospital, and that she’s just here to get clothes.  JY walks in, much to B’s surprise, who calls him Teacher (he says she doesn’t have to do that).  B invites him to sit and have some tea, but EB says that he just gave her a ride (awkward!).  B cleverly makes an excuse about having a craving for Ddokbokki and rushes out, telling them that they can talk.

EB and JY are sitting now, with EB looking very uncomfortable.  JY smiles, and she asks him why, and he notes that it’s very awkward, even though it doesn’t seem like it’s been so long.  They both start to talk at the same time so EB laughs, and JY comes to sit closer. He tells her to answer without thinking, and that if it’s difficult to answer, she can nod or shake her head.  EB nods her agreement, and Jin asks if she loves Jin.  She doesn’t say anything, so he says to tell him comfortably, and that he thinks he deserves to hear it (she agrees, but doesn’t answer).  He says that if it’s hard, he’ll start with other questions first.  He asks if she missed him, and thought of him without thinking of the musical.

EB nods to both and starts to get weepy.  He says that she seems to have made up her mind about how she feels then, and asks (with a bit of a smile since he now knows the answer) if she love Yu Jin.  EB says it isn’t that, but that she understands Jin and knows how hurt he is.  JY muses that that’s how it is, and asks if she loves him (JY)?  She is crying and doesn’t answer, so he leans in and kisses her.

The End


Well, all you JY shippers must just be tickled pink! Even though I started shipping Jin last week, I do feel happy for everyone that was hoping for this pairing, and I’m not upset since I’ve spent so much time going back and forth on the issue.

That being said, that kiss was far from the highlight of the episode for me.  There was way too much else happening for a little lip touch to steal away the spotlight!

Once again, I really do feel like Jin is the heart of this show.  This episode was a heartbreaker, and the hardest for me was definitely when his mother made him promise to be happy.  Of course it was sad when Jin discovered her shortly after, but that happiness conversation was so much worse because it was obvious that the mom knew that she was going to die, but needed to know that her son would live happily before she was ready to go.

Even though this was probably the saddest episode, it also had one of the happiest moments, which of course was brought to us by the marvelous assistant director Jang.  His whole little performance was so adorkable that I could hardly stand it it, and he seemed to make great progress with RK (although now I can’t help but think, “what about Jin??”).

It seems like EB is getting more and more interested in playing Do Hwa again, and I hope that she makes a choice next episode (although I could do without anymore rehearsals of Do Hwa’s song).  I’m guessing there will be a time conflict where she has to choose between the musicals, although I suppose it would be pretty unprofessional of her to give up Monte Cristo.  So really, I guess I don’t have any idea of what’s actually going to happen 😛

Unfortunately I think this was my last thorough recap for The Musical, since I’ll be out of town without a proper computer for the last 3 episodes.  I’ll try to at least post summaries or highlights so we have a place for discussion, but I’m very very sorry!

My video of the day is a mix by LiveDreamingx3. The shows involved are Heaven’s Postman, CYHMH, You’re Beautiful, City Hunter, and Dream High. What an excellent selection 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much Fanderay for the recap!
    I don’t understand how Jin’s mom got her memory back after the accident. All along I thought she has Alzheimer’s disease. Now she has cancer.
    As for the pair ups.
    RK and Jang, ew! I’m sorry, I don’t think they’re a match.
    RK and Jin. I think they should separate and find some other partners. Jin is obviously not in love with RK. RK is more like a sister to Jin than a gf.
    JY and SA. So glad JY refused SA’s advances. Isn’t she so aggressive or am I just too conservative? Or maybe I just don’t like her. Period. 🙂
    I love the last part because I was looking forward to when will EB and JY eventually find their way back to each other. It was so cute when JY started to smile, getting a little bit excited, anticipating a favorable response from EB. And finally the kiss. It was very nice because EB let JY kiss her this time. A favorable response indeed! An admission of her feelings for JY. Yipee!
    I feel sad for Jin, though because at some point, I did also like him for EB. He already lost his mom and now he can’t have EB.

