Heaven’s Postman Quick Sketches and a MoonSun comic

It’s sort of ironic that I decided to do some “quick” sketches a couple months ago since I was short on time, and didn’t end up finishing them until now. They technically took very little time, but I never seemed to get around to painting them, even though it only took a matter of minutes.  Normally when I do my little watercolors I always finish two in a day, and I’ve just learned the hard way that I should never start something and save the rest for later. It’s practically a miracle for me to pick something back up, and then when I do all my motivation is gone, so it feels like work.

Last night while I was laying in bed thinking about the Moon That Embraces the Sun, an image of a fat little moon and sun futilely trying to embrace  one other popped into my head. Their arms are too short for their rotund bodies! Of course a crescent moon can hug a sun perfectly well (assuming you don’t get too logical and start thinking about the fact that a crescent moon is just a full moon with a shadow over it). Anyways, I obviously only spent a few minutes on, but I couldn’t help but sketch it up.

Heaven’s Postman is far from my favorite movie, but it’s so dang pretty that I would’ve happily watched the whole thing on mute.  I absolutely loved the directing, the colors, and all the off-kilter camerawork.

I’m really not big on shows that deal with the afterlife, but I found this one fairly enjoyable, especially in the beginning when I didn’t know if Jae Joon (Jaejoong) was inhuman or crazy (I wish it had been a mystery longer).

I also enjoyed the morality struggle both characters went through, regarding their treatment of the people who left letters in the mailbox.

I watched this movie so long ago that I honestly don’t remember a lot of detail (blame my memory, not the show) but I will comment on one of the most common complaints, which is that the romance is unrealistic. Jae Joon kisses Ha Na (Han Hyo Joo) and offers her his heart very early on, but I think that scene is frequently misinterpreted. When they kissed, I think it was because he was attracted to her in that moment, and I think they were both mutually acknowledging their loneliness. I didn’t feel like they were professing their undying love or making any grande gestures, but instead were admitting that neither of them had experienced love properly before (either romantic or otherwise) and wanted to make a fresh start. For me, that whole scene was more sad than anything.

When Ha Na found out the truth about Jae Joon, I don’t think she was mad because she loved him (although she certainly had some feelings for him). I think she was upset because for the first time she had someone who cared for her, but just as she started to cope with life and find happiness, she found out that the one person who cared wasn’t even “real”. Their relationship makes  a lot more sense when you realize that they’re not supposed to be madly in love, but that on top of their developing romance, they’re also just two lost souls trying to help each other find their way.

I loved the first half of Heaven’s Postman, but I must confess that I wasn’t crazy for the ending. I didn’t mind how the movie ended, but instead how that ending was executed. It’s difficult to do a movie that involves the afterlife without becoming disrespectful or hammy, and I thought that most of Heaven’s Postman struck just the right tone and could’ve been enjoyed by almost anyone. Some of the scenes toward the end were rather tactless, and felt like they didn’t fit with the rest of the movie.  They were unneeded, and left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

I also didn’t think that the epilogue was needed, and felt that the movie should have ended with their reunion hug. I felt like Heaven’s Postman was a movie about new beginnings, and didn’t actually care what happened next to the characters, even though I cared about them (if that makes sense). The scenes of their future lives together just felt like fan-service that didn’t work thematically, and I think I would’ve walked away from the movie with a much greater sense of contentment if I hadn’t watched them.

All that being said, it’s still a good movie, and it’s certainly worth watching for the visuals alone.

I actually have a digital painting planned of Ha Na by the mailbox, and I did the pencil drawing months ago, but I probably won’t scan it and do the rest for a while since I have too many other drawings on my to-do list.

And speaking of my to-do list, here are the things at the top of it (subject to change!)…

  • A watercolor of The Moon That Embraced the Sun (probably Hwon with the umbrella in episode 1).
  • A Goong watercolor, but I still don’t know which scene from what episode and need to download more.
  • A digital painting of Tree With Deep Roots (Episode 19 when the two leads are talking to each other in the torchlight next to a jail cell).

Since I’m helping Softy with Moon/Sun and OB recaps over at Cadence, I’ll probably be doing about one drawing a week for now. I’m also going to start dropping in to a figure drawing session, hopefully beginning next week 🙂

I’m not really sure what to do about TheMu. I wasn’t able to recap it while I was out of town (against my best wishes) and I’m not sure if I should bother now, particularly because I wasn’t thrilled with the last couple episodes. I don’t want to be negative and ruin anyone’s enjoyment!

Anyways, thanks to everyone for their patience while I was being a delinquent traveller. The videos of the day are a Heaven’s Postman one by BluexBird1234, and a multi-drama MV by LonesomeMultiAngel. The included dramas are (deep breath): City Hunter, Boys Over Flowers, Mary Stayed Out All Night, 49 Days, Run Mackerel Run, Man of Honor, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho Dream High, Myung Wol The Spy, Playful Kiss, My Girl, Personal Taste, Cinderella Sister, Lie To Me, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Heartstrings, You’re Beautiful, Secret Garden, The Return of Iljimae, and Scent of A Woman.

