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Please use this page to discuss whatever is on your mind or share any videos that you like.  I’m always watching many more dramas than I paint, and I love both talking and hearing about them.

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    • Love it! Going to go track it down so I can add it to my ballad playlist (I usually use it to fall asleep to, especially when the crickets outside are driving me crazy!)

        • I think it should work now 🙂 There’s a setting for it that I never noticed before.

          Technically I should probably pick a picture that goes with the theme of my blog better, but then I would feel like I was betraying my dog. Yesterday I took a picture of him literally begging for attention while I was drawing, and today I took some video of him howling to Shin’s ballad (Kuriwaseo) from YFFM, so maybe I should start including him in my posts :S

          • There is no reason to choose a pic to match your blog theme if you don’t want to- look at thundie’s – he was her pet and that’s where she got her name. Mine is for sentimental reasons – my first post on a blog was at TP for skks so Thundie made me this MJS pic so i told her i would keep it forever. your dog is adorable-what is his name again? I wish i could get a cute puppy like that, but I’m totally allergic. have to wash my hands right after I pet or hold one. Plus, in korea puppies like that cost as much as a Chanel handbag. so every time I walk by a pet store, I take pics of puppies thru windows and baby talk to it till it grows bored of me and falls asleep. I don’t know why but I can’t do that with a real baby-barely even look at them- but I have no problems looking at puppies and turning into mush going ” awww-aren’t you just the cutest thing in the world- yes you are.” You know what the kicker is? Puppies don’t love me- they always squirm and try to get down, but babies and young children love me. They always laugh, smile, and run over to me like I’m Barney or something. go figure 🙂

  1. Wow…that’s the worst allergy ever! Are you allergic to dogs that don’t shed? A lot of people who have allergies are fine around my dog (whose name is Enzo btw).

    I’m kinda like you when it comes to dogs and babies. I’m super awkward with babies and feel silly cooing at them, but as soon as I see a dog I’m right in there with the baby talk, and then there’s inevitably an uncomfortable moment where I realize that I’m acting like a total idiot in public.

    Most dogs luckily seem to like me, except my own supposed “lap dog” who often runs away from me when he senses that I want to hug him. Him and my husband both run away when there’s an embarrassing moment in a drama b/c they know I’m looking for something to hide behind (horror and scary stuff I’m fine with).

    Edit: haha, I just picked up my computer and realized that even though I wrote this about 6 hours ago, I never hit the “post comment” button. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

  2. Dear Fanderay, thanks for your blog roll. I’ll put one soon and your blog will def be on it, just so busy playing with sth else atm. ^_^

  3. I just read your comment over at blue’s and it made me curious cuz you have an artist’s perspective – could you please give me a list of Korean actors you think are best looking in order from the absolute stunning and then go down from there – so like your top ten. And maybe a short reason why cuz I would love to know the reason behind your choices too. 🙂

    • Oooh, hokay…I think I can maybe do that, but I need to clarify what you mean first. Do you want me to list who I think is technically the best looking, or do you want a list of who I’m most attracted to (there is a big difference in my case). For example, I can see that Kang Ji Hwan is good-looking, but I’m not even slightly attracted to him because his eyes always seem cold (and slightly reptilian) to me. I was the only person on the planet rooting for Sang Hee throughout LTM.

      Another example is LMH. I enjoy him and like his acting, but all his features are very large, so he seems a bit like a caricature or a bobble-head to me (lol, you’re probably thinking I’m insane and don’t want to see my list anymore).

      Then there’s someone like Kim Jae Won. I don’t think he’s technically as good-looking as the two actors I just mentioned (he’s got a bit of a weird nose, and he’s too pale) but find him waaay more attractive than them because of his disposition and his smile. Seriously, are there people in existence who can resist that smile?

      Unfortunately it seems like my artistic perspective is completely disconnected from the part of my brain that determines my attraction to korean actors, so you may be disappointed with whatever list I come up with!