    I feel so sad you’re no longer going to make thorough recaps of the last three episodes. I’ve been relying so much on you. Can you please change your mind? Anyway, I will still wait for your posts. Have a blessed Christmas and a happy new year!

    • I’m trying not to think about the whole cancer thing too much, or the fact that they kept saying things like “we don’t know how things will develop or how much time she has, but she doesn’t have much time” 😛

      I don’t think RK and Jin could make it work at this point either, although it makes me so sad that Jin will be along. I do like the Jang/RK pairing though!

      And yeah, SA just got super aggressive this episode. It was one thing when she was controlling his life for the sake of the album, but then she just flat out said that she’s doing it for him, and not for the job. That seems so much more inappropriate. I would be OK with her deflecting people like GJ if it was just for the sake of JY sticking to the contract, but she’s doing it for him personally as if she has that right. I admired her wit and spunk in past episodes, but now I feel like she’s gone too far, and I’m not really a fan.

      I agree that JY’s response was super cute! I also liked how EB smiled a tiny bit while he “kissed” her. I do wish it had been a real kiss (like Jin and RK in episode 2) but beggars can’t be choosers 😛

      As far as recaps go, unfortunately changing my mind would involve abandoning my family for the holidays (which would possibly result in my death). If only dramas stopped airing throughout December! I’m already dreading how far I’m going to get behind.

  2. Thank you for this very detailed recap. Really appreciate it.

    This is an EPICsode for me. Obviously, I’m a premium passenger of the SS Hong/Go ship and that last scene was payback time after going through a slump since the 10th episode. 😀

    As what you’ve expressed, it was also a heartbreaking episode. I was getting choked up, again, just by reading your recap on the last moment between Jin and his mom. Of course, this moment would not have happened if not for that noble sacrifice/idiocy made by his parents.

    With 3 episodes left, I wonder if they would still play out the love triangle of the 3 main leads. I would still like to see Jin trying to fight for EB since he would think she is the one for him. This would put more pressure on JY to man up (like he did with KH that last time they talked in episode 10). JY has to show the sincerity of his love for EB and that it goes beyond the musical and to have the guts to show SA the door…out. Of course, in the end, it will be another heartache for Jin but this will be a positive one since it will spur him to go for what he wants/needs and NOT what his grandpa wants as per the last words of him mom.

    That scene of RK going down the escalator seemed to me like her farewell act to Jin although there was that moment when she looked up and I want to believe that she would still give them both another chance if and when Jin would so.

    I will miss your detailed recaps, fanderay, but any tidbits will still be welcomed very much.

    • I’m really curious what’s going to happen with all their relationships now too. Jin sort of seems like the type to nobly step aside for JY, but now that he’s made that promise to his mom I’m not so sure. It’s never even been made clear to us exactly how romantic his feelings are for EB, or whether he knows himself.

      I still think there’s a slight chance of Jin and RK getting back together (their slump seems somewhat natural since they’ve never been with anyone else) but I agree with you that it felt like RK was saying goodbye. It seems like both of them have pretty much moved on from each other, so I think it’s most likely that RK will start fresh with Jang, and Jin will start fresh in all aspects of his life.

      Even though the pacing of this drama has been a bit up and down, I do continue to be impressed with how unpredictable aspects of it are. Juggling so many characters isn’t easy either. I’m starting to get nervous about how it’s all going to turn out!

  3. I hv been a silent reader of your blog. Thank you so much for your recaps. The musical is a show watched by so few dat I could hardly find any recapper for it. Thanks for all your screencaps & detailed recap 🙂
    Enjoy your trip with your family 🙂

  4. Thanks for the recap… I read your recap.. then watched the episode last night… i basically fast forward the first few mins… overall.. i did like the way the drama is going….

    I am EB and Jin shipper… so I am a little bit upset that they won’t be together even though I knew from start the main oTP is JY and EB… the last min of the ep is super sweet.. i can see that JY does has strong feeling for EB and vice versa… and I am happy to see him pushing SA away.. SA is way too pushy in this ep… i like her up until now…

    I would be disappointed to have Jin and RK back together.. RK is better off with Jang.. he is such a cutie around her… Think back to what Jin’s mother said to him that he should try to be happy and told him not to get married because he need to… so I think if he really understand his mother and his heart.. he really should not married RK.. if he did marry RK… there is not doubt that Jin’s heart is not with RK anymore unless he is confused with his feeling to EB.. which i doubt…

    it’s a heartbreak ep.. i felt for Jin… but the little cute dance from Jang and the last minute of ep did cheer me up a little.

