All of my watercolor drawings are approximately 8×5 inches in reality, which means that they are greatly enlarged in computer-form.  I recommend sizing down your browser while clicking through these images so that they auto-scale down to the size of your window while you view them.

To keep this page from getting cluttered I’m not going to include all the different resolutions and versions of my wallpapers.  If you want to see the extra resolutions, click “Wallpapers” under Categories on the sidebar, and find the relevant post.  Any watercolor with a title on it and every digital painting has been made into a wallpaper.   Most of my regular images work decently as wallpapers too, and you can feel free to download anything here for your personal use.  If you want to use a drawing in a public space (such as a website) please give me credit and link to my blog.  I really dislike watermarks and want to avoid them if I can.  Thanks!

43 responses

  1. hy, i love your creativity..btw, can i grab one?! i just love can you hear my heart…wanna take this for my phone wallpaper^^..can i?? big thanks

  2. Hi dear I haven’t been here for a couple of weeks.You have so many paintings now.
    I still love my SKKS dock photo the best.Follwed by Lee Sin and Gyu Woon walking away in Heartstrings.Plus the CYHMH paintings and the cliff are so good.

    You’re enjoying your blog now?

  3. I wanted to say sincerely THANK YOU for encouraging me to post my sketches. ^^ I openend up a blog just for my stuff and it doesn’t matter if there are visitors, I’m just glad about having a blog about it. ^_^ And also THANKS for giving me inspiration for sketching once more. ^^

      • Dear Fan,
        uhm … it’s me again. Please don’t think I’m your crazy fangirl like Myung-wohl the spy … I finally managed to draw my fist sketch of a k-drama and would like to ask if I could be your guestblogger? It’s not that I don’t have any place to go, but this way I won’t feel alone on a blog about k-dramas and also wouldn’t feel to embarrased about my drawings. I always liked the friendship between k-dramas fans on the other blogs and was wondering for a long time if I could guestblog on someone’s blog with my stuff… Hope, you’d reply via my emailadresse. But please don’t feel pressured. If you don’t want to have guest, I understand.


  4. I took your Can You Hear My Heart watercolour painting of the tree scene as my desktop picture. I love your paintings 🙂 Thank you for sharing your talent!!

  5. You are incredibly talented! I love your spin on covering kdramas, it’s really refreshing. Anyway, the Daniel Choi piano scene is totally going as my background!

  6. that playground painting is amazing!!! I really love how you did all the quares and formed the perspective – what discipline! unfortunately I couldn’t find it in a post and like to know from which drama or reference it ist? is it the musical?

    • It’s The Musical, you’re right 🙂 I just put it in the midst of a recap because I didn’t like it enough to give it its own post. I’m glad you like the squares because it drove me crazy drawing them! I think I I was experiencing temporary insanity when I chose that scene.

  7. Wow.. i just found out your blog yesterday through Dramabeans and I feel awe, I wish i have talent like yours, I really wish I can drawing or paint some thing like that, but I don’t have. so I really enjoy yours and I hope it’s ok by you, cause I already use some of your drawings by my desktop background in my computer, right now is “Daniel Choi play Piano”.
    And thank you for your amazing talent that you share with us… 🙂

  8. I love the fact that you do watercoloured pictures. Traditional sketches look so nice and lovely, not to mention the fact that your style is quite similar of old Chinese/Japanese paintings, which suits perfectly with the drama theme. Also, you have some very good scenes picked here, I can even recognize some. I do a little art (yeah, more like drawing and sketches) myself, though I’m quite busy these days, so seeing your work inspires and motivates me to get back to them.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

  9. keep up the amazing work! you inspire me =)
    absolutely amazing! i am an artist myself but i have given up the hobbie in pursuit of studies, tv and I will definitely pick it up again because seeing your work just jolted me awake. now i remember how it felt like to painstakingly finish a piece of work and be able to admire it and be proud of it. thank you for inspiring me and i hope you continue gracing the walls with your beautiful artwork =)


    • I know how you feel! It seems like my real hobby is collecting hobbies since I have a hard time sticking with them for long (it’s too easy to get distracted by other things) and then just the thought of starting back up again is grueling. I hadn’t really drawn anything for about 8 years until I started this kdrama thing, and that was back when I was a teenager. The good thing about having this blog is that it keeps my motivated, particularly when people like you post! Every time I hear that I’ve inspired someone, it gives me a big mental boost and makes drawing more fun. Thanks for commenting!

  10. Hi Fanderay. Thank you for sharing your arts – you are very talented. Viewing these drawings make me want to start picking up Chinese painting again. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  11. I am truly impressed by your artworks. As a pan of K-drama “The Princess’ Man,” I really want to frame your paintings from “The Princess’ Man.” Am I allow to do that? It is definitely for non-commercial purpose: personal collection and a gift to my friend who is another ardent pan of “The Princess’ Man.” Please let me know.

  12. I am in LOVE! Your artwork is sooooooooooo Good! I hope you continue to do this!! You should also try to do some artwork on Big, Bad Guy and The Wind that Blows!

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