      • Wow this is interesting – wasn’t expecting answers like these at all. I think your answers apply to most actors around the world. Like I see flaws in Jeremy Renner’s face like his nose and stuff, but he just exudes an air of self- assurance i find very charming. Same thing for nathan fillion- plus that sense of humor could disarm a buckingham palace guard- i am not kidding. Could you keep going? How about naming a few other Korean actors who are the most technically good looking and then switch over to a list of who you find attractive.

        • a list is gradually compiling in my head, so I’ll do it up properly tomorrow. I’ll feel too bad if I leave someone great out! I think I’ll probably just end up with some big unorganized list of people including the following types:

          -Those that others find extremely attractive, that I don’t find attractive at all
          -Those that I find attractive on an artistic level, that I’m not actually attracted to for some reason
          -Those that aren’t super attractive, that I’m super attracted to anyways
          -Those that are widely considered very attractive, that I find very attractive (see! I’m normal sometimes!).

          Don’t worry, I’ll give detailed explanations for every one of them and all will be clear (I’m sorry if you regret asking a slightly crazy person about all this).

          I don’t know who Jeremy Renner is, but are you by any chance a Firefly fan? That’s the only thing I’ve seen Nathan Fillion in (along with tiny bits and pieces of Castle) but I think he’s fantastic. I feel like he has a strong and reliable face, sort of like Kang in 49 Days.

          Just so you know that my crazy extends to America as well, I will admit that I have a hard time watching Orlando Bloom because he flares his nostrils so much. It extends to girls as well! Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightly are both way too self-aware when it comes to their faces. I can practically see them thinking, “Time to act mad! I better put my lips in an angry pose!”. These sorts of things suddenly make people unattractive to me, and it’s hard to recover from!

  4. Your insights crack me up 🙂 I like how you think – that thing about Orlando and the other two actresses are so funny. You know I always thought Orlando was handsome/cute but now that he has become a father who agreed to give his baby the middle name christopher cuz his wife promised her dying boyfriend that she would name her first born after him makes me love Orlando a bit more. I think that is what I do – I project what I know about the person and it makes them look better in my eyes even tho the rest of the world sees average. Jeremy Renner is one of those guys on the street you wouldnt give a second look to but there is just something about his persona that I find so attractive. He was in hurt locker by the way – he is one of those great supporting role actors that steal the limelight away from the stars and apologizes for it afterwards in a humble “aw-shucks I didnt mean to” kind of way. Yes I am a Joss Whedon fan so firefly and serenity were my drugs of choice for years – still can’t believe it was canceled. Nathan was one of those real life ppl you knew would be down to earth and I adore his sense of humor and that grin.

    I love that list you are compiling – it is so thorough. Hope it won’t be too much trouble for you, but I can’t wait to read it. I wish I had a list like that, but mine is pretty much your average “his face makes me forget my own name” to “only large quantities of alcohol consumption could improve that face and even then I would need blurred vision to even consider him handsome” – errr that last one was harsh but I actually had lots of Korean actors in mind when I thought of it. I don’t want to say who in case I get pelted with hate mails from their fans. In my defense, Koreans are known for their loyalty and that is one trait I did retain from birth. I like my select handful of Korean actors that I bothered to learn their names and even tho there aren’t many on the list, they will remain unless they do something disgraceful and off that list they go.

    • Because I’m shallow, I like you more now that I know you’re a Firefly fan. Most people haven’t even heard of it! All the characters in that show are fantastic.

      For the record, I loved Orlando Bloom in LotR (the nostril flaring seemed stoic then). He’s really good looking, and I really want to like him on-screen, but the nostril flaring became way too distracting once I noticed it (such a shame). There are definitely actors I like a lot more because of their nice family lives and personalities though, like Matt Damon. That being said, I also like actors who are jerks in real life (like Christian Bale). I don’t have to like him in real life for him to be good at his job! Keira Knightley I can’t stand as an actress, but I actually appreciate as a person (she’s super flat chested, but absolutely refuses to get surgery).

      Anyways, my list is made! In case you haven’t noticed from my drama obsession, I have a bit of an addictive personality, so I may have gotten carried away. I’m having a sick day today, so it was the perfect thing to do while curled up in a blanket.