  5. Noooooooo!!!!the thot of u not recapping the last episodes,damn its a blow!I for one rely on you for proper recaps,hopefully u’ll work something out and I will still be checking
    I for one am happy for EB and JY.this has been long time coming.its obvious they love each other even tho EB keeps on holding back,well I think circumstances forced her,there was KH,SA, seems like there was never the right time for them.hopefully in the upcoming episode she will be able to come clean abt her feelings
    *crossing my fingers*
    I couldn’t stop crying for Jin.he has had it tough.not really knowing ur mother and to lose her just when you get to know her,I can imagine what he is going through.I still wonder what caused the drift between him and RK,I thot they are engaged or something like that????I would have thot he wud lean onto her in such a crisis but he has been very comfortable around EB.I can’t say for certain if he is in love with her or it was one of those things where he felt they had a lot in common and she understands him better but the picture is somehow wrong. What saddens me is he cud be in love with her (EB)and I know she is not in love with him,but in his current state I feel so bad for him I don’t want him to end up alone and with someone he don’t love,and esp after promising his mother he will be happy.makes me wonder if its EB or RK
    I’m in a fix now….

    • Yep, they WERE engaged at least! I think the problem is that they’ve been dating for ten years (since high school) and gradually grown apart. High school relationships don’t always involve a lot of closeness on an emotional level either (where both people involved share everything with each other) so it’s possibly that Jin feels weird leaning on RK, when it’s something he’s never had to do before. EB also understands Jin’s situation better than RK could (due to her own problems with her parents) so I think it makes it easy for him to talk with her. Now that this rift has grown with RK though, I’m not sure if they can fix it!

      Maybe he’ll end up moving or something, and we’ll see him meeting new people and trying his best to be happy.

      My fingers are crossed for EB to open up more too. Her feelings are at least obvious now, but I’d at least like her to talk about them! I also hope she doesn’t do that kdrama thing where she puts there relationship on hold to focus on musicals for three years or something 😛

  6. And have a safe trip @Fanderay and seasons greetings to u all.
    I wud like to applaud @Fanderay for the job well done.I have been an avid reader of ur recaps and only started commenting but I wud be logging on lawd knows how many times waiting for your recaps every week.
    Thanks for doing this from the depth of ur heart,it took passion and patience.hopefully we get to hear from you three more times before year end ,I know that’s asking for too much,well that’s my xmas wish…
    Thank you once again and all the best for 2012

  7. Thanks for this Fanderay and all of your efforts this year!

    Consider me both tickled and pink by this episode. I’ve been on that JY ship with hyesun4lyf since day one, so with 3 episodes left, all I can say is FINALLY!!

    In spite of the bizarre illness switcheroo with Jin’s mom, I found the scenes with Jin & his dying mother achingly sweet and satisfying in a “rip-your-heart” out – tear wrenching sort of way. I think ultimately Jin will decide to be happy at the end of all of this, with or without a girl.

    I actually am a fan of RK and Jang together, but I’d rather have Jin and RK “re-discover” each other. I remember what an adorable couple I thought they were in the first few episodes, I still remember that kiss!

    Have a wonderful Christmas/New Year and enjoy all of the family time! Dramas can always wait. 😉 (and they will wait…)

    • I’m jealous because I think you’re going to be 100% happy no matter how things turn out now! I agree that it’ll be ok if Jin doesn’t have a girl, as long as he’s happy and has figured out his life. His story has been so heart-wrenching that I feel the most invested in his character, and can’t stand to watch him suffer much more!

      There are lots of dramas that I’m looking forward to in the new year too, so I’m a bit worried about the life I’m going live while I’m trying to catch up on the current dramas and start the new ones. I’ll probably become allergic to sunlight or something 😛

      Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

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