The Musical – Episode 13 Recap

This episode is a bit of a heartbreaker, so consider yourself warned (and blame Park Ki Woong!). There’s lots of Jae Yi, Eun Bi and AD Jang goodness too, so this episode really has something for everyone.

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The Musical – Episode 12 Recap

Do you know that song, “It’s All About Us”?  Sing that, but replace “us” with “Jin” (that’s literally what I did while inserting screenshots). This was my favorite episode in a while because it changed things up from fairly frivolous angst to something much more serious and meaningful.  I think we’ve all been waiting for this episode for a long time (we knew it was coming) and it didn’t disappoint me.

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The Musical – Episode 11 Recap

Often when I’m watching dramas that involve seven-way love “triangles” I think to myself that seven just isn’t enough.  Thankfully the writers for The Musical were sagely enough to realize their woeful error and chose to add an 8th person to the mix.  I’m not sure what we would’ve done otherwise.

In all seriousness though, I’m a huge fan of the new character and her scenes were some of my favorite this episode.  Eight is an even number which means that everyone could end up happy, but I’m not getting my hopes up, lest they be dashed. Continue reading

The Musical – Episode 7 Recap

Oh revelers, you know naught what is coming your way! It’s been one non-stop party at Gu Jak’s since the musical got started, and I can hardly wait to watch the changes to come.  I find the details of this show incredibly hard to predict, but that’s half the fun!  I really liked Episode 7, particularly because of all the Jinny goodness.  I love me some internal conflict!

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The Musical – Episode 6 Recap

I chose this as the introductory screenshot because it’s the closest I could get to representing all seven characters entrenched in the musical love “triangle”.  Besides the four in the car, JY and KH are both calling EB throughout drive, so only the Director is left out (but he’s probably sadly drinking three coffees alone).  It’s amazing that this drama has established so many relationships in only six episodes, and it works! Continue reading

The Musical – Episode 5 Recap

I love this shot of Jin and Jae Yi facing off with Eun Bi between them; it feels like a symbol of what’s to come, and I can’t wait to see one of them loose their cool.  The tension between all of the characters is continuing to grow, and Kang Hee is most certainly following the mantra of keeping her friends close and her enemies closer (it made my skin crawl).  My anticipation and excitement is growing with every episode; isn’t it torture that we have to wait another whole week? Continue reading

The Musical – Episode 4 Recap

More cuteness! More auditioning! More unveiling of the past! This episode had everything I was hoping for, and I think that next week will be even better.  The complexity of each character continues to grow, and I love that I don’t know what’s headed our way.   Continue reading

The Musical – Episode 3 Recap

The episode 3 recap is finally here! The plot momentum is picking up, and mysteries of the past are starting to unravel while the characters all head into new and exciting futures.  It kills me that we only get one episode per week!

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The Musical – Ep 1 and 2 Recap

I feel like this show is filling the void left behind by Heartstrings, and not because the story is focused around music.  Its strength is its simplicity and its commitment to characters that feel real, and I predict that it will surprise us by defying many cliches and leaving its own unique mark on the k-drama landscape.

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