      • I felt the same way when you mentioned firefly or even knew who Nathan was cuz most ppl don’t – if you ever heard podcasts of the cast at comic con, you know why Nathan is my fav – he opens his mouth and everyone is holding their sides laughing cuz he is that funny – I should track that down for you. Also I had the same exact thoughts about Keira and admired her for sticking to her guns and refusing to bow and have surgery.
        That list is something else – what astounds me more is that it’s impressive that you know so much when it hasn’t been that long since you watched kdramas. I started watching on a regular basis since coffee prince – before that one it was maybe one or two a year- after that it was more like 4 a year and now it’s 4 all at once. the fact that you can keep their names straight AND the names of their dramas just makes me think again about my missing gene. Plus how in the world are you able to pull off this twilight zone thing and have that list not show up on your main page like this? it’s sort of like you were able to tuck this post away somewhere- it’s soooo cool. Can I reply on the list since that’s where all the pics are? Also you should do stuff like this – have other posts that are drama related on days you don’t have new artwork to post. there is no hard and fast rule is there that you have to only post art. rebel soul was supposed to have stuff about YAI mostly and we know how that didnt pan out. Totally love how your mind works. Some of your reasons made me realize stuff I didn’t
        notice before.
        Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for compiling this list – going to reply on it now. 🙂

        • I made the super secret k-actor list by making a page instead of a post. I didn’t want to make it too public since I don’t want Kang Ji Hwan’s rabid fans to murder me.

          Also, I definitely had to look up some names! I think I only know a little over half of their names perfectly, and that’s just because I’ve googled them so I can kdrama-stalk them. I always get Kim Hyun Joong mixed up with Kim Hyung joong, and finally had to use a mnemonic (he’s not a hyung, he’s an oppa!). Korean names drive me crazy in general. Freaking everyone has the same last name, and everything is one syllable so there’s no rhythm to help me remember. Lee Jin Wook should win a prize just because “Wook” doesn’t end with “ng”, “n” or a vowel sound.

          I honestly think I know MORE as a result of my condensed kdrama education (it’s like cramming before a test). Imagine discovering kdramas for the first time when there are scores of fantastic completed shows at your fingertips, and you don’t have work or any other responsibilities. I think the longest it took me to watch a whole drama was 2.5 days o_O.

          Oh and PS Let me know if you find that podcast! It sounds great. I want to try to get to Comic Con one of these days, now that we’re closer. Last halloween we spotted a bunch of people dressed as the Firefly crew, and the guy dressed as Nathan totally nailed it (my husband and I watched him from the car and acted like total nerds dissecting his costume).

  5. Found the podcast : firefly talk firefly podcast
    Firefly talk #28 April 29, 2006
    fast forward to 30:00 min mark where Nathan,Adam, and jewels talk about practical jokes, mal being naked, how Nathan impersonates a movie announcer

    I’m with you- wish Koreans had easier names. I dont use it normally, but at least my Korean name is not common and neither is my sister ‘s – we both have original names that no one else has and get compliments all the time. Her name means external beauty and mine means internal beauty which sort of sucks for me cuz all my life I had a complex that my sister is prettier. truth be told she is but I think it was crappy of my parents to do that to their second child but it’s ok – I’m starting to get over it. There is nothing we can do about our surnames – the whole country is full of last names like park, lee, kim, etc. It’s just the way it is.

    Have you seen a Japanese drama called ” flowershop that doesn’t sell roses”? If you haven’t – drop everything and marathon that sucker. It’s only 11 eps and it’s like CYHMH kinda good. Only one guy is good-looking and he barely comes out but when he does, omg. You will thank me for sure.

    • Hmm…was there supposed to be a link to the podcast there? I’m being taunted!

      Personally I would rather have the name meaning internal beauty. If anything the two names make it sound like your sister is shallow or something. Really though, both meanings are really nice on their own, and any extra implications are only an unfortunate result of the names being compared to each other.