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  1. you’re back! hehe..those paintings makes me miss all the serenity in heaven’s postman. must not go and watch it again..too much dramas on my plate right now!

    and that MoonSun comic is so cute! lol both the sun and the moon are so fluffy like cotton balls 🙂 so, only crescent moon can embrace the sun? that’s pretty good idea 😀

    glad you’re back and looking forward to your paintings and posts! 😉

  2. Yay! I’m finally delurking. I always meant to comment on your Musical recaps but something always came in the way.
    I love your drawings! The 2nd one is gorgeous and the comic is adorable. I was so excited when I discovered your blog from softy. It is so cool to see a new twist on kdramas and a new way to look at them.
    About the musical, maybe you could do a short summary or just your opinion on the last 3 episodes. I watched them and since I’ve been enjoying reading your recaps, I’d love to know what you thought. And I agree they were kind of a letdown.
    Glad you’re back and hopefully I’ll be commenting more 🙂

    • Thanks for delurking (please comment more) and thanks for the advice! I think I will do some sort of summary like you suggested. I just wish I didn’t love What’s Up so much right now…it’s making me bitter and reminding me of all the things The Musical should have done!

  3. Nice to see a new drawing! I absolutely adored the cinematography of Heaven’s Postman (and Jae Joong, of course!)

    I really agree with you that the two leads shouldn’t be seen as passionate lovers, but as two people who are hurt and need someone who cares about them. Seen from this point of view their reactions make a lot more sense.

    Also, how do you get the people in your drawings looking like the real people? I mean, even if the title of this post wasn’t Heaven’s Postman, I could immediately tell it was Jae Joong in the pictures!

    • I wish I had one secret that made everything work, but usually I end up doing a decent amount of erasing! I find the most important thing is to pick out the key features that are really unique to a person. On Jaejoong for example, his most distinctive feature is the shape of his lip under his nose. If I get that perfect, I can make some other mistakes and it will look like him, but if I get it wrong, no matter how perfect everything else is, he still won’t look right.

      I use all the standard “artist” tricks too, like drawing negative space and relating objects to each other (eg. Jaejoong’s eyebrow to the bottom of his nose is about the same distance as the bottom of his nose to his chin).

      Hopefully that helped, but maybe it was just confusing 😛

      • You don’t need to be so technical about it -it’s called pure talent. 🙂 That’s how you get your subjects to look like the real people. I still recall the first time I saw your drawings and thinking “jackpot or eureka” one of those terms for hitting kdrama gold. I knew your work would be an original take on Kdramas and look how right I was. You were added to DB’s blogroll in a second. But I was still first to add you to mine I think. 🙂 I am so glad you decided to add recaps on top of displaying your artwork so we get more – visual gems plus your words. Even tho I already said it before: Welcome back 🙂

        P.S. Totally forgot to say great new drawings. 🙂 Never saw or heard of heaven’s postman – what kind of letters did people leave in the mailbox? At first I thought it might be like city of angels Korean redux version or maybe il mare or that keanu and Sandra bullock remake version.

        • Yep, you were my first blogroller/reader/fan/motivator/supporter/commentor! It was sort of mean of you not to save anything for anyone else!

          Heaven’s Postman is a movie that came out in 2009, and people put letters to the deceased in the mailbox. Han Hyo Joo’s boyfriend died so she goes to send him a mean letter (most people send loving ones) and meets Jaejoong, who is the guy who opens the mailbox and receives the letters. After he reads them he tries to find ways to help the people with their grief, but it’s a bit of a moral grey area because that often involves lying or faking “signs” from the people who died.

          I didn’t watch it until late 2011 because I’m wary about such plots, but the screenshots looked so pretty that I finally caved 🙂

    • Ooh, that’ll be perfect! The child actors are absolutely fantastic, but you’ll be able to jump right into the adult stuff without having to stop and decide if you can stand to see the kids go. It sounds like you might even get to see a kiss by the end of E6 🙂 I expect that once you’re caught up you’ll be over at Cadence nerding out with the rest of us?

    • Thank you ^^

      It’s both wonderful and dreadful to be back. It’s great to be doing all the stuff that I love to do again, but I definitely don’t like having a to-do list that is too long for me to remember! Getting caught up on my dramas is way harder than I expected too. All my momentum is gone, and for some reason I’m almost fearful to pick up dramas I haven’t watched in a month. It doesn’t make any sense and I don’t understand why I feel that way at all!

      In fact, instead of catching up, I was really bad and started watching HIstory of a Salaryman instead (it’s really good btw).

      At least I’m doing one good thing, and am scrubbing through MoonSun right now to figure out exactly what I want to draw. And then I’m going to draw it tomorrow (I’m purposely posting this here so I’m held accountable, because I know that I’m terribly terribly weak).

      btw, did you ever finish The Musical? I still have to do up a summary for the last couple episodes :S

      • Awww you’re watching History of Salaryman? It’s one drama that I’ve wanted to pick up but haven’t had the time to do so yet =_=

        Hope I get to talk about it with you later…

  4. I bow down to you. Don’t know how you manage with the Cadence site (where I recently de-lurked for OB) and this site. Love OB and MoonSun.

    I missed your Musical recaps even though I saw all the episodes. Maybe if you could just give your comments as I am always interested in your opinions.

  5. Wait…there was an epilogue? OH…the postman bit right. I remember now.

    Yeah if it had ended in the post office that would have been fine…the scene of him in the afterlife…Korean humor doesn’t always translate well right LOL

  6. i used some of your creations before as my wallpaper in my desktop,… I’m so into moonsun these days! I hope you don’t mind me using it for my facebook >.< … If you don't like it, you can respond to this reply… but I hope you will allow me :)… Thank you either way!

  7. Hey this is realllyyy random but may I know where you got to watch the full epilogue? I’m a sucker for happy endings and fanservice and I really want to know what happened to them 🙂 thanks!

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