      I have NOT seen that jdrama, but I’ve found it, so I will probably marathon it this weekend (it’s going to be so nice to marathon something again!). I haven’t watched a Jdrama in a long time, so I think it’ll be a nice change. Yay for obscure drama recommendations! Personally I think you should watch Someday (especially since you like Lee Jin Wook so much). All of the characters are unique and quirky, and the story is really sweet and touching. LJW is also way more likable in Someday than in Spy Myeong Wol. He does cute things like ask the lead female if he can speak in banmal just so he can argue with her better about how love works (this is when they barely know each other). There’s no denying that it’s a bit of weird drama, but it’s an interesting and relaxing change from the norm.

      I’m looking through video so I can draw SKKS today, and YAI is KILLING ME. How can she not pick him!! 5 minutes of watching and I’m a combination of furious and heartbroken.

      • You should know me by now, if I knew how to link a podcast – would I be begging ppl to make headers and stuff for me. 🙂 Seriously – my friends are calling it a miracle cuz I figured out how to insert pics and headers. Actually thundie helped so maybe she is the miracle cuz her explanations were easy enough for ppl like me. I swear tech stuff gives me a headache. All you need to do is go to iTunes – podcast- type in the search box – firefly talk and voila it lists all of them with numbers and dates. Just listen if you don’t want to download. That is the long way – shorter one would be to google firefly talk podcast and a link should pop up. I think. I hope
        Wait I think lee Jin wook is good-looking but I am not his fan or anything. I won’t even watch the spy drama for him and just read the recaps once in a while.
        You are going to love it – everyone loves that one. So lucky you get to watch it for the first time. I saw it all in one night without sleeping – felt like a zombie the next day but it was worth it. Don’t forget to share how much you loved it 🙂

        • Haha, you’re hilarious. Don’t worry! I will find the podcast 🙂

          Also, you haven’t seen LJW in anything right? Maybe you ARE his fan, and you just don’t know it yet! I’m not recommending Someday because of him though. It’s just a really good drama, but since it aired on cable most people don’t know about it. I think pretty much everyone that watches it likes it.

    • It got taken down for copyright infringement 😦 It’s a bit annoying since I just posted it so that fans of the show could enjoy a song that isn’t on the OST, but I don’t want to get banned so I’m not reposting it.

  6. Thanks Softy for recommending Smile, You ~ I never did like to go into dramas that has more than 30 episodes but when i read that this drama was in your top 10 list, i decided to have a go ~ now i am stuck ~ it was like i could not get enough of the episodes and had to forego my vacation plans and did a marathon ~ tiring but really really satisfied! Now i know that Fanderay is also watching this, it made me *smile* when she also ended up with *FANTASTIC* 😀

    • Finally, I can sleep again! I just finished marathoning that sucker, and although I don’t regret it I’m happy to have a life again! I think I may have a new favorite OTP, although I’m not completely decided yet (I’m sure that as soon as I watch a scene from CYHMH I’ll change my mind again). Now I feel like I need to give more of the long dramas a chance, but that’s probably a bad idea since the marathoning may kill me. Surely none of them are as good as SY anyways.

      Glad you watched it too feima. Did you finish?

      • Yup! I finished it but will need a break of doing another round of marathoning (until someone else recommends another drama :D) Hahaha now the SY OST especially face-to-face is driving my friends crazy since i have been playing it non-stop.

  7. hello there!

    glad to see you around, and thanks for commenting at my blog 😀 it’s a great honor tbh

    I’m enjoying your TM recaps, but I’ve to put it away because I feel the need to finish the older dramas first. Feels like the older ones are always glaring at me, forcing me to open their folders and watch them till the end. hehe

    oh, Heartstrings is so good! Finally I’ve started to watch it, and sometimes I could recall the scenes in the drama that you’ve painted ^^ I understand why you had the urge to draw some scenes, they are immensely beautiful!

    that’s quite long ^^; also, glad you’re watching Me Too, Flower! too~

    • I’m almost envious that you have old dramas to watch! There’s nothing quite like marathoning a whole drama from beginning to end, but it only works with the really good ones.

      I love your blog btw; it’s pretty much the best source of SJK images ever!

      • thanks ^^ I don’t think it’s easy to escape joong ki’s charm and once you’re caught into it, it’s so hard to escape! at least that’s what happened to me. I usually change my bias after few months, but he’s one of the longest for now ^^; but his recent photo shoot for gq is just weird. maybe I’ll get over it and put it in the gallery.

        and I can’t wait for penny pinching romance~

        oh, read your reply down there and you’re doing a TWDR painting? wow that is sure amazing! looking forward to it 😉

        • I can’t wait for that movie either! I hope he signs on to another drama soon though. Something with a lot of character growth and emotional diversity would be nice. He needs to show off his acting skills!

          I agree that the GQ shoot is weird. I’m not sure they were thinking :S

  8. Yay, am happy to see that you’re watching TwDR as well as Me Too, Flower!!! I’m a bit behind with regard to the Musical thanks to these two awesome dramas…

    • I’m doing a TwDR drawing as we speak 🙂

      I wasn’t going to watch Me Too Flower because I was too disappointed about Kim Jae Won getting replaced, but I somehow ended up turning on an episode and I think it’s the most addictive of all the shows that are airing right now. Did you watch Episode 6 yet?

        • Ooops for some reasons it wasn’t shown correctly… (glad that I copies my message before submitting…)

          Omo omo!!! TwDR drawing!!! *heart* Can’t wait to see it~
          I love this show soooo much. It’s actually my first sageuk and I’m glad that I’ve chosen it. Han Suk Kyu’s acting is AMAZING. Cinematography is just so pleasant to the eyes and the plot? I can’t never guess what’s gonna happen next but I never find it forced and absurd. Well mix of suspense and emotional scenes. Love the background music too (am glad they didn’t attempt to play another songs with lyrics again – it just doesn’t go well with this drama).

          I watched Ep 6 of Me Too, Flower already and that’s why I understood your comments about the eatery scene hehe I was watching it live and I wanted to press pause and replay that scene, then found out that I couldn’t XDD
          The writer of Samsoon really didn’t let me down – the characters are nicely written and I simply love all the interactions between Bong Sun and Jae Hee; the only complaint I may have is about the editing, and perhaps the background music arrangement… nonetheless I enjoy the show very much!! I have to admit that from time to time I would imagine how it would have been if Kim Jae Won didn’t get replaced though…(I think Yoon Shi Yoon did a great job and I think he and Lee Jia can be a cute couple on screen… just that I can’t quite get over the KJW effect >.<)

          • I can’t get over KJW either. Especially because YSY has a lot of the same mannerisms, which makes me inadvertently think of KJW all the time. YSY is doing a surprisingly good job though, especially since I’m sure he knows that everyone is constantly comparing him to KJW.

            The characters and the writing are definitely the strengths. I think the editing, etc, had to be a bit rushed since they started shooting late. I looked up the personality analysis that Bong Sun was giving (ISFW or whatever) and it described her perfectly. It always makes me happy when a drama does its research!

            btw, I agreed with everything you said about TwDR 🙂

  9. Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
    I need to leave a message after seeing that you “accidentally” watched Color of Woman because… I did the same too!!!!!!! And i was like “shxt… here’s another one that I just have to watch…arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh”

    • CoW has some weird editing and the characters are nothing new, but I am hooked anyways. I think the dynamic between all four characters is what makes it great, sort of like Protect the Boss. I don’t know what guy I’m rooting for though! They both have a sweet history with the main girl, and they’re both secretly pining away for her. Every time I watch one of them interact with her I think, “ooh, I want him to win!” but then by the next scene I’ve changed my mind again. I love the friendship that’s developing between the two girls too.

      • Agree with everything you said – editing is absolutely weird…i found myself saying “what the?!!” several times already BUT just as you said, the meat of this drama is all about the interactions among the 4 leads and I’m loving them already. I don’t really care about what’s happening with the plot on the company at all – I just know that I enjoy every minute when any 2 of the leads appear on screen together, heh. Perhaps at the end I’ll ship the two girls LOL

  10. Its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool being able to chat with fellow korean drama-holics!
    I guess it is like a hobby or interest once you start on it, and once you start, it is hard to stop.
    Below are some of the things I really wanted to share:
    1. One really good site to start catching up with all the juicy new k-drama’s you have missed is Simply click on the Drama List Icon on the top of the screen and select the drama you want to watch. Never Miss Another K-Drama Again!

    Tip: Once you have selected the clip you want to catch, let it run for a second or two, then hit the pause( II ) button, and wait for the video to finish buffering. You can select on the next few parts in the episode to run simultaneously. This way there won’t be a time when you are caught on tenterhooks because the video paused while buffering.

    2. I agree with the author of “Kolorful Palette” that you should definately catch the drama’s on the top of her list especially ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’. I also recommend for a fantastic storyline ‘Princess Proscecutor’ and ‘Beethoven Virus’. If you find those boring then do please forgive me.

    That’s All I Have For You Today Folks,
    Have a nice day!

  11. I’ll continue my thoughts about Color of Woman here if you don’t mind heh

    Ep 3 and Ep 4 were a bit slow to me, although the major arc seemed to be the clearing off of misunderstanding between Sora and Junsu… (but not dramatic enough) love the interaction between Jin Ju and Cheo Jin (?? not sure how to spell it). Some super weird editing – they should replace that guy seriously.

    Watched Ep 5 last night and editing was much better IMO. And by the end of it I just know I’m gonna go second-lead shipping this time (see I changed ship already)… Cheo Jin and Sora are just too cute together. Aigoo… Ottoke? Now I just really wanna see them together….even for just one episode LOL somehow I think this pair has better on-screen chemistry than Sora-Junsu pair. What do you think?

    I do like that in Ep 5 they’re finally getting Jin Ju to reflect on her all-time philosophy to win things (mainly men LOL, and to a much smaller extent, merits at work?) by her appearance when people start to value Sora’s wisdom. I hope they can develop this arc more so that the drama won’t be built upon a single plot.

    • I’m so behind on all my dramas it’s ridiculous! Are you still watching CoW? The last I watched was episode 4 with no subs, but I’m definitely going to watch more when I get a chance. How have the latest episodes been? It’s hard to decide which dramas I need to catch up on first after the holidays :S

      • I can feel that you’ve been crazily busy these days haha
        At least I can see your footprints at Cadence and know that you’ve been well and enjoying loads of fun with OB 😉
        I’ve watched CoW up to episode 8 and I’m not sure if I like where the story is heading… I feel funny at times watching CoW, not sure what to make of with its pace and some super weird editing. I find myself watching CoW for Cheo Jin now =_=
        There were some interesting instances e.g. Jin Ju herself slowly being affected by Sora but this drama is not spending enough time on this but instead focused more on the company politics part, which is the part where I have least interest.
        But anyway I’ll be watching MoonSun with you guys and yay it means I finally can discuss this with you all at Cadence!! I also hope History of Salaryman will be good coz it seems to be very wacky but potentially lots of fun to watch too!

        • I think I’m only on E3 of CoW and am not sure where to place it on my “catching up” list. Can you give me an update? How are the latest episodes? I’m not too crazy about the company politics coming to the forefront. How is the romance? Has it become more childish at all? Most rom-coms seem targeted at teenagers, but CoW seemed targeted at adults, and I was wondering if it would stay that way (I love the teeny-bopper ones too, but it’s refreshing to have something different).

          Moon/Sun tomorrow! I think I’m going to draw one of those scenes with the OTP in that courtyard with the red umbrella and the wall.

          • I watched up to Ep 8 of CoW and haven’t started Ep 9 because 1) am afraid of the writer putting in the notorious birth secret element to the plot and 2) i accidentally got myself started on Queen Seon-deok (yes, a 62-episode drama and i’m currently on Ep 31 after just a week and a half’s time….ha. I think I’m getting too segeuk-ish these days) so I didn’t have much time left haha

            Re rom-com part of CoW – I think I’m shipping Cheo Jin with both Sora and Jinju… coz to me he has more chemistry with both of them (sorry Jae Hee / Junsu!) Jae Hee and Sora are acting like they are experiencing puppy first love (despite being in their 30s, cough), which is kinda cute but weird at the same time. And I don’t really get why they want to date secretly — well, I sorta understand but if the writer devotes more energy in talking about each characters’ emotional dilemma instead of throwing some makjang angsty moments the story would be so much more coherent. Aigoo it frustrates me when I think of what this drama could have been…

  12. Hello Fanderay!
    I have been following this blog for a while now and I really like your approach on dramas because I like to draw and to use watercolour too, although I tend to make more abstract things (lately I have been making more portraits though, thanks to the inspiration your blog gives me). Your drawings are really great, you are very talented!
    I’m glad I found your blog, because your approach is refreshing and the people around me (or in my country generally, I think) don’t watch kdramas, so it’s always nice to find another place to read about them 🙂

    I saw that you are watching Padam Padam, what do you think about it?

    • I love abstract stuff! For some reason I prefer to draw things that are at least semi-realistic (probably because I lack creativity :P) but if I had the money, I would outfit my house with lots of big abstract paintings with tons of texture and thick paint (impasto and the like).

      I’m on episode 8 of Padam Padam, and so far I really like it! I’m just heading to bed, but I had to watch the start of episode 8 to see the rest of the lake scene 😛 It seems like all the characters just keep getting better and better, and the acting is fantastic. I should get caught up tomorrow I think 🙂

  13. I guess I make abstract stuff mostly because I’m a big perfectionist so I never get it to look like the real thing, which frustrates me immensely. But I also enjoy working with just colours en shapes.

    Aah the lake scene! That one was gorgeously shot and it made me wanting to go to a lake! ( and eat the food that they were eating, even though I have no idea how it tastes.)
    I agree with you that the characters keep getting better, Kang Chil has really grown on me. At first I thought that this drama was just so weird (and it still is), but it’s also very refreshing to see a drama that is not following the standard storyline. And it doesn’t hurt that Kim Bum is adorable in his role as a guardian angel!

  14. Your blog is one of my favorites! I hope you don’t mind that I always use your artwork as my desktop wallpaper! It makes me so happy every time I see it~ ^^ I’m currently crazy about the drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band! Will you be doing drawings from this drama sometime?

    • Yes, and “gem” is the perfect word to describe it! That drama was nothing like what I expected. It was filmed gorgeously, the romance was sweet, the mystery was intriguing, and the pacing was perfect. I just expected a boring family drama and it was one of the best dramas I’ve seen in a long time. It’s too bad they didn’t give it a more interesting title or promote it better because way too many people never gave it a chance (it was pretty much a fluke that I tried it myself).

      • Hi Fanderay – after reading your comments – i *marathon* this drama and really love it ~ i love their interpretation of the many *kimchi dishes* and how true they are ~ the songs are also beautiful ~ hope you are able to draw some pictures ~ especially the scenes at the tree and bamboo forest 😀

  15. Happened to visit your site by chance. I love your work. There’s a new Kim jae won drama that looks like it will be as amazing as can you hear my heart and bridal mask is perfect. Oh and arang and the magistrate has beautiful cinematography!

  16. Hi, my name is Vivian and I am a student from South Australia. As part of my Research Project, I am researching the Korean Wave.
    I am sending these questions to prominent Korean pop culture bloggers around the world and I would really appreciate it if you could answer my questions.
    1. Is Korean pop culture prominent where you live? (please provide name of country)
    2. Why do you like Korean pop culture?
    3. How have you changed as a result of liking Korean pop culture? (e.g. foods you eat, values)
    4. What do you think the industry is teaching? (e.g. values, etc.)
    5. What makes it so appealing?
    6. What significance does it hold for you?
    If you wish to remain anonymous please request so, if not then I will be providing a link to your blog in my research.
    Thank you so much.

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